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Saturday, July 15th

In the second hour of Urban and Guru, host on NBC Sports Bay Area and California, Jim Kozimor joined the program and also the guys broke down the MLB All-Star Game and Warriors basketball. 


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I'm having the best time guru how are you today it's our number 21 are going quickly as always I'm Michael Irvin he's Darryl Johnson. Herbs and guru guru you enjoy that first hour. That I mean there's a last part. Up until the last the only test Alex and give us the NBA you are fired up about this so you read them one by one and and do you fell asleep. So in case you missed it we're taken while some people think the playoff format needs to be tweaked. Early round matchup were not all that exciting you had to wait until the finals maybe the conference finals to get to a series he really enjoyed. I think you're gonna be shocked to hear what you would be getting if we didn't make these radical changes that people are suggesting but you have to sit tight is that because. You always got to deliver on the tees we're talking about the people down at third and king tonight Jimmy just Lil bit nervous why. Because mad bombers back earlier. And anybody expected in grew I know you're right there would all the people that are nervous about it. Your question is why correcting my words not no not at all why he reeks of desperation. And. When you've seen what Matt bomb his man. What he's done. The one benefit of this injury. If you let time be on his side let that arm wrist. Why are you running them out here when you have note your hundred games out of first place you fifty out of the wild card. This man should be treated like fine China and put up in just put away and he comes back next year. I don't do what you're doing. What the doctors can't seat with that rotator cuff that aren't we know how fickle pitchers are and the way that the giants are going in that dark cloud is over thirteen Eagles out here and below saudis are our something happens because he's over compensating. Because he's coming back to assume you believe Matt Barr Bob Malone in the past the one positive but this season which has been a failure. Babylon got hurt. And we we just took them out we'd won on the part of it is because us as an organization. Know the tees the way we're playing right now is not our standard and. He shield for the rest of the season if you're I don't know. Matt bombshell of the rest also blasted this season don't you go into spring training next year having absolutely zero idea what you're gonna get out of him. I would put his SeaWorld and know they're bringing him back I've in my opinion a little bit early but here's why. Because mad bomber so embarrassed by what happens he wants that he wants to. Erase the memory of what he did is quickly as possible the only way to do that is get back on the mound and be mad bomb that liberal remember seem to be now are our day. They're letting him make that decision not to. Kind of like deals like now that I reviewed the saving me from myself management I get that pocket but you do have to have him back at some point there's an iron because it gives you gotta find out is he truly healed. If he comes back today whether it's coming back today are coming back two weeks from now or a month from now. Any blows out right he blows tire you're like okay he's not ready we got work to do we can't count on him next year. If he comes back any pitches buying any looks good then you know are we can count on that bomb next to you got to see him in action at some point this year I think they're just. They're they're allowed him to call the shot and he's calling the shots thinking only of I screwed up I feel bad the quicker I get back on the field. The more the fans are going to be app to forgive. Okay so what if that bar which he said so phenomenally high he's just a normal guy he's not at his metrics he's not mad bomb. Do we just say all the second half is just for don't even worry about it as he got lit up you don't is AAA stay at my point is do we care about. What he's doing. Is it gonna be two runs if it's six runs are we okay are we just happy is giant fans that he's back in the uniform when do we start judging him on the premise up argued that. More security here's here's another angle how starving. Are the giants for something positive happen to them right. Fairness to the damage it. I mean series there emaciated. If positive news with sustenance. They would be I mean bones right skin and bones. They start the second half they're looking for any sort of a spark. Big got a last night in the form of a comeback victory that despite Johnny equate Joseph grown out there and laying an egg when I think the giants really wanted to see him pitch well. Because then they'd be able to move in the noting that some conform I think it's either. Johnny widow will be back if they have an assurance. That he's not gonna opt out. But you're not gonna get that shirt is can we really hard to get any sort of return. On a trade for Johnny quit right now not only is he not particularly pitching well. You don't know if you can exercise that opt out so if you're gonna trade for Johnny quid no you don't know if it's a rental or not. Where is mad dom comes back. He's under