Matt Maiocco breaks down the 49ers draft

The Greg Papa Show
Thursday, April 20th

Our 49ers insider & beat writer for NBC Sports Bay Area, Matt Maiocco, joins Papa & Bonta to preview the draft (one week from today) & what the Niners plan to do w/ the 2nd pick.


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I want my goodness. You are looking that lettered for net if you're looking live at him in Santa Clara. Mean this year aid if 49ers and how they were scheduled to bring him do. They're building this we have enough they actually getting gonna get thirty of these on that on your campus and in your building business. So that's gonna take him number two overall image I was trying to trade well hidden. In May move Carlos met Mayo go. Is it to join a sunny afternoon delight here and then at a five point seven a game and pop and Vontae the forty niner insider. From NBC sports Bay Area dot com has as the big back from LA issue. The 240 pounders he made his way to send a clear yet this week many. Eastwood and yet. Today final days at via. A player can visit. To go. They did back visit mr. Leonard Barnett. Very intriguing because. Him not to mention Carlos Hyde. Just some of the comments from John Lynch and the new head coach Kyle Shanahan. About Carlos I have not been blowing. And you know Kyle Shanahan watched her run it in a zone base running scheme he wants to do with a quarterback under center. I Carla side is not a very good at with the quarterback under center running back he's a much better. Shotgun runner so before we talk about four net what do you think the situation is with the the new brands and Carlos Hyde and. Well I think they're very open minded the other day at added they're excited about being EM but they certainly haven't made it eight provinces then. Out. John Legend about Carla side last week and asked him that you have to get you up to a minute groups up. And let's double it up on a little bit of and it died trotted out when he was a player he'd look Beattie eighty coaching change your. I don't really proved itself in it he said that he hopes Arlo. At that date mentality. That car allowances and exactly. Nobody is not a overpowered you can do yeah. At you see you back in jail awe that I eager. Yen urgency. That the urgency. So yeah I'm sure they want it eat them really sped up it showed it. That he is determined. To let it bottom achievement in with the truck the boats have been. And do all the work necessary. Two days help. Put that it way grow that deals show quiet. Showed that it really being up two up. You know ma Mike Mike dealing. Would you look at what it. Trial has done a running back and we looked at what other. Dot running back if you don't need to take a running back in the first ran out he's certainly don't need to take right back but that number two overall pick. Look at history like she even if you talk about the the Atlanta Falcons last year and edit Berry get right back yet but it did hear about Libya third round back. Belt. I would make it at the recipe for how. Did trial here and job wedge forty or what do you do. But but for now it could be special he's got great size and power and he's huge huge show why it's so everything you just said. Why do you think they brought him to Santa Clara yesterday and Hackett taken a number two. You know would they trade back to five or six or somewhere in there and take a Murti your based on what are you saying do you think they they won't touch a running back that I in the draft. Yeah yeah I would say did you read your break people. Or the preacher is at it and I have a lot of that should go out laden it is. Knowing poll well. People are like she tries his wife your diet. Doubled number obvious you haven't got a deal eating character insert your years ago a lot of spin Mort I now. But you're GAAP number two. Yeah you're gonna break in the top quarterback no matter whether you up eat or not it's certainly 49ers. Do need. Nobody that is if there's even out there debt load letter for at. It'll work out that maybe important matters are all. Carlos it. It and they've brought letter or added to the building. That it may. At least create. The possibility. She built like it could be bought it yet or forty or certain business. Bert portrayed which got that as well. That opportunity they're pretty straight back I think there are a lot of guys. The forty straight back. Economic slide. And yeah further back they trade deal more at those guys are going to be up the board. But I would baked dirt. Ample guides out more that the forty want to get their first it. And idiot so you can get. Later on not just the number. NFL draft is one week from two gay and I think back to you would now mean enjoy afford voted to. Shall from the fox leader in Oakland Raiders or pick a number 24 overall late this year the niners are gone obviously number twos so like we're trying to work them out to get that done. For next week but met Mayo could joining us forty niner insider from NBC sports Bay Area. Act passed so chattel and she's been pretty open we're open for business to a huckster. Who wants to make a trade with me gauge what one how would you categorize the likelihood. That they will pick at number two verses take that second pick and move back in the draft and accrue more picks match. Well I'd say it didn't