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Monday, July 17th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs share their thoughts on Ezekiel Elliot's night club skirmish as news continues to develop. Then they discuss any trades that could happen in the MLB before the deadline. Host of the John Clayton Show, John Clayton joins the show. 


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Jason Cole and amp L reporter from Bleacher Report is gonna join us at 645. For all things National Football League specifically. As it relates to a big big day for the Washington Redskins. Kirk cousins. And perhaps the San Francisco 49ers but still and it is not a five point seven game count down to training camp continues. Seven days from today. Boys and girls seven days from today rookies report to Napa Valley. For Oakland raider training camp 2017. The raiders a team on the rise as high expectations. Can you maintain we've seen this before the Houston Astros are perfect example young team. Clicks surges in the playoffs comes back riding high the next year. Falters. The key is to avoiding that falter coming up in just a moment but there's another team. Facing similar if not greater expectations. And the Oakland Raiders someone on the raiders' schedule. That is facing a big big problem as it stands this morning. According. To. Tim for Malia different for Clinton Mike Fisher cowboy insider. 1053. And the fans. CBS sports. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel. Elliott was involved in a quote late night altercation at collection bar. The imminent Texas over the weekend apparently it was a fight with a bouncer now. This news continues to develop but this is on the heels ever report from ESPN's Adam shaft there. That there is a growing. Concern amongst the cowboys that Elliott is headed for a small suspension a short suspension. To start the season for previous domestic violence. Accusations. Low the concern level in Dallas today as you wake up Monday morning. Come walking in this studio in C in bright red letters on ESPN breaking. Ezekiel yet and then another negative story line. Put on an up there's got to be concerned there's got to be concerned. Players coaches ownership. This is your star player. It's a guided. Easier on him banks don't necessarily go to top five top ten using a first round but now we see too tied to star and it changed because of this guy. Because of the way this rookie played last year. You helped other guys and now he's seen two guys we saw it. A guy who's not even necessarily a feature back but a guy who can play ran back eight spec receiver do a lot of things. EC when he in the point eight pick to Carolina Panthers are on Stanford player B could be you know McCaffery because of the things he can show versatility. You saw the big kid you know edit Elin issue. Orally so. Zeke aliens had a lot of them do with a lot of these young kids getting drafted early joke in the first round word trend that was and we didn't see. So now you're at a Dallas Cowboys you put a lot of time and energy and you want this guy I didn't want your phases of your franchise is. Here's a guy that you got to sit down weighed in you gotta say look. Enough is enough. You're out here come and in the league you had a little press with you know a young lady and now you know you're out here on the I know you're on a float and you pull the ladies sure got even though you guys hung out later. In you guys hooked up and all those other things was around it's not a good look for you it's not a good look for you it's not a good look for your image it's not a good look for our team and organization. We're getting ready to start training camp in your focal point. I'm not just the offense put our team so I am without a doubt. It should be some growing concerns in Dallas because this guy's only in his second year in you see in these things start to train. And you gotta make sure you get ahead of this because in effect. He has a good time because it affected you go look at these incidents what's going on what's involved what's been content alcohol. With that they are good young lady alcohol this with a bouncer inside of a cook he was strength and so when you start to see a child on that was a Marty croft Mardi Gras float out of Sarah involve involve her questions so you got to grab this guy and say. I understand your have been a good time. But what your dual image you're jeopardizing your future if future earnings so yes joke there is concerns in big down. Ellis what do you laid out can be boiled down to one word pattern. There's a pattern here. Early in your rookie career domestic violence accusations a lot of people say you were wrongfully accused OK we can sit back and we can wait for the story to play itself out. Then you've got the situation on the float OK you were just having a good time the young lady didn't necessarily mine. Now it's an incident with that I'll turn a nightclub this is a pattern that's three. That we know about you always have to wonder dams if these are the once you know about what's going on with the stopped dead doesn't make it's that SS. Viewing year in college junior and much more coddle environment where the police are more likely to be on your side they're more likely to believe your story smaller towns smaller fish bowl. Obviously there's influence of the gone accordingly and. It's gonna be interesting to see not only how this gets resolved but it has me thinking about gearing Conley quite frankly