contract for number of years right. You know Matt bombs part of your team you bring him back people like mad bump people just love. Him being on the mound is like a security blanket to giants fans it's like all the various. The world is okay we've got mad bomb back I think that's all there is to this they're just like OK look here's something positive met bumped back early. That's a plus side we don't have many plus signs and notes a little bit weak but it's all we got. Here's Matt. That's a lot there too bad team if I got to edit content and I'm I'm just curious is why you say quaint oak and come back after the shot he's seen it. Or are said. Around the organization in regard to the club house not happened enough. What was it led to what was it to. The club house being 21 of these teams stayed too stoic he had not to argue that I'm not enough I guess yeah. You know it's interesting to me and not enough Latin players I think is what he's hit well diversity was not up to par for one Johnny quite ill earlier this season before the blisters. Eddie he said it out loud and I said that's not the job and they're tied with the Dodgers top the national questions Johnny quick to say about that and inhale now I'll not know. I love being here right I'm telling you. It's if things are going bad then every single negative thread gets in blown up into a ball yarn right if things are going good. Anything that could have been a potential negative is kind of brushed under the rug is is book you say it was a great line he said all halting over amount stirred up to Micah. Look there's a lot of things everything's gone wrong for the giants it's been a Murphy's law type of season anything can go wrong. Will go wrong worse has gone wrong and you're given that. That that hit dad's death stratosphere. You're you're given it food by risky and the Euro one commodity huh. Right now mentally not unlike you know you can doomsday scenario guru. That bomb goes out there pitches or 1231. Inning. And then doesn't come out for this. That's the worst case scenario that in many idols and now let's go to press box attention media. Madison Bob garner has been removed from the game with a shoulder stiffness. He'll want this to happen in the eighth and asset for us at the risk you're going to be the thirty nerves again robot your scorecard. What are you judge him on tonight is via triple lazy play what house money if he gets hit in knocked around our we'd like man since the injury this guy hasn't been the same or is this bill hints. Rain training stint to where. What he does on the mound in his bother me tonight he just gets a pass if he gets lit up. Windy you pressed the siren like. Payment and since that injury this guy's not resemble in the dude that he was here. Let me give you another reason why you have to bring man bomb back at some point this season or maybe they're bringing him to a are the giants bringing back Madison bomb garner. Too early are they letting him call the shots Tripoli at 9579257. If you wanna hit is on the Penske auto so stuck comptek slime. 95795. Another reason why you have to have mad bomb back at some point in the season. Pic of his career progression in terms of innings pitched. You always hear about Ambien horse right he can go 200 inning 200 one's done that every single longer right and pitched deep into the post season and get stronger as the post season goes. OK so all of a sudden your. You're twenty innings guy a year 200 innings guy you're 210 innings guy. And then you have a year where you get hurt in you drop all the way down to four or five starts guy which is ultra when he five innings guy. All right and then think of all all the work you've got to do next spring training to give yourself built back up that's why I think to bring him back if he's healthy. You bring him back if you're lucky enough that he's even though he brought back early he's fine I say you give them a month and a half of starts. Right which gives you 689. Starts maybe. Make sure he's fine let him build up that arm strength again. And then shut him down as you get about early August may be mid August because that's. Typically the time the teams rather race which the giants are gonna still be in mid August or early August that's when they start taken a look at prospects. There's plenty starting pitching prospects in the organization and they can take a long look at but first. We got to make sure we know we got Madison bomb garner. Before we move on from him for the 2017 season we have to know we can count on him next year or not. And you point doubt which I basically. Did not know you would know would be in the former pitcher. You're seeing it for next year he needs to start this year to build that arm up you don't just sit on the shelf like NBA or football Michael's he'll come out there giving a ball you're saying he needs to condition that are now. For it to be on the same. Either you know level in regard to him having the same offseason. In the coming back next season which is going to be very important straw. Body beautiful like yours you're never gonna weightlifter. OK so am I did I just let. Who enrich. I did give me a hug today and I thought the six pack mariners' other nights you had a joke about the kicker. I gave you my. That to us about them I don't know how to so bag of marshmallows. You got