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The Chris Townsend Show airs every weekday from 6:00-10:00pm on 95.7 The Game, the Bay Area's ONLY FM Sports Station. In addition, Chris also hosts the pre-game Dugout Show and post-game A's Talk on 95.7 The Game, the radio home for Oakland A's Baseball.
Jonny Gomes
Jonny Gomes joined Chris Townsend on the Dugout Show and talked about Bob Melvin being in the running for Manager of the Year, and how he's said all season that the A's are a playoff team.
Doug henderson super agent Octogon Football.
Doug Henderson says that Russell Wilson is the real deal. says that Marshawn Lynch will lead the NFL in rushing. The Seahawks will win the division.
Billy Owens: Director of Player Personnel.
Billy Owens talks about how this season has been fantastic. He gives credit to the whole organization.
Jim Tunney Former referee talks about the new refs.
Jim Tunney talks about the pressure of being an NFL ref. He also thinks the quality of the refs will not be good.
Dave Dravecky talks about the Giants Fan's
Dave Dravecky says that being a San Francisco Giant is being a Giant for life.
Jimmy Morris former Tampa Bay Rays pitcher. Made a movie called "The Rookie."
" The Rookie " Was made about Jimmy Morris. Played by Dennis Quaid. True story about a baseball coach who got a second chance at the major leagues.
Joe Stiglich A's beat writer
Joe is talking about Bartolo Colon. What will the A's do with out him? Who will step up to be the leader of the pitching staff?
Steve Beuerlein talking about the Raiders
Steve Beuerlein talks about his days as a Raider. His take on Carson Palmer this year. Also, Al Davis the maverick .
Josh Willingham Former A's player
Josh Willingham now plays for the Minnesota Twins. Talks about his time with the A's, and his current team the Twins.
Matt Maiocco on the first preseason 49ers game
Our 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco joined us with his thoughts on the 49ers first preseason win, and the skill of Collin Kapernick.
Brandi talks about the USA GOLD!!!
Brandi talks live about how hope solo and Carly Loyd came up big for the USA
Warren Moon believes TO can be effective
The Hall of Fame QB joined the Chris Townsend Show and handicapped the NFC West. Also, he gives his opinion on Hard Knocks.
Tom Flores is fired up about the Raiders upcoming season
Former Raider's head coach Tom Flores joined The Chris Townsend show and discussed the challenges facing the 2012 Raiders
Don Shula says it might be impossible for another team to go undefeated
The NFL legend shared his experience as a player-coach and talked about whether he would allow the Hard Knocks crew in his training camp.
Chris Townsend discusses potential moves by the A's in the final 2 months.
Our A's Insider came on to talk about the team calling up Dan Straily. Towny had a conversation with David Forst on his show and kicked around every option that the A's are pondering down the stretch.
Golden Bear announcer Roxy Bernstein talks Cal Bears and college football
Roxy Bernstein talked to Chris about the Golden Bears and the upcoming college football season.
Warriors beat writer Rusty Simmons talks about Golden State's off-season
Rusty Simmons taked to Chris about the Warriors off-season moves, and their chances of making the playoffs.
A's Assistant GM David Forst talks about the A's post trade deadline.
A's Assistant GM David Forst talked to Chris about what the A's will do now, post trade deadline.
MLB Network Analyst Larry Bowa talks bay area trade deadline
Former major league player and manager Larry Bowa, now from the MLB Network, joined Chris Townsend Wednesday night. He talked about the Giants moves at the trade deadlilne, as well as the A's lack of moves.
Al Bernstein doesn't know why the sports world doesn't give Andre Ward more atte
One of the best Boxing Analysts in the business joined the CT show, whats he looking forward to most in these Olympics in terms of boxing?
Alex Pavlovitch thinks the Giants will trade for some bench help
Giants beat writer for the San Jose Mercury news joined us on the CT show, what did he think of Melky's antics in Atlanta? And how active will the Giants be at the deadline?
JT Snow thinks the Giants should stick with Brandon Crawford the whole season
Giants great JT Snow stopped by the CT Show, would he make a move at the trade deadline? And what's his take on what Sean Doolittle is doing for the A's?
