Seth Everett

Rick Tittle
Thursday, May 11th



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Welcome back to not a five point seven again great to have you with us tonight and we have one more gas were very happy to welcome Seth Everett. And he is a national baseball insider for NBC Sports Radio he's also on WCBS. Eight AD AM in New York City. And obviously set we got a couple teams are in the Bay Area we wanna get to those in the second but. You know it's funny I thought the knicks had a lot of dysfunction. Of the Mets are going to be. Better reflect the fact if in fact. I'm looking like they're under rewrote. The outlaw I I picked the Mets the win the World Series so I'm laughing at myself now. What it what was the case will with Harvey were they spying on am I know he apologized he said he was not to let him know he's kind of a loaf Oreo at his mom's a Roddy he just. He can't pull it off like Jeter used to pull off on. Definitely the wind like Jeter used to. Two things one I would never picked them to win the World Series and into the league and division. And I have no ax to grind against that you know I could have extremism but. I did like the lineup that was my reason I didn't like the lineup but I does that. Pitching has never looked back and you know Hudson Mulder and veto if it doesn't happen that often. And to start talking about your caddie have unified all stars on the mound and they're just gonna win every time restart I just wouldn't think that we viable. Far count RV concerned. He hates that team and they hate him and they they fear him and you know they'd pay me. Complain about a program and they complained about his Twitter they complete he pleases the county they complain about everything. And you know what he was when he went burgeoning star he signed up or he would get a siren you know and A-Rod contract. And he wanted to beat that and that the great parallel between their parties and Alex Rodriguez like covered. The beginning and the end of his career you know when I was in Seattle working with the Mariners when he first burst onto the on the scene and then you know subsequently got started last year living in New York. And the irony is Alex Rodriguez even the bad things that happened when he. Ransom might print cut that to deny steroids and when he had that face the music at that spring training crook like all of those things he loved every second. But don't kid yourself he loved the attention. Even negative attention he doesn't hate. And Matt Harvey the same way people are like oh look how humble he was when he apologized on god. He'd love to. Every count. And it's just amaze me how Matt Harvey the stars is greater than man RB the pitcher. Here's what I've learned since the map heart beat things happen and by the way note that the guard blocked me on Twitter if you want to know that. But you can bet. I think that story a better story but Matt hardy guy I talked to the pitching coach and it's now about Matt Harvey Pitt because it was all the bonds. And they said that that second surgery he had he had Tommy John surgery that he had surgery on the call elastic arteries syndrome. And I don't know we come back from and there's a really good probability. That he never intimidate hitters the way he did his first year. And so that accompanied it party in amity that even probable that thing. So it just amazing to me now being stopped the only reason he got suspended. It's because he's not pitching. Because if he's pitching well there're afraid. Very closely not her as very intercede and you're right because you have came on the scene in in an all star of the Tommy John and actually 2015 was now about but yeah that. That shoulder last July I mean a lot of people think that's worse. Than than Tommy Johnson now he's older he's worse and he's going to be more expensive lenses are our Beers a lot now of course would be that radio. If we don't hear about UN for what happened. Well that that let's put it out of pocket now is arbitration years -- degrade it and that's why he picked in the Latin. And you know he's gonna go up against the brewers in the to brewer sent to him. He's going to be searching for answers he's not even a lot to be in the rotation so I just think that we have to make sure he comes back. Because what he's coming back from it not only that the case our rightful. Well like at. Here's what happened the other Thursday night to certain ago. He. Skipped a start because he had ten united response to the is that sort. And he met with the media that department importantly he met with the media between the skip the start before the game that was in the then he decides. In some bunkers action did not have a tomorrow. We in goal for the people. And the reporters wanted to talk to him again. And so what happened was. He not only that note of the reporters he admonished them he said he about it Jay Horowitz the net PR guy. And he said Jake get your minions out here out of my way like that and I eight. Took it back I took issue with that because it's less than 48 hours. After 100. Years here and employees had just been let go. The media is in a bad situation that we all agreed that fair to say so yeah. I get in the media because you've got to work with their help keep their job. And he doesn't mean they don't need to be abolished by ago and so like that on where we McConnell partnered. And you know I know my marble. I watched all the shows the shield I know all that stuff I said if you want to compared to the marvel superhero out to escalate the war and I'll start calling him. Squirrel girl. That he would but that wasn't the one that got people. He would want to copy block was the next Sunday. That's three days later. Without ever having the MRI and I have been told by two pitching coaches. They would not give demands of baseball. And what he got the MRI. The Mets the Mets the Mets are afraid that you think accurate and that meant that now are you wanted to open wheel no problem. Mind you he did not warn the lat muscle at that point. So he goes out there in the first inning each order a hundred miles an hour. The next inning he's grabbing at nor what do you think he torn muscle. And big on that idea that on Twitter. I can at least now there he can't call the media is minions. Ain't karma a bowl. While we are speaking with self heard from NBC Sports Radio in New York City WCBS eight AD AM and in a related story I got a new cinder guard from my fireplace structure organized. I'll meet you know what it's funny set because. The way you the way you talk you sound like what you do and in Seattle you were made for the New York market I'm. I wouldn't Seattle out of the Seattle before glory years of Lubbock city. And I'm I'm not I'm not not fond of New York City is well loved today. But Seattle very good to me and that there are that