Michael Wagaman

Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 16th

Senior Writer for Silver and Black Illustrated and long-time freelance reporter for the Associated Press joins Rick Tittle to talk about the Raiders ahead of Training Camp.


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Joined by our good friend Michael Wagoner and the senior writer for sold around black illustrator of course a reporter for the Associated Press. As well and time we got camp coming Marty starting to. To feel the vibes show looks like a lot about twelve more days. Can you feel that Michael. Yeah definitely you know whatever should in the dugout. The colosseum yes Serbia before the game and it. Returned from an entry on my gut I got two weeks to trust factor and and you know he just seems like these last four weeks are really slow but I consider the final. Round blue mini camps and OT Aso. That definitely can feel it and probably I would believe most raider fans could feel it you know. Concern where this team finished last year with the did not season and what the expectations are this year going to be good bye bye I would think. All around raider nation. Specially CNB smoked throughout the first pitch today is Warren Oakland uniform we got to get them a missile from black on. I'm what's the deal with Bulgarian Conley and the rape accusation back in that Columbus because raider fans or how hopeful that this would have on May be. I scene itself out by then but there's still a lot of questions. Yeah I mean that and their expectations are everybody's you know. Oddly his agent just scrambling the raiders Reggie McKenzie most. Prominently I think everybody thought this was going to be no prayer be on an awkward. Shortly after the draft and that's linger on a lot longer. And that have to be a concern. You can. Whether or not you know ultimately. Clears out in an east you know charges there or not. Wilder or whatever sound innocent. In at whatever capacity wanna look at it com. He has to factor it's lingered on this long and the fact that you do at camp coming twelve days until the situation cleared up I don't believe he can. He can crack so. You know what is looming over and in and it's it's seriously not situation that it hasn't gone away. Hand. So we'll have to see how it plays out economy shaky that are well quickly because the longer this is. The longer goes in the camp that the more likely that he doesn't make it to you don't. You know guys in the first round in. Expect to be without. Raiders expect to use him in some capacity whether started or where they just nickel they really expected to be record would be doing and he's and so. Right now I think it was kind of holding their breath crossing their fingers. Grabbed whatever good currently. Listening gets done in Toledo quickly. And we know David Emerson Sean Smith or make a lot of money so hopefully they go live up to the cash while we wait on that Conley. I'll wanna ask you about. Linebacker because you know we we kind of we're expecting some picks and they in the draft then. So that Johnny Jenkins comes in and I seem sort of penciled in that will right now. But he's the guy guys like heaney and James who can tackle anybody. I'm a little bit concerned where I think. What's gonna happen. And that L linebacker. Your guess is as good as mine I mean I served. With the last year applicants. Or. Do something and yeah that'll wipe the free agency workers to draft I was early prince this year. They were gonna do that and in the draft most specifically and think there was much out there in terms free agents by you know. Would this defense to some young pieces. You know we're getting young guy. I can kind of anchor and trying to be some form the nucleus of this young defense some of the other guys are addressed over the past couple years. And there were guys out there when they were on the clock got to be honest it shocked. That the drastic Connolly especially when you look look at need as opposed to occur you know at linebacker like you like you mentioned. And you have ordered this year where a guy like he had a shot and they decided to move on. It's still in the mix. Cora Jane's saw a little bitty questioner he drafted mark only. This year. That six round she CBR. I mean there's enough. There right now I'd be shocked by the end of the champ being but he. You know they find there right now I think it's going to be an area that will be a weakness for this team. Let's listen you know mark and come out and really you know. Heart rate it and in turn Eisner or whatever it makes a short. And that he comes out and really take control going to be a problem for the team and when you talk about we should on the defense. One of the biggest weakness is would that interior pass rush and keep up the middle linebacker who can. She gaps who couldn't really can help their. Just to mention effective where you know that's something they not gotten from the middle linebacker position for many many years I've come out. And make a political line of scrimmage or actual. Each field and then and so you know that's still a red flag to me. Defensively for this team and there are some other you know so are some other question marks on the beach right now middle anchors easily the most glaring biggest one that actually. I'm with you and I said at the time I was in the big fan of the Collie pic I love his talent. Out of all the questions and I know Reggie said we did our due diligence and we asked all the questions and more perfectly happy we know everything's going to be fine but. I counter that with the only possible way you can know for sure is to talk to the young lady who made the accusation and that she either said. OK I'll lie down or be I'm not gonna press charges. And you did not do your due diligence if you sit down with the kid and his agent and he swears he didn't do it that's not doing your due diligence. Iago. It cracks me whenever I hear change or specifically. Executives say we do our due diligence well. I don't know what you're diligence it's so maybe you did the peripherals. You know my idea due diligence. In store and best in getting much information you can't over average stone. Especially when you're talking about a person. Simple in a situation. Where he's accused of something that is a character issue it's a legal issue it's just everything. If it is true you got to turn it retire stone which you can't you know again. He says hey we do our due diligence well. Did you due diligence in how surprised are you that the networks in here and your surprised. It what you mean it's so. They're you know again until this thing rectified and so one way or the other in arbitration if if you re the raiders of the schools. Even more concern because they're their. You know if there was nothing there will be there. Have been cleared up along. I was prepared and am not commenting on his guilt or in one way or the other one that out there. I just think there was nothing out there are a drier it would have been taking terrible long time ago and so. It's enough of a concern that police still doing their due diligence. And you know. Two world this can hold their breath when you out differently ago. Now I'm with you and I just