because he. In Columbus, Ohio and that's Rosie do LA it's incident happened he's got his own difficulties there and you just hope for his sake that. This trouble that is there gets put behind him and whatever happened. Once it criminal and that he avoids what you're talking about which is a pattern because Ezekiel Elliott this is now three instances. Of bad decision making. You bring up Conley. Are you alarmed at all that or seven days from camp an A he's not under contract because B we still haven't found any resolution. In this situation that forced him to slide to the raiders which is a potential. I'm domestic violence sexual assault allegation that took place I am. Georgia and I was alarmed grenade when they took him I was surprised that they took him and you know Reggie McKenzie and company said they were a 100% certain that this wouldn't be an issue. Indian Reggie we trust absolutely but. As we sit now week from my training camp starting for the rookies he still not sign you gotta have some concern well. Did you think this would be wrapped up by now one week from camp yet you would think it would be because Reggie. In the organization they Cindy you know kicked the tires on this very in depth. They say they went out on the talk to different people in that community. Whether it's law and local law enforcement who tails all the different things they have. Every teen Joseph has their security. On their team and also the security guys that also work with the NFL that's been ex FB IC IA this law Lex ex law enforcement. Every single team has that layers on that connected with these different cities so you think that they would kick the tires you said that he was. And you saw the way Reggie has came out and said hey. We trust this process we trusted everything's going to be okay you can't afford to be wrong special at the cornerback position. The things it you're trying to do as an organization and get better and take steps in the right direction. Here's a young kid that you want him to come in. You feel that you got a steal. That's why you drafted this guy because a lot of teams wouldn't want to touch it because all the things that are going on with domestic violence the raiders took a swing on this. End their act like they didn't take a swing. But if this thing works out both in their favor they have a pretty good player where they drafted at so it's come into saint but it to your point. Yes I am surprised it'd take this long. As it pertains to the cowboys I think this might be the ultimate sell high candidate for the 2017 season. Not so much because of what's going on with Elliott. Right now Vegas has an over under win total for the cowboys and nine and a half. At the Westgate Super Bowl in Las Vegas nine and a half wins. I think you've got a team that's gonna be right real high coming in the lack this season based on last year and I think they're gonna have gotten caught reading their press clippings a bit too much and they're getting popped in the mouth. Listen to the schedule right your face in the first place scheduled a season. Gonna open with the giants who beat you twice last season. Then you're on the road at Denver on the road at Arizona. Coming home to face the rams and the Packers. For your opening five games of the season but you also got road dates at the raiders late in the season. You've got an improved Philadelphia team on your schedule twice. You've got I believe five new defenders. Based on what happened to the roster last season Barry church and some others are gone he got a quarterback in deck press got with the league it's had a season to figure out low out of the cowboys. I think by low around icy and I think sell high I don't see them winning the NFC east I don't even off the backs a plan. No I got to giants when that we had a discussion last week I think did I mean it. A young kid that young kid you nobody got those cuts and sea legs in a National Football League and I think he. They're not going to follow much at the running back position like this awful Morse in kid I loved ones that washed and with the rest of Redskins. I thought to Dallas Cowboys should be used to more. He's a guy that can run well in this scheme. He runs are you saw what he did Washington Redskins. I thought they were NC QL it too much this year she despair in news or use the L for more some more but yet without a doubt this team when you looked at last year their offense kept them in a lot of games. Even though with the show on quarterback the things he did. I had trouble with his leg stole the ball make Smart decision that he was a saint quarterback but their defense I think the defense really let him down a lot last year you saw that like Green Bay Packers given up a third and 25. To lose that game that would account Opel and city NFC championship game so as I digress are digest rather. I look at this stuff I've been missing for a week and sunglasses are still here and so they are point two I think that they are more to fall off Joseph. And I think this quarterback you gonna see teams try to get after Malone. But I still think he's gonna perform well but I still see them having the weapons special when it comes a deep. Glad you mentioned the Redskins because that's a perfect Segway the Redskins at 1 PM today had a massive. Decision on their hands at 1 PM today you're gonna know a lot. About Washington and its future more importantly you might know a lot more about San Francisco's future that's coming up next Jolo and did not five point seven again. