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The Greg Papa Show
Monday, July 17th

Fox Sports & MLB Network analyst, Jon Morosi, joins Bonta & Guru as the trade deadline approached. 


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We welcome in our correspondent. Comes on afternoon delight every week MLB network charmer row seat. John a treaty season is already gotten away gotten underway as you missions was last week. Jose Canton are treated to Chicago Cubs for too high level prospects we see BA's making moves not the Astros or yankees in the BN on the axed and we're here and Justin Verlander were here in just so Mars our moral see what is next on the docket when it comes to trading LIC. I'm digger a good afternoon a lot on. Certainly there are bigger wider. McNabb got underway it would keep have a deal that the literally yesterday I had to big trade. Victory the aid betrayed the nationals and I actually told today in fact. The nationals are still. Looking for bullpen help even after getting to a level that they really want us on a part of a they realize that the bullpen and are down all idle policies here in this decade and be very very aggressive. Inevitable and right now it's a big names there Justin Wilson. Tigers getting it as number of different team's eyes that were also with the Orioles his name is somewhat supplies in now available there. On the trade market as well. You mentioned were canceled last forty or so the tigers aren't back and actually a little bit of money in the deal. To make it there were a bit more palatable accorsi makes twenty million dollars each in the next two seasons. That berliners so I think that's one possibility but the tigers are that. Cash in berliners contract. And help make that charitable work leopard purse. Charmer OC join immigrant publish show here with boxing guru Orman five point seven game now another Garten Orioles and absent assault a name it's this surface and he's a free agent in our high powered class and 2019. Many in the shot well. With the Baltimore Orioles actually. Entertained talks remaining in the channel knowing that they're having a down season and he is a free agent it's when your team the odds of them resigning Manny Machado. Look pretty slim. About that question I actually checked on this earlier in the earlier rather. In try to figure out how the grass Willie. Are the Orioles to put him out there I was taught at this point I'm they are they're probably not going to. Trade in the channel this year has never in every year but it looks like they are reluctant to do so because two things number one. Tritium really does. Fundamentally change their club for 22. Early part of the team you stroke but he heat for their team and it's departed. You've got one of the five or at least ten best players in the game at least in my opinion over the last several years. Do you really want to trade him when he's having his worst seat I think that's. A question at the world saying we cannot caged in asset backed assets we have. And trade him when he now until I'd been brought those two reasons. On like you which operated again it's certainly get it happened. World that there's there's a couple of nowhere. But from what my sources told me guys out there right now. Job on tape mentioned mad bomber came back Saturday and when you look at the 2017. Giants. And the fact that they came into this season. With the platoon situation in left field and didn't go big Irsay to bring in a freeagent. Do you think that essentially doomed this team and maybe there was a bit of arrogance thinking that they can do it without you know bring it top tier talent in. Well couple that with the giants they then. I think what. Bigger disappointment that you point out in the popular and nationally on record and go wrong. I think that for me Bob Evans has taken its approach Douglass reports that we thought that as you point out we got a good club we thought we had. The right mix of players. That base we were gonna field sustain what we've done in the past. But it. And I think that they have to get out front now that they do old. And again in the World Series chip regions to sort of soft glow that. But they don't we're talking about the Phillies and a few years ago where they would let go they trusted. And at one World Series. And endeavor real lead. Were proactive in changing the mix to keep things fresh and that you don't get that one when it's really crucial time. That I that you're really pay it down the line and all that point to honor that no one thing. When it almost forces that game against the cubs last October go. At least I don't think anybody in the industry respect and what did you acceptable loosening up because that it. Well away. For almost you know which comes in the break there in the nit games so for me. I'd certainly give. Obvious and privacy you know ownership like give them albeit at a fumble on on last year or just rather. Is that OK now you look at being creative where we need. The notion trading at the margin trading Brandon belt. They have to really put almost everything on the table with the exception of trading Posey or corporate or probably bomb. Charmer LC joint and Greg publish show here on any five point seven game guru Phil and effort Greg problem bond sale Bernard five point seven gaming commission just margin John. He's on the hook for nineteen point eight. Million dollars over next three seasons. I'm in the giants actually well what would