Dan Fouts thinks Alex Smith will be much improved this season
Hall of Famer Dan Fouts stopped by the CT Show, how should the 49ers approach this training camp? And who is more vital to the Raiders success next year? Palmer or McFadden?
LaMichael James says he will be a major weapon this season
49ers Rookie Runningback joined Chris Townsend, whats the transition been like so far from college to the pro's? And does he have enough experience catching the ball to make an immediate impact?
AJ Jenkins says the 49ers offense looks explosive
1st round pick for the San Francisco 49ers AJ Jenkins stopped by the show, what does he expect out of his rookie season? And can this team take that next step and make the Super Bowl?
Ray Fosse thinks this A's team is winning because of Melvin
A's legend Ray Fosse stopped by the show from Toronto, whats it like in the A's clubhouse right now? And does he think the A's are good enough right now to play in the postseason?
Jorge Ortiz thinks the A's will make a trade at the deadline
USA Today's Jorge Ortiz joined the program, he spent the weekend watching the Yankees and A's, is he believing in the A's? And bats are on the market at this trade deadline?
Chris Morelli think Penn State fans need a reality check
Penn State graduate, and the Editor for the Centre County Gazette in State College Pennsylvania joined the show, whats the mood like around campus? And what will be the effect long term on the program?
Casey Pratt thinks this A's team will be a Wild Card team
CSN California's A's Insider Casey Pratt joined the show, are any of this teams young studs at risk of being traded? And is it time for fans to embrace this team as a contender?
Bob Nightengale thinks a San Jose territory decision will come soon
USA Today's Bob Nightengale joined the show, does he believe this A's team can make the playoffs? And are the Giants the clear cut favorites in the NL West? Or are the Dodgers still a threat?
Phil Garner thinks the A's pitching is the main reason they've turned their seas
World Series champion and A's Special Assistant Phil Garner joined the show, how impressed is he by this young team? And does he think Billy Beane will shake up the roster before the trade deadline?
Daryl Johnston thinks the 49ers should not change their identity offensively
Cowboys legend and NFL Network broadcaster joined the show, what does he think about the moves the 49ers have made in the off-season? And do the Raiders have enough to compete for the AFC West crown?
Alex Pavlovitch thinks the Giants will win the West easy
Giants beat writer for the San Jose Mercury news joined the Chris Townsend show, who's the most critical player for the Giants to have second half success?
Chris Morelli thinks the Joe Paterno statue needs to be torn down
The managing editor of the Centre County Gazette in State College Pennsylvania joined the show, he has the pulse on everything going on with Penn State. Listen to his very passionate take on what should be done to the football program at Happy Valley
Barry Bloom thinks the Giants will be the favorite in the 2nd half's Barry Bloom joined the Chris Townsend show, what did he think about the Giants "Ballot Stuffing"? And hows the 2nd half look for the Giants and A's?
Pete Fiutak thinks it's time to get rid of the Penn St. football team
College Football writer for stopped by the Chris Townsend show with some strong takes on the Penn State scandal. Should the program be given the death penalty?
John Shea describes the amazing scene in the All Star Game clubhouse
National Baseball writer for the SF Chronicle stopped by the show, what was it like in KC after the Giants dominated the All Star Game?
Ray Fosse thinks the A's need to leave roster alone
A's legend and current team broadcaster joined the Chris Townsend Show. Does he think Billy Beane needs to make a move at the deadline? And what is it about Bob Melvin that is making this team exceed expectations?
Marc-Edouard Vlasic is happy to be a Shark long term
Defenceman for the San Jose Sharks stopped by to talk with Roxy Berntein, hows the team look this offseason? And how will the moves that were made help this team go deeper into the playoffs?
Sean Denevey thinks Dwight Howard could still end up in Orlando
NBA Writer for the Sporting News stopped by the show, how good does Jarret Jack make the Warriors? And whats the latest on the Dwight Howard trade rumors?
Tim Kawakami thinks this Warriors team can make the playoffs next year
Columnist for the San Jose Mercury News stopped by, whats the background story behind the Warriors acquiring Jarret Jack? And how good can this team be next year?
