Raiders Recap

Zak and Guru
Tuesday, April 18th

Zakariah & Daryle,"The Guru" Johnson talk Marshawn Lynch & John Madden quotes.


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Welcome mommy and Bay Area it is the Z and G casting is there the guru Johnson I am Zack are still trying to figure out. A name for the podcast right out the CNG cast. Lead to suggestions that we both like and you would lean more towards here comes trouble cast I would lean more towards the throw the flag cast. But we think of other names and then once we get a good number will put it on the pole. Then that'll be at the results of be real bullet the people decide what don't you like about the Z and G podcast that. It's not that I don't like the name I just think that we can do and are so if we get some good suggestions will put them up there. But again you can send in your suggestions comments exports ZAK sports is that triple B to root. Dvd GU or you send in your submissions and if we end up choosing yours I'm gonna get Issa and real nice memorabilia wiser minds that a mom both something autographed Vancouver's gonna save some media dining list yet. So that is your incentive I think probably more towards what I'm gonna try to figure aren't even know what I'm getting but it depends on what your favorite team is if you like any of the local teams. Apology is something good if we end up using corporate end up winning the vote there and find out together or we're gonna do a raiders cast here there's two topics. There is the John Madden reacting to the raiders moving to Las Vegas and there is the impending. Mostly probable it was official now it's not I'm all in on it should be official. Raiders signing him more son Winston you wanna start with the positive than negative the positive doctor let's start with. How good for the city of Oakland the raiders fans and the raiders organization. The fact that they're going to be over to save a little face and have some good PR with the hometown kid. Marshawn Lynch coming back to test that it's exactly what raider nation needs a comes at a perfect time. Cannot call it he'll only because raider nations are. Right now even though on the lone person that thinks the main goal until they don't until we have the tail light you're the only powers also to Zacharias. Defected. They show pictures of what he'll look like in silver and black I do is keep goosebumps yeah. Defective this team needs that dominate back to either of art I'll be excited. And off the the lead this team to meet right now I have everything you need they wind got a tiny cook who will be better because a B with car before Marchand. This is the Mets may or economic just leave it like that yeah this is perfect and I'm excited doubtless to season started. Next week the only thing that I'm worried about it took a year off who knows what's AB's and I'm sure he's in great shape. And the fact of the year before he was banged up when he looked like a guy that was dumb football but they killed or not given them the ball sack that killed the idea that her vehicle sermon also now issues trade talks after having fights with the coaching staff. And the organization above all and all I am not charted spin anything negative on this I think it's a fantastic siding and thank god raiders fans and the people Oakland got some good news that their hometown superstar could be in the backfield for. I just envisioned 31. More thing gold now at Kansas City game where they elected to path and didn't give it to Murray. Can pick up the blitz unlike Adrian Peterson Marcel does know. It was the last glaring hole it was the law passed away. And it wasn't running back position as a whole it was the style of running back at Marshawn Lynch he has. There's no situation now because this is how bad they war at short yardage situations last year. I normally the guy where if you pick up eight on first down guy. I like to play action on some. Somewhere if you are what you do while I'm an O line and you have a beastly running back your pick it up to one or I get like. I got two out the ticket exactly. Now I don't have to worry about what I like. All of seconds yeah. Don't bird but now you can go play action it's a much better situation art autism not so good news guru did you see what the and John Maddon had to say about the raiders moving to bag is he's the emperor besides Al Davis out of leaders say it's Mark Davis is mad and. And I know he's been dealing with some health issues so I don't know how. In front of everything he could have been to a help prevent it. Mean maybe this statement prior to the voting going down maybe what do swayed some of the owners he talked about how he couldn't believe how lopsided the vote was well it was a cash grab we get in now every owner was get a check of course but. The report that hit me the worst was he says quote when they move out that's going to be torn down and it's gonna be a high rise or some doggone thing and they'll be no more Oakland Raiders they'll be no more history the Oakland Raiders that really bothers me and that I. And we'll talk about it I hadn't had the picture put my head but that's what got to me. When that thing's torn down there will never be the Oakland Raiders again I shouldn't say never again but definitely in my life. And I agree with it's not over to Osce to tell lights and it's toward them and their lead in the last big you know that don't know how and I use sound. I don't know why you keep having this fairy tale and it's almost like it's cruel to the bay even have them think that there's a chance they're gone and what you want it. Madden but do you want them to focus on what he's basically stay in it's the end of an era when we have 12. Possibly three years left here to where they can go back to back drank two global do you know what why focus on. That affected their gun on win and after that cannot talk to them on the podcast. And yet. And I got things can happen and you've just got glitch so like let's join this party into they tell us it's time to go home I don't think he's. And don't enjoy the party while they're here I think what he's saying is it's sad that they're going to be gone there's going to be no more Oakland Raiders. And I think the doubt after he always is are right now just hearing you say but for me all the more reason. YE rather than protest and come out and sell that you don't wanna believe I'm not gonna show love and band or get up in the third quarter like I get that's not gonna happen either go in a czar I get why you wanna do all that. But what can the changes which is a ultimately what you should be doing is just looking at this time like. I am going to enjoy them while I have them and then again if you wanna never go to the Vegas game remembered by any. Vegas gear I totally get that the ball there in Oakland David they're the Oakland Raiders and even if that helps sell Mark Davis. Believe me you are not going to game or you're not getting your Jersey is not going to have an effect on that day I. You thank you it's just not even if nobody went to one game he'd get money from the dvd. I'd give ads that are hit even say anything I know he's been dealing with some stuff in regard to was held for him to say. In even come out with something that he was discouraged. It hurts me like they're leaving tomorrow. The thing that I'm trying to put that back in my mind it commit to Muster up that it may not happen when you hear Madden mr. Altman right or come out and say. It's like it's happening right before your ride that I knew it before and Maddon said it but yet there was the way that he described it was very sad this podcast sort of starter but the sad Maddon talked and then when it. I did mark Donnelly a dog. Wow O'Meara got anything else Mel I didn't well like you to death. NCA AJ podcasts may be sent us yes you don't like it. That you like you like here comes trouble not that I like your comes -- like dynamic duo Dell over to you gaga TSA to I don't like throw the flag because that puts us in that football box yeah but we throw the flag on all sports even whom are not talking in football we broke the dam Flacco had mad mad mad player winning me over a deal could put. So you have to Destin that you think are worthy. Then let us know on Twitter I'm ads export ZAK sports he's vegetable legal rule. Dvd gee you are you let's push aside this ad talked that we did right before that focus on. March is an attack.