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Wise and low. Now the. Five point seven. Thank you so much welcome back tonight at five point seven again my original on the Michael be here for another hour so it's a good times you hear what you have to say in the world of sports Tripoli 9579570. Penske out of show stock Comtex luncheon meat attacks they point. And 95795. With a home of the day's generators on the order to recover all the teams here no one's left out and let's take a look at what's going on down the street here. That AT&T park and we bring in our friend Chris haft to covers the giants for MLB. Dot com and down. In this season that has gone pear shaped to say the least by hearing a rumor this morning that. The giants are gonna do something big and crazy they're gonna get Josh Donaldson and they're gonna get John Carlos Stanton and they're gonna take on the money. I don't know what's gone on in their farm system they they can get these guys but these just a wild rumors from a fan base that said desperate for some good news. Rick mostly here or there are people market for good news it's been. Is that a long Euro ready. And probably Connecticut. Target field longer these next couple mark occurs. They're they're out there's no doctors no actual. And hope there's more to the people. Hope it would provide a lot of stuff in a 162 games. It would be just about a president I don't recall any kind of movement so from your group they have been important to mention for awhile. So obviously so. It it's it's kinda thought you could you. Now you've seen both chief for years on and on a daily basis and he's kind of a tough breed be because he's always just you know vary even killed in mellow and Anthony's. He very rarely loses his temper. But you just wonder how taxing it is on and we know he had the the operation for radio heart ailment in. In April and I'm sure a lot of people would say let you gonna go to the hall of fame and and I selected Danny Glover line from lethal weapon I'm too old for this ass. Party who think four or do you think he's like. Do you think maybe vote she's like I can't go out like this I still got a lot left in me to forty think he has. I think though which you sit at first there or longer to hit me that the war to a like this piece. He not only that it cook really but he's pretty proud you know he's probably accomplished. You know he the only. Whatever yet in the whole thing that he really really down places and he's sincere about that but. Of course that won't go you know that would. 100 policies and or whatever it is or. Who almost certain to be between your dying you know under losses. But yeah they are deep personal. I kinda which he would step down just look at side by side by ear war. What could have known physically now he. Kitchen shifting that he's you know he's you know he's fine you know that there's doctors say sporting. I'm sure you watch it would eat and what you jest and usually keeps exercising and all that but it's still you know the characters from Qatar whose. Going from my perspective because he's an every day. And sometimes an unguarded moments. With the not so called or whatever yeah I'm worried about the guy. Very interesting you know a lot of fans. Giants fans especially. The ones you've been die hard fans since Tony tan. A look at Bobby Evans and made their coffers had they say he blew it. You know you need a left Hillary didn't get one but when I look at it. I think he Evans put together pretty good team on paper. He got Lance and Andy Brown most everybody back from last year. And then if you look at left field and if it was gonna be between Parker and Williams and they won a World Series without star left fielder cell. Bomb in a way it's just hasn't worked out but I think on paper what he did it look like a pretty good team. Yes it's terrible. That the players together. What seven position. On torture but still we're playing. Performing at or near or slightly. Which were chipped it happened when near. So we Booker capabilities. Would that matter maybe you're not playing field but. It didn't get that and so it's it's it's turned out to be it has turned up more wars. Really too bad the later you know got injured because they're cute looking upon the contribution. Juan in left field. Opened the opinions about credit bouncing around here. Getting back to go back to last offseason. Popping and kind of remembered that what. That she did and so many words you know some point. You can't really. Then the money I mean it took charge raptor so let me in one as well be you know. Official. Spores you know. Important to a street tax that you would have to say you know extra were left fielder. Do you virtue leader in and so. No they did not sign. Did not acquire popular and free agency it's going to be gone. Maybe apria to question you might have later. It's that sucker acquire freeagent theater or slugger ever. Coos. I wondered about political that he can keep pork it's the top plate again. In their numbers undertaker you know the so good luck to the giants or you're overpaying. Or you know offered guy work more each word. You just far automation are now on a break now I'm just kidding or speaking with our Chris couch com. You know the the Brendan Bell contract and and I've always admired the giants that they lock up their young guys and sometimes it doesn't work out they reward scooter row they give put on some money not everybody's going to be. I hit you know