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The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, May 18th

Big Urbs, our own host of Inside the Bigs on 95.7 the Game, takes a look around the MLB with Roxy & Steiny on the DB Show.


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Look government. I didn't think he should come up to think he should not act would double last year you'll be a couple of weeks and triple play. Great hitters and firemen to the coast weeks. And the biggest problem at hitter on it and it. And you're gonna have to become much more patient care more likely alert minor upping each Hitler in the majors are and make it work. Through 82 plate appearances support currently on pace at topical but actually hurting. That was key block from ESPN earlier this week talking about giants rookie Christian Arroyo it is starts. That Arroyo's Bronson is the overmatched. Here at the big league levels not ready for this. David Bruce show along the bats die and that's Roxy Bernstein in for Damon on 95 point seven a game it's our pleasure. To while commit our baseball insider here and every weekend with inside the bigs right here on 95 point seven a game big curse Michael Irvin. Welcome to the show you her to keep law had to say. You agree with Keith law that Auroio being overmatched. You know urged. Byrd and figure out might actually aluminum maker Uga degree and bring it our target my baseball. One of likes seminal moment of my journalism career or really discovered. It was. We're back at nine match. I don't know on the green rumor somewhere that he would then. To breakdown the dynamic between Monta Ellis and step curry could write notes of favorite topic it is here that the audio art. I can't remember exactly what I said but I thought not a Ellis was. About the worst possible teammates staff curry could have had come in the NBA. From the moment. Staff curry. Took step one on practice facility floor on media day use essentially ambushed. By Monta Ellis and sabotage by Monta Ellis and maybe we note at the time but looking back. Monta Ellis did know favors for staff curry is a bad teammate back then. And that's when I realized I don't know my team merely as well. These. Bank that that the Kerschner. I overmatched. Rookie rookie but the fact it. Whether or not or maybe it. There was a lot of pressure. And they pulled them out they did exactly what it that it ought to bring about struggling up. Indeed she did you knew he would be at least among members. You know. We currently release shot they are. And nobody can deny that he gave them that's not your arm because he. Overmatched. And absolutely that's gonna happen that happened about. It looked back every week in order. He looked overmatched about report and not in the and pepper or injure a long ago. Now the career start now you are just they're just. If you're good not that it UB don't connect twelve years. Are seeing not in it doesn't suggest he's capable of doing that I've seen emerging game adjustments. Overmatched in general. Michael giants fans and the organization have a very. Tight relationship. The giants market extremely well. They generate hype extremely well and the fans really play into it and I think yeah after the 2010. Kind of striking lightning in a bottle. It became a phenomenon almost to the giants fans do you think that. Giants' rookies or when they enter the big leagues and play for the big club. And it. There's too much hype forum they're just automatically overblown a little because the fan base. Once and to be as good as they hope. Yeah there were just there and I agree review because. I mean they got spoiled like where am in a different way worse and been there all. All. Relatively new giant fan vote spare and came in because they are a young impression dynamic and winning. And then appear later they got kind of that same thing at a young guys are. And then the same thing a couple of years later rather vote veterans care and you know you look back out boat panic or young guys. Balm Gartner Crawford or young guys came up. And in the lived up to hide and so. I'm no fault of their own any hotshot prospect from behind him. They're gonna kinda be expected to replicate that success and we all know that not all that realistic. Michael urban with us here and ID five point 78 games of the giants. Even with the good homestand herbs. There eight under 500 denied an halfback behind Colorado surprisingly leads the NL west they're also six at back to the second wild cards cell. Would you look at the giants okay had this good homestand how should they view things especially now you're hitting other ordered a top road trip starting in Saint Louis tomorrow. I mean you treat it could go to homestead and it wasn't great I think that's how a local bars and he noted that a lot against the Dodgers now the bomber immigrants in depth look at the rest aren't great well you have by. You know I'm about wearing that we can guard. The