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo and its 95 point seven the game. Today is a big day. Big contracts being discussed for the San Francisco giants' big problems in big. Big decisions. For the Washington Redskins which leads us into this segment. Oh by the way we get a thousand bucks to give away right around 658659758759. Cash contest is back. Green Day tickets to giveaway at 845. Question for you and you'll be able to find this on our Twitter account as well at 957 game. Would you like to see Kirk cousins in a San Francisco 49ers uniform come 2018. That could become a very realistic proposition. At 1 PM today. Today. Is July 17. The final day for any player in the NFL who was hit with a franchise tag to reach an agreement would his current team on a long term. Deal. If it's not done by 1 PM today. That's it you're playing up the season under attack. Kirk cousins is one of five players who was hit but the tag. This offseason the other four Chandler Jones and Arizona. Jason Pierre Paul in New York with the giants Melvin Ingram with the Los Angeles chargers and col one short with Carolina Panthers. All reached long term agreements. Cousins. Is set to make. 23 point nine million dollars on the franchise tag this year if the teams can't reach it long term agreement this is the second time until have been tacked. Last year he was tagged as well at a cost of nineteen point nine trillion so how. Matter what happens if there's no long term deal preached today cousins is gonna make 43 point eight million between last year and this year for your money. Money that's freaking great money is yet this is ligament and its that's a quarterback that. It's not necessarily an elite quarterback he's in good quarterback. You know I don't putting necessarily in the top ten quarterbacks so with Debbie and say he don't get paid. He's gonna get paid. I don't think Washington Redskins gonna pay this guy I really don't believe he's going to be a triggerman if they wanted to dump Joseph it's been two years they've had to use it aside they're not doing it. Great point great point it. A deal is not reached Washington has the opportunity to throw the franchise tag on cousins again next year. I would cost them 34. Point four million dollars from one year and be ten million more than anybody else is making. Two million more than anybody else is making for Kirk cousins at that point Ellen may over 75 million in three years now there's another option the transition to act. That would cost 28. Point seven million. Other teams to stepping in with a offer sheet that Washington would have seven days to match you could essentially poison pill the Washington Redskins. Where they couldn't match it and he's yours let's assume that 1 PM comes and goes today and the Redskins do not get a deal done. We Kirk cousins. Did do you wanna see the niners go after him free agency next year. Absolutely I think what you have in sever ciscos the team that two or three years away. And if that happens with the development continues in the GM and head coach find the players to fit their scheme. The big question mark is will he be able to find a franchise changing quarterback in the draft and if you don't. Then you're stuck in the same position the you are right now I think Kirk cousins is good enough. And he's shown that he can be successful with Shanahan so bring him in roll the dice and make him your guy. Modi you like the idea of the niners going out and signing Kirk cousins next year because the situation at the moment. The niners have about 65. Million dollars in cap space that's the most of any team the National Football League. Cleveland's in the second and about 53 million to think about that right now the niners have about 65 million out there. They can make the move would you wanna see them do it next year and then no I wouldn't. I look at his semen disorganization I think that they build and in the trenches you see with the guys that they went out and did in what they went owner doing continue to do but I think that this is a franchise in need to go it and continue to build in the draft. I think once you get the quarterback you say your clock starts automatically when you look at what's gone on you see the guys in UCLA. Kid from Wyoming from Fresno good they have some good young quarterbacks coming up. And if you're building like that now you have a group of guys that you're going to have. The view gonna have them under your and your tool which for the next four to five years. You go bring in a rookie quarterback he still gets in draft picks name going to be able to compete nexus silly for super Bork playoffs next year could you don't have necessarily all these weapons so go ahead and stay with the draft you gonna be able to get that quarterback did you want. You now he can get B would Shanahan and they can grow together so I don't think that I would square after him because I don't think this organization is ready to compete. Would just give in quarterback picture. That's an excellent point because cousins is gonna be 28 and August you would be acquiring him at let's be honest. Twenty million or so a year conservatively. On a contract that's probably get a hobby to run about 45 years. So you're looking about a commitment of somewhere in the neighborhood of 6075. Million guarantee these. Over the course of that deal. That'll start when he's 29 years old and ends somewhere around the time he's 34 years old. For rebuild you kind of have to assume