Saintly and Adonal weigh in on David Fizdale’s postgame rant

The Greg Papa Show
Thursday, April 20th

Garry St. Jean, Adonal Foyle, Papa & Bonta discuss Fizdale’s rant on the referees!


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Now back to the basketball hour with Garry saint Jean and Adonal Foyle on the afternoon delight 95 point seven the game. I was very poorly officiated basketball again. Zach Randolph the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws but somehow wind and had nineteen free throws. First half percent nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the paint in we have six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. It's not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem add up. Overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws for the day. They shot eighteen times that I had 32 free throws quads are more free throw that are multi explain it to them. We don't get the respect that these guys desire because my colleague doesn't go crazy yes class they just played the game but I'm I don't let them treat us that way. You know I know pops got pedigree and I'm a young rookie with the inaugural wrote us that's unacceptable most unprofessional. I got Doug and I got am and are in the right to be in Baghdad they did not. Even give us a chance. Take that data. Throughout the night and let's say dad offered at a every drop the might act that your right to New York check for thirty. He cats I. Saying they had to play that for you. 530. K for calling in Danny Crawford Rodney not in Bill Spooner I'm professional. Unacceptable. Take that for dad. Is that what rankled time saying that. It at all. I love busy was here's an assistant years ago and what a great guy and he's he's climbed the ladder and done a great job coaching there. And that he got a text from Connolly at 4 in the morning and say coach you're not gonna be paying this. He should we're gonna take care in this that was from his team. And that's you know against time just got to stick up for UT did use staff to do it. And your fellows that. You you didn't see the whistle going your way now another one of our old pals the Dalai you PJ did it today expressed the color some expressed that. He would be careful there because now a year pulling fingers. Directly at the refs and players get in certain calls. I tend to site which is I. I I like what he did that tell you the truth and that. I think. They won't admit it. But I think he had the league office read it and I think referees read. Are you make sure they can taste Jordan for tonight's game three back at the grind out Saddam but to say at least point. Well that help us deeper purpose. To a hospital clinical lot bigger a shirt and exactly but. I think you know when you look at this wasn't like an off the car for the way I'm just gonna scream and holidays whose base is saying look I am doing all at the analytic stuff that you guys tell me to do and analysts are telling me something is a mess is a missile crisis like I think you have to go back and look at tick credibly what he says right there is all of these opportunities driving the pain and they're not yielding anything so I think if you gonna do it the there's there's there's a lot shelf life cause of how many times you can do this kind of stuff before it becomes a problem but I think the first time you do it you do it was such details and you do it. We've we've moved with such attention to details really Colin Nimitz in huge uses stocks to evaluate directories and use of the other than what inherited here artifacts and I can't tell me how wrong so come back and Demi are I think things that. Decision's going to represent gonna look at it this league is gonna look at it and it got to be more mindful in the next game and all you want is an opportunity to compete. What a John Challenger works in their front office saint supply Ella. Data. But I mean of the biggest the biggest discrepancy from the game he's talking about game two against the spurs is to islander shot nineteen free throws in the game that. And made it every single. Juan. But to me he's trying to send a message now that goes back to the grind house tonight for game three and got to get the game tonight he's Pat Riley guy know your bottom of the league that he was in Miami Spansion rallies and he wants to beat you up he rushed a clutch and grab and hold yet. So he wants to be able to play physically denied the Woolsey a fiddle at a fiddled boomerang on him and located again or -- be as some that the officials should not take. Take a moment to pause and look at tonight. Well I'll go back to Earl Strom Jake O'Donnell. Some of the old guys Katie Middleton had Derrick if you did dash. And they walked on the court. I don't know why I don't. I don't think things are gonna go 5050. You guys today opposites. The guys today. I. I. I just threw. He he's. He he's invested in this this year his guys he really respects his players there's a great relationship there in Memphis. And I think they maxed out thirteen because it's so many injuries. Connolly out for a wild console out for a while. Yeah yeah I was down there Tony not there you're playing with him where you have an injured you know you play with forwards that are like forty years old and and that. They've done a great job getting him anyway and I I I don't know I like it here in Doug thinks is said today. He should know this is right he said one play he said Leonard was standing next to me. And he had indeed we're deep into the game he's a look and Adam he said he wasn't even breathing hard. He set up for at Manhattan the team is really consistent I might be a robot. Needs yeah yeah. How to have a this is violence and got all that Donald that was one of the classic coaching rains anything. Take that for dad it. And he blood alcohol content right. There's good. Boards there it as well which is a secure area underestimate the importance of this which is you know how his team formerly in his corner. I mean did tell that he went to bat for them and today they're proud of him and I do too simple and even willing to pay a fine idea because they realize we want you to be ought to part of a coach's job what do you think it's right all the time part of a coach's job is some really sellout. And behof review team and you don't do it every time but when you do it and if you gonna do it I ended the first time as a young coach in the league you've got to during do we among men did and drop. Bill Monica and I wrote that would go yeah. Feel they don't wind died in the gonna get this series on over to the the the clippers jazz series which is the warriors that the winner of the warrior blazers series is gonna get that it's a hobby it's not you look at this now O'Donnell. That you Chul won game one but they lost Rudy go bare room and it series now is 11 as a as a potential warrior opponent in the second round jazz and clippers in a league. Good bears so important I think it is guys because he's such a phenomenal. Ball player in size he can dunks in the food he's he's he runs the flow he blocked shots. You know you have to pay attention to him all the time down low so I mean that's a big loss to them but I thought I thought that emotionally. They just the you know the Kim audit says you know what we did reduce our four man review window and fought for him. And you know but. It doesn't weaken the denies it was him that being there and and I think that the clippers. There are a little bit out of sought I thought. But day this stuff I started to see a little bit of light T no there there are clearly some good players there would or not. Unity gonna win the series I think it is one of the series that is really up premiere and it depends in what team shows up at any given night is a team that is probably gonna win. The clippers on events listening get blown up Paul Chris Paul Blake Griffin's last policy. The clippers or Bellman clippers uniform if they don't get past Utah Jazz certainly. Well ducks try to defuse that and say you know hey. It's it's OK you know we can keep fight with the same group I know they wanna Max I'll those guys but at the end of the day. With Adonal I I I am energized by the fact that I thought Jordan really played well and he looked like. His dominant self like with the US eighteen in the last year or beginning of this year. He was a way for a couple weeks. He has so big to that team because if he'll pick and roll or just get to the rim. Chris Paul won the great lob passes may be the best we have in the entire league I think he's playing well. I still can't figure out Griffin he he's got DL and and Joseph Johnson guard them. And he keeps China face up from 1715. Feet instead of duel with Kevin Love did earlier in the week. They tried to play a small on him and in that series. Any just took come down to the box six straight times three scores three files. I don't quite. Get him and and what's his name. Rhetoric is playing better here. But they got to all be on the same page Crawford's got to be cooked and maybe they're gonna get young rivers back. Fell not playing that well but they just aren't firing together. And but yeah I think they can let it go bare doesn't come back. And you do one thing about Griffin Dunn death house uses that. Did this this young man who's been a believer her long time and he still. Can not make it pulls move that is. That is unbelievable. To me right is that he's gonna go into the paint rooted in the Rachel and is right now. You stop it he doesn't have a Kong how is that possible in a modern game that you cannot create. Kim and Curtis saw the 50000 dollar the news than before walker. Canada hello Dwight Howard he's been. Don't like the storm forehands left or right I am and that you haven't seen any of that you know from Griffin out I just find out to be incredible.