Mark Zuckerman

Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 16th

Nationals reporter for joins Rick Tittle to talk about the Sean Doolittle/Ryan Madson trade to the Nationals.


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Called now and he's on the line mark Zuckerman who is say the nationals. Reporter firm MA ascent sports dot com back in our nation's capital. On the when you saw this deal go down and you thought about what the nationals need to of course they celebrated judges waxing the reds today fourteen to four. On the yet they basically have everything except the bullpen citizens really in your mind solidify them to make a long run. You know it it gets them on the right track. I'm not sure it's so won't it couldn't solve all the prop up at. The ball and that they haven't really been all year it and. Statistically the worst fault then in the majors and it's really remarkable for in the and so good and everything else while at the been phenomenal rotation but really it. The fact that one aspect that came with such a problem. Had an upward over the mall here and so everyone around here waiting and waiting to say whether they can pull the trigger and use a and that's. To get to experience late inning guys. Matt is that certain dot. I don't know what Mike Rizzo I think it still could be on the phone the next few weeks. And eat anything out and be done but that took a long way because what it doesn't loudly. For doctor baker to use that and do little in the eighth and ninth innings whoever. Or decide to go there and then shipped some other guys to work out to the ball at the experience. That pitched the ninth and to allow them. But the senate roll earlier and what does that come out there it is ultimately gonna help them get to where they want it goes the team. It has gotten October 3 times and I wanna offer trumped up series. This is going to be the biggest sticking point for them getting over that company. Actually it expects to help them I get positioned at eye opener. Yeah and neither one of the guys acquired are rentals Mattson signed for next year and do little for a few more years so. An actual investment let's talk about Blake trying to end when he was here the first time we didn't get to see him when he was traded away but. He's back now and if you look at what he's done. The previous three seasons not to shabby this year or not having a good year. At all so far and one of the reasons why the bullpen was bad in Washington DC but a Billy Beane still believes in him what's your take on trying and. I you know there are a lot of people still believe in myself included. He had hit it to extort because there's a guy who want star. That comes out of out of state picnic in the program. And was part of the trade that. Think part of my or trade yeah. You wait three team trade few years back in BC and originally they opt out of order and had trouble getting through wide second. We're certainly you know what you got really good sinker that you can make you into it deeper can kind of burst on the scene and overlap he had established and so. One of the best in the game at companies in the protecting them protecting its way app can't throw that sinker nick got 9799. At about how. And get a lot of ground ball if you let the meter double plating used actually seventeen of them. So he literally died in call. That would take her second. One appetites spot seventh inning the eighth inning. And so that they can that they are particularly when they act and the spring training with Al troop oh and we're looking at the options they have to decide. But given try to contain it and unfortunately it was a disaster. Pitching in the ninth inning and it was sort of one of those. One bad thing coming up another. He was feeling the pressure probably felt like. Every time he gave up a run a bit caught in the job only. It extremely can see that it all the quote. They're the prime along the way to you're out at Portland back to accept a role in the old rule that looked like people felt. I really think given up the pan. And probably change of scenery the point going to be good for him. I think that the guy who's gonna have a long career while leading believer in the ever been close I don't know I mean not out. That intangible quality that we look forward ninth and leaders I think he's going to be good. Middle setup for a long time stopped at. Three more years of team control coming to the is as well let's talk about the prospects we'll start off with a Brendan noisy because a second round pick. In June of Tony sixteen. And out of Oklahoma I was a big twelve shortstop there are three years and I know that that he played shortstop and mostly third. But right now and a ball. He's turn and up to 91 and nine home runs 51 RBIs at single I Haggar town and of course a lot of guys have torn up the name all. And never do anything after that so we don't get too ahead of ourselves we'll lower your what are your thoughts on him as a prospect. Maybe a lot of people around and actually what the name that extra outlet for about that you won that's certainly one of those blue chip prospect in the second round. But at the French cut and edit La the name. Draft picks and prospects over the last 56 years at a price our perch Strasburg. Don't and some of the guys so he hits to order not gotten the attention but numbers speak well. It got a long ago I think that one of the reasons that perhaps weren't movement duke student but certainly somebody who's on the cut. Big league and you know quite frankly it much at all we try to focus on the long term here or a history where the focus at. But you're trying to. And collecting the wheel and partly to them they note they'd on the left side the kill. Stocks for a long time to treat virtual stopped and Anthony Randolph and the pace of the tradition of strange. It probably felt like knowing that could be let go there. Output I'm sure there are people in the organization scout and folks in their development people. Who speak highly of him and on into the could major leaguer it probably app your soul. Speaking of turner when when the Washington Nationals weren't Oakland just so impressed the semen person and just