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J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT "The Brick" is joined by John Dickison (95.7 The Game Super Reporter) and Jim Kozimor (NBCS Bay Area Anchor). We do a deep dive on Warriors and recap Reggie McKenzie.


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Well it's a big game three on Saturday. What will San Antonio show up. I showed up today. It's Friday I'm here we'll see any Antonio show up tomorrow. I don't know they are up 2510. K him. Then they didn't show up in game two. Did someone send pop message. It's gained three of the Western Conference finals. Will their be a fight. Or is the white flag up. Over the Alamo. Let's get going and. It's time for you to join the conversation. Tweet them at GT the brick. Call triple 89579570. Ports exit 95795. Now here's JT the brick. Great to have you on a Friday big weekend coming up warriors obviously the priority. On the flagship 957. Again. Got Jim Barnett Jim goes the more JD John Dickinson. Right into what were all over it. But I don't know we have I thought we'd see a lot more out of San Antonio. This is a team for fifteen plus years and I've really admired. From a distance I've been there a bunch of covered my show down there I filed this team from Tim Duncan. Even David Robinson. Optical lie Leonard. But no one knows if they're gonna show a lot because collide being questionable. We don't know if there even that'll let them play. To cause further damage. To one of the best players. In the entire league for years to come war. Let them tape it up. Grind it out play in front of the home crowd and at least give it a shot welcome to the show let's get warrior fans going to. On what needs to happen in this game. The problem what this game for the warriors it is they're going into law hornet's nest because the San Antonio fans. Have season tickets and they have multiple tickets for upcoming games and this could be the guy game three and four and they don't wanna say goodbye out of their team. It's a great crowd a great fan base a great organization. But David dead on arrival we talk to their radio host we talk to their play by play voice we've had a mall law. They've talked what's about it and no one knows what's going on the play by play the fans the talk show host no one knows what's gonna happen on Saturday. I think the war is gonna smash them because they got and I'll LeBron. LeBron smashing everybody in sight he's like a runaway Mack truck. And he's just running people over showed the ranch watching that play is watching. They don't want to mess around in San Antonio they need a double digit win. So seen Antonio doesn't show up for game four they can get back on the plane with a sweep and they get ready for June 1 and start the month the June. And make what should be one of the greatest runs in the history of the NBA finals this is that everybody I talked about what the morning show before I came on. This really has a chance. To be. Bird and magic this really can take us to the eighties. No disrespect to Jordan in the ninety's. But when Jordan got to the finals in the ninety's with the Utah. And Phoenix and Seattle. Gimme a break it was in the 73 when warriors from last year it's not LeBron playing better with the super team. This is as big as the eighties with magic and bird it's a delivers and I think it will so we're ready to roll warning of the more your friendship polite 957957. Know what happens in this game. You predicted double digit blowout on the role. We're San Antonio has never been this big of an underdog since 2003. What a slap in the face to pop. Don't pop. Who bullied everybody here as he stayed at the same rate just three doors down from were almost in the show pop came in like a Noll pop god forbid we get pops faced he gets in the face of sideline reporters get to everyone's face. But if we go after pop Wu can't touch he's tight with car. He's tight with the coaching staff everyone loves pop he likes what an apple wine he likes the Bay Area he likes restaurants we get. Cops did the no show. On repeat. The note shell Aldridge yeah Parker's heart Manu Ginobili. What supplier comes in and out the rest of those players Simmons played great. Pop hasn't shown. You what pops up because I like pop. I think pop as a hall of famers one of the all time greats. Pop hasn't shown up in game one. Or game to any better show up in game three. I don't know what what the speech he's gonna give I don't know of lies and apply what we're talking to pop that we get madam today. At 8889579570. JD will join us in about ten minutes here. Yesterday on the show we had Reggie McKenzie really excited that Reggie came on to talk about Derrick Clark. Not gonna debate the contract. On the showing get into the money in the details but Reggie was kind enough to tell us that this is his quarterback for the future. He entered every day. That we have a great relationship communicated her well. That's. That's not going to be an issue at all and a controlled the contracts and I know that schools we. We can repeat. You know otherwise discussing contracts. To be an open. These walls and are coming. Keep that has kind of been my monitor and kind of keep that person in house. And bottom line this. Week we were there and we wanted to keep him and we don't do everything to. Certainly should this country can it done on the thing in the coming months alone there are cars. Alone there Colombia or greater. Force his career so. That's only going to come demand. And we have and we give it to. We need to do and so that's that's. We talked about negotiations and though there's. These in negotiator put will. Make