thought it was just I love the talent I think he's a great corner artists think that the fir first round pick on a team Ellen told them for a lot of malicious. Way way too risky Rich Hill MiFi sending gamers beyond Michael Wagoner and senior writer for silver and black illustrated. Let's go to the offensive line which was so dominant last year but as I look. That's our right tackle and I know they brought in this guy new house but I'm looking at Austin Howard they give a lot of money too and he's flip flopped. Around you know they drafted David sharp in and he told me at Ricky many camp that he could totally play on the right side but I think they want a groom him. To protect the blind side fine have a guy who is blind and one time that he's been that way his whole life so he doesn't even know and he's fine. Ron did they they're grooming him to be the replacement to Donald can sell is Austin Howard or Marshall Newhouse the right tackle right now. Oh great right now I think yeah potentially new option. Yet oddly they've they've they gave Austin Powers a lot of money but I think. There are big chain would be mustard Howard I think you're gonna going to camp and I don't think it's it's clear. You know new mouse gesture are. I'd like to seeing that they wanna see what they give him they like to guarding know pretty much what Austin power can do yeah. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. If they short open at some point in the season there are getting. Better. From either guy. It's the same of what we've seen at right tackle spot and asked two or three years it's been a position that he obviously the biggest weakness on the offensive line and the great offensive line has been injuries guy you know mentally watching couldn't stay healthy. Earlier this could hold on the job. So it's not something that they this is gonna throw a big key get to play against or say. But they do wanna get somebody over there beckons solidify that job in you know if you can practical short and then went down and called it quits or whenever you part ways with him slide back over to a young guy he can make that transition hoping that the big enough concern. But I think that's not something they wanna do right now if they can give. One of the two veterans that hold on the fort there. In the time until that getting younger. And then I think obviously that's what they they would prefer and then you know have at Churchill on the site should something happen to two double pin. That's the plan does the best ten best plans go to waste. Whatever injures and bankrupt so so what yelled out please go to that they do those two middle linebacker. To the two biggest course marks from me in the camp. Yeah Mike linebacker right now Haney and James makes him on there would do a dry heave. Let's talk about defensive tackle because we know that William showed up a balloon and a camp. I jelly Ellis we know he can play on his way but Darius laid them really came out of nowhere. Last year so they spent a pretty high pick in the draft on and Evander does that UCLA of course class are high and are burned and the story on him was was that he got a little bit softer got a little bit flat. I may be a little bit of a prima Donna but then as he knew the draft was coming he really worked hard. And I tell you what I was shocked. It's rookie mini camp to me he looked like. May be as strong safety he was too skinny and I asked about losing weight and he said it was actually very easy. Mom I must feel like he's too small amount of play defensive tackle but he does must have a mean streak so how do you look at that prospect right now. You can see who who would. But once I gave him some interior pastors should not eat or sometimes I think that that that that. That. We we think. That we always associate with Dietrich to track sometimes and can get too much. Credit when McDyess gets beat guard got move. Out from turn back and combat that lack of speed that lack of size but you know that's your point. I liked it actually did this cute he's on his game in your head isn't right. When he spoke it can be seeking change from. Me and he's calm and blow doors are but I think. Right situations. In the right down you kind of mix and match him right now. Did you get something out the other is. We will mark where Carol. On passing to Seymour union side and I think he can stay healthy he kicked the can impact that interior past that. Outside asterisk signs you know the best outside Pat's pressure. And in so principally of the year cooler Mac until they get steady constricted pushed up the gut and quit allowing. Opposing quarterbacks to step in the pocket to sit there so culpable which is what we've seen and time again until it actually can get. You know no matter what. It's not gonna matter and so. But we're you know beat on I do like better goes I think he's really good addition and nor did talk once go. Another and so he had a great reviews about this cute and thought that he could be you're looking operators. All right sounds kid yeah and especially if they move Edwards over Rama big unique Daughtry fan too and give him in there well peaking cartridge. Up one more one final question Torre and you might think that in a wire people I still asking about this and it's because I get asked about it all the time and that's about number 99. Alden Smith then and it's not so much persona non Grata but I think that they're not making any plans for him right now what do you think. I don't think they made plans from last year and I think the same holds true this year. And you know. I don't know how committed he used to getting back record so many different things from him and see one get one thing and see and other. Site and frankly I'd be shocked I have ever seen all met in the NFL again I think you guys. Railroaded a little bit to a certain extent last year with the with the ongoing you know never knowing how long substantially gonna go but at that constraint but many things about Roger Goodell idol. Agree with but from the raiders perspective they've clearly moved on. If they ever get this guy back and you know what time simply be in a year perhaps now. A ball more than a year away from football shape is he going to be an oblong cake and not think defense coming back to there's a lot of different things factored into it. And you know Snooki is. Let's say he's reinstated at some point in the pre season. The raiders agreement for a look at me and most likely. That kind of way IC it you know maybe they maybe face so differently but at this point I still see. You know even if you could how much factory can be. Now doors have sway EP or thing about all of YEP. I've talked about that I've always been wag my whole life the way you see I hit too many for an academy kind of. Copyright sounds good Michael lag amends senior writer for silver and black illustrated. And a longtime reporter for the Associated Press make sure to fall among Twitter at. Why EP now just getting out now my lag Amanda WNAGA. And AM. Michael always love your insights on the raiders really appreciate the time and then we'll talk you cinema Fran. Count your Rick always my pleasure. All right tickets stuff and death football fans out there raider fan.