Kelenna Azubuike

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Saturday, July 15th

NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors TV Analyst, Kelenna Azubuike, joined Urban and Guru and talked about the Warriors offseason.


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957 and 957. Neither Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. It's 957. 95. Majority is very shortly is going to be clinic Azubuike a former Warner who helps describe the action pre and post game. On NBC sports. Day area I'm finally get him down your haven't called Comcast. In a long time but pay you resides in Denver believe in the offseason Azeri wildly and it is he's joining us right now you can follow him on Twitter. K Azubuike seven. For those of you don't know how to spell that last name it's a ZUBQ. I KP. And the number seven clan at. Summer league why. All of a sudden is it the biggest thing since sliced bread I do not remember summer league being this popular. Last year the year before ever wise it's a big. I think it got bigger. And I think that you're strapped on really well. Then electorate really it. And and Marco all the other one hour. You look good game. Will forgo our blog global. The big draw you got to give credit. Is allowed now. But he's drawn a lot of attention to it I mean that is so now he's playing well the first gain struggled with Dan. Than any pitcher ability. To when things that no one ever being an early you shooting the ball portly but. I think that come. Either and play and maybe your Oakland's focusing on issues that we ought but he really. All now know it ended there in a really alleged. Tuesday and this. Man he's long he can handle it good enough to get shot about you they get that ask you need not rot your equipment veteran that you really do it. And he's going to be on a good team in the block and go weeks ago Gordon Hayward and Isiah Thomas is still there so I think it can ultimately Gannett. Late significant there have an impact on that team ninja action go to who would play at a delicate for being out here by. Super speedy. So there's been a lot of really good performances so aren't the only thing that mother didn't let them picture kind of fun to watch the young guys do their thing. Glad I'm out. I'm with Kia and I'll I hold me an omelet cop who just is channeling his irritate. And I wanna be negative or take anything away from him you played the game. But we do have to slow our roll in just wait to see much caught in the regular season and hit it to see. And in measure the improvement right because I feel like. You know some people are just going a little overboard. And again not being negative about how great he isn't summer league and I'm like come on he's playing against some guys. That they're not even gonna be in the NBA. So the warriors as a whole their organization. All eyes will be a McCall when he's in deceit in judge if he's made the net necessary jumps correct. Agree that you can connect that the year ago next year but these days because. Not even jetted from subtly yet he dominated assembly in that thought did god judges from. From his rookie sees it like some of the main thing about them work. Is always telling you now he's not a single minded instantly make the right place he's more well. Mark where I. You good defender. And you legal the players seemed him groom at a faster rate than than other than an ode to go through the they're out there like he's been working on his game during the summer about the Michelin some relief they can continue to work I mean he's not going to be that. Until. Eat at a significant role that you or. He's not been beset by then Bennett art as work ethic. He work so he's. Continue to improve and epic incompetency live around here pocket. Like him a different player I've got another. You're under my belt as big game come and eat your in the like Eleanor think that nick that this year so. I really believe that day and have come from last year to this year I think it'd be more popular thing. Just being around these warriors player of the great leaders have entered dollars and better. It kind of taken them under his wing that GG yeah it can be in a development that he's going to be big picture. The bush years out of colon Azubuike he former warrior of course. He now describes the action before and after word games with the NBC sports area follow him on Twitter at K Azubuike. Seven and claimed as you mentioned the summer league has been gaining more and more attention more publicity. Year by year we're talk a little bit earlier in the program the NBA seems to have closed the gap significantly. On the NFL in terms of being a 24/7. 365 league is that oversimplifying. Things to say. The rivalry between. While I don't even wanna say the caps between LeBron James and the court and quotes super villain stake Golden State. That's why the NBA is now 2.4 7365. Week it's too is those two entities have generated so much interest year after year now it's peaking in their kitchen up on football. I think you're right I think erupting into a really good thing for the Lee. That there are these really really good team so interesting and thought about. And I always say like when people well it is warriors away constructed. Is that good Leo like a good thing that always been definitely really in nineteen Orton for the league Eagles back. On the Boston Celtics and the lakers were Dolan pretty much back and forth in the eighties and oil by anyone really had a chance to anyone else really had a chance to win. At come what may delete cool if you think of. Yeah thirties overrated man dirty bores me. Exactly and then it really did what appeared to be what they can view. The compete with the war and Ed and try to you know not yet Chris Paul ogle and over these used in the you know with James Harden. They're talking about mellow now get me though they're not our. Bell about doing it too but. All these other teams strive. I think. As we just talked about it it's great for the lead the warriors and the cavaliers. Are this good. In this uninteresting and it may in other team in the NBA we acknowledge that delivered and try to. Stock up and and and you guys got together and and players pocket more than ever have for a different team trying to figure out what they can do to really compete. It's been reported that the lawyers told JaVale McGee the last roster spot is he is if he wants it. And I'll be shocked did to you know he hasn't. You Ito said he's gonna take it because he had a couple visits I believe with the kings and clippers. But nothing as of yet. Are you shocked the JaVale McGee is unsigned by the warriors or any other team for that matter. Relevant are his words we don't have. Much flexibility and more are what they can pay him it probably is given him. The prize at what went there will limit at what they can pay and ease. Look and see what other options. He's got a UConn at age put it is that about money that blew it goes out to. If it. If you built like other teams that it tender offer significantly more money. He's probably gonna consider and the warriors expect that that they'd say they who can you do it. A few years. We feel like it's the best place for you think LV note that the warriors organ visited the better quit or are over the veterans who usually they have. For evidence of a man off the court I think you know but it does come though the money and if you take more money Oakley and I hit it might make sense but I think like at that think you know where. It going to be best for it in his career moot court treatment for the rest is here he can help you probably the day with the warriors but at the business and these. Probably you know try to make that much money can't or maybe you think that he take let me more power to a because. I think his career will be longer be much better player in the war but he's got to make an effort so that. We got another minute or two left with Kelenna Azubuike is an NBC sports Bay Area TV analyst of course cover in the words used to play for the worst fall on Twitter at K Azubuike. Seven. Why the hell are they gonna wait for Javelle I mean I guess they can wait as long as they need to reduce just the fifteenth roster spot mr. bell turns down. The minimum I'm sure there's a gang of people lining up to play for the Golden State orders for the minimum but. You think there's any sort of timeline where they say all right enough is enough to value got to make a monsoon. I don't think so but these setup alike. And the matter how late they weight it all it can be equally politically with the war attitude the women's championship though. I was hoping that big deal they wait till someone called the limit these are still pretty much quote the end. The buildup last brought to spot and they would look at really. What part of that. And take. The less money in and besides that or go to Europe or because again it. I think money that Rockwell also. Great environment to end and creaky may leaning in and be happy that it. So it does. And on which will be louder the ability so. He's got to admit that it is and again and so that is Stanley and figure out what's best for Edmund. The Olympic let money duo one be the year that more or whatever it is more important and I think President Obama. The Glen no it's not easy to give up a little bit of your afternoon on a Saturday we do appreciate your time and thanks great stuff. And Oprah yeah.