they trade for transit Tommy just of them they lock him up I liked the ambition but Brendan Bell. Ya gonna get sixteen million dollars a year year after year after year after year icon I think. That they would like to trade him may be to the Yankees do have they have they eat half of that not talk to somebody at the giants of the day and it said no I couldn't be more wrong their loved bowel. They love the contract. I have a feeling in my heart of hearts they'd actually like to move on from around Europe thoughts. It certainly talked to Utah while the workers law they'll prove more reluctant to move them a lot of people your nation. Really like is. It's game in decades that sort of thing. Recently would we walk or to other people organization would actually. In swing board that can you know. So your Q so which you which you portrayed as. Accurate you know and the impression you got there are people. Like when are people in the organization Russia. Could put an Amtrak Amtrak train test. You know so little or some place like that's what reports. On home. To. I think yeah I I. My thinking is here at Hollywood trade and the secret that. Term they got what we think about what the replacement the although Crist. Crucial to winning the triple play and that's when that it won't work it's you know they want to salute sloping. We'll be slow. And maybe get a shot. Rick Tuttle at Chris haft mlb.com or talk a little giants are 957 again. What you know you mention all these guys have and it down years and I'm wonder about Brandon Crawford has back to back gold gloves and a in an all star and in and day you know he's still you know drive and Enron's Bennett. Did that to 25 averages is very surprising to me and he looked great in the World Baseball Classic I'll think giants fans are gonna use that as an excuse that that ruined him but. What's cool what's going on with the shortstop. I hate saying I don't know. I'm told no we know though it's likely that they own personal injury. And hiding from people that the birds play that woolly hat in the case with them. In the sit in in the past. And you'll be writing. We're trying to play through. Some sort of ailment in encryption report inverse proportion to wait. Now let to treat gains here. In the so called first first at her look like in Crawford again so who will be interest in Q in the second where let. That there are something. Something would step on the wrong end of her fortitude and then as future. We're not that that will export what happened I was stink and who are watching. You know who lies in the ultimate vote. Bones to pick who would you rate player like before our eyes that he goes to twenty. So that you know he's like actually act and I can textual news. You know you want music what would it grow over time with nobody updates and no that's cute together. Talking about. I was at the park the day couple weeks ago early in his first. A home run that come back victory by. I mean to read before the break he got benched for coli a fur are glad SPN and of course Nunez is coming off the DL. Is is. Probably could go back river care who you gonna. I would be tried to me. To China to deal would be surprised if Fulham. Warden has part of you're a guy agent cultural agency. In the Seton. You know chart the one who you are not getting. Here's a guy who could maybe help what can give me a perfect. Perfect piece to have to contend. The guard play will their position. As the market skills. Total. The chart portrayed. On the armed with period and retain the treatment of. Now when you look at the rotation and news you know on entire block and put together pretty good start against the tigers before the break but. You look at some margin. You know still under contract for a lot of years and Credo has the opt out and that's the name were always hearing but. You know we just saw the cubs gay keen Tom he's controllable course Sonny gray is controllable Quayle's going to be a rental. But I'm sure the phone will ring at some point. What the giants do because would do the giants want him. To tell them I'm not an opt out you say you know why it's actually not that bad of a rate we'd like to have you for a few warriors. It is the giants not want him to hop down and what what's going on her. I didn't start like people really do look. Potentially. Part of the solution. Not the problem. They don't have optical. A lot of birds pitching. That's warden and a settlement in the year two. Get that over I consider that it and you know that don't have to go out and make sure it'll. Yeah act accordingly the year we figured in the year you know. I don't know what would you would think he opts. Oh yeah. An average between one million in the world so it wouldn't unit that interest. To stay with it you'll just sort of put a written. The it Citgo. Finally act Chris when you look at down Milan senator of course he went on the DL the ended Judy at that elbow strain in any. He got that PRP in in injection and I he's gonna start throwing here pretty soon and you look at you know the four blown saves and high. ERA in hasn't worked out like they that they thought it would don't work out a lot of people thought that of the avalanche of last year that the cubs would still be talking about a curse of the goat. Or something but. I heard him as a guy that. Would be on the block as well I just don't feel that there are already giving up bomb Lance and when they've got I'm locked in for fears or. Think there is some truth