work based solely on what the forty watt big yeah yeah it'll happen. In order for the 49ers the bail out of that number to. Accumulate more. There's gonna be another she. That is so eager to jump up to you to get there. That they're giving you business forty so. I keep date one day or shares don't trade debt debt debt. Get to Cleveland brown didn't get the Ian thank you all and take vigil took it one. They ended it at all in the port lap there's no question what they they'd take wild year. Everybody. While Garrett. Is chosen the number one pick. There I think the 49ers. Will be yearly. Want to get out that spot. What are the big question that that I. And we we don't know about bad debt trade draft pick chart. Supported at bat girl chart. Brought brought they've worked dot. Or Burt Burt executive app that back at first. That tally got a foot in the door 49ers because. Bill Walsh Jerry Donohue at 2001. Yeah put together chart. Based on dot debate though rapid and yeah that chart don't really know what that chart and he in Allah you're about. So what my question that I. I don't partner answer this question. Is there a chart your year based audit teams draft board in based on what. Is projected to be to strike the draft pick up here though. And beat this this year strap. Note it. You know each laid out. You need to get a whole lot more. In order to beat to make etiquette trait if you feel like. Like the second pick in the eight are all about the same all the guys at the same level did it take much. To bill. That trade and move back BP's spot because you feel. Or eight is going to be basically the same player you're getting get it didn't. Yeah I'd Jimmie Johnson I think was the first come up with this concept of a trade chart when he was fortunate the cowboys and their personnel. In this change remarkably since then since they've they've kind of limited in the amount of money that rookies can make. Where where everything you're talking about he water had one of those topics you'd rather trade bad. And out after pay guys much but now there's you know almost slotting in the NFL based on where your chosen but your point is well taken and what you're saying basically mad. Is so we all know with a number one consensus players as miles scared whether or not at Cleveland Browns are gonna take him and entered his line. Certainly wants a quarterback to trade up and do business with them but they're gonna take care it. But I can't recall. Matt in in my memory. Not knowing who the number two pick is in the draft and so to your point we know number one is. But to could be this you know whoever's somebody else could have Heather. Have either a draft board said and you know that that could be their tenth best player goes number two was so yeah ever remember. Not having any idea who the second best players in the draft. I I he had ended there has been one of those years where you really don't know that it is. Where you're talking about probably two or three guys right to return got through that it for the second pick. This year you might be talking about. Six to eight guys who are in that mix. You know a keep could be it could be posture it could be a couple of quarterback he could be a couple of think the debate. It's the job and it could be a quarterback. There are all in different areas in which really. All all about what she. I would think that every team at 818 specific track court. So like guys who might fit one team. Would be nodding on the board or other teams so yeah I know I agree I do think that it is. Just all over the map. What can happen after that merger perspective the Cleveland brown. Yet that display this draft is all over the place Diego Ruben fostered ego Jonathan Allen obviously it's too risky is at risk get number two public got to quarterbacks who. Did come visit. Without Kyle Shanahan it's too risky to show how Watson. Davis web apparently worked out but I didn't see pat homes and seen a lot of mock drafts. Really get Heilman escape from Texas Tech what do you heard about the quarterback position within the within Santa Clara net they had quarters banners and acquire. The allied you've noted that the players mad at all needed jobs lynch. At tech. For the holidays so they wanted the top five died. Was it Tuesday immediately talked about what it be visited him in John Lynch being. You'll be eerie transparent lack capped a wonder he really did beat as. It eat you. Did pretty up front these little five quarterbacks that that we talked to we've worked out. We visited it. And I know that child she and it talked all the quarterback whether the com bind or over the phone or purses and Ers tight or whatever. But people mention those spike quarterbacks. Which leads me to believe that they're probably get in dips like the quarterback. I didn't need that we haven't heard connected. In one of the guys become why. Is. A computer. Problem Pittsburgh diet it. Really. It is in the same all of the quarterback. It. Packed house here and at the very much like Brian Hoyer. Now. With Pittsburgh so. I just haven't sealed it after a bit over at a pretty good idea. It is out there job wage what he said. What he did say it out and pack. You what the board and due out how we view future years. How John Lynch thinks about running pre draft. Peterman. He saves leader man. Nathan