butter over somebody on the excellence is like a butter too easily. AAA nine point 79257. If you wanna join the conversation the orders but the warriors the giants letting mad bomb come back too quickly. So here's my weightlifting analogy so you go hard lifting weights here and every day weightlifter guy right buys tries lap belt. Needs legs chicks don't count out. And runners in the gym but go it yet okay sir you do that it's an everyday thing for you right. For a cup fer let's say three months in a row Ugoh hard about it and they need to shut it down for a month. You go right back to go in hard I tried it yet he's got it all right at ease and it is embarrassed as a DARPA who cares you gotta e.'s banking so that's what they'd be doing it would be mad bum lifting weights heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy in the you don't bring him back this year. And then you haven't start all over its spring training next year. Then he's run in the what are you running the risk of fuel on the arm out exactly. That's what they're trying to understand if you do damned if you don't so Johnny equate Joseph didn't do himself or the giants any favor blisters blisters Fleming put us. Everything is bad for the giants right now they just need something positive. The days even though they're in a very similar predicament in terms of the standings although are you still hanging onto the Welker then. Any right Sonny gray in a similar to it and to Johnny quit though. Sonny gray was lights out yesterday out another another strong strong strong outing in their bunches doubts in the stands. So I agree I. Going into the season. I thought even if BA season takes a terrible turn for the worst there's no way they're gonna give up Sonny gray right now way no wind and back to put they are it's clear. They are going to trade Sonny gray I've resigned myself to that fact. And I wanna vomit I want them to keep him I know it's unrealistic because they can get a big package of prospects I just think come on give me something. Every one guy gimme two guys you meet Chris Davis and sunny great Tellme. They're going to be around for the next sever your tummy Ekuban my kid that Jersey and it won't be irrelevant in a month from now. Sonny gray is the type of guy you can build a round and if you're gonna have a young rotation which they're clearly gonna have. Wanna have a sunny great to be that the youngest. Savvy veteran that can show them the ropes. You had that urban and you know what happened Sonny went down got injured. Is often is the seasons change Sonny was getting lit up Sonny has nobody to blame if he's no longer Anelka when they. But himself he was there in the world was all he has he was gonna be the future of the franchise. And he pitched in a way his body you know betrayed them and now we have a guy. Did I would be nervous at bomb another GM to talk kind of money out to sail. It had a Goodell about a month and a half fear seems like everything's good. He'll never to me be the all Sonny gray. And he had his moment he had his moment to be that Roger Clemens and you really think we do in the rest also and Israel are out to meet meet parcel out so I. I think DA is during a good. Position to where you can give our homes still in fifteen years old girl get along Grabow when we're talking about the aids diversity of acute as opposed to him getting batters out I still remember with the Astros batted through although was only five runs they put on a they let them know you laid back. Jack and I I I you know allowed people tell you only gave up five runs it was in the first it was a hollow you I thought he got that out of the system my point is there's a long way to go for study to get back in I'll take at just him being an athlete will ever get to that plateau which means the days need to find the next Sunday rate. And advanced. In in in the possibilities. Of these youngsters coming up through the ranks to be what Sonny wants was they are all okay VA eased its study deep parts. Key is you've got to give them the full six in the halfback. I come and see you next week days might be three back in a while core of stock at zero. Jobs and Al Bashir marks does so cute the way you hang onto the wildcard errors six and never ever grown men tell you cute never you just got to point out the brown giants fans give us your thoughts on mad bump. On Johnny Quaid joke Buster Posey goes deep last nine Egan did you find his power stroke at the all star game. You know we haven't talked about it we gotta give this man some love because we talked about going into the all star game. Yonder Alonso was one of the cooler stories. Going into the all star game because Miami is is adopted hometown you know he and his family. Flew out of Cuba under the cover of darkness that great story on the players Tribune actually went back and read that. It came out last year I think it did was it last year than he wrote that. Here's a great story and then he goes to Miami goes two for two with a stolen base man I wanted him to score the go ahead run he was real close to be an MVP of the all star game. I thought I thought he was gonna give it but again. Do you feel the same way you do about Alonso stayed here is you do great. Are you because. Alonso is in his thirties and I do not know that it did in their word more profiling in same