Tim Bontemps

Mornings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

NBA Writer for the Washington Post joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the All-NBA team selections, Kawhi Leonard's injury and whether it's a foregone conclusion that the Cavs-Warriors will face in the Finals.


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My taxes I try to clean up my house here he covers the lawyers for the Washington Post follow him on Twitter he or she has a legitimate following at. Tim bond tends to him a good morning and I assume you're in San Antonio what's the status of Kauai Leonard. As we get ready for game three of the Western Conference finals. Double update. I won't be won't officially and so moral and injuries. On his status definitely fair idea that the chances of play. And hopefully from neutral from attractive because play because we solid capital into it. What Rupert. The lawyers and outscored the spurs by I think 61. Since coli went out in this third quarter of them game one is. Is it the sense you get did if co Y six games three and the spurs lose maybe they just shut him down and put him into the offseason mode. Yeah I would. I think it is a complete game and lose. I think it would probably useful about it and home court how should that mean. He saw 2000. For that dot com could've played injury. Or about page. You know made it clear that he wasn't a rescue long term health of this clinical different situation room in the injury. You've been essential to supplies were they don't think alike are percent. Russia vertical tree kind of about a week. No I think they'd want as digital map and he actually. In its care you you've been fortunate to join us I should say four I've been fortunate to have you join us on orders of warm up you've made that shows sold by able to ask you let me into the studio for the morning show and the presents a great answers that do little bit of credit for that and one also. Make the point that I've really enjoyed getting to know via as you've got all these games and a fellow East Coast honesty all parties saint Bonaventure Bonnie and and a chance to use you for some of my. Vaunted research says I'm becoming known for around here which by the way I use about none of which he's in here. Let let me let me ask you as someone that I I I respected and and and really enjoy it obviously has agreed firfer how to cover. And right about the NBA. As far as OM BA vote goes and your value young member of the print media one that I hope six around for a long time as a stalwart of this family. Do you do you think it's right that the media should have this type influence on these contracts and ultimately teams possible success. With the vote in the new CBA rules pertaining to the super Max you think that's the right thing ultimately for for all this the kind of work their way. You know it's forty I'm really happy I don't have a vote anymore that is where I work the Washington Post we don't know about award like. It removes. The the issue from a wide which is quite meet. I was actually the one who first reported that the going to be paying back in. December land mediate came out and and look right in the game first heard about it I mean there there was there's no question that has put immediate interest and spotlight because you have. Media members essentially is potentially decide the future as a as a coordinator Paul George has. Now the ball in May be on the eighteenth this year there's a better chance of people playing elsewhere next he ought to urge you traded. Gordon Hayward because it's time to preach somewhere else. At the same time. You know this is this is really an outgrowth of the NBA game artificial caps on salaries. And if you're if you're gonna have a limit on what players and made. He did this is where it you know they get into the situation where they're trying to find ways to justify paying got more money right. So. I think is that that way prevent to legislate out the system that they have. But it certainly doubt with the media in the very uncomfortable and awkward spot you know potentially determining the futures of players for a jets. A massive question is this perception. Verses we Allenby did dubs fans here believe there on we believe that it's a forgone conclusion you think about the addition of KP. Paula for future hall of Famer step kospi future hall of Famer. You don't tour and and the other two guys green clay as well. Is it perception that this team is that much better than the rest of the MD MBA or as a reality. In all souls foregone conclusion that they will meet the cavs and they will win. There's he's thinking LeBron has anything and he stopped this from happening. Well I. I don't open like a look for a conclusion. I mean to me. The cavs are that the wars are happy favorites to win the title they stay out these. And that and died while I think basically put Abbott park could chat because apple crime. And the top three point shooters they can keep up with cool they talk bad. I've made patent for the collapse started I don't think Cleveland defense can hold up against Golden State biopsy. Mean it. The cavs word when he died he wrote that the all star break it albeit at the point that are in the lakers who were trying to lose basically every game all star break would have laughed so. You know yes they've won their first you know collapse and using those we so it's. But they also have not. Played that great competition. That played nobody that people development in the obstacles they can do that and like that I just don't think that. At the end of the day the wars or how you're going to be at the defendant and upbeat. Tim bond attempts from the Washington Post joining us here on 9570. Game the idea of defending LeBron from the Golden State Warriors. Seems pretty daunting for more ice it how do you think the boy is reproach trying to defend LeBron whose. Become so much of a point guard with his ability to get to the rim and take it out to the three point shooters. Well I mean look I think yeah. Warriors have the ability to pattern with the way that let them put multiple guys. And just kind of threw it looks that that really don't. Know if they can get under an hour how music it would MI on grass likely about a I'd known that in May be about what that our bottom for a couple minutes. My guess who destroy a lot of different guys that don't analyze it looks atom in Estrada. You know keep all the different days and noble prize Soka you can hit. Either you have good defenders he's widely exploited and so he's got a future he's been up open then to all awful. A good thing for the wars as they don't have Isiah Thomas to put on LeBron because that dimensional football are now. Townhouses OpenId and end up like air radio me Micah as they did trying to defend that that the grounds at the bronze in extra tests. Oh now now. Did given the fact that Ron Adams has a defensive pedigree and and if in fact we do see you seizing close out without Steve on the bench maybe behind the scenes and hopefully in the locker room to assist the guys and and man Mike Brown. Do you think it's more of a deal of trying to get dream on as much as they can on two Bronson to utilize their best defender. And you count imaginary answer the question at a time that I know the words because we use in the lane from the ability of clay and obviously KG to defend LeBron but. Is is there anything else you see outside of LeBron decides carries pension Britain big shots can you probably watch Cleveland. More than anyone else that we're talking about here. Is there any way else they can beat the warriors if in fact the warriors are able to neutralize LeBron and his output that he's put forth so far in the playoffs as any other. Well I mean the the wires are. That's that he is gonna put up big numbers Egypt has tried that Venezuela. But. You know look the cap that the ability at twenty directories and and took the captain that wartime years but what part of this report I'm sure could I think that. Now between the pride in their report that the for them to read it. Rightly agent there there like of their options upward of a rocket I don't hear a lot with the the team to give the words more trouble in the last doctors there that are safe spurred. Well because their strategies so I've area all the trees that hey. They could make 125323. Games all of a sudden they get a couple wins you know expectancy interest. Our Cleveland you don't want them rot so. Don't have acted it out of the pot factories. Potentially make it adheres nickname but to me people out there roster the only outward you've got really anybody and for all human app I just think. We're probably down to the word about stop and second that he spent. And the cap that the second faster progress often in the 22 best defense and to me that that that the experts in the way to find each other. It is going to be too much of you know. Well in thirteen days you'll likely find out what happens between these two bit until then it's all conjecture Tim bond tends. Thank you for joining us and we appreciate all your good group work with the Washington Post on your contributions on 95 cent in the game.