Rich Aurilia on the Giants homestand

The Greg Papa Show
Friday, May 19th

Former Giants shortstop & current Giants analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Rich Aurilia, joins Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.


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Is this all things for Lilja has Buster Posey power for really. And let's go on now of them vapor that's at eight in the light at issue actor. Let's bring in our whole way through every idea rich they're really they have voted alignment puppet ninth united five points and again. What the heck was going about it yeah are idiot and Richie. Yeah I don't know. You know. I'm used to. Patty at certain order now I'm used to snowing in euros out of the ballpark that wasn't it. The what's. I mean culturally it was a pretty interest in them I'm glad my biggest hit. Her NBC sports prayer. But I'm not even work and I just off I. Author rilya I've just wait to Richie for a player to test positive and blame it at a contact tie in they cutesy part. I had got that do that it wasn't any register all that smoke and I didn't I didn't bail. I just walked around it noted that. It was classic about a get a bit at the pre and post game shows you guys are in a lot more fun now that I laugh at some real you yeah you guys you guys are doing a lot of the it's it's monetary currency pots jealous. I guess and I. I try and entertainment value it well all right it's like Lula. His Jiang answers eight games under 500 I got worse and but they are playing better off a good homestand. And we were talking earlier Richey about the power. Buster Posey got off to a great start in 354 and April that every get out of for the one home run it now all of a sudden. He's at six in May had a great time at Citi Field took out the war. Andretti which broke it down the other day energized pregame live on NBC sports Bay Area. About how this is almost the opposite of what Hewitt thank you guys gonna get more power. A little leg lamp but busters dropped the leg lift Richie and he's going to eighty rats tocchet so. Policy generating all this are what is seen from Buster Posey right now. Bullet first you need to do to generate power to have balance sheet swing. Some ugly public finally kicked you to China mechanism mr. I didn't timing mechanism again on time. What did delivered at Churchill and pitched crosses didn't know. So for me it tightly kicks sometimes. Your timing. And maybe if you don't do it exactly right you drift out a little bit towards the mound your balance is off you're you're waited on your part well. So now we've seen lately years. You know he's doing a little tote up on security he looks. Way quicker. On the inside pitch and what. What I noticed. My spatula couple weeks that Jimmy bought some guys would always. Maybe gash in its early in the count. And then you know it behind county look up the middle the other way. Now it just seems like he's react to that kitchen it's like he's looking and sit on it and the county just reacting to it. We hear a mobile data and Internet next time they should feel like you're locked in. That the power aspect of this you know who knows by. You know EE hear all these stats now launch angle and it's an exit velocity. I don't know that that stuff. All I know is that he's getting good backs and then lit candles line drive so that those yellow. Those those hard ground ball is now our our line drive in those line drive an hour turning it to deep line drives. You know into an election. So you're hanging around at a lot more than me now now he's bring in the launch angle endeared her killer. If you ever worry about launch angles deflated or is it if if at at the. No and I and I try understanding. TomTom raw and hitter and I'm just thinking logically. Like. What are your launch angle. For you must be determined on the location of the pitch sometimes. You know. Maybe disputes that term but a lot of daylight stretched nowadays they're little skewed in my mind. And the pitches up you're getting hit it you get on top of the volatile line drive and it's down to come down underneath that get more of a launch angle correct. Yeah yeah that's what I bet I feel. Anyway it seems to be working. Richard really and joining us sunny afternoon delight the it has once a week. Here's puppet but say that a five point seven against a busters locked in having 378 batting averages fractious Niger Justin Turner the Dodgers. For the major lit the of the powers there. But but I the other start I hit a lot of home run a lot of our solo homers but still. They're leaving the yard it. And Brandon belt last time we were on review we were critical about this he was in a terrible six game month where he was all for eighteen with nine punch shots now. He's not is the average is still not great but he has drawn his walks but he has said. Four solo homers during his six game hitting streak any sick guy. Talking about launch angle I think that if they feed the ball down a ball down and in and he can go you know go get ready to get the launch angle it's that. Hi you know middle to high fastball that gives him problems are right now. Rich it seems like the opposition has kind of feed his swing a little bit. Yeah I mean sometimes when you're coming hitter who. What is cold she was and has so many swing terms. Mom you know sometimes the pitcher to the guys called. You're not gonna specifically pitched in the book every time money and you're not gonna throw that. Hi march best all that he doesn't have a good track record on use our makes an open. You know and we're way that you get you don't state George you're happy zone absolutely she would Brandon and you know I. I think the point now it would bring the bill. You know ice sheet a potential there and I think the organization achieve that potential. It's indicative because the contract he got. You know there comes a point where you know sometimes agents. Not look at the potential of eighty. Just accept the player that he does. And we know we are streaky player. We know he has power we know he walks a lot and we also know each went through a lot of high art fest and either I think that point now where. You know people look at it from a perspective. I just have to be happy with the player he is I mean we can't keep always hurt it's it's five years now. You know expecting the thirty readers are expected honor RB I mean. You know there's a potential threat to happen but now it's like okay we know it's cold for like a week. Week stretch of the time did we also