age discrimination. That you can't sustain this. Or the team doesn't want you to sustain it because of your day. Yeah I just leave you you've got a bunch of young guys who can hold down four at first base and also look Chris Davis. We had in least idea I had some doubts as to whether he was going to be a consistent priority. Despite their being all sorts of evidence. You still doing busiest I still needed to see it this year OK I've seen are really count on. A.'s version of JD. To get it done he eyes that he's someone I wanna keep I want to keep Sonny great to I want to keep an offensive position player and I wanna keep pitcher those are my two guys Yonder Alonso. I don't know if this years and now we're not our I don't know. If he can do this again now look he says he's made significant change in his swing find all by the that's entered atomic but I don't know for sure. So if you wanna go ahead and try to sell high would Yonder Alonso. I'm okay would that just to give me something I can sink my teeth into. How do you guys feel a's fans are you okay with Sonny B and on the block she is clearly on the block. Tripoli 9579570. Are you okay we've mad bomb giants fans coming back this or at least come back earlier. And everybody said he was gonna come the kind of let him dictate the schedule. Tripoli 9579257. If you wanna hit it's on the Penske. Auto sales dot Comtex slime B 957. 95 let's get out to the phone lines now he is in Union City you know what's a PR 957 again. I don't know. They were it's your world then what do you got. I've gotten paid and about the topic that he and I met bubble on an audio. Topic being in work. In the there aren't able. Bottled war in the NBA finals. So you would have you know in the second round matchup would have made it look while they won't dispute lashing out at all the cast they now. Lockett the clippers yeah they want to the auto what you would have been plane to catch. To get there India Arnold in the parking lot at all right there that is the whole dynamic. You know the top technique you get bill that or basically in the hole in it are you BA. For my money I think the only thing that was boring about the NBA playoffs was the first couple of rounds. I don't think there's anything wrong with the finals the conference finals the conference semifinals and who let me give this to you real quick Pete. If you did the top sixteen seeds in just did it based on this. Here's your first round match ups. Golden State orders against the Chicago Bulls does that excite anyone know San Antonio Spurs get to Portland trailblazers is that exciting no. Houston Rockets against the pacers is that exciting no. Boston Celtics against the box is that exciting. No it's the same boring first round we had that today it's empty it's got robbed of the cabs warriors both for the finals. I think the whole league loses the. What do you think it. We got a drop in the car as well because. We import. And ultimately. Our beat seven and copper. That's if you had one of the more dominant teams in NBA history. Not as they edit the war clinic. You want to let it. Up because it will be a lot about an aerial art rock it's not that important week. With a cab like that because war is basically. It in the final act a good. Article tired or can't get. Check org it's no challenge. To the wild little. Got to get you guys would it what it is that conference final bit of a goal that we are wet. All right I gotta do to map club yet they were referred you do at the map Monroe quick feet. Old man bomb on what map on the glad you're at all star break he went in and outside it any wonder do the whole all the cops here. India and Indy in a while ago. If karma changed throughout wanna soccer soccer. There and not for me on that our point of black Jack all star break so he he I thought it. Not go away is that there are telling me don't look at Bob odd. It out or. That's important here at the bottom of the lot into a dark content by way of like me. Know what you all are completely halt all his picture there as older. It's on all the network news debate all in gut and act for both get all of the giants. To be Smart about it but got help and. Seriously here. Trade math wow. I bet that. Is all about I didn't play at all partner. Mean can they wanted to. Get a copy of it all about oh don't look at. Now it's Dumbledore I like all there must sorry go up. There. I'll be anybody else. My tail due to the warriors went into it when he had a lot of could call you an urgency an exit that he's so far. Here. That their courage award. A look back plant are abroad it. I appreciate the phone call we get we've got to move on from this I see that the house he makes very good point there. Look there's a reason that mad bomb isn't taking any flack for this okay with which I. I think it's got me all I. I wanna know from you he is digging for anything negative in bombs past right. He's looking at the weak stuff that's being selfish act no that's been around that I put some of us like that now gets flak from that from his buddy and look at that dirt bike thing was a knucklehead move and Matt bomb knows that and that's why he works so hard to get back. As quickly as he did he wants to erase that memory why I've giants fans forgiven him that. Because she's single handedly got them a World Series he bought. Himself a