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Friday, May 19th

Kerry Keating is filling for Joe F. as the guys continue to react to the NBA All Star selections as Klay Thompson was excluded from the list. Then they speak with Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston. 


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He's in the coaches in good morning everybody Joseph Ford bought off enjoying time. With his wife and his young son. On this beautiful Friday you know he's got everything bought and all Andy's love in this day candidly in Lorenzo Neal as well and the notes. Kerry Keating join us ideal not goats out tour I don't. Our bathroom get a little as a vacation here on the black water being careful be careful with MO there and his is voodoo black magic go there I am not in New Orleans has. At a NASA needs to spaghetti. That's driver that is where your career started New Orleans yeah. Yeah yellow the only cautionary about those spaghetti down stay away from. Favorite spot there favorite spot the playing in live in the whole packages NFL player. Two places in Tennessee and San Diego. Nashville Tennessee absolutely. Unbelievable place net app places what are best kept secret and sandy I can go wrong coach San Diego. I concur on and Nashville eyelid the national 1994. Pre titans pre predators out so I was there before free country music and help me out of them are pretty country. Although I haven't gotten in the country and neither has my audio files on it. By design. Yeah I don't know hot in the country in second trimester. Not playing yeah. Hi Alice. And now gone I listen to some I was on a mission to try to leave tickets for tonight's win in 1994 on the one thing I'm gonna get done yet on any gets and I it's going to come in the game can did a used to make it happen honest John is still I want. I was definitely a place for years ago. I feel are now. But it is a good effort that I've made every effort. On the Jack Daniels and and and none and intensely no notice to make it OJ Paul Gonzalez hit it down only spur double down there went down into debt to lord. That's inject they know. Perhaps you guys can take these Tennessee memories off line we are brought besides body armor sports drink three years ago Clay Johnson made the switch to body armor sports drink. Because he was looking for something better had to Safeway and make the switch to body armor sports drink you too can talk Tennessee till the cows come home right now. The Kagan already and a for the updates. By the lawyers are in San Antonio right now they're up to nothing on the spurs in the Western Conference finals game three is tomorrow Mike Brown David upstate. On on big dollar and Zaza Pachulia. They're both. Still questionable clip of what went through. Everything that we get today. It's also where. Or as a both did practice yesterday who did not practice with cool like Leonard for the spurs he's status remains questionable coverage starts tomorrow at 430 here on 95% in the game. All Andy teens were also announced that Perry and Kevin Durant made the all NBA second team. Jamont green made the all NBA third team quite Thompson received fourteen votes but didn't make the country hungry and not happy about clay is not yet recognize. I think if you go and look. We're what 67 I felt like we probably and it can. Reform. Bob and suddenly things. You know they both won about. We'll. These are unaudited and. Moving on story number two in baseball the rest divers Sonny gray but the offense stepped up CO2 pitch to produces. Laguna mid to deep right center go back bets we'll turn it Bradley we'll turn it. One is gone and it's back to back home runs in the is ticked at 32. Had three out of home are that his cabinet and that can grapple with the call. And sending great settle down and in his 100 career start picked up his first win of the season after an 83 win over the Red Sox series continues. Can upgrade and against Chris failed at that shows 635 for fireworks night here on 957. Heating your home for aids baseball. Giants are in Saint Louis Matt Moore with the start the cards of towners. With Michael locked up and sort of a three Las Vegas stadium authority has unanimously approved the raiders lease agreement helping avoid. Possible delays for 82020 move rusty youth but they the last any changing world you need a local bank with global strength Bank of the West. I'm an exec Aggies on your home for warriors plant basketball and us in the game thank you and a. Bill appreciate your time again even so grace is Syria the station and we can't take enough. My pleasure are out now. Well there it is built land and I as a listener of this station low when you hear a guests say anytime I can help you think you know one. Mr. Lan I think you might be able to help us. Tomorrow morning and it's on the heels of that appearance. We welcome them back bill land joining us here on 9570 games spurs TV play by play voice. Bill thanks for joining us and are you regretting now signing off with any time I can help. Other reminder in this business that. Everything you'd say is recorded and anytime you hit