the first couple years of Kirk cousins might not go very far. So by the time you were ready to make that push assuming cousins your guy he's 323334. Years of eight. On the flip side you don't take this avenue. Keep the caps Mason you spend it elsewhere to address the line the defense what have you you go in the next year's draft. You're gonna have the following quarterbacks out there at your disposal most of which you Marty mentioned Josh Rosen from UCLA. Josh Allen from Wyoming so. Anyone Elisa beat the booking lashing knows this room loves Wyoming Alan 65234. Pounds from. So maybe we're a big fan of Josh downs on the program Lamar Jackson will be coming out of Louisville. And Sam Arnold possibly out of USC he would be the best in the business although there reports he might wanna stay a second year. So to invest this much money and Kirk cousins could Shanahan and lynch get this roster turned around in time dads to be ready to contend while cousins is still on his prime. Absolutely and I think you see that turnarounds can happen quicker than you think and it started already this year with the draft low match in the players they brought in the certainly seems going to get better and they didn't give me finally have. A direction now in which they're going to me the number one thing that would sway me toward making this move is. The sink the patient the union between cousins in Janning and that's the most important thing on any football team is the offensive coordinator the head coach in this case both. And the quarterback being on the same page. You've seen dozens be successful Shanahan before. There's no reason to think he can't come do it here Seattle's being Dowayne. Arizona's quarterback has all the rams are not then now's the time to strike not a three years you must strike while the iron is hot John Henry. It. And that is have I missed that and I ask you one and I weren't asking I need my fix. We're gonna continue this will take your calls as well what you need to see from Kirk cousins this year in Washington. In order to jump on the train for the 49ers to sign him. This offseason that plus the raiders and all the latest in big. 95 point seven again. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven games. He's an NFL insider host of the John Clayton show which you can catch from ten to noon on 710 ESPN Seattle follow him on Twitter at Clayton ESPN it's great John Clayton. We joke. Low and JD on 95 point seven a game John good morning you thank you for your time we'll jump right into it. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kansas city's in for a more troubling year that some feel trapping Patrick my homes is gonna put more pressure on Alex Smith. The first time Smith checks down. To a six yard out on 38 the crowd's gonna grumble for a guy who's probably not ready to play in the NFL yet you combine that would be very tricky schedule. That features a six week stretch. At Houston vs Pittsburgh at the raiders burst Denver. Dallas at the giants I think this team's infer aggression what say you won the chiefs this season. A little bit of a regression but not a complete regression on the quarterback front on the going to be any threat of all this year. It's almost like Colin Capp critics situation when he was strapped it and it can Alex Smith is now going through this for the second time when Holmes is ready which is going to be more next year than this year. That's one anecdote so he saw politics to the middle of the season the second year calling cabinet and knock out Alex Smith it's probably going to be the same thing because he's too raw. The idea is that the court to hear Alex you have to think there will get a look over your shoulder. Because he's good enough to get them into the playoffs but not good enough to get them deep into the playoffs when playoff games against better quarterbacks and that's the idea. A trapped in homes but where I think they're gonna have some issues is that you know they've now lost four key guys in the front office. And maybe that's not going to reflect on this season but it could reflect on the future getting guys because they lose John Dorsey they fired him Chris Ballard went to Indianapolis will. Lewis is respected in his scouting circles he was not renewed in their cap. App guys. Act and is no longer there they let him go and for this year and last into next year the tide against the cap. The victors aid to the linebacker position that's got to be concerned they don't know going from voluntary code to many Logan. If that's going to be an upgrade which probably is not going to be. Still they're the main threat against the raiders don't discount the Denver Broncos and don't be surprised if the chargers bounce back but not there's still the scene that the Oakland have to beat. If they wanted to leave retain the spot of being in the division lead. John a team that you close to new bears Seattle Seahawks. There's old saying that says every beat that ever was was partly Steen and partly buzz. How much is it that buzzing here Richard Sherman and talk about the coaching staff and a different things has. Pete Carroll still have control of this team or do you think this team is still and not a former walk eighteen to be reckoned with further and then fail. You know immediate control over the team but because of the way in the nature of the team it's going that it's going to be this way in some executives say that it's. Doesn't have complete control of Richard Sherman. But also the