whole lot. A whole lot. Forgiveness. Period but is it is this strange is here and at a at a pizza now. It may be the one correlation of the giant's demise. Is a win this guy got hurt on that bike. Hit the morale of the great Madison. She's somehow makes arrested yeah I can not likely to end big guys didn't even know but maybe that's what front offices say I think that our next year. I think it's a cumulative thing aren't you had some deaths in the extended giants family you did you had injuries you've had a lot of sub par performances. We like is said it's just been a Murphy's law type of year for them. Everything they can't go wrong has gone wrong and nothing went more wrong than mad bomb hopping on a dirt bike on the off day in Colorado. That's that's like the signature moment. Of the first half of the Tony seventeen season for the San Francisco Giants but because it was mad bump in because of what mad bomber has done for the giants. Defense forgiven. I can't wait just real quick if we got time herbs I cannot wait to see what's gonna transpire with this kind attract are the John it's gonna be. It was just let it play out. 'cause normally he would they got hurt we would BC and sounds just that's we tissue back that an announcement stay after we're getting there I don't know what that's covered it. Bobby Evans increasing the general manager says we still believe in the talent that we have which makes you think they're. And they're gonna contend and Tony to his house say that I don't see that happening at all but. They could every year reunion at 24 Willie Mays plaza. Jim cozy more from NBC sports California. And NBC sports. Bay Area it is one of our favorite guests and whenever we have a vexing question. We bring in the pros and we asked him how merge these two were this is done five point seven a game. Now back to Michael Irvin and Hulu on 95 point seven. Welcome back I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson together words anger taking all the way up till 3 o'clock where about half way. We showed you were you feeling about itself for a aren't going to be in pretty good time flies monopoly seriously are looking forward get back to Major League Baseball all star game because that's when you turn into a 180 year old man whose stodgy and get off my lawn and and I get back to be in front of the nerve who makes fun of view of the text lies that guru go play bingo your soul wow. I think is not necessary now it just beaten it is. It is kind of an old person's death Chris no way it is there isn't any time I have a question that I am vexed by utterly vexed. I called again it's waiting to talk to our audience right now he is the one the only Jim cozy more from NBC sports. Bay Area and California. You can follow on Twitter I posed KOZ. NBC SQ is the best friend of the program Jim coast more welcome. Herb and rule my favorite week Anders although it will there's not a time but you guys aren't. I turn on night seven game Google could be on in the middle of the day Tuesday herbs could be an Wednesday night you guys never stop work. Yeah well that's that's kind of the role that were in more utility guys right now where Swiss Army knives. And we're trying to work our way into you know it. I'm not gonna lobby myself right here by. The versatility is employer ability let's put it that way the echoes that caught me Jamal Jamal Crawford at times and he's on the team should offense guru is coach I don't man we're here and there might be reunion. And if certain king. Might the giants please tell me. Please tell me there's nothing to this report. At the giants and Pablo Sandoval might come back together. Archived assailed the to coin a phrase that Brian savient brought to my attention. You know what I got a site and I understand that there are a lot at giants fans out there are guys. Who are yearning for the great year and they want to get that deal and great it. And there is no question that outlook on the ball or that by your stretched was an incredible piece to the greatness of the differences coach. There's been widget that deporting year that they are having this year and the bad second epic at last year. That may be that is what if they're Poland and a good deal that they used out I cannot see any way shape or war. That Bryant's media and reopen that door after the ugly split the ad and say you know what that your best years were here. You've been moments he you can find them and he got what you get. I don't think it's worth it for the organization. I do understand what and want the. Those begin. Herbs and myself we just had a passionate conversation about Madison bomb garner. To deny I feel like he should be shut down this has been a bad season you have everything to lose and to meet that than to gain. Are you at all surprised at the front office is allowed Madison to go ahead and come back a little earlier than we all thought. I don't in it. Part of it is that you read. It that you're the guy. Ultimately competitive and he knows he made a massive mistake in getting injured the weight eat it. But he's such an incredible competitor and we see it up there on them and let you. It into yelling match with the ideal lead. Or not being afraid they aired on year. Or or trying to set a personal record with distance on a snot rockets. Let the good point too because that's what