it he oddly. A computer your vote or whatever. Consider going to of the universe and. That's absolutely right mr. Lan and I appreciate you joining us I mean and I say that and I mean that knowing full well that people could be recording this and now thanks for joining us. So we have a little fun with the on the heels of appearing with Roxy and tiny obviously that. 64000 dollar question coast to coast is how was co Y Leonard what's the latest on Kauai Leonard's ankle and his ability. To possibly play tomorrow in game theory. Well I guess inconclusive would be one word answer yesterday. Well in the practice session was opened up to the media. Why it was not active players that comment. You would hear it looks you walk around. But on the keeper dissipated the practiced and popular. Originally that. It would probably be Friday or B game pace Saturday before they know archer went well so. I get to go back again after today and NC a a learn anymore. And I I know haven't worked whisper in for fourteen years that. It's absolutely insane to try to predict. He anytime what Gregg Popovich might say or do so I'll just leave that. The bill Kerry Keating your house fortune enough to start my coach in her Wake Forest with one freshman number 21 Tim Duncan so I understand the evolution. At a through what happens in the spurs' history with Tim and pop in my question for you is. Giving your time and you've seen this evolution is have you seen a shift in pop a little bit maybe putting too much of his potential success in the coli. Do you think that given the spurs' success in the regular season vs gold assay Cleveland Boston collectively. He's picky genuine thought he had a chance it to sneak the title that this year. Where your question Kerry. I got. A problem kind of a long answer but that. Think that. One's development particularly this year just dramatically. Improve I mean he's made great strides every year. I think coming into this season. That that were very competent in what Turkey could do and by Kaka and that's all they knew their real lose. Corporate knowledge in particular the leadership in the defensive work to conduct combat Al would give them a guy who would be if you'll stronger than two. Here's our league and championship. Members in the past. You look though at wide becoming such an incredible. One on one player. That they probably. No way a little bit from from LaMarcus. And as a result collide at the sensational season and then now it kind of gone back duke are the east to the mix with a good balance. To take advantage of collides one on one play but also you've got to keep LaMarcus Aldridge and all he has to be consistently more aggressive so. In the neutral outlook why not there what happens. Markets himself so he probably overbought will be the other. I think we're around lose and mr. land their bill we're gonna put you on hold and try to establish a better connection you know it's bill land. The spurs TV play by play what's on 957 the game carry an interesting description of what happens now without coli Leonard. With Kauai involved and really taken over ball games LaMarcus Aldridge was kind of left on the outside. I really think that this is why pop was so angry. I think. He directed at back at Zaza. Any kind of vented on it because I think he really knew and really felt they had shot. I don't think we'll be back thank you for that we wanted to do is to reestablish. A better line you were explaining about LaMarcus Aldridge in Howell. How does it become more assertive with Kauai Leonard potentially out for game three. I think that LaMarcus as a very intelligent and made a guy who really wants to sit in the and I think that he himself has said that he kind of over thought things after coli exhibit the other day it made double teamed him. And then when he came back for game two. I think we're we're losing their loved. We lost him on together this interest and is a stint asks I was gonna ask seem. Eddie at those big man in this stabs himself in the post and stay there. Patty can do that in then if you don't have quiet it's able to put the home court put an end because when you do that now you can penetrate. Equalize in the two big guys are still only differ rebound and that's why you saw them in game one still only get more rebounds. Because why would penetrate you still got to treason there they can get rebounds that led to second and third Chara shot opportunity. Who now can. Penetrate and also how those two guys to as big men are gonna stabs himself deep in the paint coach. To keep this up a fight it's just a fighting chance. We were blessed in the 957 press road game to that some guy named Jodie to show tune hang out Miette. Shots fired peanut gallery behind us how little peanut gallery in fact Jackson Tracy McGrady. They were lit in their opinions be known how they felt about LaMarcus on his catches. And I think to your point load you look at a guy like LaMarcus and I think what would stack and and tracer saying you gotta get deep catch is meant you can't be sure he's right shoulder fade aways all the times he has a problem Marcus as I see. He's one of