be involved how much money would they have to eat if they were to trigger gesture margin and that is that legit that the Houston Astros. Our Richard said he jumped the shark so Mars or or are they distort smoke screens up because they really want Sonny gray. Well I do think the Astros have a number on our radar they re hire a lit march. No question about that thing Gary Cole also higher. That is so Marta. But some margin is someone they've been scouting and at a a year because you know given the giants. Six plus innings in sixteen. Of his nineteen starts which Doug. Sound like much. But in today's game. Terms as six plus innings arguably great type and in the majors with those sixteen starts and that helped spur some. Yeah it'll record this year would record his career yet he has not been winning pitcher over 500 over the course it would and it certainly does give. Some teams pause as does the area of five or close by stating I fort right now. So did the numbers the for a personal good. What at least. He does give you reliable innings and that has worked something in the ninety point nine dollars a year candidly note not but I think they were it would. No I I would think about five million a year. He seemed to me to be about it going dark which I think that we all. Consider it helped track record the stuff. Eat to me it's still a about a 59 dollar a year player. The probably doubt that that money and then you maybe there's an interest in right now I would say. August 1 just the margin is still that does go side but I do expect to be at least some level counties between now about the possibility of trading. All right well the question here coming up John one. Who who you expected jurist to trade do you expect Brennan bill to be assertions which are in August 1 it's who would Sonny gray. You heard Billy bee yesterday say they're in its total rebuild mode they're getting ready for new stadium but they wanna announced. At the end of the season. Can we expect DA's get a return like the White Sox did first sunny great. A couple of duck and noble thing on the giants I would say new years is it is like a week ago. They knew him as a very good chance he goes somewhere I wouldn't say it's somewhat like. Like a Matt Cain could be could be put things together for the rest rest of the month. Because the track record. Course Indianapolis it is or not a lot of needed to kind of keep going through the year so to me begin really shows on consistency between now and in the month. Maybe it seemed like cement as a back get back in the rotation in these guys the support what you're going for it he'd probably also clear waivers. In the what the market beat a retreat candidate there are I'd I'd still think the odd. Are in favor of belt staying put and panic staying put as well they're gonna explore a lot of things. But because of the money do those players now I think the odds are kept the trade. Although belt goes somewhere I would say there are a number of teams the angels the Yankees the Mariners all the lefty bat speed to what those teams there. On Brandon belt it's got a great I don't do that you're going to go I think that you buy you referenced the comfortably beat paid a very striking about where they're at right now the organizations so. The meetings like the Astros the Yankees. The brewers in the cubs the cubs and advocate ranking count historic project so the cub and gray are one more possible that the watch year or thirty. John Johnny Kuwait oh is dealing with of the list our situation blue stars excuse me. And he's delighted in on the baseball. And that no he's just keeps didn't louder and I'm wondering how big of a deal in your estimation. Is this baseball and blisters for pitchers four Major League Baseball. What did the degree that you may get is becoming. Aaron Sanchez that the issue this year. Mark mr. Obama spoke out about it earlier in the season. I think baseball. They've been concerned in recent years where in the Tommy John surgery mistake that would best players off the field. We're anxious to open its well with in baseball's control. If the ball is is the root cause and I think at least has something to do it. All. Have to get to work on this issue and an address whether it's the scenes. Whether it's the density in purpose of the ball whatever it is they have got to be aggressive and very proactive in this. A lot of things that it under the general category of state of the game. All. Quality of play issues in terms of pace of play ball in play shifting. Conversational amount allotted things are now in plate for baseball's winter time. What the law itself that B Ide priority begins you well Johnny quit don't. Is that in fact in the giant is an organization. If you did not have a blister issue there might be at least some percentage chance that straight in the month of July instead of the L. And probably at that point that guys in untreatable pitcher because my health concerns there. On top of the contract so related to actually changing the way that the operating. Which tells me that the time based -- ball slash. Seemed last blister issue is well past that right now. John Rossi can tomorrow MLB network and fox sports charmer Rossi are going to be a busy man over the next two weeks. They're sort of charming will catch up with the next week. My blood guided by Christmas. July that it. Senator. Will be followed me to want Twitter follow German Rosie. On Twitter at John rose CJO and and old are all its.