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National park visitors added $26.5 billion to economy in 2013

In a study released July 18, the National Park Service (NPS) announced that its network of parks and other public lands


Take action: Forest Service must keep snowmobile use safe and sustainable

As it is currently written, the Forest Service’s proposed over-snow vehicle (OSV) rule allows individual fo


Love wilderness? This video will make you want to protect it.

A new video produced by This American Land celebrates the 50th anniversary of a piece of legislation that has given Americans their strongest tool for protecting wildlands: The Wilderness Act.


Where moon-bound Apollo crews trained: our otherworldly wildlands

In 1969, landing on the moon was a truly paradigm-shifting achievement-a real “first” both for the American public and NASA.


First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Wins Federal Funds, Courtroom Fights

For over a decade, Cape Wind's proposal to build a turbine farm off Cape Cod has generated excitement and opposition in large measures—but no power. New federal funding and recent courtroom victories may soon change all that, and launch America's offshore wind industry in earnest.

The Department of Energy's (DOE) Loan Programs Office has announced a conditional commitment to Cape Wind, a 130-turbine project slated for the shallow waters of Nantucket Sound. The $150 million loan guarantee would support construction of the 360 megawatt (MW) wind farm and might finally help the bid to spin turbines above the waters of Nantucket Sound....

Germany Tops Energy Efficiency Scorecard While U.S. Lags

Germany is the winner and the United States, although showing some signs of progress, remains far from the top rung. World Cup soccer? Yes, but also energy efficiency efforts, according to new rankings released on Thursday.

Based on both policy and performance, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s International Scorecard put Germany first among the 16 major economies – accounting for 81 percent of global output – that were studied. Italy was second and the European Union as a whole was third....

Q&A: The First-Ever Expedition to Turkmenistan's "Door to Hell"

Go along with explorer George Kourounis as he becomes the first person known to venture into Turkmenistan's fiery, gas-fueled Darvaza Crater....

Action needed to protect the Arctic Ocean from oil and gas drilling

The push to drill for offshore oil in the Arctic Ocean never seems to end, despite the potential for a catastrophic oil spill by an industry that has not proved itself capable of operating safely in Alaska’s cold, stormy and remote seas.


Latino youth tour visits Moab, learns about lands threatened by oil and gas

The tour, led by partner group the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF), kicked off in our Denver office July 11 after seven Latino students arrived from colleges around the country.


America’s best kept secrets: 15 best wild beaches

Public beaches can sometimes be crowded, noisy places. But beaches in wilderness areas can be incredibly peaceful.


What Was YOUR Reaction To The Jeff Samardzija Trade?
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Thumbs Down - Trading SS Addison Russell Will Come Back To Haunt Them
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