the modern day big guys that's so desperately wants to be a Forman. But at its root is a five an old school low block five good feet. Long can put the ball in the basket within this no short distances and he he's become a product of of the generation now of the what Michael Rappaport calls the schemes unification of the league. You know everybody wants to be a guard now and I get this position was but at some point though it's a great point. And in only as a fullback would make appoint a fullback true fullback committee elected he did get close get it inside got busted out. High percentage. Via big man and and that's what they did when they had Tony Parker feed it into it's it's him and run and those cuts in the that was the beautiful game before the worst of that beautiful game on her over so. If cool wise not a 100% the only chance the spurs have to get wanna get back in the series. It is LaMarcus responding. To coach Popovich you've got to step up and getting deep paint catches and put pressure on the war. Oh of some recent why does so many times you hear it playoffs the MacWorld time. Playoffs really doesn't start the series don't start to the home team loses. Is that why does it feel like this home team of this the home team now is going to be dispersed the plan don't. Why does it feel like that's forgone conclusion. That does reference in the bill I just feel like pop this kind of really figured out that he needs of put everything in the coli and that's the dangerous proposition because obviously now one injury can change that whole thing. I also think it's a prod the fact the warriors have now you give a little I said this in the first pregame blow to your point. The second that this gets it even after the first game were down one. Be a lot of nervous know he's around Bay Area. And it was that close to happen it was still that close to happen after coli went out they had to do some good omens where they went away from what you are due. And share in the ball Steve Kerr style. Shifted to a little bit isolate Canadian staff carry ministry in my Claire were kind of trudging along so. I think it's a combination of both things in this series it's because the uncertainty of coal wise ability to to make it through one game let alone five more. And how good the war is actually are when you give them a lead. And effective in of the overcome their inability to close out game threes in the past which they did this year twice are ready with Portland in the jazz. They're right back on that game three trend and I can guarantee you Mike Brown Steve curve bring up the fact we cannot let this be our game three slip ups you've had to know so far of the game threes. We struggle with that last year we gotta get all our ducks in a row because that team on their side. Home court was gone twelve minutes. 82 games get home court the Celtics gone twelve minutes saw home court does immunity in the East Coast now because that thing is just a wrap a pretty good. Soft does the number 11 of the softest number one seeds we've seen in modern basketball team nine winning 55 games yet. Getting the top seed in the conference the voice here is Kerry Keating easing for Joseph Ford mine Dan dimly. The four time pro bowler Lorenzo Neal alongside as well up in fifteen minutes Antonio Daniels will get his insights on what looks to be. An NBA finals pairing that's all but set with the cavaliers up one game to none game to. Tonight of the eastern finals warriors up two games to none in the spurs with game three. Tomorrow the all NBA teams. Are out the first team including no Golden State borders LeBron James makes it along with co Y Leonard Anthony Davis. Russell Westbrook and the only unanimous selection James Harden who received all 100. First team votes Russell Westbrook 99. Of 101. Team votes two questions for you Kerry and you listeners out there you can certainly wane as well AAA. 9579570. Or on the Penske auto sales dot com text line. At 95795. If you took the lawyers the court for lawyers staff JD. Claim dream on you could take any other fifth player in the league. Other than the first all NBA team. Who win that game carry you yet for lawyers in your pick of any player. Going up against LeBron co Y Anthony Davis pardon and Westbrook AAA 9579570. If you wanna weigh in on that. As we try and see. If the lawyers and be able to beat what would really be a true super team. Mean those foreign Janice. At the Cooper yes well done nice duty to ASEAN. Flying colors and a blood from humble in how good coach of that team and I never come back the more so with that team I may be eulogized. Take that big fat paycheck that gives gets to be in the head coach out there and head coach of that team to a lot of victory. Latte hood. Just for that. And I promise you I'm nine and giving that team you have to worry about that Aetna. And Goodell you that that would be I'd be interesting to see that matchup because. It's in choosing what call wiley and it can do out on the perimeter hand LeBron. That you just haven't seen that. Kweisi aids phenomenal defender in the idea of Anthony Davis in the mix a guy that it's