John Dickinson tells us that San Antonio's best game is yet to come

J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT is joined by John Dickison (95.7 The Game Super Reporter) to preview Golden State/San Antonio Game 3. He thinks we haven't seen San Antonio's best effort yet. Klay They discuss the Klay Thompson snub, and whether Durant or Draymond is more deserving of All-NBA 2nd Team.


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John Dickinson joins us the super reporter from 957 again John before we get to the all NBA team won two winds rain what's the momentum liked. For the warriors heading to San Antonio because they can't play any better and I don't know what's waiting Foreman CNN Tel. Are the momentum is just keep it solid and take disperse that shot again. Believing that I Leonard is gonna play tomorrow night and just try it's not this serious doubt. And similarly gifted and how they did in Portland and its Salt Lake City against the jets that what the spurs are a higher level of an opponent. But the warriors were counted but those game threes on the road. And they figured out a way with their defense to turn the game around instinct when their profits. Became N'sync with that defense. And then went up big time run to each game to take control down the stretch by the end of the night those series were effectively over and they came out. And really control brought to enforce it and that sweeps. It's just. Know that the best shot is counting even greater potentially then what happened in the first that we do want. Pop really got on the head of Aldridge you should have a big game right. Think after the dog yeah. With LaMarcus Aldridge I think he can talk in his career. Just kind of in between yeah if we can walk in the hour. But then you have to also take a closer look at and that safety really typical but just based on. That the way it. People he's you know he's got three point shooter in this stretch for basketball he doesn't like point and the senate position. Either that's probably got to be is most effective. Mean still quiet when you look at the way teams match up now. Well the power forward now becomes your standard and got to dominate in the paint block shots alike have been excellent did he accept the challenge he said. That is to admit this much did the other day in plant doubt is that what the quarters or try to do what you when he had to step up a bit at times. He completed donuts and you'd think he played better but you know he I think I was as important deceiving because Aldridge can't beat. A double fine if you're gonna live at a conference final level. Type applied. John Dickinson to our guess what's the real story with clay not make in the third all NBA team because. It's not a matter what we're not gonna get it from current we're not gonna get it from Bob Myers rocketed to get it from clay but around the league. Everybody's talking about it it's obviously a slight. But should he get used to it because make in the third team's gonna be really tough when you play for the Golden State Warriors in this for all stocks. I'm and it definitely going to be tough. I think he does deserve but the key could make a police state yet just look at the top of the list he could make it's it's definitely players. Deserved to be the first team but you have to go with individual. Account he didn't want to figure out to get him it. If you just look at the top fifty regardless of position and he did he get in there. It. And yet the recent winners of the three teams and the like but you know it doesn't look into outlawed in that. People bleach got its Indian VP voting about the electronic ally and partner in Westbrook so I look at him as a thirteen guard. But it was it was tremendous and a big part of what that the raptors do you mean. I that you could make a case victory in the orient but they've and that the first team. But it was a unique here. And you're right there it was going to be that belief that somebody on the warriors is gonna have to. To almost take the bullet for the fact it. You know they are still good and have so many stars and I guess it's going to be quiet and the credit to god may be best equipped to handle it if you think about it and he doesn't have that. The superstar in VP level. You know while on his on his resume peace not to Ahman Green whose outspoken in and to be repeated. Actually have stepped in because it is just that bill to beat the ticket. John Dickinson is our guest who we make a case that try him on. Should be second team over Doran is Doran only played 62 games. Germany he could he could make that case. Opens and the fact that. You know dramatically toward the practice in the week that he might be topped your list who eats. In terms of just all of them players jumping on the LeBron and and co islander defective factor defense into that. But I mean I would still doing yet. Eddie doing that had an incredible season in terms of efficiency actually think the only reason he wasn't on the first team. Was because of the injury to be honest with you sidekick if you look at for somebody. It on the future in mind moves up we got soaked up and be honest with outstanding. God I promised that you know where he was in that job category been VP candidate and that that that six spot. Would she get that behind the big guy and so I mean it it's just unique here because there were so many great. Individuals seasons that dialogue inspired. What do you think the rippling effect will be around the league if guys like Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Can't get these super Max contracts as writers didn't vote for a while the union step band. The sole fact. Money long term and we're talking 20/20 five million dollars on the back end of a contract I don't think teach you when you and it's gonna stick around in these agents of these players are gonna go for this. That's incredible to me that day and we've known about it obviously for awhile but that debt so it was gonna play such a factor for George Hayward and and other players in the future that I had so much money on the line I think it's actually shameful the that we. He could even allowed to be in the CPA. And I wonder if some of that it's meant the you don't work in Egypt believe did that that could. Manipulate some of these writers couldn't do it but I haven't been pushed into shout out to target its belief that they've got certain media members in their pocket. Adult lives and they can make up that happened for them. Now in exchange for you know breaking a major story in the light so it kind of makes me wonder if there was a little bit of miscalculation. As as you know how easy may be some of those it would be to achieve odd stunned personally. That that they went and any kind of well. You know that's based on just a subjective opinion of anybody what would determine that the world body exchanging hands between the legion and certain superstar player. We're wrapping up a John Dickerson John finally have said here all week in the studio. That Cleveland this year is better than the team that came back down 31 last year won the NBA title do you oh great. I would have agreed cabinet aspect into it becomes more true I think every bit that we watched and thought that Indiana they barely stood. And first round at the public that McCain and I would play defense the comeback in game three. That net to sweep. Then that is the Toronto when you're thinking OK that's more quiet. You know were were used to see and from the cavaliers in the slot in the championship. And that the Boston and back up what they did the last week of the regular season by just. Throwing them out of the way and injured on the same level as that fatigue himself. I don't know that would have believed that there are people twelfth but I do you believe on eighteen he said that that this team means. Battered and deep in the scene that that face the warriors in the finals. Thank you John great work is always especially this week with the national median town all the sound you got personally work you don't really appreciate it. John Dickinson super reporter 95 point seven the game.