Art Howe hopes the As can finally resolve their stadium issues
Former As manager Art Howe joined the program. What does he think about Bob Melvin? And how did he get along with Billy Beane during his time in Oakland?
Joe Stiglitch thinks Coco Crisp needs to stay in center
A's beat writer for the Bay Area News group joined the show, what was the atmosphere like in the clubhouse after the A's swept the Red Sox?
Jeff Zillgitt thinks the Thunder are still the team to beat in the West
USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt joined Rick Tittle on The Chris Townsend Show, who does he feel is the team to beat in the West? Plus why he thinks the Warriors had one of the best drafts in the ENTIRE NBA.
Adrian Gonzalez says there is nothing like Red Sox nation
1st baseman for the Boston Red Sox joined Chris Townsend on the A's Dugout show, whats his thoughts on the A's lineup? And has he adjusted to life in Red Sox nation?
Roxy Berstein says the new College Football playoff system still needs work
Our very own College Sports expert stopped by the CT show, who does he think would be a good fit for the Warriors with the 7th pick in the draft? And why does he think the new College Football playoff system is a HUGE work in progress.
Steve Wyche says players are regretting the power they gave Roger Goodell
NFL Network and's Steve Wyche joined the show, is there anyone in the NFC West can can challenge the 49ers? And who is his surprising pick to win the AFC West?
Scott Miller says he would bet on Tim Lincecum turning things around for good
Fantastic MLB writer for joined the show, he has good reasons to believe why Lincecum wil bounce back from all this, and what was it that made him change his mind about instant replay?
Art Howe on the Bay Bridge Series
Former A's manager Art Howe joined The Rise Guys to talk about the Bay Bridge Series, Moneyball and the A's young roster.
Jon Wilner says College Football still has a ways to go before they've gotten it
College Football writer for the Bay Area News Group stopped by the show, listen to hear why he says this proposed playoff system still isn't the perfect solution
Bob Nightengale says if Lincecum struggles against LA, then it's time to take hi
MLB Writer for USA Today stopped by the Chris Townsend show, why does he think Bonds and Clemens should be in the Hall of Fame? And just how panicked should the Giants be about Lincecum?
Chris Townsend on Mllone's performance vs Dodgers
95.7 The Game A's Insider Chris Townsend talks about Tommy Milone's success in Oakland but why does he struggle on the road?
David Forst says the A's offense just needs to be consistent and they'll win som
Assistant GM of the Oakalnd A's joined Chris Townsend on the A's Dugout Show, what does he think about the potential of the A's young offense? And what does he think of the way the Draft went for the team?
Ned Colletti says he would never have thought the Dodgers would be this good
GM of the Los Angleles Dodgers joined Chris Townsend on the A's Dugout Show, how hard was it last year with all of the teams legal troubles? And what is it like working with Magic Johnson
Ken Rosenthal says the Giants still have confidence in Lincecum
Our 95.7 The Game MLB Insider from FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal joined The Rise Guys to talk about the Giants rotation concerns, R.A. Dickey's fantastic season and Buster Posey's comeback.
Johnny Doskow says Manny wasn't even hitting home runs in batting practice
The voice of the Sacramento Rivercats joined the Chris Townsend show, as someone who watched each of Manny Ramirez's games, he tells why he wasn't shocked Manny never made it to the big league club
Nick Canepa thinks LT is the best "multi purpose" back of all time
Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union Tribune stopped by the Chris Townsend show. For someone who covered LT his entire career, how high would Nick put him on the list of greatest running backs ever?
Ron Sirak thinks Tiger is responsible for the talented young crop of Golfers we
Ron Sirak from Golf World and Golf Digest stopped by the show, gave us his thoughts on the US Open, and also gave his theory on why so many first time winners are being crowned at the Open
Rob Neyer thinks you have to put Roger Clemens in the Hall of Fame now
Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation stopped by the Chris Townsend show show, and thinks Roger Clemens is without a doubt a Hall of Famer now, and thinks Timmy will never be worth a 100 million dollar contract.