of that that they like to move on already. I think he's I think you can. First to the first sign that. It's too. Yeah I'm not right here I'll go with what other teams what an achievement to be great. You hurt it any team that desperately desperately need to reliever. Want to chance on him right now at this stage. I think the giant that would not competent deadly and we've heard about children not. That they'll they'll give him the benefit of the doubt. You know he goes and comes back years of your compete heater all tryout for 2018 now. You know. You know the two these last two we would see and so the opening period pursuit to see how these rooms. That's Chris haft giants beat writer for mlb.com fall on Twitter at SF giants beat. Chris thanks for your time and your insights especially others laid are really appreciated have a great second half. Will complicate things in time. All right take good stuff from our Chris haft a a good guy out there and although I ask a question of the guy doesn't know his I got on now. That's much better than saying you know pretending like you know say what's democratic Robert I don't know I would nobody knows and I went him. That World Baseball Classic I'm like I was even talking to a couple of a's fans who hate the giants and I paid the giants the man I love that Brandon Crawford. He edit the American flag glove. The former foothill high quarterback and pleasant from Pleasanton Sean Manny and by the way. Another one of those but. Yeah just stop hitting. We got some time before our next guests Eric Mallon now ski at 1030 so I feel free to get in now AAA 9579570. Penske out of sell stock Comtex minus 95795. From the 51 hell Rick did you watch the all star game. If so what were your favorite parts. Of course I watch the all star again I'm a baseball fan I love the midsummer night's dream Sen Midsummer Classic. My fair part was he honored on two for two and as a lifelong a's fan whenever an a's player is on the mound or up the bomb Iran based. I'm and I go and hyper vigilance you know I'm I'm out there are with him. He pitched it's completely vicarious and I sort of Philly he's representing all of us is in no way he is. So that was awesome to see under. Its a couple hits those my favorite part. I thought it was interesting that. They Mike some players summit Perez they might. Bryce Harper while he was then. Right field and he started talking about now is does duck breast duck and it is is is this like NFL that our time. Oregon how Z Kennedy in Dallas. Baggage is here and Jill Bakken rob Manfred everybody else. All talk about the NFL network you idiot. Europe all star game meant. Of the but it also show you that it didn't matter anymore and just basically on pride. And I'm one of those people and I I think I'm in a small minority that like did when the the winner got home field. And was it perfect no but. It let baseball decided even an exhibition or a starter would go two innings at let baseball decide a baseball issue. We'll say it's an abomination and how can you do that doesn't matter. And I just try to remind them do you know the way it was before that fourteen years ago. It was the Gregorian calendar that was deciding such a thing. And people forget I keep reminding them even years and now odd years jail. Which was the most unfair way you can ever do that and the a's and 881 over a hundred games joint team to do it they had to start the World Series. At Chavez dream. How is that not a billion times more stupid than at least letting baseball players decide it. Now they're letting baseball decided again because of all the religious whoever has the best record. Will host I'm perfectly final of that. I just beat the outrage people had over it I'd just I'd laughed for fourteen years whenever someone was like this is so stupid. This is the dumbest thing ever now it's done all believe me. Letting the I'll stay and star game decided was dom it's just the other way what is infinitesimal the more dumb. Way more down. So. I like the fact that a letting baseball decided again in a different way but when Bryce Harper was marked up as I mentioned it reminded me. Of the NHL all star game and this was over ten years ago our member. They might. Marty Turco is the goalie for the doll stars and during the game. This Gagne you know anyway where all the I got to block a shot blocks it anyway I was saying why don't like guys at least price harbored and have a ball atone. Sell. I was kind of fine. Nelson Cruz take in the cell fate lot of Sophie he had a Gotti who looked like Iron Man. In his gold gear take a picture and Joseph last leg our I. And they show the picture to Ken Rosenthal Addai out. The thing that I was thinking when that was going on was. You know ear phones in your back pocket theater full. What you say you're not gonna sly than I thought oh yeah he's a DH he's not gonna slide. Snow and I think is is that picture in the cloud decision taken Lucas thirty of the plug it in first I think you have the kind of plug it in unleaded reach our only goes into in the cloud. Is that question is dumb idea the other day an older relative asks me every time you take a picture with a that your phone they charge you for call right. That's like what I mean they charge you for call and I know he has taken a picture of that question was and has done all right thank you. Not as dumb. Let's I remember they Asta bluster about that too. And day what would you die if you asked for the picture and he said