The return of the Truth Machine!

The Greg Papa Show
Friday, May 19th

Thanks to Engineer David, the truth machine is fixed! Lonzo Ball, Greg Popovich & Zaza Pachulia go though….


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And and. Truth machine back on line mother boomers. Home my guess it's my mailman. He's still. Ayman people heard the truth. Many of the shadow with a perfect and back but they immediately evident that he just gave you the word. Is. That. Great job by shouldn't say it's great job RO nicely. Nicely. We missed it we did this to you mr. last Friday as drew proceed and society in nineteenth start news mask on and wanted your machine to. Morgan Stanley again Chad I'll speech almost told you can't put any academy the it. And overblown took a lot took a lot together prepare but it is back maybe it is really bad and again we got real audio of Lavar ball on Colin Howard's show what we're gonna or Alonso through truth machine Greg options via remembrance options receive food go up odd jobs jobs ploy I think it is it has Zaza as you actually did or so obviously. All of this at the this is I don't know Rushmore. And if the fact that loud though top aides well let's start here and that. Let's start here with no real audio those if that's the let's start here with the real audio of the war ball MacCulloch Howard's show from the other day. Far initially there was a report that the big dogs. I'm just thrown about here Nike under armour a devious I may be wrong on one of them said now we're not entrusted. Will you pursue another meeting with those teams now belongs though appears to be headed to Los Angeles. Out of the models are in Los Angeles what they should reduce gave me a billion dollars or let me be Omaha where that's unrealistic and unrealistic to you know it now you know what. If they wanna come talk to me now it just went up to three B. Please. Billion billion do you you don't believe that no I don't believe it that's the only waited all coming at me. I'm already in the building. I don't you put enough. It'll lakers starting draft the draft like you eat it too late to be big deal could boss anybody that could Billy. I'd love to Houston. From Baku to Olympia lake oh what if you go to Boston or Philly years. Second middle hurts cup pick up what he would have feet. Billions and billions of three Billy you're fixed fees it's. A law to poll lost your. We we got a son here. And Lowe's wants Obama and Barack Obama on an the we're gonna hear from the sun in his airing patriarch whose son has joined the afternoon delight to go to the truth as he wants to give us the truth here salute Bob though. The truth machine BP. Man I wish my dad would shut the up. He's been doing this to me my whole life. I remember my friends and I would play pickup basketball games and my dad would just show up and say I got next. And then he would jump on me and my ten year old friends. He never let me just grow up and figure things out on my own. When I was an awkward teen around girls my dad would show up out of nowhere and say here's some let me show you how it's done. And then he would get the girl's number. Which was creepy considering he was a grown man and these girls were in high school. My dad brainwashed me into being a basketball player. When I was younger I always wanted to be a dancer. But now my father has brainwashed me into the most boring person never. What is your personality life. Away from the court not only do so much open Basilan BR missed so what do you like copies music and bad are things in RSS. I haven't even stepped on NB court and staff Currie. Limber in jeans and Michael Jordan all probably he may may be one day event can trump and I will write a book together entitled our dads are loud obnoxious polls the don't hold it against and so yeah. Very chicken. You're a college team LA. Drafting. Kid like him and overbearing there. Look at me mayor a lot of it sure don't want their lives and yeah it's chilly green Joseph Joseph Bryant was that like that at all like you have like then at all and what happened at bear a lot of things that we'll drink Coke to doing Coke. I think yeah I think he's doing right now fired anyway that's because agree as we speak the MO Alonso for Alonso for a lot of Serbian to see your feet and he's just back Lavar bout time wants a way to grow up there to become a man. As it is here he shape it and Kayla silver spoon presumed it prudently and men know we've learned a good. Now we move on to your best out of every god will go announced your best friend down in San Antonio I can't spend a lot of wind and custom. Dinner I see you guys the presser before an illicit work I wanted to ask. Is that that video chat to each other on the blog here let's kick Gregg Popovich on Zaza. Quote unquote dirty play it's quite literate. The two