Nick Masuda was impressed by Tiger's first round
Golf Weeks Nick Masuda stopped by the Chris Townsend show. How good did Tiger look in the opening round? And which big name golfers have already taken themselves out of the running with their poor play?
Sam Amick thinks the Thunder could be in big trouble heading to Miami and friend of the program Sam Amick stopped by the Chris Townsend show, how should the Thunder feel now that the series is tied? And what adjustment gave the Heat the edge in this game?
Chris Haft thinks the Giants chose the right pitcher to give the exstension to.'s Chris Haft stopped by the Chris Townsend show, what was the atmosphere like at the ball park for Matt Cains perfect game? And what does this mean long term for both Cain and Tim Lincecum?
Dan Rusanowsky says its time for Sharks fans to look in the mirror
With the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup playoffs, the voice of the Sharks joined the show and tell us that Shark fans need to look in the mirror and decide what moves need to be made.
Joe Staley says the 49ers are humgry this offseason to make it to the Super Bowl
Joe Staley surprised us by calling in to the The Chris Townsend show as part of Celebrity Week. Listen to Towny recall the day Staley got drafted.
Alex Pavlovitch says that TIm Lincecum's teammates are still behind him
Giants beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News joined the show and told us that regardless of his struggles, Lincecum's teammates still support him, and he's not worried yet about Pablo eating himself out of the league.
Ryan Maquinana thinks this fight will forever change boxing
CSN's boxing analyst joined the Chris Townsend show to tell us his thoughts on the Pacquiao fight, how will this change boxing?
Matt Steinmetz thinks James Harden would be the best player on the Warriors righ
Our Warriors Insider from Comcast Sportsnet and joined us, who does he think will win the NBA title?
Rusty Simmons thinks Jared Sullinger will fall to the Warriors at 7
Warriors beat writer joined the Chris Townsend show to talk about the Heat's victory over the Celtics, but also to break down what the Warriors can expect in this draft
Sean Pamphilon says Drew Brees asked him not to release the tapes when he did
Independent film maker Sean Pamphilon joined the program to tell us some shocking news about his now infamous audio tape. Listen to why Drew Bree's wanted him to delay the release, and did the NFL ever contact him?
MLB Network's Brian Kenny thinks Tim Lincecum holds the key to the NL West title
MLB Networks Brian Kenny hopped on with Drew Hoffar and told us that the Giants still are the favorite to win the NL West, and that Yoenis Cespedes can be a star
Sean Doolittle says being in the big leagues is like a dream..
A's remarkable story Sean Doolittle joined Chris Townsend on the Dugout Show before tonight's game against the Rangers. Whats this ride been like? And what do his breaking balls look like?
Ron Washington says this Rangers team is ready for a World Series run
Former A's manager and current Texas Rangers skipper joined Chris Townsend on The Dugout show, how does it feel for Ron to be so popular when he comes back to Oakland? And what makes this Rangers team different from the previous 2 AL Champs?
Vida Blue says Lincecum needs to start having fun
A's and Giants legend stops by the Chris Townsend Show. What is his advice to get Lincecum out of his funk? And when does he expect Manny Ramirez to join the A's?
Matt Steinmetz thinks the Warriors can make some noise with all of their draft p
Our Warriors Insider from Comcast Sportsnet and stopped by the show after it was annoucned the Warriors would be keeping the number 7 pick in the NBA Draft, who does he think they should target? And how much noise can they make draft day wi
Lamar Houston says there is a brand new attitude at Raider's OTA's this year
Raiders defensive end Lamar Houston stopped by the show, whats new about the Dennis Allen era of Raiders football? And will there be major changes to the teams defense?
John Shea says Lew Wolff is too nice to MLB
SF Gates John Shea stopped by the show, what does he think Lew Wolff needs to do to get Bud Seligs attention?'s Sam Amick thinks Kobe will never win another title's Sam Amick joined the Chris Townsend show, are theHeat ready to make a title run? And are the Warriors REALLY going to pull off this new arena?
Voice of the Warriors Tim Roye thinks the team moving to SF is great
Warriors play by play man Tim Roye stopped by the Chris Townsend show, does he think the team moving to San Francisco will make them a free agent destination?