some of effective I would have done it but you really got to be careful that you don't. You know take a complete seriousness out of the competition itself. Buster you know as a guy who's. You know that every time I've ever try to talk to them is always like not now no no no. Enemy like in the coliseum and I don't bug guys during BP while there but their work I understand their work. But if they're literally sitting in the dugout. And they're literally just announced and literally too much but they're just staring out the in on the field. Matt's a got a couple minutes some of the flag should do in the pre imposed. And most casual lecture gallon. We busters I was like no no no. Our Brandon belt got sent down and he was there when this he had his hoodie pulled over. And he just was like looking right at the grass and I said. Sorry to hear you got sent down today on today this is when their triple as and Fresno and so did they tell you what they wanted to work on in Fresno. Brandon Boggs said to me. Tell me to work on any king. I narrow my Levy on announces a rough time. I think. The only person. Whoever. I bit my hat off a this Paul Konerko. Because I even like Jeter one time he does with stand there and I said. What do you think about this kid Tyson Ross you're facing he has never heard of bouncy ball the ball. It wasn't just I've never heard of him every pitcher. See ball hit ball. And I said you don't have any scouting reports on him he goes not for me I never studied a pitcher. I'm like should not have. Never study that pitcher. But you know what it was a good way to get real enemy you know. I never heard of and see ball hit ball. Well your damn good player whatever your Dylan is important Derek Jeter whatever you do and is working but anyway. Tactic and ergo. Is a great slugger and I'm sure that the Dodgers through given up on him too early but it. He he literally in a once again I'm similar sentiment. He just was sitting there in Al contemplating his naval being aware of this tong. Doing nothing. And I said a Paul Eric film at the the flagship station as horrifying and if you quote communal plan after the game you walk us. This is BP now I'd never do interviews during BP I go okay right. Oh I go okay and that's fine don't worry about it and you're working and showed no. Burden alone. OK. Why anyone would do. Meg relax kid gosh. How. Probably the only time the this was fourth of July. The Red Sox for the call semen body mountain time as a manager. Any other gonna have. I hired him because of fried chicken game Curt Young got fired Tito got fired even though I got rid of the curse of the bambino and it was. Jon Lester and clay bowl holds and Josh back in there eating fried chick and they're dragging fair. Value or fired. Well to that brought embody Valentine because he's of course a real road map to normality. And the Red Sox are doing very poorly. And he was sitting there and I said you know with the flagship us learn a fight you dig an interview goes yes sure go ahead. So I said Bob Bob Bob double on UNE. It's. And I went Bob love love love bond he went no. And Alan okay thanks for your time are gonna play that game. Like that's a minute there that he knows that an interview is not a conversation interview last question into the bomb run with a at a site that was weird how he agreed to it and then he scampered it. By Greg when it started. I think your time about it it's great stuff. And right after that series. They flew to Seattle. And they had crisis talks Aaron John Henry who owns the Red Sox and Liverpool he was actually. Up in thief is inning when he had to fly back and it is Larry Lucchino owner by and what are we gonna do about Bobby Valentine. Like geez Bobby Valentine was hired and then you're entire staff losing chaos. What a surprise. On back Eric moll now ski he's got a fascinating new basketball book next richt till magnificently. This is the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven games. Thank you for that Blue Man Group welcome back to 957 the game original way if you got another half hour together. Coming up next segment. All sporting topics welcome the tall rely on triple A 9579578. Penske outsells doc contacts on 95795. But has promised. We're very happy to welcome Erica mosque he'd of the show he's in NBA and feature writer. For the Bleacher Report and he's written a book for Anderson called beta ball how Silicon Valley and science built one of the greatest. Basketball teams. In history and I know Eric some people have said. Hey this is like money ball except it's the NBA is that way too simplistic to make that comparison. A little bit and take it because. Totally far off but you know the thing with money ball you know it would really be looking for it was marked and. And patient keenly tablets at Hewlett. You know that it takes and you know actual you keep client conflict that ended in the game the ball into the realty that the books that are involved around it yet it. There's Gilligan Peter Guber came in deed restrict and heard it should start from scratch but still that sort of you know organizational eat those kind of like you're operating in the Silicon Valley start up. And so you know BB CEO that the way to rent reaction search started the top that your trickle down at all yet areas or patient but. It was this mindset that sort of instilled itself throughout the whole team so. That's really turned that piece that really kind of a pointed out trying to get a crack