a big man can't shoot they can get boards. They can do it all he's good at three colon he's not elected to Andre Jordan the sky can make free those. Can run run he can pregnant bring the ball up he's a seven footer so he's toughening you know Russell Westbrook can do skies amazing. Penetrate and I think if you had those guys in jail obvious and a school play game right now. How would have to take the dubs because they they know their offense they jail but if you gave these time teams both. Some time equal amount of time to prepare. I just think it's assisted they're too they're too good to only liability in me would be James Harden because it's lackluster defense. I think there was the ten best personally. I mean all due respect to go there and Isiah Thomas mic and second team and obviously Jimmy Butler and beyond dream they have good players in their own right. Maybe Carl Anthony 2000 John Wall given the seasons at they have had an argument for this season. Yeah but I think dream monocle a KD instead Dion us in the first team all yeah I think those are the town watched. A 150 MB games this year almost every home warrior game liven it exposed NBA. More than I ever have before from greater appreciation for now really got a chance to break down and evaluate players. On the other side of the wars ball and I was in the in the in oracle I think those of the ten best. Basketball players in the association right now. Would you would you not take. Take if you sit edible these guys and told me to pick one of these guys that think that he is me more whole game. I take poll followed George over change art. I think it's receipt and make any of the first three all NBA teams he was among the also receiving both Carl Anthony towns. Somebody in the tech science at they'd take pride they towns as the fifth player. To go along with those lawyer four stars to be a part of a team that maybe could match up when that all NBA first team Dre on green. Not surprisingly was quoted yesterday there are some sound from dream on he's always. Willing to share his opinion but he said what you talked about being named to the third team of all NBA. We are very proud of our. And those bush felt. Only dream of open that. So. That he's question. Also up about it. He would consider. Top ten. Dream on received 41 team votes the only one on that third team. To receive votes for the first team but the bigs now one of the most. Giant snobs a mall is clay Thompson who was left off all three teams and dream on green of course had comments on that as well epic. And Nolan. We looked around. Me who went through seven someone we probably. Had a things. Reform. Seven listens. They by Islamabad we it's. We are unaudited and yeah I think history. I'd agree with their meant to be it a team that was threatening seventy wins a 67 win team. To not get all four of those guys on the three teams. Jamont said clay is one of their top three guys. Are drama of who the top three. Has one of the two between you staffing Katie isn't in that top three if in fact plays in that top three so I was kind of hoping someone step up or say how really. They drama whose top three of Claes and a top three whose get left out of that top three of the big four. I think drain Monmouth stated he'd be the one left out. I think you guys at relatives say it is the right thing to say I think he's one of the best I think he's the MVP of the team given his value on both sides I said this all year long yes. He's not maybe the best. Well it's it's hard even center console and I don't even know that the right way to he's a arraignment he's a glue them all and yes. He's everything to this team and a great Sports Illustrated article about Steve and how he handled dream on and a whole little wants in the McConnell led in a little bit to what the team is missing with Steve's voice and Steve's mind not present on the court. As much as his ability to help Mike off the court. Is that feel that you have in the huddle to push buttons of a guy that was a great example of how there was a game where I think staffing clay were struggling. And drama on taken one shot and Steve turner drama say they dress with a hell he's doing. And dram on knew right away why Steve had done it didn't react but he knew that the reaction would be I gotta get on the guy right that for coach. Is you can't put a daily price on that. You can't pay guy enough to have that type of impact on the superstar team than on any team it's gonna win championships so. I think that is exactly supporting the the notion that dream on. In essence should be when it's also in the one of the top guys got for you got more first did you vote in May and staff and and and Katie. He got more first place votes together and everyone on the second team except for Rudy go Barre who got all the votes because you have senate vote in the senate position AAA not by 79570. Mitch. Is in Jersey. Mitch agrees with you dream on was a bit snubbed what's up Mitch good morning you're on with. With low dips and Kerry Keating. Good morning guys know local. Angela caring Karen. Love Jersey guys call me on California businesses