Shaun Livingston

Mornings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

Warriors Guard joined Dibs, Lo, and Kerry to discuss how the team prepares with the rest, his approach to being a leader on the bench, and Steve Kerr still being with the team. 


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Shaun Livingston joining us here. On 9570 games Sean what's good in Texas right now good morning. Well good morning and give and so there and it's actually it's actually nice low always always warm always down here but. Argued and so they've had reasonable. Beautiful and how he would go from playing a game on a Tuesday to have been three days off how do you stay fresh how do you stay locked in a for game three that still is. More than 24 hours away. Yeah mentally I mean it's it's you know it's more book of mental preparation. Or court overthrow. You know look and see what we can do better when adjustments dramatic. Come victory but the rest is also reports in a couple of days off. You know the bank of bruises. You know you heal up and berated ago. Sonny does or Terry Cousin playing good stand together. How big it is impacting defense with you on the road in and listen biggest difference from the biggest transition plan on the road compared home. Just imagine you know manage the crowd managed in the ruins. You know the game it's. It's a game around you know and you know when you're on the road. There's so many other factors. Come and play you know sometimes you know the opposing crowd so. When they're going on the road you can even hear your teammates you can even hear the play. You know and so it's important you know to. That's where experience comes in that's where the communication comes. You know the leadership that we. You know marked each other you know hold each other accountable. On all the little details coming to play on the road because you know what it's hard to get a win on the road in the playoffs. Song carry Ki yak cohost the pregame radio show before all your guys' games and had a chance to really. Girl a greater appreciation for you have a senior in high school and I was recruiting back in the day and early 2000 that Tennessee UCLA and I've really got a chance to appreciate even more and you come back and you're you're longevity. What what our elected you to says some I don't because I thought the game one obvious answer was Canadian staff Karen you guys but. A look at the eight points or you provided off elbow split the lefty Duncan in the big tip out that led to the tied up three that. Steffi it in the years three haven't sat on the bench for three quarters in the Big Three hit the fourth Jose points really the biggest difference for me as coaches. What what I like it is shed some light on. Is the best mentality stand ready stand available how difficult is it at this level and even for you this league your career. It sit and watch the game flow and they get yourself into that right away and make such an impact like you do. Yeah on the that is and you Palestinians. Situation coming incident recorder as you know you come major effort shot nine degrees. You know it takes a particularly competency there and coaches they do agree as well indication that the efficacy. You know communicating. With your players on their roles so they can understand you know what you expect from. You know I know sometimes you know it it changes the game again right and match ups. Can change the whole scenario of the game. You know whether public you play. Usually our core guys starters they're you know they're gonna play the bulk of the minutes in the playoffs. You know it takes everybody it's Steve you know coach curry has never been shot at a place. You know. A lot of guys in the rotation in the playoffs you know pro gun and you know 101112. Com you've also it it takes it takes a unit and everybody stay ready and that's the mentality. You know when your number's called you never know what's gonna happen. You gotta stay ready so we all. Prepare ourselves away practice on before the game and then towards the game you know what games starts and what you once were called communal race ago. Warrior guard Shaun Livingston joining us here on 957. Game tickets for all lawyers home playoff games are now on sale at lawyers dot com Sean is part of that. Cancer mentality as a veteran. Yourself and Andre Iguodala in particular David West as well as it. Helping the young guys like Patrick McCall and c'mon Lou any when he's healthy damion Jones helping to teach them about what it's like. BA I contributing bench member. Think so but until to any any time you. Veteran leadership on the team and you have to. You know we'll put working you have got a proven in this league have been around. Has had success in this league world. You know that you have got like that come off the bench as well you know looking at their mentality. You know Washington. Andre and David the way that they go to work crippled the way they hear themselves to play. It doesn't just start you know they don't is in the game. You know it's start to practice rich start before practice you know guys are in the way won't admit to overtake here the bodies. On Virginia treatment. You know to get extra shot and know that in that mentality is important for. On a young player coming in this league that's really try to reach his potential. You know look when you. You have that guidance when you have that to you know that model to follow an epic it makes it you know I'd make it easier to to reform law. So I don't tell your leader that the game and much you guys go to them notable motorboat on but there was a plane ride for the past time. Some called kind of head down came to the bench. Any kind of sought you out and sit next seed in song whisper. Just seeing kind of liking Kyrgyz those one of those moments itch you know he used to become lady teacher. Absolutely absolutely amazed anytime you know like we we encouraged that we occurred communication. You know regardless of you know what what's going on on the floor when you come to the bench I mean you know wanna know which actually you know look at the game. What shall port is out there when you know it took five man unit you know the players the players aren't. You know the coach says its own you know players have been units you know coach. Technical and seek so much right from the bench and they can try to make the right calls right you know right play called all the right strings were at all. When you're out there on the you know on the field on the court you know you guys have to be in unison and it's that communication. That that that brilliant Turkey to Edmonton. How important is it for you guys to have Steve curb presidency Antonio whether or not he'll be on the bench yet to be determined for tomorrow night's game but. Just having him around in the locker room at halftime. This is not to disparage Mike Brown has done a terrific job but how important is it for Steve Kerr to just be around you guys during these games. Yeah now my might that equates. You know he's he's he's really no field and and done well. All of you know what happened to you around you know is. I mean it is great are actually from me. You know this time year this is where is his value as president. You know really cold. It's because of experience that these the players the coach after the said that before. The other guys that. 14 you know four championships as a player who wanted to coach. Played with from the great players played it from the doubles you know the the greatest pressure situations. You know on on each level. It's to have his voice to calm me to get the calming. Experience for you know when he speaks. You know we all listen as players 'cause we know he knows what he's talking about he's been there he's done it. And I it is great to have the presence and personality and so you know we would definitely enjoy that. We'll hopefully guys can handle your business get it done in San Antonio and earn yourself a nice eight daybreak heading. Into the NBA finals Sean thanks for joining us this morning looking game three. All right thanks so much appreciated.