Tim Bontemps talks NBA playoffs

The Greg Papa Show
Friday, May 19th

National NBA writer for the Washington Post, Tim Bontemps, joins Papa & Bonta to talk about the Western & Eastern Conference Finals!


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NBA writer Tim bon Temps are for the program here on a up in about today with and the afternoon delight and had five points and the game Tim jones' fly from San Antonio so. Just give us your overall thoughts on the best team the NBA in marketing and all NBA first seamer. NK EDS from DC you know him well you know he's he's taking the the high road here but that is privately miffed. That he is no longer all NBA first team performer can. That and I don't think I mean it's kind of like you said McClintock of economic first scene and and if you look at you look at that. If you choose between him collided and LeBron James Byrd. To spot that means somebody deserve it and laughed outright so we Vienna today Altria passes urban beat him on the first team. You know cabinet and now I hear a lot back into the pack but he missed twenty games I think it made it pretty easy to make him. The third joint settled the other two were out here. Did did you vote for the all NBA teams this year to have. I have a ball we ecological suitable for the award. But I did I put out my joy I had him on that it's seamless that. And you have the first came exactly as it is. Do you interpret. It is that all I really or otherwise otherwise the other four spot that pretty pretty locked. See Rudy go there's the one and also adding Andre Jordan hey why is that the NBA when they pick their all star team. Does not designate. You know a senator it's just front court players and guards but when they picked they're all NBA team. They have two guards two forwards into centers more traditional. When really we've gone to position as best dividing the big problem here as I don't think Rudy go bear Andy Andre Jordan complained to the speculative bets fifteen players in the NBA to him. I mean maybe I haven't got the SharePoint by its people act guy. It's a huge support here you. You know not the best player in the league. Certainly right there. In baton got a lot better off it results mean. I mean look I I'd kind of like at the end interest or I mean. A couple of years ago they overreacted view one year or two years or a lot of work. Early dollar you'd just say that we need to change the way it alt a body has been look at right tackle Eric Carle DeMarcus Cousins. Got jewel because we're going to a nickel Yokich and they're there a lot of ducks center so. I don't mind at that day at the same in. You know pat at the same way it all back for fifty years. Tim but tips from the Washington Post and covered the warriors all you're in the Bay Area now in San Antonio the modus thoughts obviously uncle Leonard in the pivotal game number three tomorrow night in the Western Conference finals they. Joins us on the afternoon delight with pop and Vontae here in 95 point seven again it's one more thought. About the all NBA teams that big knows also yesterday with a guys that did not make it Paul George and Gordon Hayward so they fall short. Making Al any of that trio NBA chains which means they're not eligible to get the super Max extension from the pacers. And the Utah Jazz so explain to our audience. Financially what is the difference here and you have a big story up on line today and a Washington Post will Gordon Hayward at. Remain the face of the U charge Nancy the it's more likely now. Then Hayward since he can't get the super Max money. Will leave the Utah Jazz maybe join his former college coach in Boston Bret Stephens to him. I think it's possible in much the bottom line. Jar report anywhere. All eight teams in the Al your contract start after that these were about to wandered intently. I'd now it now side tracked where about ordered thirty. So in your pocket. And if it leads economists situation. In last summer there. He did you know more. But he it's not a very big difference. To go somewhere else and why like you'd think he'd probably will stay with the jazz because they do it. CNET that's kind of built around him he can beat. The pace that bridge whether it's off sitter some other options and happiness and joy at the market to accuse summer and you know you really platter and and are a lot and look away so. It will be interesting to see what happens if your team like Utah can't eat. Or were you on and you really kind of wonder here and there. It'll really set back what looks like. A really cute young team on the rise but I'd take them all back to ground zero dirt track retail. Now talk about another team that will probably have to rebuild anyway. And the other guy who missed out on a super Max contract Paul George would DC captain will Paul George will there be a trade. Stated Celtics well they dangle their number one pick for Paul George or DC Paul George. Ultimately ending up in the LA. Well I think he probably won't get traded only because I think it's going to be really hard to come up with a yield it makes sense for him. You know pure the pacers right in the US apology or are you taken the handle Russell likes of seller for him I'd used it. And I if your boss that I can't see any anything like that given up. Really cut paper and know what you want to go play in LA so. Not maybe somebody decides to put a chip that day we all art scene maybe we can convince him to stay. There may be some deal happens but I think more likely than not. What happens that the pacers tko. And then go and exceed in that locker best bet is that a beach in integrate it makes all NBA next year. And we can offer huge contract and even help all talk in a big game about life not about money. It would be really get deterred X eighty million dollars a couple of years ago in court Las Vegas snapped like. We got bad. That's probably about they're gonna try to make so. You know my my guess is that he's six around there and all but he had a great year and that makes our game next year at least gives them the option in the they're contract. About champs from the Washington Post and be ready are joining us sunny afternoon delight with the pop and Vontae here and had five point seven a game you report this morning it's Steve Kurt. Was at the AT&T center at practice of course he flew with the change that we go to practice but he was not actually on the floor Tammy was sitting in the stands you say. Yeah I just got it up a few grows up. Watch practice round crack. At it. And it's been for a lot just. The teams there an end to be in the apartment next actually run shell and obviously the wars like him to be back. Polian and kind of do and do his thing and it seemed by IQ do you think it's the target is larger now than it. Is able to be the achievement Archie and and you know it will participate stopped and told her I. You kind of wonder when is going to be back on all Allen road. And on here for is routine fly and so so like obviously a good step in the right direction and no Woolsey over the next couple weeks here whether they breast where he can take more respectable what's going on and potentially call back and coached team. Diddy Diddy talk to you guys that I got to imagine. In top although laden have a meal together whether they're all this time. I would think Delhi Indian doctors needed here on out there and any locked arms or by. I'd be I'd be pretty surprised in the Bob Mitchell. At least want to probably multiple parties Aron. Wouldn't even when the bracket Mike Brown urges property side. You know Albright though apps blighted and catch up I would think these are not pork. Question Tim enjoy San Antonio it's rates and we thank you for your time in the afternoon delight. Any doubt about our rights and the golden.