is a bonus slow pitch is great dollar mission do you read that dream on got snubbed is that right. He guided glee questions to be deadly if say you know especially. Great week he's kinda. Then the size four and goodies don't replace them for most guys to count the popular content who's got. The heightened they'll point is like you know like dorsal when he won MVP and my child even now but these guys you know I strike it. Pressure eat patiently by the collar couple Copley Place in the first person. I think in the Clay County region that can respond to them. Like a little bit too ideas classroom. I wish you play more like Kobe just took quite disappeared cut too much. Thank you mean for the car caught appreciate that and I have a good day out in Jersey clay turns it off a little bit too much Gerri how aggressive. How much more aggressive would you like in the C because for me. It's a little bit hurting when he comes of that second unit he shows the tentatively that he doesn't he's not been scoring. At the same radio and the regular season. I'm a big proponent clay I've gone on record as saying that effect can be reincarnated in next life I want a comeback as clay. He's got all the tools he's got an even keel nothing phases him believe me we are way more worried about clay think clay is right now. And what I think tear pointed to there once saying he's got to make more shots and knock going in. For me coach and a guy like clay he's got to get more shots he's got to have a higher usage got to get Baghdad back into rhythm as early as you can they haven't needed it yet. Gonna need it come June 1 per share so let's hope that these next two games if not three depend on what happens. In the in the in in San Antonio we get clay back on track as we're not going to be. Beat the Cleveland Cavaliers without clad high level. You need all hands on deck to take down the cavs if in fact these two teams meet. In the NBA finals which start on June 1 Antonio Daniels thirteen year NBA veteran get a join us next we'll get the national perspective. On this Western Conference finals from Antonio it's Jolo and gives Kerry is in for Joseph on 9570 game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven to gain. Welcome back Joseph lo and did scary didian for Joseph Ford -- enjoying a day off on this beautiful be you know full. Bay Area Friday up in fifteen minutes. We'll talk to the backup guard Shaun Livingston. Of your Golden State Warriors will also have tickets to giveaway to the whole world tour featuring imagine dragons with a group love. And clay October 3. At shoreline states infidelity and great trivia questions coming your way. For tickets to the evil world tour right now it's my pleasure to bring in our next guest. Thirteen year NBA veteran serious serious XM NBA host. Antonio Daniels follow him on Twitter at eight Daniels 33. Good morning Antonio housing Dolan. I'm up Abdullah Peggy got government. Appreciated so warriors up two games to none on your former team the San Antonio Spurs what's the mood around San Antonio concerning. Kauai Leonard's ankle and their ability to maybe make a series this. I honestly it didn't go down here in San Antonio in a lot of trigger point going onto the market ought. You know people understand a lot of energy into it. You know. Unfortunate incident and he did not make it hurt their chances get eighteen that it. How much it. Golden State Warriors but I'll. The majority. On here in the market order and it lack of production due to play our mainly into his own state. Antonio we got to educate the warriors fans out here how important you aren't tied into their success given the fact that. Steve Kerr spent a lot of valuable time with the spurs when you're a big part of this trade. That got Steve to the spurs so let's give you some props or prop should do out here that. War is ended appreciative more appreciative of AD. 33 but let me ask you this have you seen since your time playing for pop and obviously apart of the 99 title in four years with him. Have you seen a fundamental change in pop as the evolves. Really more than what people see just the curmudgeon in the in the media conference but his coaching stuff for your time plain and now obviously government has part of the media. You know that they expect about optimal to there'd be career. Whitney port he would Gregg Popovich big bet in the account to the public airwaves it would Gregg Popovich got an emblem it culture. And blind and when he culture and then Antonio. In 1990. I cannot now. And remember in 1999. Probably one. Blocks away from being at a time and a lot of people. And you ended. Up at colonial it. We borrowed and used in Mitchell partly because. And it's funny how 11. Win one. You know oil and chemistry in the arms. Outward beauty BP. In the outer it will Gregg Popovich and now look at look at. And what about Brad Park remote it wants inability to change with the dots that you think about when he came into India comps. At that. I hate the world today the McCain he ever indicate that he changed right. From the Tim Duncan admitted. In game two Tony Parker amounted to do. You know