term instill such a big leader on this team it's such a great player. That. You know help noble but times and if they lose he's probably gonna blow up again but it was minutes on the eve of the Super Bowl. Percy Hartman body slam Golden Tate. And that and they still came out won the game big over the Denver Broncos so this this is this seems very talented it has seven pro bowlers on defense. You can argue that the offensive line has improved because of the last two drafts and I think that if the packet Russell Wilson is healthy he got on this ridiculous ridiculous. Diet where each nine meals a day and somehow lost twelve pounds but he lost body that. I don't know how that works but apparently it does and as long as he stays healthy that's that's the team right now it's got a great chance to get back to the suitable. John Kirk cousins not expected to sign that the long term deal by the 1 o'clock Pacific deadline now for franchise players to do so. But does this open up the door in your mind for him to be in San Francisco and in 2018. And engage for me the likelihood. That he's playing for the 49ers beyond this season. Yeah I got that negotiations can start for the Kirk cousins show on radio in San Francisco. Once we get past that 1 o'clock this afternoon because with the relationship but he has put out Shanahan. I think the willingness to be able to pay him probably more than 25 million dollar I can see that happening. You can see in Washington even though he does like it there that just seem to have. Debates in the opposite how good he is still when he was making 99 on the franchise tag their offerings sixteenth. When he was making 239. On the franchise tag this year and even today is still in the low twenties is that you put all that together. He would like to stay but I think that he realizes that the coach in outstanding and that probably once in a little bit more respectable but more and so. His 4900 yards of passing a becoming the San Francisco just start negotiating radio contract. NFL insider host of the John Clayton show itching gets ten to noon on 710 ESPN Seattle John Clayton Joseph. Lo and JD on 95 point seven a game in Dallas it's another situation involving Ezekiel Elliott reports route that he may have been involved in an altercation in in Dallas ball are. With a balance or Horry nightclub DJ. Over the weekend how concerned are the cowboys about a potential suspension coming for Elliot how concerned are they about this recent incident. And do you see this is the team that a Big Dig a big step back Jason Garrett to be on the chopping block. They thought that they have to be concerned because now this is the third alleged incident that. They are although the police came out in the last forty minutes and maybe very open date type of police report they said they reported. At the at the that the market had. 9:26 PM the person that be the victim still couldn't remember who hit him how it happened or anything else and so. He's beat your name was not involved but there's still investigating. So we really don't know exactly what they did and some of the people that originally reported the story kind of taking things now. But the incidence domestic violence incident from about a year ago the league is still looking into the even know there's been no charge. And has not been anything that's been out there is or any kind of a arrest and and the Maggette incident. Saint Patrick's Day wearing not the president is telling them not been no world woman but that they may put this altogether in a that's the case they lose one or two games of the Q Eliot there's season can be off to a bad bad start and they'll they'll drop because if you look at the schedule. I think Trevor Ximian is one of the few quarterbacks they condemning everybody immunity plays the west and that. There's very few games against easy quarterbacks yet received Carrot Top might be one San Francisco's the other perverts in it. The pop schemes but that these things it's trying to stop the quarterback is going to be tough and any team that they in this odd it would back press cot or was easy to deal Eliot there in trouble. I couldn't use more John. So about two teams that think they're on the comment think you'd have to agree and they have a lot of similarities. That's the Oakland Raiders in the Tennessee Titans two teams that are looked as threatened or their division leaders. How do you look at Tennessee and have they made enough moves in your opinion to be a former opponent. Yeah they have because. You know they need two things this offseason help but cornerback they got Logan Ryan and they also got a draft choice and they needed help at wide receiver and it doubled down and got Corey Davis and Eric Decker and so that makes them that much better and really the big thing for Tennessee is the culture shock they went through last year. Mike Malarkey in any general managed to get your general manager John Robinson came over and said listen. We're gonna make this a physical team. And so they have physical practices they run the ball as well as anybody in football they're very aggressive they got a great young quarterback jamarcus Mario that. And the practices works so well with the physical nature that this one. They want to add a bye week in December. Didn't have anybody on the injury report they had gone through the longest stretch of any regular season and they came out of it without anybody hurt. That's absolutely amazing and so that culture shock has them its physical