other way I don't see them wearing like mark could be great baseball one of those went whispering to one which means they only scored three era and how often does they're apple the other team. 23 runs or less not that often this year so. The other averaging drag on little round here and there are part. I don't know I just don't have a good feeling about the team in general and I think that long at. Is longer bum Gardner for churn. Is open there and I know he only pitches one every five days of physical impact or five or maybe. You know tortured by bit pinch hitters opened by. I think him being gone immune certainly haven't that it takes a little bit of a tall on everybody agreed. You know what it's a little like the spurs played without coli letter probably it just makes everyone a little bit less confident Haiti think Johnny Quaid dolby on the roster at the end of the season. You know. That it's that's an abuse big question pollen attack took to retrieve deadline no doubt about it. And I'd just I'd just be Jeff and Matt obviously yes because equipment the charts. Are going to be really released load can be. Did they can't you know election and Obama garnered top premier premier real slow to complete they can't get cotton climb back into it somehow someway it is. You know our motor oil to an extent as well they've got expectation and there are expected to be due in all likelihood the deadline is huge and they're shipper real proud French aren't appropriate app. He's got the opt out and it's been a hot topic of conversation surround the giants about his contract 62 situation herbs what do you think is gonna dale. If you're talking it it's clearly going to depend on your the news you. She used to get better exit out in the you know. For over agreed to guarantee you. New York and an. Arm but also going to let you leave after two years that you jacked up your value of its leaders should. I don't get past that aid in the year extra. If you have agreed to leave and then you can test the water of course you have been here two years that you have to sort of audio and I don't have been a great it's a strong background by. Drop the. Bubbles happen. Yeah we're here balked it's a block a block while dining go to second and it broke. And rubber. It up to bat and then expect this week on a Netgear and right and it yet. Also I can get out of it may be. 22 and I don't get back. Let's talk about the team on the other side of the baby Oakland ace. Sonny gray. Wet or. Let's got to what what's gonna happen with him to do you think you'll be able to reach. Kind of heights he reached at his peak a couple years ago war or are you a little concerned about his future. I'm I'm doubly concerned about it suture we've ever listen you know is it that much younger. And much less accomplished. But it it reminds me a little bit dramatic situation where. On. Page huge sort of electric again. By app where we really haven't. I mean you can expect the market and reaper. Mac I don't know that there's a definitive line. Rated show. Her you know even principal result paper. Your neck out. It compared out and came back here. There is mediocrity are as it got to give him. I'm so these are under that we don't know if you. Are not the difference that it. Al Allen a six years old it just talk something needed baseball indicated he will or the unwritten rules of hastily I know you do a segment. On your show inside a big stood for Boller bad for ball. Sign I want to ask you about what happened into an Atlanta tonight between the Braves in a blue jays after what happened last I would Jose Batiste the benches cleared. They were some emotions in the first time out today Julio Tehran throws it Batiste miss him on the first pitch. And it hits him on the second pitch tomorrow. Where he hit it in the lake you know he hit it down around they they hip area. Which is except away trying to hit somebody but Myers which Iran is you try to once you missed. I think you're gonna do it again I think it's stupid when he'd do it again if you you do the one pitch all right. It's over it's done with you mr. move on but he didn't you need to be shot and got Batiste on the second pitch. I'm not gonna argue it's stupid but it where you know this is not. A rational person at that point exactly what happened because a thousand. Just of the knucklehead hot head just like it was a there's talented but. It followed him to drill a guy in and mr. and Eliot undergo hit him again next you know commentary because everybody I'm making. Knew I was trying to do and I'm near him entirely I mean that's. That's written spot while lot with a little more right now and it. You know you want slider on Thursday. You've got to throw at a bargain you have to draw the next which adamant as as it edited down pitcher that's what I would have done. Joseph weekend. On a ball awkward prohibited award director George. Junior don't reward more time I admit. On earth did NBA allow. They're contract.