got out with steel academic part the success that and it took part and technical and and all polls on his plate. You need to do to get mole and bad that it ought to look at do. You know how long been taught me different. Read Bob dart a lot of credit for a lot of the court Eric and I don't. They. This is sunk about this next game. If core I is not as quiet plays and they happen moves. Can you see probably it's to sit him down for the remainder of the series. Unarmed. And at that part will be. It would be. Knowing pop. Hour. Or. Why not not Ebert can now. A lot of ago he cared about the play he cared more about the player any doubt you care more in the future big. You. Want it kept Michigan out. That we thirteen and camp out and we did not kept. Tim Duncan. And which. Came to the player he. Ought to pop you know albeit quietly. Because you. Can't go out about. The portly I think that it can't. He's not concerned about the practice all. The give. Did you. Use in game six. Antonio Daniels joining us here on 957. Games thirteen years in the league former spur works with serious X and is an NBA holes to the all NBA teams. Are out the first team. Listed LeBron James collide Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden and Russell Westbrook put the voting Antonio seems to be a little bit. Irregular I I saw your Twitter timeline someone voted coli Leonard. On the third team somebody put LeBron James on the second team. What are we need to do to shore this up Antonio something that's become so important players and their contracts. You. The the. And sometimes these ought to become part. If you economy. And it occurred on dart game. Upon game in Iraq the web or call eight in the second game yeah okay. To. Not let me that you. You're here. Would. Be part but the credit card game. To the second game. You can lead to pick uninsured because on human. Egg and. At the corner and see him consult. An. It. Should be opted. It blows me away the fact that these things are are tied together. James Harden receives 100 votes for the first team Russell Westbrook received. 99 does this give us any indication on how the MVP award might go when it's announced in the middle of summer sometime. I. Guarantee you. Outlook I'll guarantee you that rebel web report in any day. And Antonio Daniels guaranteeing. I'd. Gotten nothing compared to compared to meet now any different you know working with. Oklahoma City under your blocking covering the Westbrook every game at these and they're not being Beckett completely but the wet what went and BDC. They do you'll Russell. Finish his career in OKC. I eat it. Yeah I'd better every idea I've brought UCLA south saw him as a fourteen year old that has seen the beginning so you gotta first row seat now maybe the end and here in the middle will we see Russell finished no Casey. The question to answer I know what Russell Westbrook would like McCain. And step in the right direction. Getting you don't. Typically. Predictable. And not yours you still want. You don't want to get them out block ability. To gain an adequate. That's not something new and it you'd get. Out Kevin. Obama and Gordon. Chang beat tiger. Entitlement. Forgot we can help it shorter about the electric. Can't say. It heads. Up. If you wanted to compete. It is hard to join them as. Hope awkward spot a commitment to war or. To go to ball. You don't need competing. And Antonio. Did you. It can't be in tiger land. By Antonio as we have seen in the past this is something that was happening in the eighties would lakers and Celtics didn't seem to be that much of an outcry. Back then that we heard. Going over the notes earlier and in 87 when those teams met for the NBA. Title there were eight hall of famers on the floor and if it halves against warriors this year. I don't think we'll have eight hall of famers on the floor in a real over blowing this whole idea of super teams being bad for the NBA. The net change. Eight we got out because I'll cut. Their chemistry art. Like yours. And in. League cup. And local. About. That. We need to find out why. One of the time. It. You YouTube. And payment and which have been. Who don't there's a group Antonio is we're adding it up and we figured if you it was staffed clay dream on and JD on the warriors signed. And then you went with a LeBron James and try every Irving and the cap side who would be that missing seventh all Famer. Oh. Kevin Love you put in the mall. Not made it you don't. If you look at. Right now to what he's on everybody you want to get renovate the corporate career not you have a championship added that it while the what I it to me on now. You know it article amicably advocate that typically have a cat exhibit they would do what. But how do you look at it indeed twenty can't you can't be at duke and beat when it comes to begin the beer now. In just a notion which we had somebody and put in the same case for Andre Iguodala and idea that you put Kevin Love and just interesting how. That. You communicate. Well. I'll get it. On the court but it career and gone. I look at the look at Pete intangible. So much that you know. An opt. And