presence. You know Marc Morial is getting better and better each year. So I'm not saying they're gonna run away with the division because much like the Oakland Raiders they do have question marks on defense. That's where the epic kind of worry about it but they consult their defense are problems the offense we'll get them into the playoff. John what's at what is a successful season for the 49ers and and for Kyle Shanahan insists his first year coming off for the two and fourteen and that and that two wins. Not only against the rams. I guess five or six when there's probably a successful season in just not being down where you're drafting that high. And yes certainly it could be in the position of Sam Arnold turns pro and maybe get him. But again I think their quarterback's gonna end up being Kirk cousins next year but I think that the the big thing is don't just try to establish a good culture try to at least get a good feel for this team. Don't go through fourteen loss season if they can do that maybe get a 51 that they can be a success because they're taking the slow approach. They're trying they got a secure that it's secure contracts as much as they wanna try to get. As good as possible but the transition to a 43 defense is probably the most important thing that they are doing. Just getting that. Feel right but unfortunately as you can see when you change in the business. Pete Carroll type of defense. Now a lot of times that first year you're gonna give up 2425. Point Atlanta for example there were 2425. By the second or third year that's when you make the big job. Maybe if you get the right I've played players on defense. Ray John Clayton we Jolo in 95 point seven game. Real legs to this rumor that perhaps Calvin Johnson's mulling a come back and perhaps he might be interest in the Oakland Raiders. Yup absolutely not he's exactly overseas with one of his friends a former teammate Rob Sims and actually. Meaning and ball. Believe it or not it kind of counseling players on things in the locker room and all that and so he's got a couple companies going including that one I know last week he was overseas. I just think that you know the loss for football it just got away from him and I can not see him coming back to me yet a lot of injuries particularly late in his career. I think he's bitter at the way that is break up with the the lions was they actually wanted him to pay back money it apex of the signing bonus money that. I think that I don't believe any of that. You can catch intend to noon on 710 he has in Seattle follow him on Twitter at Clayton ESPN. When they all time greats NFL insider John Clayton would Joseph blow in JD I 95 point seven a game John. It is always a pleasure getting to prick your brain thank you so much for coming on this morning. And now we look toward hopefully donating and certain. That'll be great low say I'd. Out of me at camp in the cult fame. You know little brother can only to see. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Yes it trek now back to need to do a whole thing. JD cubs game as overreact to anything he's got down to Atlanta is just to estimate where can I do not need. They might they don't even make video that I. Afternoon program with the Bruce who they really have a buttoned up right this is mistake radio this what we don't know probably got a hole and will. Blow the cattle you don't they TV but we digest pretty much a bit coming here just screw everything up. Well we sound as bad really so reduced access halfback John bigots in intraday handedly was at the Joseph Morgan. Golf tournament he will be checking in lives at 945. This morning. You click really need that crap all of that Calvin Johnson thing that quick dating I mean maybe get a tickled us a little bit just a little well now they never wanna say never that we could have gone nuts with that from. Two hours yeah although I just to get the impression that even if Calvin Johnson wanted to do it alliance which is snuffed that out immediately and say while you're coming back to us than we feel free. Which who has got a spot for you just make life extremely difficult and I don't think this is. A situation where it's you know Marshawn Lynch to where if you're the Seahawks who think and how much does he really will have left in the tank now he may prove that he does with the raiders. But from the Seattle perspective you think you're not get in what you had. From the alliance perspective I think you probably closer to that with Calvin Johnson even after a year off it 2.2 where again having it be Canada. Have any up prickly break up or put it that way idiom I don't think the lions are ready to let him just come out to the raiders. The lions are very narrow minded and it's a reason why they don't win one of the reasons there are several. There's never just one but they are very narrow minded of the message you send to the rest the NFL when you go back after Calvin money sure. Sure your entitled to it. But when teams like Seattle say you know a marsh on its cool thanks for everything you keep that money will figure everything out cost of doing business. That's what the lions need to do people say form ball had a contract he's got to get some of the back. That's what makes you Detroit because you go after that money that's what makes you Detroit. Because you are more concerned about those extra few million been sending the message for the rest of the league that you are a friendly environment for players that you're gonna take