sure that. Colder here and a woman to be reader but he knows. We have been in discussions. Leaving today and so. Central Arkansas days and that Rico did we won't you can in dirt and should be here soon. That's that's kind of world we are at this point. Soiled gotten what do we want to deal done breaking bread in Napa you wanna dawn in July when you want the deal done. That will be a debate topic over the upcoming weeks as we get closer to a deadline what's gonna happen but the writers from inside the organization. And outside the organization. Believe this is a done deal and they're gonna get it done on the money. Very interesting. Because how much you wanna pay a guy who's never won a playoff game buddy what are of one probably multiple competing and getting injured. He's won the best quarterbacks of all football he's not even in the beginning. Of this crime he's starting may be this year or next year the prime of his career. Brady placed a 45. You get value out of car was beginning his crime and you'll be a radar hopefully for life last night on my national show I had Jay Glazer the premier NFL insider from fox to talk about car. Always work out you know that everybody. Here quarterback. Right side quarterback and all like god what if it does not. It would get done that you repair work going and you can get bought it from market value at that point 3% for that threat but that is thought we know that we know. What happen later when he. Went down here but we know viewed it. Don't have to be complete interview well in that type guy that you wanna make sure that he is happy and taking care of them in that basket creative. But it it's about operating patriots probably been very creative about it either contract were freed up money. For them to continue to build around come so saying they would hear bigger threat that they got. And liked it better politically when you don't have a quarterback there quarterback. My go to guy when I need to talk quarterback is hall of Famer Warren Moon when he joined me last night also. We you know JQ all these guys are gonna make a total money whether they win a Super Bowl or not that's just weird quarterback market is right now. If you're any titles starter with with the heat cycle look at actually cheer right now you're gonna make at least twenty million dollars and moving slower. Legislative reporter Brentwood who are Redskins he's right in the best position. Of any quarterback right now he's he's never won a playoff games so. Is that just to have investors to nature of the position which are going to be played very well Derek Karr is going to be played very well you got to remember Russell Wilson had gone to Super Bowl. There was still only make it less than a million dollars. So it just depends on when that contract comes up that first one comes up. And once it does come up you're gonna you're gonna bring the children so there's no question about it because of where the quarterback market is right now. What a shame that this leak in our lifetime. Didn't let Warren Moon like quarterback and made him go to Canada. I repeat if they let him man in the beginning of his career as a professional he got every record. Forget about Elway forget about far forget about Manning they'd all be chasing Warren Moon he understands the market he understands the money. He's an agent he's got a big business Derek Karr will get paid and he deserves to get paid but he's got to march the waiter is immediately. To the Super Bowl. This is a Super Bowl window on 957 again so whatever your number is with car I don't have a number or whatever it is. In the next two years he's going to be in the NFC championship game and running out of the tunnel at the Super Bowl. Before the raiders leave we're not even talking about it Clark should be lifting the Lombardi trophy as a Super Bowl quarterback if Joseph Flacco can do it. Derrick Clark can do what I'm telling you he will. 8889579570. Let's move to some practice out what the warriors before JD comes on and the big talk is about the warriors. And what happened with the all NBA team. Well this clay want to race. Does he wanna be on the thirteenth on the second day. Clay is the third or fourth all star on a four all star team the problem with that. It's not gonna make the most money you're not gonna make more than step toward Iran Jamaica total money and hopefully a multiple championships. Two might not get on the third tee and you might be an honorable mention you might get on the second team we don't know but his teammates like staff a rally inform. So ugly in this season. Doesn't deserve to be. One of those teams. Those outfits upload every year ago. Who goes where. Play. Maintenance isn't very consistent item also tested dessert it's big. I looked at Anthony davis' numbers tough to argue 28 and twelve and stop he's a beast. But you look at him and he gets lost and you look at some other people to rant played 62 games out of 82 that can not guilt the second team let alone the first game. So there's a lot of debate because lot of guys gonna lose money. Hayward is gonna lose money Paul Georgia's got a lose money because they can't get these super Max contracts. But thank god you're listening to me every day antenna and as I told you Gordon. Hayward is not worth match contract did you see him in game one against the warriors he disappear. Weird he's not a Max guy remember everybody because there are teams all around this league. Doesn't mean every team has a Max guy ever does not worth 207 million. 