Mike Brown on the series shift to San Antonio

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

Warriors acting head coach, Mike Brown, discusses the series heading to San Antonio for Games 3 & 4 with Towny & Steiny on the DB Show.


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And we now head to San Antonio. An Arabic Coach Mike Brown does who has brought to buy Stevens creek today at a Santas say it's where that deals are and also all lawyers gas. Always sound better. If you are wearing JBL. At Golden State Warriors and 95 cent of the game coach before we talk axes and knows. Before we talked to gain three I just wanna make sure we get you to the arena tomorrow night OK. And all the way from the police. And just make sure it's a clean injury. I don't know it you open your audio. They don't look at what by the way that's the funny story playoff history. I mean what what work what worries me most reality is we see you Mike Rounds a menace when he's driving an SUV clearly. Like no he's a motorcycle guy. He rekindled an. Look at. That the work on that. It loudly on the edge of the boards it like. Here the motorcycle cop. Out. That did not work out an Italian. Well probably the best part of this story is as your going through this. I mean this is the playoffs you just want it and the fact that going through this whole thing that you look at your phone. And there's Gregg Popovich are. Bode well. Like outlook on you have a lot of new incentives not particularly those ambulances. And talks. OK. I want to go out. It's little questionable. Utley during the time of the year you're in the the Oakland out of oracle parking lot now. They're not a it. Yeah you bet you got a legitimate gripe there I think they like. They speak a pop Richard. Are you worked for Greg obviously San Antonio. We see the sideline interviews we see the post game. Interviews with them. We we don't we hear we hear he's a great coach we know he's a great coach from the result that makes him a great coach what's going on at practice. What's going on in meetings with coaches and individual meetings with players. What is it that we don't see that makes him such a great coach. You know he doesn't threw the football it is. They're extremely mindful of all the people and the process at hand in the what I mean that there could be just don't. You know treated different by Coke their pants. Put a lot of thought into it. Talk to the right people during BP unit by lower your input from certain people and the decision making process in the and they would best. Not to short term but. Long term what's gonna have the best left in effect. On not just an individual player. On the organization hole. But my appointments that they have something. Excelled simple sound easy. But it's it's very or discussion trying to communicate and what you have. Got a decision on something. In our. I really appreciate how humble you are and how much respect huge show for coach her coach Popovich you had a lot of success yourself. And it got to do a great job but what you say Michael it's interesting because. Allenby for a lot of thus you're now dealing with people lineal superstar correctly which is. Far different that probably would shoot you dealt with when you first start when you first got. Are a 100% and that's what makes and special on today's game has. We're with Sony's quote unquote superstar. You know because of their intelligence with the Internet out there. There's very well there are a lot of different things a lot of different situations. So you have to be you know one point went whatever you're trying to do your calls them as individuals to him as a cruel because if you're not. The next best thing on the corner and Mabel jumped ship at all or B if you're not careful with how you sleep during the kind of good things. In today's game. Mike would you heard San Antonio it's a got a player couple players out there and and what got you look at you say you know he'd be a he'd be a great fit our system. I that's one thing I get it but is there another. Almost looked confident school of thought San Antonio where San Antonio where you say. You know what he's not perfect but if we get it mean here we can make him part of our system. And yes two but it's another thing it's true you know what I was. Optical but first got into in 2000. Pop I think took over the years before that they had already won one championship. Yeah like out there who brought in the guys have now been couldn't give an opportunity in this Lian and Stephen Jackson. And usually you guys. Waited in the area but he definitely is not a quote unquote. Definition of the San Antonio player and most people blah. What pop felt was. With a strong leads the colts who was there with the culprit we there. Jack in the we could bring it. And not only brilliant but she could have some success we can have some success with it here. Just because of all Coulter was on the blog was. And we knew it at into the date Jack would type guy that would buy in because if you trio winning. And feel how. How popular things in Indy trio the police players correct. In this system. Aaron had just for the gold say Aureus Mike Brown joins us here Chris doubts about Simon's about a five point seven game when you look at your game plan you had one knowing collide lettered. Was not going to be hearing game two you don't know if he's going to be there in game three and hippies if there. Probably not going to be a 100% how does the game plan changed when you look at what they're great players going to be there nine. Throughout the Gaza right now we're planning on complained all night. If it doesn't then then you know he does not play obviously and we go about our business but the comeback yep your purpose player. While we should be an MVP of the league this year. And there are different ones in line and so what