there during a strange time because Ken Griffey junior was with my guy in you know I would that we Majid junior camp. And I learned to Alex Rodriguez was bent and you know I had a very prominent player once tell me Alex Rodriguez talks Rudy. Never QB. I never thought that was then that resonated with because I thought that phrase applies to every chapter about career. What OK let's talk a little bit about a couple questions here in the Bay Area you have two teams to no one is very ambitious as the top five payroll. The other one is just kind going along until their their prospects are ready. So let's talk about the giants because. Especially the fans that have been fans since 2010. Which is more than half there are they have alarm bells ringing in you know that's it's time to trade Quaid tokens he's gonna go on doing is his his opt out. And that is the way I look at it is. This is the way baseball season usually go for most teams people get heard in his starts thinking I just think the giants fans old it's spoil. Well they did you use that you think there in the bubble factor number one. Different in darts would. You know they went through they had you know would the best player in the game for years been mired in controversy. And coming out of that controversy we have the golden era adjourn for an. And you know these there's nothing about the whole area that is in fear tactic. That the director that we in the division I kicker went on your show and I love Lucy. I love the lineup. I thought there was balance of the picture and backed up by adding Malia and your ego there but then you nova patent. You know I just spot at the time. You know that he would sort of be packed and you know the funny part about what happened is everybody likes other national basis of Bob. Angela that was an unfortunate thing but you know the one thing operator. No kindergarten with dumber than bad about. Barack Obama Carter was trying to get her in merit and Baumgartner has never. Thought when he got a map by word during a disservice to my key. Note in the market he knew that what they were gonna say and dignity. And that's a big difference that the intent you know superiority of the big difference in her bit slow and you know. But it's not just that I would epic eve Wednesday. And I watched the market. And it looks like he's grown like well. Look what he was strong back. But he's been doing that since the White Sox. The intent is it demeaning to me how their ultimately. And I I didn't have a conversation with poaching could act out of Europe and people conversation but I was standing near there are prevalent and I heard the Lucci and I heard I don't give the reporters they were aware. Actually I hear what you're hearing Chris Berman right there. This is hours before he got out like these that these either probably ninety minutes before he got word. It would really scare in hindsight I I incurred a lot artwork that it appeared so hello by Andy when our friends by. Chris Berman would there he wept and the guy that was there in the questions. But one of them wise and pushed it actually additional work. Tell me what tell me to him. And I thought you know it's kind of amazing. Routine that I like so much. Had to have that lack of success people have said to me well can't they term direction of hand. Like you that he and watched you leaving out important concerns that you can just felt that they don't look like. A team that's right leader to turn it around the creepy part about it. Who is looking better and first place. And look at the run differential Colorado. How they do that hasn't even been there so and and only three other guys or so I don't know how the Iraqis are you know put that together with Leo you'll. He looks old driver. And you know for the giants to really rebound and to start playing better and you're addicted didn't mind. One more question for you set the EU EU you know told us that you will engaged. The aptly on social media he'll do like you know a sassy little jab out on Poole who over the years. That you had the biggest beef whiff when it comes to that kind of thing. Look record. David Magee. You'd like that. Why. I just thought he would he was rude if I was young even through. A charge he what I can tell me here. Alex Rodriguez and I we're all I knew that we had a hate hate relationship. You know I I I couldn't stand him and it was funny because there was apparently reconciled. And your real funny story we've had run and collect a lot of running and over the years. I could be a perfect vehicle when he I was it is lockyer in Seattle. We get a deal. That we were gonna talk about its free agency. But at the end of the season he gets to stand there are long that we've I've noticed in the church. And he did to his credit he did. But that he gave that Alex Rodriguez all the baloney fail Seattle for strongly. I believe it would have to be achieved rich in tradition. League young pitcher I've become on floppy it's nonsense. But it was on paper they need to skeptic at the current. And you know we we we we we got a nice send it to my radio station. And I went up leaving that year I never cover that 2000 wonder. I went into New York it to work for me to the point and at that are in the winter spring training when he signed his contract with the Rangers. Might station to that audio playback. At. Instead my old station and he got wind of it because he would not let the media he knew everything. And he nude art station had done that. And he came over to me it was very funny because it was like my third day of working for an up week we were at Texas Rangers spring training but he. Now he'd eat you thought I stole these children like it was a it was unbelievable. And the creepiest thing about it is all these years we tried to reconcile that we've had more blow up. The last conversation I ever had with it though with a year ago. In 2009 at the World Series with the Yankees won. I went up to him and congratulated him. Because you have a people he's now funny. Now it turns out he that it would be cheating but I didn't know that at the time and I went up to let you know for all we did drew you've really earned victory congratulations. The next spring in one hand he came over to me and sent police a much that meant it. A month later the leader Robert came out with a book and I never spoken out. Are right that is Seth Everett of course chic in your money NBC Sports Radio WCBS eight AD AM. In New York I love the story is a love how fractious the balls and hit his back there and that we gotta have you on again since at that good stuff thanks for your thanks for your time in year anecdotes and. So thanks for having me in return. All right gets that we will take a quick break when we come back we're gonna close it out for the night. Little zucker I had added I've point seven Duggan.