know it's like a week stretch and I'm so. I take them you know I've kinda. Retest at crossroads a brand New Delhi at it we just eat except. On the streaks and he comes in and then he goes out of than the right now it seems like he's count so important look hot streak. You know there are a lot of hitters in Cooperstown New York. Because they were streaky and they hit mistakes so there's nothing wrong with and I am with you we we we each well well what he doesn't do we don't dwell on what he does do it right now. He's hit the long ball is hit nine bases that there hitters in this lineup but Posey at four Crawford five don't ask you about the young guy Christian Arroyo as we're joined by. And richer rilya giant great and guise of pierce now and then think again NBC sports they're dangerous forget alive and now post game lassie thaws that team as well as anybody Arroyo that Ricci is gone just a little bit of and a tailspin. Three for his last 24 Xeon haters gonna have to adjust and anti fast tracked him a little bit. He's 21 they would have liked in a full year Tripoli Sacramento over the club and off to a horrible start. When he first got here you're talking about Posey. And how buster it would look early in the count to turn of an inside fastball Arroyo was doing that. And it you know big eighty had a New York last week which got to get the team playing better. But now it seems like right handed it. Pitchers in particular variety of Michael lockout have been working him away a little bit he's having a little bit of a hard time. Reaching the the fastball on the outer black from a right handed. Pitchers are what what what do you see in from Christian Arroyo as he tries to figure out big league pitching here. Why don't I don't think he's. And I saw nearly gala doctor and I talked a moment. You know you're very you know calmed hit and he doesn't get rattled too easily so I don't think he's panicky at all. I can't figure out there it's. More on the case scouting report on here in the big leagues not a minor league report because that mean. You know. That's irrelevant once you get to that big lead in my mind and what should you guys come up so. There's an off with a book on him now where pitchers are gonna look for a week mr. Kean colonel per week here and trying to expose that until. Until he Sheldon that. You're you're not gonna chase street view it that all of played. And from me that the challenge there is I don't think there's a question about that up and we were. I think premiere like looking on. That all a mechanical side hitting. You know I was kind of the same way out of debt hole guy. And I would get work the way a lot and chill IE I came up with a ereader or Biloxi on how to. Stay on that all. You know I had trouble with it when I started it was. I felt confident in my quickness on an insight that already have a look forward I'm just react. So I just start you know there every pitch every play appearance look at her steps all. That was a strikes middle way that I can drive to right center field. And the data is it you're a little early on at least he could still pull up all that Shatner. But if you're on time Lilly didn't all right China's psychic it's more a mental approach and buying into what you're trying to do. De it beat out because you know you're actually work on that and batting practice work and it's and I practice and lessen your completely unique battery practically hit the ball right field. You know what you're gonna blow right fielder batting practice guys thrown from forty feet away from 65 mall now. Went against eat up too little more difficult so. I think once he combines to a lot trickier theory on what you want to do that that you way I think to be a little more successfully get them that they too little bit. Richie let's talk about Matt Moore for a second here he's. 14 right now what 567 ERA did 220 pitches against Cincinnati went seven and a third of pitched really well put on the road he is really struggled here what do you seen at a map more so far this season and talk about his inconsistencies. Home and away here. I don't think it's a command issue. When Matt Moore command the strike zone with three year orbit pitchers. He pitches well he throws a lot strike it'll walk a lot of people and yup there's not a ton of balls barreled up. When he doesn't. He get behind in the count and how that Bynum who the strike zone with. You know. Which is very capable or each actionable. And not get hurt and a walk and people so. I think they're pretty happy medium where. You know you'd find that comfort zone in and trusting your stuff. Any traction again and play calm it's just orient. I'm not I'm not too concerned about now Warren they. It's track record or his career shows which he do. Would you like to see more consistency you know it. Talked about some larger early years now he's their own much better. I saw it the other. It's a matter just. Comment through as a professional and and working awfully your success keypad attachment copper two bad patch and on the job I'm confident when when it talks at a dunhill will be back on I think the way that we pretty able. Yes tell the audience but they earlier Richie you're matching a lot of your teammate Russ Ortiz and just he's just say it's the murder us ministers there realizes that mainly when it's the good bad or he could be dominant and one of the ethnic or. He really does score. I I remember having knows he is there Russ Ortiz who looked on Hernandez. Well on this low budget nibbled and handled in Atlanta if you like every hitter who is like 3132. Powell outlaw. And rushed when Russert on human. The teacher strikes and he made a good start but when rust was opposition and I think newest. 10203031. Preaching to foul language used it or not they are due to. You know you like then why can't why can't read your meet pitching every day he works like we get to our isn't accurate it is but. You're right now and it may take a solid defense too when you're out there occur on a ball not on strike now. You have to waters posters Houston may tenth. I felt really. But that's Karolyi adultery lawn doctor's know garlic Fries on the go hello and welcome to now Cisco. And now the initial log dodger guy. You could have they wine pairings go with that in your in your your risk it came in Iowa and all of them look over at AT teams are. Are right good thanks your time is always Richie thank you man. All right guys every weekend. You too much Leah thanks weak rich or really joining us busy weekend for the giants.