stood up lead with your foot close out. He's not appropriate. It's dangerous. It's unsportsmanlike. It's just not what anybody does anybody else. In this particular individual has a history with that kind of action who gives a damn about what his intent one's your rigor of manslaughter. You still go to jail I think when you're Texan and you end up kill somebody but you might not intended to do that. Nearly here that we've heard that texting habit they went 11 texture called an end at all because all right Lenovo. Where was he play acting part of me thinks that was called Corey needs all the ploy he's gonna flip plan. New I don't know. I'm home on May be maybe not. But at that long way to find out only one way to find out one way to find out the truth sheet old Greg pop of its brutal truth received. Look I realize that we don't have a intends to win the series now. You expect me to beat this team with a bunch of guys from Europe undrafted players and David can lead. I know we have no shot if my sweet calm wind can't play. So I'm going to act like a baby and compare someone sticking their foot out to killing someone with a vehicle can chew immediate seeds and I'm just in with all view. I've been coaching in the NBA for over thirty years. You have to find ways of having fun and keeping yourself entertained. That's why I called the cops on Mike Brown. It's I'm also tired of talking to you in people. So the best way to get motivated for the series is to just stirred some up. I mean I literally was laughing about this with Greg Papa before my press conference and then pretended to be all pissed off. And yet none of you have the balls to ask you about Bruce Bowen. Especially that says dale looking dude in the back. The guy is as big of them is Aldridge. Of that cute little walrus looking going to make me laugh with how rattle off he'd gone out. Would it immediately from the start that you saw this sordid take a couple of puts your listeners geez it was a from the star nor was it one minute and 37 seconds is when we figured that out okay thank you or maybe it was three minutes three minutes and then we realized. Tomorrow. Hello to all our practice and other equipment that you. Puerto world. Okay thank you future maybe maybe it would pop anywhere cop saw you finished junior. He did it take that data off off off well there is an equivalent. Duplicate be built in response that in the double take bottles of the what what is the first name pops best player. To win. But it's intricately at this week. Totally. A key week. On wall ain't got and so apologetic allies that. And speak it is. Here's as a reaction to Greg pub of this claiming that he's a dirty player. Whole foods through. We'll move it grew from. Your equity at marbles for a we don't blues. Stupid quote but the casualties killed there are things that you can fist through the courts against these two of them close I don't really I'll I'll feed if he did have purpose and that you really have to put it in the tradition. At the pilot of that offers word I think we'd do it may find out too much Israeli election. Oh well organized it was the only known way to find out the next outside ahead. Earl there to trooper she's out ways that. 00 duke or Brewster warned people murdered 00. Zeros on north broad potion. Known Troy to moved Proscar or employers. Zero also have to warn don't going to be warm. And we repute doom services to more credit. Source of Jewish qualms at all or more employees yeah. 00 you can fro a grow room who Obama. No pupils citizens who bombed burned for coroner or how old. Moves smooth and concerns as soon. Yeah. Okay. Missile Schumer and concerns them. More boards and was wondering moon. Zooms in Smyrna. I don't. 00 boom boom armed groups. I sounds like monoclonal shots on goal for lovely things that'll let Andre the Giant. Richard Kiel ego. Could put off a big. Votes were viewed job of Obi Tucker nobody. I think that was the truth machine that they were a really quick quicker but at what he's got simplicity back upper body it is quite bad as I've got out there and it lasted for two. Is that. The address that is holds on the resolution that she should respect the authorities hiding under his bed and or exit. What Roger about agrees that set that there are golf that yesterday and said Antonio would. And the exiles are made to go up to you to south about it on the golf club. It's a long way down before the half and now. If you hide Enders like hook hook both about the vote open the door open doors he's fighting so bullets that he made I didn't play caller or your team hotel and answers. Way he has an alias to speak to suit he definitely is a name. Moon all smiles miles cola and PepsiCo who got that we have a voice daily visits college because they're warriors hotel and as for Bruce Bowen from Baghdad and.