207 million the show would be about three or four guys in the league that make that type of money including steps to rant and LeBron. Heyward doesn't get invited to the club. Shorts didn't make one tool the thirteenth he wants matched dollar for the lakers. Do you mind if you guys deserve Max dollars. And we got you didn't make the first second or third team all NBA. Good luck. Because these writers. They go to there hotel room at about ten. Night before the game start on the East Coast and at night they pass out after its stake in a class a one that we watched the West Coast games on how the guys don't even watch it. And the writers are determining Max dollars. Wool off hold these flyers these players who makes so much money are gonna fret. Over 20s181000015. Million on the back back into their contracts. You can do a lot with fifteen million on the back end of a contract. John Dickinson joins us a super reporter from 957 again John before we get to the all NBA team won two winds rain what's the momentum liked. For the warriors heading to San Antonio because they can't play any better and I don't know what's waiting Foreman CNN Tel. Are the momentum is just keep McDowell in the intake disperse that shot again. Believing that I Leonard is gonna play tomorrow night and just try it's not this series doubt. And similarly gifted and how they did in Portland and its Salt Lake City against the jets that what the spurs are. A higher level of an opponent but the warriors were down in both of those game threes on the road. And they figured out a way with their defense to turn the game around if things got when their profits. Became N'sync with that defense. And then went on big time runs in each game. To take control them distraction by the end of the night that those series were effectively over and they came out. And really control brought to enforce and allowed that sweeps. I think it's just know that the best shot is coming. Even greater potentially then what happened in the first half we didn't want. Pop really got on the head of Aldridge you should have a big game right. You'd think after the inaugural yeah. LaMarcus Aldridge I think he spent talk in his career. Just kind of in between you yeah if we if you want more art. But you have to also take a closer look at him it's crazy really typical public just based on. That the way it. People he's you know he's got a three point shooter in this stretch for air of basketball he doesn't like point at the center position either that's probably got to be its most effective. It means to quiet when you look at the way teams match up now well the power forward now becomes your standard and got a dominated the paint block shots and alike have been. Think he accept the challenge he said. They said that if you admit this much did the other game plan got is that what the war is to try to do good feeling that this step up a bit at times. He took to the doughnuts and you'd think he played better. But really I think why isn't as important to this evening because Aldridge can't beat them on the line if you're gonna win at a conference final level. Type applied. John Dickinson to our guess what's the real story with clay not make in the third all NBA team because. It's got a matter where we're not gonna get it from current we're not gonna get it from Bob Myers we're not gonna get it from clay but around the league. Everybody's talking about it it's obviously a slight. What should he get used to it because make in the third team's gonna be really tough when you play for the Golden State Warriors in this for all stocks. I mean that it definitely is going to be tough. I think he was deserving but the key could make a police state yet just look at the top the list he can make a case it's definitely players. Deserve to be the first team but you have to go with an individual. In a tightly to get to this figure out did you get him on it. It is just like the top fifty regardless of position and did he got senator. And yet we sinners if you go to the three teams and the like but it doesn't look which outlawed in that means. People bleached out there was in the MVP voting you know after the chronicle and and Harden and Westbrook so I look at him as a thirteen guard. It DeRozan was tremendous in a big part of what that. The raptors didn't mean look I that you could make a case to curry and orient but they aren't on the first team. But it was a unique year. And you're right there it was going to be that belief that somebody on the warriors it's gonna. To almost take the bullet for the fact that. You know they are still good and they have so many stars and I guess it's got to be quiet and the credit to god may be best equipped. Handle it if you think about it and he doesn't have that the superstar in VP level. You know on his on his resume peace not to let him wondering whose outspoken in. And to be here next. Steps and declines to appeal to be good at it and get. John Dickinson is our guest that we make a case that try him on. Should be second team over Doran is Doran only played 62 games. Jeremy you could you could make that case the police and the fact that. It's a dream Marguerite wanted to practice in the week that he might be top two or three. In terms of just all the players jumping on the applauded and quietly entered when you factors factor defense intuit. But I mean I would still doing yet. And doing that I had an incredible season in terms of efficiency actually think the only reason he wasn't on the first and was because of the injury to be honest with you so I think it's important for somebody. You know maybe to a mind moves up we got soaked up for me on this was outstanding. That that you know where he was in the John category been VP candidate and it hit that six spot. Once you get that behind all the big guy and so I mean it