it got an entire second which he could do. Record all time career record. That's another competitive aspect of it I. And I think it cured shelve the guys that you are up or operate well did you hear. Let the guy work is competitiveness because in a few years. They are going to have to deal with him at the bargaining table that hit at all in any way shape or full legal team made the mistake. I think they want a financial competitive nature get out there so I think between hate losing they want to compete again and he helped them compete. Those and I also think part of it is as you said look Bob knows he made that mistake. And the quickest way to get people to stop thinking about the mistakes you made is going out there and thrown seven shutout innings right because when you're done with a seven shutout. That's all we're talking about the the bike staying is is completely. It's it's done away as soon as you get back on the mound and here's why and and I don't know. This what this is the crux of my argument for why I'm OK we've met them coming back. It's not just because he wanted to show. I'm gonna well I know what what do knucklehead move that was some to make it up to you by working extra hard to get back but also. If you shut him down right now if you don't let him come back then you go all the way into next spring training without knowing exactly what you have in Madison bum Gardner you've got to find out if his wing is okay at least at the very least if I'm running the show knowing what I know about arms. And and look you know Mike my career maxed out as an average pitcher at the college level. But I do know a little bit about arms and in the maintenance of arms. I'd bring him back I let him pitch for a month and a half. And if everything it's all systems go. I shut them down in late August early September to take a long look at the youngsters into all right we know what we got mad bomb your good. But I'm gonna shut you down now stay healthy the rest of the year don't risking injury for that last month and a half but I need to know what's in or are you helping. Yes you are OK great now militia leader. I agree with you you know he's too important too much you can order. You do you wanna see what he went back they'll baseball and I think for a ride your reason. I just wanna be the guy. At the rosary Israel continued to pick out this an organization to compete at the other day that. Although they think they're expecting. He doesn't think that there. Player to win mode that they used to be and the culture and to build that was it. Deep internal hire in the deciding on Gartner. That dire for victory immediate help street not play because I don't think it. Crappy record. Or you take your. Draft pick number one oh all the late. I think he is very comfortable at where they no matter where they are because Smart people like our. Making selections and likely it would compete is that the second. Change. The calming rational more issue here is that of gym coach Moore he's a hosted NBC sports Bay Area and California sports. Also does some Olympics on NBC you can follow on Twitter at Kos and BCS serves. And I. Our economic can give you guys want out there and executed say that did not want to give you about one. Of the day and I know exactly give us a comment let's say dispute continues to flail. Until the last week of July and I mean they are miserable and they see that they've got very little bit have to move Nunez and maybe they can move quail. What happened at the Atlanta grade 119 players in baseball America's top 100 prospect. One of the Atlanta Braves call you and say you know what. Will give you any idol Bart cop and guy you pick up. And we want their vote. I Georgia native. What do you do that giant. Say I hang out I'm scared and frightened I thought you wouldn't. Jericho and. Dobbs I don't know there's in my Eric in Amoco's off billion knock it man because it is going to take up top process like dad. And a break up like that to give this team right back. In one of those guys we know we won't be mad bomb but we do is that a caller suggests that. Or Posey and I'm serious if your. Well not you have to listen Combs are you after you knock it is a set. Coach you are winning it that's I'd take the message that that is sending. The giants fans you're basically saying where we're trying to get better we're. We're trying to get better where is broken as you could possibly imagine. And so we're just connector if you if you were supposed to you've decided you're gonna tear it all down the giants and their fans will not accept a tear down that's why they're actually. They're trying to float the notion coast. They're gonna compete in 28 team that if they got an assurance from Johnny quit though he's not gonna opt out there won't deal him. Because they'd like him to come back and help anchor the Tony eighteen rotation. Met more better than what he showed he's going to be better and Tony team. All these kids that showed a little bit to spark they're going to be healthy and can contributing to the cost. And when he eighteen. That's and that's the one thing that's kind of lurking here right now is that the giants are there are trying to sell the notion. They've just had some bad breaks this year and if everything kind of returns to the norm next year they'll be just fine. You know what