at the title it might be a little bit putting it below the art rock. After the generally he would it and I typically works from. One of the things Eric that I I think that the warriors do that not all teams do is that even after winning championships they've put high value. On second round picks and they went out and bought a couple the last two years. And you look at the team like the bulls who just traded Jimmy Butler and are rebuilding they've they have the pac twelve defensive player of the year but they'd rather have the three and a half million dollars I mean is that. Like just one of those little things. That keep the warriors on top. I mean it's incredible you know normally happen now acting you know he went to three years but just. Talking about are smartly and one you know partly what happened. The championship. He sort of priced out your own guys that economics is being checked you know then export it. Knowing your guy and being more more you know and you get out of bed and put it that he's active. No he's not only been at. Sort of really cute and get there you know bring back everybody. You know as some hometown discount card ports are open that regard. The fact that they are able to you know sit well actually pat a call that being legal but it's your get a guy Jordan now. And the fact that only that are what three point sport 3.5 million dollars. And you know he's there and fire. And it's ridiculous so. You know I mean it is ideas that need it really helped Kelly should you do it now it would all around awhile cute he's got to do that. A lot of talented team in the back home ground so. You've got. Talent and bond champ. Actually it is willing to add that the money. In the traffic here and there and yet you can pick out jumped out to him and you can you can build for the future it. There's not just one way to do it Berkshire. You mentioned the summer league and that used to be a place where you would take your pecs and some other guys that might end up in the developmental league bad. Bomb outside of your Reno first or second round pick their wasn't. Huge interest and and now I mean it's just you should see the interest here in the Bay Area on the warriors and of course the Alonso ball the lakers in the the Celtics wanna see their guy and the sixers wanted to see faults of course he got hurt but. Pack can you believe how huge the summer leagues now is now they can this not like spring training spring training has the stars for at least 23 innings. I mean this is crazy there's not a lot of stars and the interest is through the roof. I mean I can't what would that you know the twelve and thirteen appears that we I'm really in the jet. And the world that the public appeal to get for either the sold out in game at a time and completely ridiculous but it. But you predict that sort of generally speaking to exploding popularity in India again this is the it is. Well almost quite literally printing money and you'd seen it at that popularity certain explode especially in the last four years. Especially with the UT medium you know that the rights holders are incentivized to you know promote the sport and it says. To put it too hyped you know something like summer league and using. More you know car virtually nobody leak it BG Lee here it's called it. You know these these these are all. You know and Kutcher go behind India proper answer a hostile promote a product to pre nup Mikey and you know these guys that are. Is these guys and these are you know don't wrote a few of them and he's got a lot help every triple double fault but definitely. You know that put a lot more money yet is coffers so. It ethnic future everybody and it is Currie not him he is he is almost pretty much common eleven months out of the year sport. And I'm not sure anybody really saw that coming it is nick Kirkland. And experience. No doubt about that we're speaking whether Hartmann now ski a feature writer for the Bleacher Report he's written a new book commit a ball how Silicon Valley and science but one of the greatest basketball teams in history whenever somebody. Does a buck and dives into the research I'm sure there were a few things. That either a light ball went on over your head or you just plainly said I you know I didn't even know that or some of the surprising things you learned while writing this book. I think it. Mostly at Cuba opera in certain ball gently at church is light and that the porky go to the warriors I mean it actually are you know I don't think that there's been you know I think there are times. Teacher from a year ago you'd like years. Teachers story in the times. Not much has been a real proper profiled a macho and he really just had a really eclectic and really Ares life and upbringing and now for example you know there he was under credit used to your mind he actually co published a couple of scientific journal articles. Anyway and science journal that was pretty interest in again. And you know I knew that that you're you're under Kirk and that venture capitalist and that is figures in sports ventures that. I didn't know it was big investor for example in the note that the ask. All the late nineties that the directly competed with WB. This is an upstart egos trying to. Trying to compete you know. You know that the equation. And it kind of flamed out recruit really joked that certain well on the Internet. That didn't quite pan out so yeah you know we look at turn basics that the unit had the two words last