kept. You know I don't know what you're. Fantastic stuff Antonio Daniels follow him on Twitter at age Daniels 33 appreciate you joining us and enjoy the series and we'll talk. NBA finals. I enjoyed opera that you. Antonio Daniels appreciate that Ted good inside I had thought of the Kevin Love angle Dutch. He's got some juice now yeah I know and I've it's she's American morning a little guy on him on early to get us all going Mac and I guess inducement. I was expecting that last night's that'll midway jolt the carriers through the end of. Ours been set high for our next gas to hopefully will join us from San Antonio and moments warriors guard Shaun Livingston air we have tickets to giveaway. To devolve. World tour. All that's next instilled in dibs on 9570 game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Joseph blow and did 0957. Game Joseph Ford by enjoying a day off Kerry Keating is. Slid in at. In his place Lorenzo Neal four time pro bowler alongside myself. Did diddley on an absolutely spectacular. Friday morning here in the Bay Area let's see how it is. In San Antonio the Alamo city for that we go live to the phones and a friend of the program he's been great all year. On the court and on the show Shaun Livingston joining us here on 9570 games Sean what's good in Texas right now good morning. Good morning and didn't settle there and that's sexually sexually NightCall. Always always warm always tied down here but. I argued and so they've had reasonable. Beautiful and how he would go from playing any game on a Tuesday to have been three days off how do you stay fresh how do you stay locked in a for game three it still is. More than 24 hours away. Yeah mentally I mean it's it's you know it's more of a mental preparation. Go on court over ago. You know look and see what we can do better what adjustments are gonna make the archive victory but the rest is also reports you a couple of days off. You know the bank of bruises. You know you feel and here rated ago. Sonny does or Terry because of playing good stand together. How big it is a packed your defense with you on the road in and what's the biggest difference from the biggest transition plan on the road compared home. Just manage you know manage the crowd minutes in the ruins. You know on the game it's. It's a game around you know him and you know when you're on the road. There's so many other factors that come into play you know sometimes. You know the opposing crowd so. When they're going to run educated here your teammates you can hear the play. You know and so it's important you know it is. That's where experience comes in that's where the communication comes and you know the leadership that we you know marked each other you know hold each other accountable. All the little details come in the play on the role because you know what it's hard to get a win on the road in the playoffs. Song carry Ki yak co host a pregame radio show before all your guys' games and had a chance to really. Girl a greater appreciation for you have a senior in high school and out recruiting back in the day in early 2000 that Tennessee UCLA and have. Really got a chance to appreciate even more and you come back and you're you're longevity. What what our elected leader says some I don't 'cause I thought the game one obvious answer was Canadian staff Karen you guys good. A look at the aide points that you provided off elbow split the lefty Duncan in the big tip doubt that led to the tied up three that. Steffi it and then years three haven't sat on the bench for three quarters in the Big Three hit in the fourth Jose points really the biggest difference for me as a coach's. What what I like it is shed some light on is the best mentality stand ready standard bill how difficult is it at this level. And even for you this league your career. Sit sit and watch the game flow when they get yourself into that right away and make such an impact like you do. Yeah I mean it's is and you look Gideon's situation on the incident recorders you know what you come major bird shot nine victories. You know it takes. On this particular lot of confidence in his game and coaches they do a great job as well communication I think that Turkey. You know communicating. With your players on their roles so they can understand. You know what you expect from you know I know sometimes you know it it changes game again right and match ups. Can change the whole scenario of the game. You know whether public place. Usually our core guys starters there's no other applicable for the minutes in the playoffs. You know it takes everybody. It's the you know coach curry has never been shot at a place. You know. A lot of guys in the rotation in the playoffs you know pro gun and you know Tampa twelve. Com you know also if it takes it takes unit and everybody. Stay ready and that's the mentality. You know when your number's called you never know what's gonna happen. You've got to stay ready so we saw. Prepare ourselves that way you practice. For the game in and so what the game you know what's your game to start from what once were taught you know rate ago. Warrior guard Shaun