it's just that you need here because there were so many great. Individuals seasons by these prior. Do you think the rippling effect will be around the league if guys like Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Can't get these super Max contracts as writers didn't vote from wolf the union step band. This'll affect. Money long term and we're talking 20/20 five million dollars on the back end of a contract I don't think the issue when you and it's gonna stick around in these agents of these players are gonna go for this. Yes incredible to me that and we've known about it obviously for awhile that did that it was gonna play such a factor for George Hayward in. And other players in the future that I had so much money on the line I think it's actually shameful. The that we could even know how that could be in the CPA. And I wonder if something that is meant the you don't work in Egypt believe did that. That could. Manipulate some of these writers have been generic. And pushed and shout out to target its belief that they got certain media members in their pocket. Adult lives and they can make up that happened for them. Now in exchange for a you know breaking the major story in itself. It kind of makes me wonder if it was a little bit of miscalculation. And. As you know how easy may be some of those it would be to achieve odd statement personally. That that they. But I'll any kind of well. You know that's based on just a subjective opinion of anybody what would determine that problem body exchanging hands between the legion and certain superstar player. We're wrapping up a John Dickerson John finally have said here all week in the studio. That Cleveland this year is better than the team that came back down 31 last year won the NBA title do you oh great. I wouldn't have agreed cabinet to the clubhouse I think reverend a becomes more true I think every night it did that we watched them go back to Indiana they barely escaped. Game 11 round of the little bit better game and not really played defense the comeback in games to read all but certain that this week. Then that is the Toronto and as they can okay. That's more quiet in the world were used to see him from the cavaliers team that's locked into the championship. And that the Boston and back up what they did the last week of the regular season just throwing them out of the way and saying you're the same level as that seems so. I don't know what to believe that there are people twelfth but I do you believe on ET that the that this team means. Bad as any in the team that that face the warriors in the finals. Thank you John great work is always especially this week with the national median town all the sound you got personally work you don't really appreciate it. John Dickinson super reporter 95 point seven a game. This is a big deal this week about the first second and third team all NBA because money is now involved. And when you start going to someone's wallet and you take their money. Things change sold the players. And the union are not gonna let guys like Gordon Hayward and Paul George lose. 25 million dollars on a super Max deal. Without figuring something. And again I don't think that everyone should vote with all due respect I think there should be a panel would like really three or four super. Super Smart sharp people. Or boarding that this does a lot of writers don't watch games out west they just don't. There on the East Coast in Philly new York and Boston in the aren't bad at 10 eastern. 7 Pacific and are not watching these games and it's gonna come down to a vault like that down the road I can promise you Joseph and Oakland starter soft today hello Joseph. Our own. Micro. U. Heavily heavily it is going to be a lot of game between the mortars and earlier in the final. I'm compared to its children they've played this year it's been the black art. The lawyers are now have a problem and they gonna need to work probably begun the work could be. Better but it won't be like that certain game down the there is obviously. Well you would think so thanks for the call I don't see how dispersed and when a game. After what I saw in the first two games but Derrick Caracter based team they got a hall of fame coach their staff is amazing. And they'll play really hard at home in front of their fans and I think drain on knows that. On mother's especially experts you know roots. Political my stupid about this particular home courts are so you know we're. Obviously there before we know what it takes no role. So it's about us open opera the basketball. Stick to the think you know we. Blown to pieces. Game three tomorrow I wanna hear from you right now before Western Conference finals game on the flagship. Lighted up warrior fans de France should be going crazy today you have an opportunity to step on the throat of San Antonio and put them down. Come down and don't let him get up if they give up. They only have to win one more game and even the series and they hold home court. You don't want that to happen triple A 9579570. JT the brick at 957 again and we're ready to go to to a big game tomorrow right here on the flagship. Now practically JT the bridge on 95 point seven games. Dram on stepping up for client. Well clay is gonna play on this team to win probably three or four rings. And might not make third team or second team but we'll get paid. It'll have championship original have a lot of television commercials a lot of things they'll go for that plane and a big market like that but from time to time. You might lose a little bit of money on the back end because being first team second team third team all NBA brings a lot of pride. Awards and money and get