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Sunday, August 27th

49ers Beat Writer for NinerFans.com, Ryan Sakamoto, joined Urban and Guru 


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These children dreads on top. Yes one. Cold like Minnesota though that's topical I'll like kit that's doctors suits also topical well known and I'm not the work that they did know there from the million ideas for a nominal. You know who else is phenomenal. Not quite sure because it never talked to the man because he's been booked. On herbs in guru he better be phenomenal he is Ryan sack Comodo and he covers the San Francisco 49ers for niner fans. Dot com you can follow him on Twitter at all caps Easter writer. Under score while that some swagger of a Twitter handle. Ryan good morning to you thank you for your time coming. First let's get into the Twitter and demand beast in all caption writer. That's major Bradford Twitter handle bro what you got. Handle you know from one of the bag that you that only a handful of beat writers here. And yet he Tweety Munich now obligated in and beat writers figured out the right earpiece record thus. Yeah just a quick it. Play on words are now so if you're gonna be a beast writers you gotta have unbelievable knowledge so. I needed now exactly what you're looking for. In this quote on quote dress rehearsal the only one of the exhibition games. We're told that really matters. What are we gonna see if they are. Is Ryan CN's Brian while. Is Kyle Shanahan. Going to show anything that he might be showing in a regular season game or is he still gonna keep it Vanilla. Oh what are you looking for specifically out of the 49ers offense gazette what are more interest in their offense and then their defense at this point. Yellow one. Need to look forward all the climate been struggling all year and we really need to guard play is that you know. Well from the inside out and we'll talk a partner hurt. It kinda playing the role of musical chairs of would go in there and starting starting guard and it's about the need. How that all of why don't because it's all about building report one another. And that is you know we. One down in the strategy and forehand that they're gonna win this year it went down in the church is about one thing to look for another thing heated back there. I think will be the primary backup. Brian and expect it he did you. All of equally collected you know that it that we want to point out where it's sold at the pin on the field never take that I don't beat either. And as you radical at the other it verbatim that about him because it is right now on the matter where the pressure coming from. Another thing to look for a lot about being 11 knotted Julia that by at the period beat and I'm there I'll send an opulent. I need it more important that running back at it visit. And had a beat bit and could make cut back late and picked it out and you know point. He said reset. Launch what was it re setting launching plans. Are reluctant point though technically that that they capture comes out from the outside the weak side it hit I down field where he can kind of I'm the latter I had the pocket and make a proper read and it is checked on and equipped flat while the continent let how. You check that something that we've done really well and happy you know about it out today because he does by the Hebert time and note which receivers open and that's something that cup goes back to the opposite right they can call came out of propel often though. Whether it's playing at a soccer and playing and wondered you already have that and it and it in the portrait. Our ranks second moto reset launching. All my god I'm Marty solbes shredder indeed you're taken over. Ryan a lot of people have laughed at me because message you know what I just that when I heard Brian lawyers name if you were supposed to laugh. But I've I've been pleasantly surprised. I cannot make all the rose and I'm just wondering he hasn't had the best pre season we know the games don't mean anything it's about the back and quarterback. But tonight how important do you think it is for him trying to go out and have a good couple first series. Because I believe this will obviously be his last opportunity we see him in the pre season just from a fan perspective to give them confidence in him. Yeah. Well about why aren't going to be okay. And hanging out and look in. Really really really solid make wrote that I don't. Communal thing got me. Wrote that you wrote. Our own appetite for that matter very accurate arm and brought in tight window went down a team effort deep ball and more yeah. Number one here in my name is popular RR and marquis Goodman. On the on the court trap on the street route in and around those throughout. Look for but that connected computer today I don't think and had actually aren't too much I think. Going into the is that one player who normally is really talking about is you're strapped. I mean you can get good at it we heard a good number like it or checked that you're on target a lot about it and you met eight back I it and pull back never. Pull back on to create a lot of money. When you aren't that big money contract. You better believe that he's not indeed. It can be used all of what so going back to Brian Hoyer. Okay target audience that in its socket meet anybody in her crown because future. Talked to me about the defense they have been spotty as well. And again his guru says the key can't fall from the floor there bound to get better. Haven't seen anything in particular that it's a market improvement. The biggest news on the defense this week was letting go number third on the all time franchise sacks list. Ahmad Brooks he's a cap casualty. I'm not a cap biologists I don't know how are you that I don't know who can still play a little bit. Tell me. Why they feel like they were their cool would would let go middle line a linebacker like that I feel like. They're not exactly rock stars at the linebacker and and we feel great about rube Foster by. I don't know I just it feels really weird that they let in my Briscoe. I went under that. Then they have capped the eight. Like a pop up there are all about eight. Back and they really are on you but I. Point from on the court that yet. She thought the move had made it. Equaled that all humans given thought they would and it's unfortunate record heat so in order to kind of figure out. What you had in and those in. Auto quote. Apparently met your job right. Find out what it can actually play. And bought out there at all opera there life out. There won't be able to OK with it and you. Alec you better. Be. I. Don't believe they'll bite you believe oh. Have you can't have the potential had been able to Villa outside my back into work under. What it comes in the player. App is really really good though sorry that. Add in port but a lot knowing how to act that property. And make it back. And let it ain't. Oh Eli Errol Burnett. But more importantly. What he could he come on really really well. Ryan I'm so excited about what I'm seeing that especially the mannerisms from Ruben Foster but some people have scoffed that. There's the Ruben Foster against the run whose excellent against the pass. Not as great what have you seen from Rubin against the run and pass. Really really good. Like doctors play well equipped and he had let whether he played eight. Coming out of the backfield. You know on the on the flat and so and so work and Alabama but middle linebacker though you're gonna have complained out right. And making plays on the ball that is right getting an exception and that equipment to someplace that happened that are being around football great. You don't know how they get into it adequate acrid orbit. Right the court ordered that it can only the most athletic guys you all around on nickel back to know that he. We bought here in the unit of the game yet passed the ball and I think you're seeing that. On end and it's played today and that's about what has worked Lackey note have. If question one that you patent happy street. Navarro Bowman. A we ask you the questions. And. Right that think about that are on the only one. Need that streak when what all. They had been meant they had a practical that I played happy act. At bat. Partner partner and let me about older but in Puerto. Mentality that it Kelly did it at the front and unpopular but it worked on that of that. That. Ryan you absolutely won me over I had never heard you on the air before you've been fantastic got one final question for you. Is it Sakamoto. Or Sakamoto. Soccer motto is somebody on our excellent ripped me basically seeing grown up in the Bay Area. I'm surprised you pronouncement sack Comodo basically sitting on a better. All right well it's all good because you're good you're beyond good and great thanks thanks so much free time. Hope you enjoy the game this evening. I think about that you know what the ledger. All right that's Ryan Sakamoto that's when the text line goes wrong you can follow him on Twitter apps. Easter writer and you lived up to be Strider within underscore after which mean.