Tim Roye joins from San Antonio

The Greg Papa Show
Friday, May 19th

Voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye, live from San Antonio previews Games 3 & 4 of the Western Conference Finals with Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.


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Tim brought the voice of the gulf state of Oregon is on that charter. Yesterday joins us from San Antonio Texas and that's what an early it's just a regular season game Timmy would have flown. Today so you've got Thursday night Friday night Saturday and Sunday night Monday night in San Antonio pools that. It's pretty cool troops it's that bad you know we got don't practice in the on the bus attack fell. And yeah that night good night and Monday here and finished. How hot is it I mean this time the currency hostages to our it's into the hundred hurdles. Wolf it's not that that going to be probably think IE low nineties. Late and thunderstorms. You know. It at night you know the night tonight will count and there. It in the legal. Q you know future it is a lot to their restaurant there are all right now you were part trap or out count by. That's a great city writes embroil you went to practice with the team so give us the update out what Vontae has said Andre would delegates was a full goal. Does I didn't know a whole lot so what do you expect from those two guys tomorrow night. I think you know you have to wait till I think two mark shooter on you know full picture out that looked like I would look at pretty good today it's. You know he he was that gets trapped at two rapper it's the guy young players though. In European OK you just eat it accused police or a luck but just but to do a lot but they eat yet he got there all day cheater oral. So what will Syria but. It you know hopefully they can get well those guys and into low. Key free. You that I expected which I wouldn't be a real. Real chopped it arch marsh. How it about Myers says you always it's in an order Wednesday here in the afternoon that I would pop advancing in an excellent points in the game and I still went about injury hurt his duty. And it's left knee soreness and obviously on recent history knee issues each I heard game four. In Salt Lake City but he actually said it went back to game 3-D. A 100% at the end of that jazz series. Now nah not that I know. I'm trying to think there's anything to eat it. In that Jean. Marie. I don't remember eight I don't remember him doing anything specific this year that would. That would cost an issue that night I step urged members sitting in the San Antonio where it will write it and you know my route to labor I didn't I don't call seeing anything that should be on Q2 concerts. Yeah exhaust that cannot go. I mean the obvious thing would be is to start JaVale McGee. Andy I don't think they'd start go small against pop but he's playing the too big to me you do you anticipate gives us acted not going distance or JaVale as a starter it's at five Tammy. Yeah I think you'd have to and and quickly get in you know and maybe. But it late first quarter maybe David last week's salary outcrop missile that dream on be sliding all current and maybe. Switching up the rotation a little bit. You know maybe eating yet want the young guys. That you give him a chance. So the two is because they do. They'll start that you pay so. I feel like Ellen and straight but I can't go that that he was started in China but just their rotation or. In general are joining us on the afternoon delight with the profit bout to the united five point seven league games so. Did you guys practice so I was at the AT&T center with a spurs their before do you have any. If top closes practices obviously they don't really know it's it's kind of hard to tell. Lettered snow is still guides and. Kirk dispersed or they're they're they're cracked on your own personal but I can tell you that that does Phoenix Mercury had a great shooter or yet or. The lunatics like WNBA game. Tonight and at that trot dealer of relish cry and I think there's a gonna have a good night to. The grand character Britney and TV talk BRITTNEY GRINER. Absolutely it JB was in the Arab or they got on it's Antonio silver stars. Yeah. But but but the sounds like Jane I could this. How cool look we can beat the you can tell you know and after they got changed in the shootaround that. They they count hung around they went to the warriors committed it was tackle got. Then Tim is always getting this guiding the ears of volume shooter. On a particular if you get dispatches to and with such speed. And we need to talk about Greg Papa of its own negate your thoughts on Popovich. Hop and off the other day and whether or not she felt like become it's at the belief. Out of this team were to came into game two and are just like you know what pops right we can't beat this team watt without wire winner. I I think he'd he'd eat he did that strategically to try to get the you know instead of the