a guy's gonna have to deal with this moving forward because I wasn't shocked by this announcement as I went back and look at. Anthony Davis and he deserves to be there to rant deserves to be first team but he only played 62 games. Illinois plays 62 games of get below sixty. It's only three games you dip below sixty you shouldn't be on first second or third team. The topic is not a bad thing you get injured you can't be the MVP you can't get. All these acolytes but everybody knows to rant is one of the top two or three players in the entire league and LeBron. We'll live on this award. You know tear forever as long as he plays because he's act Jordan LeBron playing who right right now. What a shock that's been this week since I've been up here watching LeBron play every Tommy plays now. He's attacking the rim true guys you have to have gone on he's hit jump shots threes he's go to the free throw line. While he looks really good one other quick thing we're talking about a Derek car's contract I don't wanna I don't wanna set the bar and what he should make it's not my deal. You know ballpark what he should make your three quarterbacks. Where would you compare Derek part of these three quarterbacks today. Joseph Flacco. 22. Million. 42 point 13 million. Russell Wilson. 41 point nine million. Eli Manning. 21 million. I just mentioned quarterbacks reps Super Bowls. They're Super Bowl winners are in the twenty range when he won range what would be fair for Derrick if you're looking out over a five year deal. Assuming like I am he's gonna won a Super Bowl in the next couple years just like Flacco. What's Flacco done since the Super Bowl in one of the greatest post seasons ever right there what Joseph Montana he got paid for that Eli beat Brady twice. And deserve to pay that amount of money the rest of his life. Ryan Channing hill makes in nineteen and a half million dollars. Sam Bradford eighteen. Million dollars. Each and out Moran hello anything yet. Your right to me loud and clear that. Agha. One thing this state and that economy and BA and warming should. A plant to switch it up QB pat and cheap app and the burst cheeky in each group. Yeah I wouldn't I India I don't have a problem that Ethan thanks for the call I think that eventually they'll re slotted. They'll do something because this doesn't work and it doesn't happen every year like this but this year's been a disaster. A disaster the eight seeds are seven seeds the back into the playoffs the teams that barely get into the playoffs. Which is a big deal is our fans are rewarded with a playoff round. And they can't even compete. So Bjorn mixes shopping slot the top sixteen teams. Mix the conference's top two whatever you wanna do over the next five to ten years I'm open to it. Does we all agree we cannot have another year like this we can't have this again it's great for the warrior fans in the cavalier fans. On the fly overs the big country everybody watching around the world. In Europe and China. They're tuned into the NBA every night of the week in these games are done at the half. And they have to fix that and I think they will 88895795704. Is on the Bay Bridge you had four. I don't JP you're still and in. I hear what everyone they know that Antonio in the come with it game to read it take care of the no. We talk about cry at any moment at thirteen model NBA. That's how deeply are. I don't know why is prepared and more mart and play a little banner. I don't know where the homeless people. Come in more common in my program. And the Bryant playing great lad one man Camby golf war tomorrow cars all of our all of our whole team that's playing great right now. I cannot I don't I don't do well yeah I can't stop yeah I can't LeBron can beat you that's the theme this week LeBron can beechy. LeBron can coming to Oakland and beat the warriors not easily. He's not gonna be the favorite LeBron can do it check out the road teams don't into these next games Cleveland. Opened up a four and a half point road favorite novel lines moved to five and half at Boston and Golden State opened up minus six. And it's at minus six steel imagine that a six point playoff favorite on the boat at San Antonio. This is supposed to Dade. On an easy win but the warriors are supposed to get out of there with two quick wins and get back home. And rushed up the LeBron it's starting to look likable LeBron is gonna win in the sweet. I have more confidence at the spores can win one game. Compared to Boston have to watch in Boston the other night. Boston is an absolute mess they look like the perfect team it's just happy to be there. Isaiah. Kelly only connect everybody Brad Stephens the coach they made it. They beat John all at a party can Freddie came down. And that's it got not to laugh let's see if they show up in their next game. I think that San Antonio has more heart than what I've seen from Boston so far but. Meant San Antonio rolled over in game two Norman in Alameda talk and Western Conference finals go. They outgoing. I thought about charity and bill we're organization. Yeah. Below our development. Doug light water. Promotion going on where it you've contributed you can it. Like all of it should go to game four. And that Antonio. Okay what do we do this is our website what he wanted to. Yeah he goes in the Gramm or result that they age just light dot com. Thank you Norman appreciate that we have big big sales executives here we have a massive company here that sells water. Advertising chicken wings everything you want but I appreciate you bringing that up 8889579570. One other quick move near the niners name brand car found director of pro personnel. So that just came down at 95 