I've secured. They were at last year's report and we certainly was very much trial there probably are accused sort of learning. How to how to go on in. Kind of looking at all this research at that your from a macro level. Simulate that by the time you were in the position that by the warriors in the first couple years go so well but I. Yeah he was able to learn from those things pretty quickly all part because she'd be quiet he speaks oil that's so. Collected timing that was pretty sure that matter. Yeah he hires. A former NBA guard to coach would no coaching experience he gets that team to play defense against some. To the playoffs and then these old dysfunction on the horizon not hires another former NBA guard. To come in in any higher is you know he gets rid of Larry Riley who drafted this the splash Brothers and he puts and a former agent. To be GM I mean I'll give them credit these guys did not come what great resume is and it worked. Yet you know that thing you know Bob Meyers I feel like when I I look back and read read read and strict no instruments to undergo a couple months but the book is pretty much done it and winner Rita right now. No I think you know Bob Meyers who is certain secret star of this book inserted really at certain the last here's what we wouldn't hurt you know drama in the senate. Ricky can everybody give Obama some credit. Actually you know I need to do that electric Tibet because it. This is a guy is really certain pushed all right but the last five years you've only been on the job no replacing Larry at camp. We've been on the job really ear and he had to you know negotiate EP Audrey the dollar sign and trade which you can treat entry technically good. You know that would keep religious very little experience to an executive position but solved that experience and he's been a need for kicking years. So this from the guy who you know I'm Serbs will you state what you think. You can put this guy in charge you about while ops but you think about the experiences the EU is able to grain just knowing that you people. Now to translate all that job GM. It was sort of really inspired choice and and you know these two time NBA executive of the year so it all worked out pretty well put. Yet at the Pentagon that is it just utilized our decisions and that's critical of the GO credit that the pop in and indeed they've got our. I think the guy with the lakers should send bombs from flowers like yet the new trend is hiring former agents thanks for being a success. I come mark questioned her trek are around ousting of the Bleacher Report. You look at the last now. And you've got used to that of course making news that Chris Paul maybe they get mellow you gotta Casey bring an end Paul George and of course San Antonio as the second best team. But the regular season record and now the three we know that they'll actually try to play. Some defense and co wildly healthy again which team do you think his second best in the last coming out. I mean serve by default not super crazy yup I'm a little confused them the mood to disperse in the middle Gillick the past fifteen years these circuit earned the benefit of the doubt. At a certain no brainer I had no I don't know why did he pursue and either did call on our personal and instructed them to simulate point lead get away. Now how to solve it that has money so the spurs are gonna do their usual. Head scratching extra you know the crystal ball and now Turkey you know 59 would lecture content to do. I really feel accused then you know at least southern accepted so to beat this year. It I bit there's there's a higher risk high reward going you'd been double team I've here you know just that with a complaint reporters I'll act. I feel a certain Alex than certain that would be greater for a lot B with that team that looked no more weapons expert. And cricketer try to you know appeared to be cute jeans are and that. IP and it got a little bit about potential I really think actually doesn't like Howard Steve Nash caring and the lakers and that very capital arch is but the idea Herring. Couple superstar gathered besides work interact among the word here that. It was such as solid and large core in place already we kept here's. I feel like they're these dinners and real potential meeting could do sixty and 62 in the game got it to mount and be able to do that. And I look looking at what the defense and mean you know predicament playing really great key events in Iraq the western side and beat him to play the up and and you know pregnant or Georgia not their books and everything they can play really elaborate except I think going docket. Sort of an underrated coach until he's really searched or get its legs in terms of coaching sleeps. I feel like a piece he could make some improvement to I think in Cuba last for a step that I think. You can keep looking at eighteen get better it would present even speak at the tree seeded and he's been entrenched in that number two seed in. You know that look and feel warriors rockets conference final you know ten or eleven months from now I think that. And a cut in the Olympian really get kicked. Yeah and England that say that would be a rollicking affair for sure. Lamar question on the I'm Lamar question for you Eric when you look at some of the teams are on the outside looking in. Last year one of them was New Orleans now law have cousins and you know brought together they finished tans. In the last are they gonna make the