it's interesting because I think that they're for HI if you cannot afford. That you'll complete. B. They get can't bomb based on the market there and based on their all except they're old bar except isn't going to allow them to do it all paired. You have to ask yourself is that equate or seeing now as he is now thirty and get over the thirty you know beyond thirty range years of age. Are we starting to see more on what the current Johnny quite aways is what courage acquittal or to Egypt. Stub his toe for the first cap the seat in any blisters art issue. For now but he got there at the blisters he still. One of the great starters in the game and and really call it Easter egg Bom Gartner number one actor you could say it'll. Wait a while it up what one might or should watch. But you have to determine what he has to be built brawl in the same ball but may get blisters are causing the issue for import into in just a little open. For Gujarat equivalent I think if you look at the giants in the be objective. You can make an argument that all three outfield position he'd be re built. In order to get right I think ten is kind of becoming and did. Unfortunately Spain can't stay LP left field there's never been answered a guy started to get hot. Unfortunately the baseball got all of you better shut it down organ injury adjusting to be the way what he'll this year third third base to the question. The guy at first they. Problem comes back. Talk about a wing that theory wow echoes like we did talk with you forever my friend and we appreciate your time. We have run out of time though again you need to followed him cause more on Twitter at coast KOZ NBC as sticky free time brother will be talking again very very soon. My pleasure one quick thing anyway didn't interest in sports visit do you believe sabretech look at port he'd get back out. I've built on the net LG track bit of business sports and up except what is. And I appreciated eating that I think that says. Yet sports EP apps. Dot com or you can look up pro sports sponsors index. And it's not grab which kind of built an index that helps you determine just how strong. Partnership with orchard. Sports business that kind of passion of mine and don't be able to build an intact it just needs for anyone who like sports and like. It minute and a combined to view it the final delegate alt. RS agent sounds good thanks for your time again manager there is your weekend. Thankfully take care thank them on. I that is general pose more talk a little giants pop up hander reunion I'm art imitate. It. Can you imagine if they went to Buster Posey in mad Ahmanson hey guys. What were within about maybe bring in pin back what do you think of the guy that we won three World Series with and he along with a guy and who we just was part of our sorry I had six. Your cracked immediately fired up this is why I'm so looking forward. Guru returns a 117. Years old when we start talking about the Major League Baseball all star game that just popped off on Tuesday. I turn in to a five year old who makes better points Palmer she's due route 957 a game. Finally. So Martin shared. Welcome back I'm Michael Irvin is Darryl Johnson together work herbs and do. Taking all the way up until 3 o'clock of course on 957 game we are always live and local all day every. Today we have had a couple great guests already Monty pool and impose more. Both employed by NBC sports Bay Area and California if you miss those interviews. Go to 957 game dot com and check it out clarity up on the podcast center. Guru was just doing I don't know what that tier dance was very outward you're about to fall down now are you ready to turn into a 107 year old man is a good guy. You ready 1 L central I'm about to turn the Viagra but first we gotta remind the audience. Tune in Monday from nine to noon is Dan deadly. For mornings with Jolo and did checks in live from the Joseph Morgan celebrity golf invitational presented by some bank foundation. Proceeds from the event all star published the David. Benefiting a student at bishop O'Dowd high school in east Oakland. Okay. I know how to turn you at least I know how to bring out in your 107 year old man in new. It's to talk about the 2017. Major League Baseball all star game I quite enjoyed all the grab ass festivities. The A-Rod out on the infield the photo with the umpire at home plate. Interview would Bryce Harper in the outfield. I'm fine within you are not final and why. It's a game I grew up on its game that is dear to me it's a game that it has no clock. And I hear all the talk of it's too slow if you don't got three hours for baseball. Keep your ass at home it's okay it's been that way forever. And again I see tennis I see golf which are both have elements in baseball. Not trying to set allow sell their soul for these damn only meals. And I thought what happened in Miami was a circus. You could have relievers in Miami it is just circuit would come in off coming in on on on elephants. Because did you discuss that did it for a fire throwing you can indeed it at all it was sickening to media guide to just wanted to watch. The American League did after it. Against the National League like when Pete Rose in and day Parker showed that effort. Baseball whoever's running the men afraid it's okay buddy you don't need this el Al. To try to capture marlin