point seven. The game online and on the Twitter feed to go check that out what is Derek Karr salary. In your opinion if you wanna talk football today. Along with all this NBA talk. Do you believe the car and he's gonna get over twenty million dollars. Drop points of this contract. Ball what is the number. And who do you relate Derek Kerr to what are you put car up against in this league it's really tough to do. It's tough to find the exact quarterback who hasn't won a playoff game is super lead. Hasn't had the big game Matthew Stafford. Could one Brian. Seventeen and a half million Stafford had a nice career look at his yardage and touchdowns. Cars better than him Brian in San Leandro was going on Brian. Okay what you man you're thrown out all these numbers about what we're actually you're marriages or maybe when I'm in on our car. I really say when he won nine dollars or five years is you know a year by year. Not outline on the toll work it and it also. And let. Brokeback shall cheap money when they were so you know the. Yeah I don't figure that out you don't I'm gonna talk about state taxes in Vegas three years from now on how that that'll all be adjusted with all the contracts that would no state tax as we get that what Andrew Luck has won a Super Bowl he makes 24 point five million cars and hallmark makes 24 point story. You have to look at car you have to look at the big picture and the good news for Derrick today. Is that the raiders want him he's healthy and he's on a team that's gonna make a run at the Super Bowl. That should be built into the contract. He's got to deliver on the flagship 957 again. Very good idea what that night by the words that you. The balls down or get out. But at the Braves a debit. Like Iran would applaud at the Florence let down I grew up Miami got found related in Atlanta that would be kind of reach out with one of the limbs. I don't hold period back. Now back to JT the brick on 95 point 72 games. Tim Roye Jim Barnett will join us at 1115 and Jim goes Moore joins us now from NBC sports Bay Area and Jeff it's supposed to feel like the calm before the storm. But it doesn't feel like that because San Antonio hasn't shown up yet what do you expect for game three. I expect him and Jim to have a great call in that game three and four about what I expect cheeky going to be you my friend. I think you're right spurt that she'll now. I don't think they can't date with the warriors. Even at quite able to come back it horribly unfortunate that he Turk because we all want to see good skier now we. But unfortunately. It looks like the warriors are going to be able wall. Mall I think. AGG. Well you know there's six point favored on the road is you know after. But unbelievable game two when what happened coming back down. 25 I mean they are cruising right now healthy with Iguodala trying to get him back to 100% to rant in the flow staff. Heading to raise its feels like a best case scenario on. Doesn't feel like. The core group from last year that won 73. Has a chip on their shoulder knowing that they won more games anyone in the history of regular beat and choked away they seem to be playing with a certain edge. And then you add the peace but it never won a championship reign in Kevin Durant. I think you're starting to eat it all comes together now. And it seems truly bit weaker on emissions and their hope is that might be the definition of what is warriors keep. Jim goes on Mars or guest Jamie right about the rant I'm in the national media attention he's been covered his entire career he's a legend already but this is his moment don't expect everyone nationally. To pick up on this story now on some of the pressure now goes over to Kevin Durant. Yeah it certainly does because he's going to again in that big bright spotlight last year he had a three game one lead against the 73 when pain any couldn't bring it hole. Now these on net CNET. It's supposed to be the championship level team so we get a little bit more scrutiny and I think we've seen a cute drop the course of the season. He kind of become alpha dog on the team that lucky you've got her green. And that can kind of be in that curry. But it K do you like think. This one you don't ever want it ought to win the championship. Says there's not like the first one he had plenty of the first one yet to act like he may beat Hungary is that a group Chapin that's when that. A lot of times we look for chippy play and physicality. You think that's gonna happen in San Antonio even without coli I expect them to play I think that Powell and especially all George have to be much more physical on talk and hard fouls pushing and talking and sharpen I mean this is seen Antonio's last stand I expect them to show law. Yeah I agree with you I I think that the game can be. Chip the I don't want to get to that point where it hit a mom acted oddly but maybe a little bit warm Malaysia. I'm not claiming that there that the norm Mota on. But I do think that. And what officials. Really controlled gain something can't get out and keep our people warriors pull away in your get deep into the second half. And this and that the spurs just abducted and no answers for what warriors do what you concede that frustrated. And I hope it doesn't get to the point where there are hard held the line. Oh when they become injuries to win to become too active that way that it can really ugly up something and now let's hope disposable. Cleveland is common around the corner I think they're better than last year I think they're common with everything they have. It's a LeBron legacy. Legacy series again like it was last year Jim I thought LeBron when he last year port come close