John Dickinson with the latest from Warriors practice

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, May 18th

JD was at Warriors practice today, he checks in with Roxy & Steinmetz with the latest!


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You bring in our reporter John Dickinson who is that warriors practice today before they. Trekked off to San Antonio and that audio that JD was therefore a hearing. That dream on dream clearly disagree with especially Klay Thompson being left off what was the other reaction JD over there today. In the upside to this state to guide in the end it's ridiculous and obviously Bautista just went public advocate about insured about it. The only team with multiple players now they only paid out more than one guy out of it and the fifteen day about pulling that the dean took basically 20%. Crop and the fifteen. On the team a Golden State Warriors so I definitely didn't portray much agreed to come out. There's no doubt that quite confident that deserving player. But I think this has been an incredible year overall. For individual performances tonight you have to keep in mind. That because that that. You know and having guys this year that would deserving to be on the first team as opposed to make. Maybe other years he could maybe it's only hours that you cannot fill in that another position. JD that I didn't have a problem with any of the warrior selections. Other than you know after got a referred to clay Thompson is the best to regard the NBA all season long and how does he make one of the top three. You all NBA teams but winner as it relates to staff Currie. And Kevin Durant. I mean how do you determine. Whether it's derail it curry to re mind or yes even Klay Thompson on the first. Team all NBA. It looks really good. Because if you look at the year and I think Stefan curry and Kevin Durant the pat first scene were the years but if you look at who make it. The forward position it's quiet when the LeBron James told also ahead. First became more could be years. And then you look at the guard position and it's great if Stefan curry once this year. Chain target Russell Westbrook at historic feat that. I mean Russell Westbrook averaged a triple doubles too you know he's going to be out there I think you have to keep in mind the individual scenes in but it's not. Over an entire career it's it's it's a lot like voting for upstarts who had the best path. And I know that and all that comes out of that with the fan vote all the other aspects Abbott. But I think it's interesting because it's it just it's hard to make a play that. It will Harden and spoke up and landed in jeans didn't have better years and I think you can put Hillary in the mix I think he could put an extra. And maybe injuries during that hurts him a little bit and these misperceptions that carry out a little bit but down here. Westbrook in jeans and that it uptick over what they did in previous years. And I think that may very well have been the difference. JD to my way of thinking I think they should begin to vote for all NBA teams. The same way we're beginning to vote for the all star game. Who backcourt players three front court players the bottom line is the setter is going out of the NBA these days. And tell me Anthony Davis doesn't belong in the first team and and toe my way of thinking. Anthony Davis Rudy go where Andy Andre Jordan shouldn't be a part of any. Of the NBA's all. Well I got give Davis a second or third team but the other two go bare and at the Andre Jordan they they shouldn't be sniffing any of these teams. No I don't think that's an interesting point because I and you mentioned it curry and use them as an example again that the key to be completely honest. And that he can do that. Pathetic who broke. From Milwaukee but the election he's Korean during that an example if you take equity Davis opting to take it you move you move him around the second team. Do what you're saying it will beat North Carolina and it right off the top. So I think that makes actually a lot of sense to orbit in the top fifteen. Here our real first seems that the team's thirteen. But that it just becomes the top fifteen what you could have. An extra card get in there. And take the place one of the big men for the big men aren't exactly up to snuff with what may be some of the other players about the position that despite interest things. Guys in and I asked Kevin doing. Because an assistant to her comeback outlawed the practice today. Didn't want to announce that it the first teams 1613 and indeed this would be seen. Is announced during practice that's when it comes out so warriors are at. That practice it comes out in the media availability after practice and injuring about green spoke today quite subsidence. And courage in doing so all the false start spoke today. To do it comes up there's a group gathered around Atlanta you guys know how this works sent an agreement that the great you know PR guy for the warriors. That during that its data the chair and enduring it and we're at Raymond actually there. Internet like that the team was announced that the moment because they may not based on the fact that this came out during practice. It was interesting. It Raymond explained to him that seemed to derail the sanctity claim I was thirteenth. And particularly if you look at action. Yeah. He wanted burst any. So I actually. Got on an asterisk to would you get your second team is that something that. Disappointed and angry I think this score and now I'm among them that the top let's keep it had it in the lead. Any kind of plot for a second and he said that right but I think you go back to the initial action. You could help or the like haven't had that later I thought the first team prepared to take it matters to these guys and and other incentives in different things involved here. Injuring about stepped up for quite and so to truly but but the this is an important thing to these guys because it has to do with your stock. It can be at war for a particular season. JD why did the warriors fly to San Antonio today rather than tomorrow. Yeah a little bit different deal from the regular season typically in the regular season that they were gonna like him as they are Saturday night. But instead Antonio. They wouldn't fly tomorrow. And then practiced once they get to sit Antonio. I'd like to get off the plane and go to the gym get the blood followed a little bit and they would he had to the hotel they get. And I'd rest they'd have a shootaround on Saturday that it would be Saturday night. And Mike brown and the decision was made misty could everybody collaborative that they were gonna go here currently. Just because the off time to get acclimated to it to be edited it to audio and at the time difference so like they actually have practiced here today. Obviously these were just talking about and then in the end it now. People landed San Antonio this evening they're gonna have a practice that the AT&T center tomorrow. And get a little bit in San Antonio as well as two nights. Leading output to game three that get issued around about Saturday and in the game obviously at 8 o'clock local time. It's editorial so it just another way to get acclimated. Two new surroundings. And another way that the warriors are able to use that extra time to their advantage. What's the latest with the Chilean Iguodala. Yeah Pachulia pulp officially questionable but Iguodala did go to practice to date. I went through everything according to Mike Brown Pachulia. Went through part of that could use the form limited NFL designations Pachulia. Was limited. While Iguodala was full and Pachulia that was given that good ride on the exercise bike though. During the open portion of practice and everybody was trying to shoot around so I don't think it's going to be a situation where. Pachulia not going to be able to go. But they'll Mike Brown did stated the fact that the bulk of those guys you know as much as they were able to participate today doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna why is still questionable. But I think it's lead tore both can't be available for game three. It's just JD thanks man. John Dickinson or super reporter out at warriors practice today.