story being that. The second time in two months the waters have been down quantity. The San Antonio and came back and beat them it was all out this one play. You know like bank executives try to change in the air that they are so at that time out or he's come back on its burst like. No doubt wanna hear more. It was toll pepper and to me epic was calculated that you looked frustrated by the calculated at golf a little over the top because I I. I just all you know and should. And when they'd say yeah they have Bruce Pollard for years and he was actually warned by the leak not doing and so. I can't I can't see where you can. Ammo a leg to stand on what you what you endorsed it what it was to your benefit and now here against it -- so. Literally a leg to stand that by the way to the great votes I've Bruce Bowen chased them all week he is get a apparently changed planes somewhere during the next three hours you'll join as we hope. And the afternoon delight also Don Nelson Jonas a little bit later on the reason I ask you that if you saw the spurs work out because collide lettered. And it helped coach held court today we're gonna played good for a minute rip with the San Antonio mediated. He said I guess if I feel good I'm going to play that that he went out and out to say Timmy out really is not quite there yet oh wait till tomorrow and he was confident he play game six in Houston top help them out you have any vibe from the warrior side of things localized to try to get to go to Marta to me. I think I think they're they're tactic they're counting on the fact that he will try to go I think they're gonna prepare that way by. But I I think that. As of right now they get no no in fact now they're not going to go I would expect and Olympia but they beat. I think even beat not a 100% so call Lila. And I think they really don't wanna beat down trio you know I think that the real real problem. So are you on the bus right now on the bus in the interview on the bus for the players and coaches know their hearing and I know where we're at. Not there aren't there aren't separate other's I'm box. Would argue it is and Jim Barnett all sorts lawyers SL RC are you this. You it's eight tell I have Barnett tell the story about the time he stole the Boston Philadelphia. I was actually a full Boston it was like eight a shuttle to the airport. New owner early in the bus driver leopard it jumps and I got so bad to pick up his element and I. I have ever have kept telling that story to where where are you guys in San Antonio and out of no where you're in the city. What we're we're still eerie right again and let you have left AT&T center where we're leaving we're leaving out you speak he's backing up in. Her. And Timmy if favored visit the Alamo heights like there 109 alta avenue I believe I left to servers check. They are siren and a house I am so that you can grab that for me bring it to. I well I well at at its weaken it like an orchard signature have a great time. I didn't say endorsed that I should bring it back into the got into. A fifth I highway. I don't agree with guys that pitched it it shouldn't be positioned reputation I think you're talking all the apartment by the players apart in ought to cut about. You know gained top chain repeat player totally wrecked it should not just it just missed. And yet and you're like eight and I didn't during odd to have gone in as a part two because he played so much. Because you start the game or eat fish caught in art. Egypt very neatly set so. Yet at drama and obviously was outspoken city where the guys who when you're around it seems slide in there yesterday were they were little miffed that you know the best team in basketball and not have a single player. The all NBA first team during that step for relegated it seemed to drain on three and helped lay didn't make any ill. I know I did it percolate delicate porch he goes from. This at this ridiculous but. I yet nobody thought they placed a good about that but I icon like act now which are held it out because. You know and and it what was paper all the guys are great players were on the genes that. You know there's a lot court judge I think patent numbers and it looked at actual work in and two way player like that so. Yeah and I I it may be maybe urging the granite in repeated. But to me it it it speaker says it isn't it about what. You know it is that it's about winning at. That's what they're playing sports so. Did not yet one of the guys on the team that wants 67 games on first team. That spent immediate itself only like it really stunt. Early on the hardware there rafters the Lawrence O'Brien trophy in maybe the Phil Russell trophy as well one of the guest at the finals MVP Jimmy thank you so much for your time integrate called market. I think the think O'Leary trophy needs is a comeback of the. With one out died alta avenue jamming Alamo on nine lead Garcia the whole tale. Which right. And they students Dario and I the deficit RC is my dues.