they actually that would prepare for him would be on that war war. Org the 48 minutes to ball night and that's what repetitive. In my do you watch any of the Eastern Conference finals like if you watched game water ready the other playoff rounds how much do you watch and do you tape bitter do you stay away from it completely. Well I'll watch the games. I don't want to. Both he and I would you know if we were fortunate to advance and in our senior officers over. But we you know we're we're now we have somebody out there are scouting a ball screen. You know obviously it would make its final. Something goes on there should be no report. We have guys speculative put up could gather. Or between people that make its next round and then a one dollar no. I'll. In true. You're much more than I would much much more skilled than what I would be going now right now in our. Full focuses on the loose. Concentration. Is on the person there. And we just kinda taken if they won one day at a time until now until our series. Mike Steve Kerr is obviously San Antonio everybody's very. Happy about that everybody wants Steve to get better as fast as possible I was thinking about. Him in your role on the one hand. He's down there with yet. You've got him as support you can rely on him he can take his input on the other hand. I you know you are year old coach and I'm sure he's a little sensitive of overstepping his bounds. How is that all working now. But you're a student of tremendous scout float on you know with that being created makes Lilly's current. He's never been ignited Michael has anybody. In you know he's given this group of players. You know a lot of ownership of the process it is coaching evolution process. And nobody buys the same way. And Hillary if it's got it done by committee we just kind of talked about the number one stand up on the sidelines but we got a terrific staff. There's help on the content in their own players or veteran guys that. Have a great understanding of what. We're trying to do here. In speed and then their support of contract in fact it. You can watch the film he's got these games what changes that are coaches meetings he's given suggestions. Ideas and stuff like that but that in the day you know he's always sitting in my compellent you have actually that could. Who won the topic you feel. And you know exceptional. And we've been knowing me knowing that your hands are back 100% buyer is. It's written and we're in this to war just because we respect that we have well not only toward each other but just for the process that this. So what the process of the direction that the acting was heading even before he got in fort stepped away. Help lies how is Andre how is not as and do you think they'll. Oh. The adult have been do but we practiced earlier today is not been much today. I'm not sure if this is questionable right now wolf oh a small warning in the pre game. And a hundred he he withdrew both the crowd yesterday I haven't talked to our trainers yet he's this quote board battles the color field small morning in the going into the game but warming go for a couple. Mike a couple years ago the warriors had success and then Alvin Gentry. What do Steve's assistance went to New Orleans. Last year Luke Walton of course went to the LA lakers. Now you're the acting head coach you may be coaching this team. All the way to the finals and and you may be on the bench when they when they bring a title home. I don't know your contract situation or anything like that but. I got to believe you you'd like to be a head coach Ugandan and where does that feed in or or my mistake it. Felix but I would at some point. You know there was some great people might cut the lead but. I really enjoyed here I enjoyed. No ownership and management and to everybody in the front office players. Culture use the American but it left the coaches in. I'm not even looking for in that. I actually I see myself for being here. Up next here in the same role and and you. You know that the people that work on my part about. Got on the lake long term not but just short terms so. It is it become one basically. But right now. Annan is living in the moment and join. Being part of this organization. I'll try it out on right you're by captain let's add art oh not bad are out of moderates are in the Bay Area triggered the recruit but there are regular. Especially you know what you're telling me you're Hussein how much you'll have California I was like. In the words from a base from somewhere like in Columbus, Ohio but he had Terrero Ottawa and apologists say oh that's right there is right. Forget about it. What you're SP yes it out to portico of the problem military pretzel and a around. I don't know I grew up over in urban most of my childhood. But Mike. I don't you got a lot of experience. In in this game has Gregg Popovich ever treated you like he's treated some media members. Good course. Yeah absolutely yeah. They have yet to come out of the room I've ever come out of a room shut the door exit you know one he's huge. But. Are a little bit more about you know life. Oakland got pregnant must go straight into that. Role and I got a it goes it. So if you're correct. It might be. You all conduct that would call we'll go out of the book is that that's the amount of fun with the media. It in the that it would be but the general audience. One. Well I know old for the pregame show to be number one of the game. Having used stay away from the Texas State troopers that's Kyoto. Law but a I'm a I've gathered through repeal but but what everybody else. Both black rain drove California wait drier cooler here with yet but you will. A great job as always we really appreciate the transparency and everything you bring in and the laughter and humor to it and good luck tomorrow night we'll talk to actually. Older Gartner group. I brown.