Oakland's Mayor Quan tells Chris Townsend she can see 4 teams in Oakland in the
The Mayor of Oakland Jean Quan sat down with Chris Townsend, she says the Warriors were offered a better situation to stay in Oakland, that she wants to build a "Dallas" type arena for the Raiders, and she can see up to 4 teams in Oakland soon....
JT Snow says Tim Lincecum needs to change his approach to be successful
Former Giants 1st baseman JT Snow stopped by the Chis Townsend show, can this Giants defense improve? And JT thinks he knows whats wrong with Lincecum....and knows what he must do to fix it!
Rick Barry likes the Warriors move to San Francisco
Warriors legend stopped by the Chris Townsend show tonight, find out what he thinks about the Warriors moving back to San Francisco. And why does he think Oakland fans shouldn't be sad to see them go...
Josh Reddick says it is great to play every day
Oakland A's outfielder joined Towny in the A's Dugout show. Says he loves it here in Oakland and enjoys the ability to play every day.
Alex Pavlovitch 5-17
Giants Beat writer for the San Jose Mercury news stopped by the show, is this team better than its record? And what is their mindset heading in to the Bay Bridge Series?
David Forst 5-10
Assistant GM for the Oakland A's stopped by the Dugout show, how happy is he by the teams start? And what is the latest on Manny Ramirez? Is there a chance that he NEVER plays for the A's?
Kevin Goldstein 5-9
Pro scout for ESPN stopped by the CT show, how right on was he about Cespedes before coming in to the league? And is he worried about Lincecum's declining velocity?
Clark Judge 5-7
NFL columnist for stopped by the show, how will these player lawsuits against the NFL change the way the game is played? Could the league possibly lose in court?
Kirk Rueter 5-7
Former Giants pitcher stopped by the show, and "Woody" thinks he knows why Barry Zito has improved this year, plus his thoughts on Cole Hammels plunking Bryce Harper
Mike Ditka 5-7
The NFL Legend and ESPN Analyst stopped by the CT show with some STRONG opinions on the future of the NFL, and he has a way the NFL can cut down on concussions immediately.
Tank Williams 5-3
Former NFL safety tells us about how much the NFL has changed, and why he would have to switch positions if he played in the league today!
Chris Haft 5-3
Giants beat writer for stopped by the show. What was the mood today in the clubhouse after the Giants got swept? And does he think Brandon Crawford is the long term answer at Shortstop?
Brent Jones 5-3
3 time Super Bowl champ and Bay Area sports legend stopped by the show, what did he think of the 49ers draft? And what are his thoughts on the 49ers moving to the South Bay?
Nick Canepa 5-2
Long time writer for the San Diego tribune, and a man who covered Junior Seau for his entire career stopped by the show. Does he think concussions had anything to do with this tragedy? And how crushing of a loss is this for the San Diego community.
Scott Miller 5-2
Writer for joined the show. Why does he think Cespedes isn't getting any recognition as a possible Rookie of the year?
Barry Bloom 4-30
Long time MLB Wirter for joined the CT Show, how big is the Brandon Inge signing for the A's? And what does he see as the future for inter-league play?
Aaron Fentress 4-30
Oregon Ducks beat writer for The Oregonian joined the show, what kind of player are the 49ers getting with LaMichael James? And should they be worried about potential character issues?
Dave Razzano 4-30
95.7 The GAME's Super Scout joined the show, how does he grade the Raiders and 49ers draft class's? And listen to hear who he thinks might be one of the top steals in the entire draft for the Raiders
David Pollack 4-25
ESPN College Football analyst and former NFL 1st round pick joined the CT Show, whats it like draft day waiting to hear your name? And what does he think is the most important position to draft other than QB?
Andrea Mallis 4-17
National Sports Astrologist stops by the show, she'll tell you why she see's good thing in the future of Tim Lincecum, and have you ever wondered what makes Towny tick?
Brodie Brazil 4-12
Our Sharks Insider from Comcast Sportsnet and CSNBayarea,com joined us LIVE from St. Louis after the Sharks beat the Blues 3-2, whats the feeling like in the Sharks lockeroom?
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