Justin Wilcox

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, September 20th

Cal Football Head Coach, Justin Wilcox, joined Chris Townsend to talk about the Bears 3-0 start to the year and previews the matchup against USC. 


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Joining us here on the Chris Townsend show it's an absolute honor because what he's duel over cal it's been an absolute fantastic. Turnaround. The head coach and a cal bears Justin Wilcox joins us here on 95 point seven a game how we don't coach. Do real well. You know I gotta think what you been able to do so far and as a coach you take it game by game and he got a long way to go but the way your players have responded TU and to start the season now three you know you got to be proud your guys. I think we've. Proud of the guys there's no doubt I've I think we've done some good things but there's just so much luck for us to learn from them and grope on that. You know that's what we're driving to each day and they've done a great job of taken the coaching unit and apply it but we just got a long way to go yet it's. No doubt and I think the 1 thing that I am white so far watching you and I mean right out of the gate get that win on the road we've traveled east we know now. Teams from the West Coast really struggle at those early morning games. But the fact that your plane quality defense. That is something that is really stood out we'll all my friends are cal grads they love the way you guys are playing defense. Well the guys like a better place streaming Harden and gotta give a lot of credit to our defense is all the coaches and our defensive coaches on that side of the ball just for prepared them and we have got a lot to clean up yet you give up some explosive plays that we got eleven minimized but. They really are playing extremely hard and playing tough pin and making some big plays you know to take a wave of it being critical one in each game on defense and so we got to build upon that in men. You know still keep keep working on minimizing the big plays we complain better. So lay out museum a long way to go but you're changing a culture act cow what is out liken how tough is that to do that. Well there's a lot of great guys on our team first and foremost that's a credit to coach Dyson the guys that we're here before us we got. Really good guys are not perfect but that they are there attitude towards us as they've given us the opportunity to grow. Since that time we got here in January in their work ethic and changes always be and we had our bumps in the road and and it's you know more than a one month to month or six months banks but they've got a really nice job and it worked extremely hard and and we just got to keep build on what we're doing now. Just who will cost the head coach of the cal football team big game this weekend coming up against USC joins us here on the Chris towns show 95 point seven game. And I think of what Urban Meyer said earlier this year not talked to Brett Brenner and the new head coach for San Jose state in applies do you is. When you take over a new program. Sometimes coaches have figured out to a bad start they start talking about well these aren't exactly my guys. And Urban Meyer who I mean think about the places he took over whether as you saw it was Florida or Ohio State says hey the minute you sign up for the job. These are your players they are your guys and you just mentioned that how much has that been important to let these guys know hey I didn't recruit you but your mind I love you were going out there to win. Yeah that's what that's what this is all about when new. You sign up to it. To coach a team did you know off everybody. Is knows if that's what you're committing to and we're not. Trying to replace people we're our job as coaches to build. Assist some offense and defense around it and special teams around the guys that that are on our team and what's best for them and then. You know we we might have some different things that were done in that there were done in the past and that's. I will implement those but it's our job to coach our players to be the best that they can be and and we have systematic way to we do things on and off the field and and they've been great about adapting to that and like I said before we're not. Perfect and I don't know rule will ever be exactly where we want to be but we're we're doing a good job working towards him it's because of the players' attitude. And I think about balance on offense look at your balance is looking into forward and get into this a 114. Passes. Verse a 109. Runs. You know so many times coach we just see all these offenses or may just sits in shotgun and that they're weighing in and around the yard eleven at times but tells about why it's key for your offense to have to have that kind of balance. But they Q when consistently got to be effective running the football and does that mean you run it. Thirty times or forty times report here fifty per game just really depends but I think you got to be able run the football. And it starts up front with the line. And I yeah I think it helped your football team spurt for a number reasons you know when you talk about. Short yardage and tight red zone goal line situations when you talk about it keep you have a leader knew what to believe them and you summer caught. Talk about practice and how. Impact your defense that your defense is practicing against run game. So there's just a lot of reasons for it but I think it's really important to run the ball effectively we're gonna have to do that this weekend. To give ourselves the best chance to win. Wolf of course you know a lot about up playing against USC from your days at or heard in court she coached at Washington so. You know about USC and this is a special game it's the Joseph Roth game talk about what it's going to be like for the first time for using head coach going up against the trojans. Well obviously have a ton of respect for them is great program. And they got a great schemes and really talented players and we'll have to be at our best. This Saturday. We'd all that you know I attended the rivalry games are great and college football it's it's such a special part of of the college game. But it really doesn't change how we prepare you know we focus on ourselves in and prepare for the opponent we're gonna play that weekend. Oh we don't treat rivalry games different than any other ones. It's. And we have a lot of respect for obviously for US either coaches their program their players. It is needed to have it vetoed the Joseph Roth game and we. Talk Turkey about your brought them. You know what. It's a special way to honor him. And in he's. Our guys depreciated they're excited about that too. And the trojans are coming out two very emotional games you look at Stanford they just had that we talk about the rematch of the national championship game they played no overtime. Against Texas a down at the LA coliseum what have you seen in their last two games. Well they're obviously. Really skilled on both sides of the ball. They decades teams then. They're obviously the quarterback you know Sam Donaldson as good as there is in and arguably the best player. In college football so. They create a lot of challenges for your boat also a little ball and on special teams so and our guys are gonna be excited to play and that's why you. You come to gallon and to play against. The best then and claiming that the game so. But like I said before it's it's really. You know what we're doing this week you know have our practice and preparation mentally and physically. During the week so we can be your best on Saturday. Well obviously you're defense a guy even a defense of coach O'Neill look at Arnold they're based not about hey this guy is gonna be. The number one pick in the draft if he comes out he may not he may stick around. Because we've seen other SE quarterbacks come out it wasn't good when you truly look at him on film and you're breaking him down what's going to be the toughest thing going up against him. Well he's just such well rounded player he. He throws the ball as well as anybody. You can make plays reduce seat he's. Been really good in big moments you know critical situations and the tough guy. And makes good decisions they got all those things it. Top notch quarterbacks have so. It's exciting to play against guys like that and I know our guys are going to be fired up for it so. That's what we're doing this week is prepared the best we can't. And Justin Wilcox at football coach of the cal bears three you know going up against the trojans joins us here on the Chris Townsend shell and coach. One of the reasons why you wanted to play in the pac ten. One of the reasons why your kids wanna come on they played places like now. Is you play in one of the best conferences. In the country and you look at your schedule coming up his you got your alma mater after this and or again. They need out Washington which is in the top ten means you've got a heck of a stretch but isn't this why you come and play in the pac twelve. Absolutely you know that is the the quality of the team the players the coaches. Institutions it's it's a special conference with great venues and we're proud to be one of them. And it'll be. Degree at great atmosphere on on Saturday afternoon and I know our entire teams looked. Or do it no doubt about the last time he beat the trojans it was 2003. In a win here and put your form how would be a very very special march. Coach I'm a San Jose state got they had time ever since media the basketball game. I've been pulled Florio I you first road win was fantastic against North Carolina what he'd been able to do so we're all pulled for Higgins the USC trojans good luck TFL type deal later on during the season. I appreciate it.