to Jordan not even went from. If he wins I don't think you will but if he does win another championship going to the warriors he sits right there next to Jordan in my opinion. You know if he doesn't beat the warriors this time around you're certainly in the discussion you've got one. And one day. Major exhibit of the of the all time great of this particular era because I know Bill Russell can all sit back and kind of chuckled day. A those five or six championships are cute. While he sits there with I think what nine in eleven years that he ended up happening. Soul I think you you get abroad. Who went through the 73 win team and then take on this team that has added the bat on the third conference Pete indicate the. Of that 73 when pinnacle Iran can do at this time. Evelyn got to take it capped off and say you know what you deserve to be on the current gains mount Rushmore right next to Michael Jeffrey Jordan. But it's going to be a tall order for LeBron to get that thing done beta. Jim goes Amar joins us NBC sports Bay Area the anchor. Jim what happens to the giants but the trade deadline while they buyers or sellers. And I think great question because if we had that discussion JP ten days ago we would have started to talk about dealing Nunez. Peeling maybe even Johnny quite ill because you you you want your assumption what you're going to be out of the race. You don't know about your you're big eight stood in Madison book garden whether or not a comeback in the real law. A string of wins it would a couple of the theory that all the they had out on the road against some pretty darn good competition in the cardinal and the cubs in your weight around the people we just witnessed that AT&T park. At the level from two lead. Boy if I had to bet right now. I'd almost think that there it's sound crazy I double think that there hold pat. Not adding a look at the bat in the outfield because they clearly need helping to fill that left field poll. With a hole that may be mad at bomb garter and come back in his seventh start on the stretching you end up being the piece that add. Because honestly speaking at starting pitchers aren't bloc has been paying. Matt Cain is coming around. You know I don't if they add anything to take it and I could went by every six we know that. You start winds and here you can get back in the rate may be at a peep I don't think it's going to be a whole lot. The stock markets almost a 21000. East bay real estate is going through the roof why can't the a's V buyers. The good question why can't they be buyer would be in the picket at. It seems like they have planned for what's going on with their field equipment off the field at the side. Off the deal or the bid the site seems to have that plan they're gonna tell where there are going to be. In a deal that financially you can get the deal done but there's so much money here you hope they can't get. Or you you would assume that would I think they could be fired but that might be your although I'll be honest with the make a lot of police positive points. It would be one heck of an extension of the olive olive branch there to say look we're gonna get cute guy. We're gonna get a dire to we're gonna happen on we're gonna do we can't make them people are I still on what can happen a year or two. Jim finally bit in this market along time I really respect you put a ball on what this run for the warriors means. To the Bay Area fans this entire community it feels like a special window how big is this window how special. Is this moment right now going into the NBA finals. Poor kid growing up today. You may hear stories about. The greatness of the 49ers when they were winning championship of the greatness of yours when they realistic winning championships. And recently we've seen the giants do the same with three World Series titles and but yours. You're getting to experience that for yourself. And now I Mena for the young boys and girls out there are more. Some of you were at sixty you have lived through an amazing goal of championships in northern L yet. With all the teams combine. What you're getting right now it's an incredibly special window of the franchise to me and bold proclamations jointly have got it around a lot when he made. But he gets the balance everything he's said. And now I think it that ate at a time for all of this to enjoy some great and I think world get together sometime in the or another celebration and a panel. No doubt about it could chalk it JJ and have a great weekend. JP thanks for I have. Have me on you do the thing. You gotta Jim cosa more NBC sports Bay Area. And he's right about that for those who live here who live there the whole life no matter what you rages this is an incredible moment. It's unbelievable. What's happening here and when the national media swarms in here. In the next couple weeks and you see him everywhere and they're talking about it and it's leading sports center and it's ending sports center and everybody's talking about it. Be a part of it either of them live on television outside. Get into sports bars like I was up the north star last night fans around this town. Armed Bryson it's great to see that because you don't know when that window is gonna close. One that will open again one hour up one more to go big second hour Jim Barnett at 1115 and James McGee Smith boxing insider really good. On Floyd McGregor this rumblings today. That McGregor and Dana. Are trying to put this together McGregor has already agreed with Dana the charms are trying to get Floyd. To knock this out of the park and set up what could be the biggest paper view all of all time we'll talk about that next hour on 957 again.