No KD? No Problem!

Thursday, April 20th

Zakariah reacts to Game 2 beat down the Warriors put on the Blazers without their superstar, Kevin Durant.


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Welcome in Bay Area a happy Thursday good lord is it beautiful out there. Not sure what part of the Bay Area you're listening to this apple war obsessed right now where I just came from. And beautiful all the way around solve your enjoying the sunshine. Welcomed into the debates of the Z. Podcast that'll work on it I think that that's the winner is the best suggests that I've gotten. Bates who does the with the A capitalized like it's eight it is the you have a better suggestion otherwise I'm Motorola that debate to disease cast give a better suggestion get at me on Twitter ads exports. ZAK sports well 110. 81. No Kevin Durant no problem no Shaun Livingston. No problem and my thoughts coming away from that game is anybody that was silly enough to think. That game two or the series is gonna get progressively art there was some people in the media market to call out any names but some people thought that it. In L this series wasn't over this series was over after game one the best example I can give view it was like a heavyweight boxer that came out. And landed the biggest most vicious upper cut. Be in the blazers and the other box or the warriors just sat there and try to you know took it on the chin a little bit and hurt a little bit but then got right Baghdad because that was the best that they had. And that backcourt ball. Amazing I don't think anybody's gonna argue with how good McCollum and Miller war but after go went 28 of 54 from the field in game one they weren't credible. They were not high of 34. Last night. And I think that this was a matter Kevin Durant or some Livingston or not this was a matter of the warriors now okay they gave us their best. And we still won comfortably in game one. I doubt they're gonna come out and be that much better in game two notable players can play better but the warriors defense was just suffocating twelve points in the third quarter. Seventeen points in the first quarter. That's ridiculous to hold a team with that much firepower to 29 points over two quarters is insane at the type number that they're used to putting up. And one quarter so they come out. No Kevin Durant and curry didn't have a great game he shot 33% from the field six of eighteen with nineteen points. Thompson was better six of seventeen but he only had sixteen points. Dream on dream you know not the biggest score he had six points it's not like the other Big Three of the four. That were healthy where the reason why they won this game this game was won because you've got fifteen points in thirteen minutes at a JaVale McGee. To go along with five rebounds. Couple of blocks and then you had Ian Clark with thirteen points about 28 points. Adding your bench yet eleven points out of McCollum and you had twelve points out of Damian Miller. Ian Clark and JaVale McGee both outscored. The fantastic back court. For the Portland trailblazers they were never gonna have a chance and if your blazers fan what they held you do now curry and tops and are known to be great. Up in Portland they played fantastic in that building and Kevin Durant or not and it looks like they're probably gonna air on the side of caution and they'll probably seven Saturday. I mean wide Liam when you beat him up. By nineteen. They were up as much as dear to your thirty last night. Why play him in game three you don't have to now he's a 100% I'm series itching to get out there. And yet you put him in there. But if it's even close and not being a 100%. Are just keep amounts again hats do you get dropped game three maybe and then you know of game four is feeling better you put him in there. But until I have to put him in there I would much rather make sure he's a 100% for the winner of the U talk clippers series I know some people say it's the playoffs. You got to play these guys you know there's been players that have played two worse look at Durant could of one last night it was game seven of the finals it go to whatever it was game five of the Western Conference finals. But at a home game two when you know your team is great you saw how great they played without him now I'm not suggesting. That the warriors are better without Kevin Durant. But what I'm saying is they can still be a fantastic team without Kevin Durant. And a fantastic team will win in round one at home which is exactly what they did but if anything and look it's never good when somebody gets injured. But it allows other guys to get ribs and feel confident that your McCall played 34 minutes. Last night he had nine point he played fantastic defense on the perimeter. But those reps that if you need him if somebody gets in foul trouble down the line now he's confident and he's got his playoff minutes underneath his belt. So when guys go out and allows other guys to get in now they play horribly it's not good because it hurts their confidence but if they play well. And it's something that you could rely on later and David West. Probably wishes he had taken the cheaper money to play for the warriors last year when he took the cheaper money to play to disperse. But he corrected that mistake he's been fantastic human macabre of this. Little back and fort Garland where west what hit him whatever cost cutting and they just seem to be on the same page and there are just a lot of guys that stepped up for JaVale McGee. To play that well I know sometimes step Kurt was talking about the post game conference sometimes they look for too much because they know he's so African tall and athletic. That he can catch anything. While went perfect last night seven of seven from the field again. Fifteen points in thirteen minutes how's that for efficient. And he was guarding the ram he looked great and I know a lot of people like myself included pretty much from the first couple weeks of the season. I was clamoring for McGee to start over Julia but I think Steve Kerr knows what he's doing. Coach of the year for a reason. And I think it's Smart because if mig he started he might get hidden a little bit more you might not need him as much. Pachulia who actually had a great day he had ten points on five of eight shooting it was a little bit more aggressive than we're used to seeing a little bit more. Efficient offensively. If you put Pachulia in there who's not looking for the Alley oops and who's not you know you're not relying on him for much other than. Rebounding and defense I think that works better when you have such a start late in. Lineup if you then put McGee in as a boost with the second unit at times were you need that energy I think it's the perfect combination and I think Steve Kerr knows that. So I understand why you the comedian go he's a better senator than the Julia. But just because of the better player doesn't mean that makes for the best recipe and right now Steve Kurt got a great recipe going on adding this series wraps up. In five games. I'm gonna give Portland one game on the road just because I've been to that building before I know how crazy their fans get I know that they have a lot of talent on this team comedy give them one. In Portland and that I think the warriors wrap it up in five at home in front of the home crowd at oracle Kevin Durant or not.