Steve Kerr is a champion on the court, off the court and on the dance floor

Warriors coach spoke on gun control during the day before dancing the night away

Karl Buscheck
March 13, 2018 - 2:39 pm

Steve Kerr has five rings as a player and two more as a head coach. On Monday, an off day for his Golden State Warriors, Kerr reminded us why he’s a champion at life.

After the Warriors had returned from a winless mini-road trip to Portland and Minnesota, Kerr spent the rare off day at the Newark Memorial High School gym, participating in a town hall discussion on gun violence with U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna.

Gun control is a dear issue for Kerr, whose father, Malcolm, was assassinated in Beirut in 1984, and a topic which the coach frequently discusses in eloquent terms.

During Monday’s town hall, one of the key notes that Kerr hit was to emphasize the power that students hold in this movement.

Kerr also said he plans to attend the March for Our Lives demonstration in downtown San Francisco on March 24 and laid out a cogent argument, speaking against the parisian nature of the current discourse.

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“Let’s get to the point where this is not a partisan issue. I don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal or Democrat or Republican. It shouldn’t matter. There are plenty of worthy issues to discuss along party lines, whether it’s taxes, or immigration, foreign policy. There’s lots of stuff that deserves healthy debate.”

“But kids getting murdered in high schools, and people getting murdered by semi-automatic weapons — weapons that belong in the military. That should not be open for debate. It should not be a partisan issue.”

After dropping all that wisdom at the town hall, Kerr spent his evening at Stephen Curry’s extravagant 30th-birthday bash.

Curry showed up at the surprise party on a lavish boat. E-40 rapped. China Klay made a cameo. Oh and Kerr — and top assistant Mike Brown — killed it on the dance floor.

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It’s difficult to imagine Gregg Popovich or Bill Belichick cutting loose like that. Kerr reminded us of one of life’s great maxims: when it comes to dancing, the only thing that matter is not caring.

In a sports world that all too often takes itself far too seriously, Kerr showed his full range in a single day. He’s as smart and insightful as anyone and has the ego of a former 12th man.

On the court, off the court and on the dance floor, Steve Kerr is and remains a champion at life.

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