Livingston joining us here on 957. Game tickets for all lawyers home playoff games are now on sale at lawyers dot com Sean is part of that. Bench mentality as a veteran. Yourself and Andre Iguodala in particular David West as well as it helping the young guys like Patrick McCall. And c'mon looney when he's healthy damion Jones helping to teach them about what it's like. BA I contributing bench member. I think so I think so to any any time you. Better leadership team and you have guys that are. You know willing to put the working you have guys that are proven in this league have been around. Has had success in the sleek little. You know that you have guys like that coming off the bench as well you know looking at their mentality. You know watching. Andre and David the way that they don't work tripled to wait to hear themselves play. It doesn't just start you know they don't is in the game. You know it'd start to practice restart before practice you know guys in the way it will permit them to take care of the bodies. On the intrigue. You know the detection shops and know that in that mentality is important for. On a young player coming in this league that's really try to reach his potential and you know it would you have you have that guidance when you have that that. You have modeled follow that they can make it you know it makes it easier to. To release phone. So I don't tell your leader that the game and what she does go to them notable when you motorboat on but there was a plane ride for the past time. Some called kind of head down came to the bench. Any kind of sought you out and sit next seed in song whisper. Just seeing kind of liking Kyrgyz those one of those moments which you know lead you to become eighty teacher. Absolutely absolutely amazed anytime you know like we which occurred we encourage communication. You know regardless of you know. What what's going on on the floor when you come to the bench I mean you know I'll wanna know which NC. You know look at again what's so important is out there when you know it's a five man unit you know the players the players are. You know the coach says it's you know players have to be in unison you know coach. That they can only see so much outrage from the bench and nick and try to make the right calls right. You know right play called all the right strings were all. When you're out there on the you know on the field on the court you know what you guys have to be in unison. And it's that communication. That that brilliant Akita inventor of. How important is it for you guys to have Steve Kerr president San Antonio whether or not he'll be on the bench yet to be determined for tomorrow night's game that. Just having him around in the locker room at halftime. This is not to disparage my brown has done a terrific job but how important is it for Steve Kerr to just be around you guys during these games. Yeah now my might that the creature. You know he's he's he's really no field. And done well. You know what happened to you round you know as. I mean it is great arms went from being. You know this time of year this is where is his value as president. You know really build. It's because of experience he's had the players and coaches after that. So the four main. You have a 14 you know four championships as a player wanted to coach. Lately from the great players played doubles you know the the Great Depression situations. You know on on each level. It to have his voice to calming. They get the calming. Experience for a you know when he speaks you know we all listened as players we know he knows what he's talking about. He's been there he's done it. And it's just great to have his presence and personality and so you know we would definitely enjoy that. We'll hopefully guys can handle your business get it done in San Antonio and earn yourself a nice eight daybreak heading. Into the NBA finals John thanks for joining us this morning looking game three. All right thanks so much appreciated. Shaun Livingston here on 957 the game tickets for all lawyers playoff games at home now on sale. And moyers dot com. Even in the event of a sellout there are always last minute holds and secondary tickets for resale available at lawyers dot com the only. Verified marketplace. For all. Warriors take it need speaking at tickets we have some to give away. Right now give us a call or answer the trivia question AAA. 9579570. AAA at 9579570. He'll win tickets to the evil world tour imagine dragons with group glove and clay October 3. At shoreline tickets go on sale today. At 10 AM. At live nation the dot com the trivia question. Prior to last night's victory vs the Red Sox who was the last team the Sonny gray got to win against triple laid. 957957. His first one to call in with Greg dancer will win tickets to the Volvo world tour imagine dragons with a group loved. And clay October 3. Atta shoreline coming up next we're gonna talk more. About game three of the Western Conference finals we'll get an update. On Kauai letter to react to some of the things Shaun Livingston said Jerry Keating is in for Joseph Ford mod Jolo and tips on 957 the game.