Friday, April 14th

Zakariah discusses all the wacky stories in the world of sports.


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Happy frisky Friday happy fireball Friday happy whatever Friday you wanna call and I hate when people say happy Monday. You can say happy Friday this Friday is actual happy day this is -- a ride out on the exact right podcast we are working on different names for that. I feel like I don't know John K maybe I can tell me after. This podcast is over whether or not we're gonna roll what does name but I feel like. The date is the cast is pretty good with DA being capitalized so it's like a is the the debate Z I think that might be the winner. And if so then Jolie star he's gonna get whatever sign memorabilia. A biting off more than I can issue here but I'm promising him something really really good. Signed Jersey. Tickets to a game if you have a better suggestion then debate as he cast let me know that's exports on Twitter ZAK sports but Friday. Makes you think of one thing and one thing only we end every show what the word which means me and every week on the podcast. Which the word the wacky world of sports let's get to a we're gonna work on production right now sounds dry air with me you're still gonna when George the first story Tony Romo. Now I don't know why. We needed Tony Romo to. It seemed awed the whole thing was like why are they doing that. I get it the Dallas Mavericks the Dallas Cowboys totally get that obviously not an. Why did Tony Romo need to have like some weird ceremony. Was not just to sell tickets or something. And why does the commissioner saying there was not allowed to play in the game. How late that a bit of Tony Romo late in the game. If I told Tony Romo was playing at a meaningless mavericks game. Would you watch that my guess would be yes now I said Tony is not why you would not be watching nag him. So why does the commissioner care whatever brings more interest and intrigue to Europe league commissioner it is your duty to do a lot. I would've loved to seen Tony Romo again. Seven like a double screen seed to knock down reporter on to the next one Steelers 20162. Round pick. And quiz Gholston. Avoided an ugly situation. All of this allegedly if you know me you know my show I'm saying and doing this not knowing all the facts none of these reported facts this is all allegedly. He had. A Glock 45 caliber pistol. Along with 23 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. Now. I get rolled for a laptop. Because it's medal fog walk 45 in each 183 rounds of ammunition and he didn't get arrested or detained. This is from TMZ. Quote there's a discrepancy over whether the gun can be considered loaded or unloaded since there was technically not a round in the chamber. But TSA alerted police and officers took the bag and escorted Colson out of the area. Olsen not rested not detect instead cops offer to hold on form. Instantly return from his travels at which time he can pick it up. Just cause everything what are the chances that you. Going through the airport. What a Glock 45. And magazines the bullets I'm not a gun guys don't even know what that means I'm looking at the picture right now it's a lot of apple it's the chances that you won't. Would be escorted out kindly. Told to get back in there and get on your flight and when your back from your vacation. You can pick up gun. Why it's. And BD no big deal with the magazine full bullets going through security mind you. Unbelievable stuff. So this. Aaron Rodgers Olivia Mon break is not really a full blown shocker and lets you go back and look at the news service was in the word at some point I was doing sales before. Where are brought this up because it's opens or there were stories. Aaron Rodgers brother was on the bachelor. And talked about not Franzen Aaron Rodgers said that he does he talked to was brother in the there was reports that. He got Christmas presents from his family members that he didn't even open and just were in December so now. Aaron Rodgers and Olivia mono a broken up and the story is that. Olivia mom was too controlling. And that she didn't get along with the family. Well. This is one case where. I'm happy about a break. There are not tons of times where I wish. Breakups divorces on anybody but the stories regarding Aaron Rogers family and him and their relationship. Were bizarre at the time. It makes a lot more sense if Olivia Mon was behind. And was trying to control that so good for him if he broke with terror to get close to your family because blood is thicker than water. Remember reading another story. Where. Aaron Rodgers dad. Used to be able to go to any game of course to see his son I wish I still have my dad around to watch anything that I do. But he couldn't get in because Aaron Rodgers had caught him off and now he's buying tickets to rule the organization and two players that's insane. When you marry somebody who wish nothing but the happiness but it should not be at the expense. On your family members have a great weekend everybody enjoyed the NBA player lost audio on this weekend two days pre imposed and we will have the CNG cast coming back on Monday.