to see how smooth he is defensively. Course a guy who play a little. I senator fielder for a few minutes but so smooth and then of course the speed is unbelievable how close is seated coming back he's still few weeks. Yet it probably what are we know late. And a bit July probably in other east. August and late August. It's a fractured bone in the written. You don't want to compare exactly apple Apple's for the kind of its. He wound up coming back at week it'll. And we were quick. Tartar. Or so it can be at the schedule. In May be in the August 15 when he hit range but now you're you're really just start it'll end up spoke start your. And it was a round that are in Oakland and and a few weeks after that. People when he can be to you for it. Yet done and get adequate job of I without. But it can get that wanna go when he and I continued and that they feel like it be enough time comes back. That he will have a month to six weeks and swing down for a start I think that helps that the fact that their position. And clinched anything yet that a couple people on capitol out. Rushed under some of the other players. Yeah any indirectly got Miguel Montero idea fade to you know word way. Let's talk a little bit by the way we are with mark Zuckerman nationals reporter for MAS and sports dot com really great the market meant the last minute we called up to get his perspective. On this trade he's mentioned China and and the noise let's talk about his socialists are no hearing about him. The story you know born in Peru moved to Miami when he was one year old or at least in Florida and a guy who probably was going to be a first round pick he committed to the EU but then needed Tommy John. Announced a good chance on him in the third round he signed and so far in rookie ball it's just rookie ball but outstanding and Billy Beane mentioned to us. And he met with the press right around 1245 today before the game and he said that they would. Asked about the start though a few months ago on the Nath said no he was you know sort of and that untouchable range so Iowa what do you think about this kid. Yet it does that include evidence of just how desperate the national practical course supper with their ball and because right. Our weight which and it got two point have to address it cured now. And it can't and giving it could turn into the either another long lines. Pitching prospects they have been willing to draft. Either the war war shortly after having me on surgery done several guys over the Internet at pretty strong track. To look at QB you know who were part of the tree out and eat. That's where with a similar patent applicant know you need Tommy John surgery the way it did it. What are recovery and started on the app but they are ready one how opt to check out. Tommy John wanted to meet at her before they'd be. So they're there with that and it looked at. What is. Stop the pitcher. And what are we could not panic and don't come back injury and obviously artistry. They had no worries about that he's not very good start. Coming back and certainly but. Again a long term project not a but he wouldn't see it leaked in the immediate. You know next year to rent and that. But somebody that could make it different down grow you know. People indeed your Arcsight about the trade because they note that. The obvious need to. Black. It'll be interesting to look back on the street for years because. It may have gotten pretty good to hear some of the guys were talking about it and it's local long term thing rocket and know what while. Certainly these are guys will regard in the organization. And doesn't mean it's certainly bizarre case Mike result. Wouldn't wanna trade few months back to these. Going for the without precedent for. Well finally mark I'm sure most of the fan base to preach it appreciates them being proactive all the windows sell them but I just wonder. About the fan base of course it took awhile when they came down from. From a Montreal to gig on you mention all the high picks and for the most part they scored pretty well on those high picks but does the fan base now feel like. Hey look it's a process that's coming heard they feel like that maybe they're a little bit snake bit by Indians fans film. Yet they start that he and fortunately for the city wide. Quick to we will expand but what happened to counter a bunch of teens. And at Capitol Records that and then him not against. In the playoffs washing capital for about hockey which circuit recently and that kind of similar. Vinik and the city not act in eat he reached even the semi final. It's leaks and 1998. And the people here. Just want somebody to get over that hump and they've been very patient the national debate Newt with the long title at the end. They knew you'd have to lose out that first and second time the routine that was going to be back again. Had been there three times now there on the verge of getting your fourth time in note like harpers free agent after next season with no parents keep working in and out. And other members of that kind of support group overconfident start to lose it can't keep everybody. And so they note that windows start well and there's a lot of pressure on them. To get over that hump this year this is probably the best teammate act in town that thinks that 98 when teacher. Book the skeptical line. All the top of the rotation which are Strasburg. That that the team that should be able to win in October. Minus one. Crucial partner and they took the step today trying to let that. Unfortunately I think and here are really appreciate a good team is because a lot of them are saying. Wake up 1 October from you can to attend and that the top spot in baseball and you that not Oakland. Tiger didn't success does not guarantee anything in October but it's still arc get there. Great stuff from mark Zuckerman and you can follow him on Twitter app mark Zuckerman and of course reporting for the Washington Nationals for MAS and sports dot com. Mark thanks for coming on the last minute we wanted to get the perspective in the the insights we certainly got them from you so we really appreciated and best of luck in the National League. All right great stuff. Go ahead and.