wheels if it's not about baseball. And hit and run and it seemed in all of this the the the them right now. It puts you got that. You got that in this hard Alice robbery is due out with 200 dollar shoes walking on the infield to her due I don't two hours ago. Pat tripled the guru let's go back to triple. Look at Iraq out how they feel I'm real serious doubts about their game yeah I wasn't in your career that several days ago wasn't in agreements with the task that his employers gave him. I graded him on completing that task which was can it. I didn't like the task at hand that his employer sit him down on the infield dirt. No Google Talk to a boxer when he's in the corner you wouldn't dare do that you damn sure I'll go to talk to Jon Gruden on the sidelines while he's trying to do you you get. I don't what I do but I don't. Nobody's fault you've got to tell you try to make analogies to took golf and to tennis. I don't saying it's not is apples and oranges that's apples and dump trucks when you're trying to compare the Major League Baseball all star game an exhibition. An exhibition that no longer means anything ridiculous like a home field advantage in the World Series. Golf doesn't have that tennis doesn't have to the all star break time they're not mimic. The regular season and what that would just say it what did you get in the all star game OK okay are taking away A-Rod -- take away the photo at home plate. Take away the interview with I started replace what I don't get that you've got to shoot one ball game with a bunch of great defense about a great pitching you thought a game winning home run. You like that right I got to purist type of game okay they know they got the purest luckily they got a game that appeals to the purest. What they're worried about and maybe they overreacted I'm going to say they did overreact but right or wrong. Major League baseball's perception of itself is word not hip enough. Cool and no we're not appealing to younger people so let's try to do this now maybe that's it here's another possible thing. They feel so embarrassed that their idea to make home field advantage. The hinge on who wins who whichever league wins the all star game. I can't believe this started in 2003 man went out with a goat at the cull you were cool I don't we got edited to add to almighty god you're. Were about to break ground Gergen Erica it before 3 o'clock united gonna break up we'll get back together afterwards poet but we're gonna break up not that I'm gonna look. They know it was a bad idea to attach a home field advantage and never come out and say so rather than say it verbally. They're gonna sit non verbally by. Let's take home field advantage away from it let's not just remind people that it's back to being an exhibition let's shove it down their throat that this is an exhibition. By prone so many bells and whistles out there so many things that are atypical. Of your. Major League Baseball regular season game. Visit the millennial the young people maybe they look at it. And say hey that's something I'm might be attracted to because like I said earlier it's it's analogous. To what Miley Cyrus did host Hannah Montana come and go back to the analogy because I like you that much she knew. She needs to be she needs to diversify her fan base all she had. We're we're little girls right. Little girls and teenage girls Hannah Montana he Grupo Mexico wholesome girl you love Hannah Montana because she's a girl next door you love your love your love. Miley knows I've got them they're never gonna leave me I have their loyalty for life they are fair for liked. Let me go expand by audience and go be a free show on MTV awards. And start grinding on a dog dressed up as a cat doesn't Donna as a hot dog suggestions to personally I Don and have Robin thick grind on me. Enix and expand my fan base it was brilliant. Baseball tried to do the same thing they know they've got you guru you're not going anywhere you like a baseball you're always gonna come back for the baseball. They're trying to get the people they want a little Miley Cyrus in their day. OK listen. Who the halo game only meals all the damn power there since he's involved in their sense of entitlement to see me. And baseball focus on the game. Focus is on the evening storm no Alamo have you seen any millennial come out and say. I don't like baseball they need to do that they needed that this this is why I say right or wrong this is baseball's reaction. To their all to their self perception. I don't think millennial look at it baseball saying you know what if you just shave ten minutes up the game on down. Well they're not saying that. Baseball thinks they're saying that. Baseball thinks it's broken in some way. News flash baseball in a broken and you'll find that were back together at the acute that's all I'm saying so when Saddam do we become best friends again. When I wanna join together and Roddy in the garage it that's for. But he doubts over the movie but that was a funny line particular angle and I do I do leave it alone to sell allow myself. What Azubuike puts on his big time by focused in shares his thoughts about the warriors offseason it's their off season. I don't know the irony how our season it's on season on season on season when Azubuike is always on calmer seas to route is 95 point seven McCain.