job because of him Portland got in at 500 last year in the eighth seed it can New Orleans get to the playoff section. Man I mean. Is it looks like in got a lot of peace with them treatment ticket a lot of money picture Holliday took a big contract in the they're they're really going to be expecting. A lot of things from and I I I I I am under the market cut and I like the big game he'd bring I think that. You know he's he's still at the answer truly been able to unlock you know certain what is the compute excuse really well mostly. I mean I Q these rumors about you know Rajon Rondo and partly India in New Orleans one year deal and I'm picking myself. Is that really the best you do at that point and he got. Richard you'll like in that that it's searching what happens in Chicago last year. It immediately just past week and he district so much of the game the ball and then. And they get back the certainly an app that talent to do and I'm sort of glad I was expecting them certain pollutants you know after the C regular kind of that now pilgrims and it kind of debt and what contributed into the season. The fact that they are brought him back in Iran back to speculate they're gonna give it's one more solid go round. But they're putting themselves in the position where they speak and make it happen. He would be nice if he would you know I would collect data on it yeah I get an answer speak and ended their true talent. Should put them that that you know six centenary PD should be at play. That's Eric Mallon now ski NBA writer for Bleacher Report look for his book coming soon beta ball how Silicon Valley and science bill one of the greatest of basketball teams in history farm on Twitter. At Eric now all that's ER I K and mail. Eric thanks you're time especially at this late hour we really appreciate congratulations on the book and we'll catch up soon. All right good stuff and that we have one more segment together has always all sporting topics are welcome football basketball baseball hockey sort of openness utterance in boxing Olympics controllable chess checkers. Rugby cricket that kind of stuff. If you wanna talk about the boring draw between may because. You talk about that as well I was gonna miss new user. It's all a new man. What you've gotten we'll throw it to the network got eleven try calling them triple 89579570. And the Penske outsells dot com attacks like 95795. I am correct it'll come on back and out of 57 again. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven game at W that'd be in Rwanda. Welcome back to this ever facility for one more segment. I'm not 57 game of the dear for you really going on the sporting world to believe 9579570. Pence got to sell stock Comtex line 957 and five. I said last segment thank you for the music Blue Man Group someone to accident from the 95. He was kidding about the blue men group right please confirm. You can go to bed now you can sleep soundly yeah no I really thought it was maybe I should death think the cast of spawn next time. I would like to thank mongo Jerry and rumpled teaser from cats. You and you don't really think those are the guys from cuts those beat. Us about the Goshen coats. Relax they're better things to worry about Rick. Rick totally Oleg you know will he upload news bloom in group. It's going to be fine. From the 4015. Rick are you into Bastille day. Ask you know what I like I like national anthems. I do. That's my farewell letter parts of the World Cup with only go to I was hit when they go to commercial during the National Anthem of course I'd like madam best because some broad movement and Merck and but oh Canada I think is a great song. The Brazilian National Anthem is always fun. Corus may hate on also agree though that. Up. We got the rifle salute. The Italian wine is really fun phone phone. Own blue moon moon. But I do love me some marsh side is. Again you know I love France logo in France tiny French. But I'm on at home dead loud pop. Not even. Cool dude do he did NEA and the talk on song gone the event that Doug comment paradise island province. Not to ever sing the mark I promise to never ever sing ever again. Especially. Lamar science. Those. Does he do my own well man pulled up my own launch. She and. Who Sean you lose. Well. No actually have. It's 1049. No one's listening Rick how are listening and I'm your ball flight it elect out song met French thing. French. By the way. Outside Tampa above no CO all we will water. The flowers with our blood did. It's a defeatist attitude of like the aids. Unit trade Sonny gray asks that we whole Lotta the coliseum what are belied. Hey clay what I did here's a bucket of blighted so negative. Water and. Don't you wanna win no we're gonna water the field alarm blood. New program look a bodega. Thank you. Four away Breaux the Mexican anthem acidic. Love that Mexican let us hear your war crime may he con know somebody told I. I'm. Very aggressive. Number in the Catholic Church. Like in the eighties got rid of onward Christian soldiers are senator on nor a Christian sold toes. March and on through our. And that puts a little. Anger. The benefits of the crease say that's on the little anger doesn't really sound really like you know the message of love. I finally you renewed. Thank you hall of Famer doctor wrote an Alley repairing. You know I named after Rick Perry we have a few people aired and the guru Darryl Johnson. He spells Darrell weird because he spells that his doubts bells like at Darrell