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President Announces Funding Goals for Parks Projects in Dozens of States: Wilderness Society applauds proposed investments by Land and Water Conservation Fund
Michael Reinemer

Rather than using taxpayer dollars, the program’s funds come from a small slice of royalties from oil and gas leases in publicly owned offshore waters. 


President Obama’s budget contains full LWCF funding, proposed projects

The budget proposal is part of the Obama administration’s stated strategy of securing permanent reauthorization and full funding for th


The Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act Hits the Senate Floor

PLREDA has been a high priority in the Wilderness Society’s efforts to modernize energy development on public lands to better protect our land, water and climate.

Save the Black Rhino

Save the Black Rhino



Guest post by Joe Baker, Vice President, Editorial and Advocacy for Care2.

The “butterfly effect”—the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings can set in motion a series of events that result in massive change halfway around the world—is an apt way to describe our increasingly global and connected world.

We could also call this the rhino effect. In the United States or China, the imminent disappearance of the African black rhino may not appear to have much impact, but like the wind generated from a butterfly’s wings, losing the black rhino can have an effect on everything from local ecosystems and economies to global politics and markets....

Meet The CSC!

Meet the Campaign Support Center



An operational component of the Finance Department, the Columbus Ohio based Charity Support Center (CSC) provides cost-billed fiscal management services to 21 customers (4 EarthShare affiliated federations, the 7 ES Chapters federations, 5 customer-managed local campaigns, and 5 EarthShare managed regional campaigns). Last fiscal year, the CSC issued 121 payouts of $7.9M to 5,500+ payees.  To manage the customers, the CSC employs the Helix Andar software for its 5 databases - a donor relationship centric product that is utilized by more than 300 United Ways. 

Paul Bingle is Director of Fiscal Services and is supported fulltime by Donor Choice Analysts Kari Bradley and part-time by Brooke Roman-Hidas – who is also ES Ohio’s (ESOH) Managing Director. 

Paul shared that “Our goal is to quietly, professionally, and quickly process the pledges, receipts, payouts, and periodic accounting reporting for our customers.  We utilize the best industry-specific tool available and empower our customers with information while allowing them to focus on revenue production rather than revenue management.”

The CSC started with the 2006 campaign year when ESOH originated the former Affiliate Service Center as both an ESOH revenue enhancement project and to advance several goals of the ES Affiliation Agreement (AA) negotiations.  In 2011, EarthShare took on the project with its 9 customers when ESOH converted to being a Chapters federation....

The Human Right to Safe Water in Flint

The Human Right to Safe Water in Flint

Sebastien Wiertz/Flickr


By Erica Flock

“Don’t worry,” my friend proactively reassured me as he handed me a glass of water. “Our filter gets everything.”

I was visiting with friends over the holidays in Flint, Michigan where the new mayor had just declared a state of emergency due to high levels of lead in the city’s water supply. The announcement thrust the struggling Rust Belt city, into the international spotlight.

While the rest of the world was just learning about the city’s water crisis, the people of Flint had been living with the problem for well over a year....

Congress “celebrates” national parks centennial with anti-parks measure

An amendment offered as part of a Senate energy bill on Jan. 27 would make it prohibitively difficult for presidents to protect national monuments and parks under the Antiquities Act—a shameful way to mark the National Park Service’s centennial year of 2016.


Protecting Wildlife for a Healthy Planet


The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that focuses on Wildlife conservation and endangered species. Working in over 100 countries and supported by almost 5 million members globally, the organization works to preserve forests, protect oceans, secure fresh water, protect the world’s wildlife - particularly endangered species, increase food availability, and create a world powered by renewable energy. The WWF focuses on making changes through education and by working directly with large companies to shape the way their business decisions impact conservation....

New federal guidelines will help reduce natural gas waste on public lands

On Jan. 22, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced guidelines to significantly curtail natural gas waste from oil and gas operations on federal lands.


New Federal Guidelines Will Help Reduce Natural Gas Waste on Public Lands

Wasting natural gas, a common practice for the oil and gas industry, has tremendous consequences for taxpayers.


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