catered in effect you're you're story is up on line Greg reckless self from NFL films who really studies this stuff he he's got to put this together or you're story at NBC sports Bayard economic. Kind of as a aligning Peter men. Two the niners so what what round you think you have to pull that via. The trigger on Peter me. Yeah you know I spoke to great yesterday. In shortly after I spoke to Greg Jon Gruden had a conference call. Talking about the draft he would eat he really raved about Peter bill. He said it. He said that he expects to read. First ran out. This quarterback. Position we're at war with. All right guys and it did debated did that he'd that you could. Need it to the first now I don't know that that that would happen I would say it Peter and could be more like the third round pick. And dad that the by quarterback that we mentioned your biz he Watson kite or oh and Davis well. Would be missed by a guy who's. Who are. Mattered a slam got a pretty certain to be chosen within the first two ran out added Liederman might be in that. That next batch of guys to go in nets in the third fourth and says so I would they did at the third round pick. Ordinary but the early in the third out I would think that that's a pretty good spot. Portrait to get a guy. Who would clearly make the roster as a rookie. Ed potentially could be back this year could be. A long term back up even when the 49ers get better. Quote unquote franchise guy here. Got to get the sign failed audio or any of its finger with the before I let you go Manny just you know one week from today. It's. Yeah we he has got a report that Ruben Foster failed drug test you see them. I Lee and yeah. I'd I'd say that yet. Shocker. Here's what I think about about posture I think of forty. Love this guy a lot but all heat seeking missile. He has. Everything they're looking for football player however I think there's concern. About in law the field in just what they did do it tied up image. Off the field so that he did submit that part of it does indeed rail. What would be a very promising career eat he might the one of the three best players in this trap just above all. Yeah just if you take football players so. Hewitt but I'd say. It but there's good if they trade back east spot EUT. It number two. But it easy and tenor ever well. I think you'd do you do that ad with what would you just say amateur now. When bella becomes buried so. Heatley areas Alabama. Line that is you're on plane is Scott relied. Is likely get a guy failed a urine tests there are ready uneasy Lisa she's trying to lose weight so he's drinking a lot of water shift. You know I'll probably ill I haven't read this is described why. That is that needs he's in the program. No I see in Rappaport just weed this out Matt. The around on this reported. So what that that. That means is he's in the program and yet he gets like I won once you Wear what you what you were strike on your big gap then. There's anybody else who's starting with a clean slate. And they and they can check him a periodically more often I think justice last pass out because addressed to start next week for this time so when they get in the room here. Who ultimately he's gonna make the call is Kyle Shanahan immediately went out free agency and load up on a lot of veteran players. But typically they that GM runs the draft but there's no this team really needs a lot of shaping. So hot it thing. How do you think this is gonna be we handled between that the general manager and head coach when they're in the draft for a man. Yeah it's a good job it's double edged. IE I quit about that a couple weeks ago. And kind of I title like it's seek out a little bit edgy wit me what I late night talk to them about this very topic. As I Iraq rather been been kind of hammering home that the couch and again. Aspect of it I would adapt give him about Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew I took the sat in the those cheers before it and you put together draft boards and indicates aboard the Il. I've been responsible for those X. And eat in jittery. In no uncertain terms. Made it very clear would be that he was hired to be the general manager at any debt that is made it is dead. Up I think did this Ian out and it kept on through this I think that decisions have already been paid our. Yield that he do. He would have to leave out for the quarter back a portion of the draft board. In so pretty big bowl you winner targets actor quarterbacks in where you take one. But but knowing there's a little I've been around John Lynch in these last couple lives I would note bit that they do want to does Gary prepared. And I don't think there'll be any decisions made. Like about it by the seat of their pants all the discussions. All the argument. Already taken place and maybe later they might be group. Deal or five guys together and then it did take the panic based on what they've already done. We talked about players similar deal. Play different positions which one do they go. But notices. Does the job lit strap. Number two overall particularly on the clock coming up then in week in about four hours mammy Yoko poll results. Hope outlet physicist. Peter Mendel ticket number of the banking committee talked in the coming days before the draft. And Yoko 49ers cider from NBC sports Bayard act out.