Lamar and Monica toward Darlene. He's named after Darryl Monica Brody. Who used to be on here alive. And broad in the British still part of the sub on the go like Brody. Peaceful part of this deal is named after John Brody entries story. And I'm an accurate Mary I do they uncle whose name Richard but I was gonna be Roger. Yeah Roger and out. And Rick Perry was rookie in I don't again and Rick Barry richter merriment at the RX sounds better. So. I in your Rick Perry. As good as he is he has reputation of being numb maybe a little bit irascible. Some people say kind of are red but. But when I was in college this is the eighties. I flew endo Oakland airport. Waiting at the carousel with one another guy. And it was Rick Barry. And he was just staring off finesse a slight stone faced. And I thought do I do. You are walked up Dan. And columnist story that I named after him. I know he's not gonna give hot man Vietnam about it but. No I have. I'm going in. I walked over I go hey erect arrow and I said hey Rick he put his head back any rolled his eyes. And I thought okay I'm Marty done but I'm here. And he did was the body language of why did I do to deserve this with the scum bag this man who's got ten I'd just get. My Louie the pond match luggage in peace. Goodness gracious. God grant me. And on unlike. Do though and you win you know Marty on the defense the committees like you know not looking ME. Mom named Rick in my dead cat named after you. Not thing not a non to not a wink still looking straight out. And I thought you know let. That is I don't think anyone has been big league I mean frank many Keno once big league me hey frank walked by without saying anything. Michael I forgot you're a hall of Famer frank you're so good to. But. I years later. I get into broadcasting. And I didn't bring up the story that he. Basically treated me like a scumbag and I. Cried myself to sleep in the field position for eight years. I flipped it over. But I brought up I go hey by the way in my mind and named after and he goes all that's a cool thing that your dad did. And I thought later went that's kind of like self aggrandizing resonant. He named after me well. Lucky cool because you get a cool name migrate to the obstacle but it I like I've had Rick Perry on many many times over the years but. Yeah the fact of the matter you know he just wasn't feeling at that day not everybody can be on the tennis. I never. From the 51 know Rick I really hope someone walked past your studio while you're singing the National Anthem of France. No only Lucas and fell the had to suffer through that in person from the actual the down. To none Mahmud evolves is. The bulls are doomed new and millions. From the a 40 wait. Rick what do you think about the SER wanted to get to the section I'm glad you brought it up the SEC has outlawed. Jumping over the line to block kicks. And I thought to myself. Did I wait the SEC can make up their own rules. And all of the NCA a football have to get together on this apparently not. And that is when you're gonna attempt a field goal are upon somebody from like free safety getting a running start. And jumping over the line of scrimmage and getting a block. And we just do all the time I played safety division to. But does have some you always did that. That's how you can make a name for yourself to just bombs I kamikaze fly in or line. So on now I had to me that's not very cold when I was playing I think it was 1986 Al lob wedge busting that was another way to make a name for yourself on special teams. Now you can't even form wedges. It's just so where but you'd you'd kick off return left returner returned senator. The front front five guys would run back get into a little wall the second line of five guys acumen to lol wall when you have two little moving walls. And it's like ready go and urban run at the same time and an almost never work. But as a wedge buster you come flying in down the sideline and run in and then sideways. Dive in front of all five guys and Michael bowling ball does knock them all out. And I ever one time I did that just in practice. And I got kicked in the ribs like you wouldn't believe. So I think that's why the of course I did. I knew was coming but I think that's why they got rid of wedge busting. And that's the thing about football football changes the rules all the time. Especially in the NFL. And they haven't looked all the competition committee and I remember when Al Davis last time I saw mostly wielded with hue Jackson's introductory press conference and used talking about the competition committee. He basically talked about mount Everest of football. Decent boots on the full list of the competition can be. With coach room and thin slim boom. And pulled room like mine cash. What do you guys know about football. In his races. And then he said the greatness of the really do well always negotiate who knew. Alan Rick little mic nipple a neighborhood you. Now I'm just getting in India part. Always you know that's the thing with the love they relate I'll always love now he gave us the raiders that we and yeah the last decade he was around wasn't great but man move the key technical but for thirteen years but. Wasn't for a Hollywood meets over embargo it would now the Vince Lombardi trophies and all art. Thanks for tuning in and she lost all my guess I'll be back as Saturday I'll do show a new little haze pre and post. Will see you next time I'm irritable and this night five point seven. It.