care of your own. How many players truly believe they're gonna get taking care of in Detroit. You know the history would Barry Sanders the next great decade there was Calvin Johnson same thing happened. Plus let's be honest it's Detroit. When you're trying to sell multi millionaires on where they should live where they should relocate their families and where they should play football. I can think of probably 31 NFL destinations I'd rather choose before Detroit. Yes that means Cleveland although those two were a dead heat in my opinion why would I choose. Detroit over San Francisco over Oakland over Los Angeles Seattle Dallas Houston it goes on and on. That's how narrow minded that team next but for a team that. Doesn't wanna spend money to a team that does. Go to today's take you people question that you buy at age daily and about the Chevrolet good morning. And a Denmark does today's question should the 49ers signed Kirk cousins. In 2018. You can vote on nine by seven game dot com. Okay we'll begin with you wouldn't you heard what John Clayton had to say you're gonna Jason Cole had to say. When he was on the bus in the first hour you know that the deadline is today at 1 PM for franchise players decide do you feel. Cousins will be a niner next season. I think so especially with the pairing of crowd at Kyle Shanahan haven't worked with him in the past I think it's gonna work out in a way that he's gonna commute to San Francisco. I would say the only way to tell you right now he's gonna you know 2526. Million dollars. I don't think that this may necessarily want to meaning because I think there's some players away I think he'd like seem. But I think that this guy's gonna get another quarterback and address their rookie because this San Cisco 49ers have a lot of holes to feel I don't think he's gotten it. You see more of frankly of what the 49ers actually half I need to see if they are really. Quarterback away from let's say being an eight or nine win team going into 2018. Let's see what they've got I mean that I see a lot of young players and the defense this side that are intriguing and then I see a lot of veteran players that are almost. Brought in just to teach the system and a stopgap players on the offensive sites I need to see out all fits. To figure out whether or not they're just a quarterback away from actually being a good team if they are go get them if they're not it's probably not worth what they'd have to spend to get them. Shanahan Atlanta had six year guaranteed deals right. So what's the rush this feels like such a bold move yeah well I love this guy so much because by the time you would be signing him. He beat 29 years hole B 28 and August 29 in the August in which you're answering your first season Graham. You're few years away. We're not talking about a guy taking a two year deal for forty million he's gonna want five or six years thinking this is his last big deal he's gonna want five years. Minimum 2223. Million you take a look at what Derek largest got this is going to be one more year down the road got to adjust for inflation son. Prices keep going up whether or not pound match is it twenty plus million a year you've brought it up before. Got an NFL draft right around the corner that's it. Absolutely Joseph I think that this guy's gonna look at some teams like the saints Drew Brees gave notre you look at team like Arizona. Arizona still has lot of talent is probably be quarterback awake you look at Minnesota you look at you know jets there's going to be some other places for these young man. I think Pittsburgh and some other teams out there was in quarterbacks who want to better leadership look at what about this idea. Rather and let's let's throw this out their first the niners at the moment I'm about 65 million in cap space that's most in the NFL. By a wide margin Cleveland second with 53 million the jaguars are third with 45 million. You've got 65 million space. Rather than go out there and dedicate twenty plus to a guy like Kirkland cousins which is probably going to be in the neighborhood of 67 guaranteed total when you get done with the five years. Rather than that. Why not. Draft one of the following four players next year sand Arnold from USC. Josh Rosen from UCLA. Lamar Jackson from Louisville although I'm not as high on hands that's for it on the list. Josh Allen from Wyoming 65 to 34 from. No baby threads now okay so Alan Rosen org Arnold the first strategy new quarterback. You wanna grow what you've got employer or. Why not make a trade for a guy like Alex Smith. There is no way. The chiefs should do anything with Smith after this season other than trade you don't need to keep the morale. He will not win a suitable ever when he could meant to war. Any 201814. Point five million a year to be a free agent when he nineteen and he probably would wanna be traded. Into a situation where it was getting a longer deal. It might sound crazy and to be honest with you it's not the number one plan but instead of signing cousins and hitching yourself to that wagon. I make a trade for a guy like cement bring a minute fourteen point five for one year so darn older Josh Allen or Josh Rosen can sit behind them. Develop and then Smith it's free agency. Scion are bring up the IG eighty. Yes it's uninteresting. It's an interest and fought and not existing programs you network L warnings well you never know what you're gonna get what those young quarterbacks like I I just don't know Laura I can't project is Arnold is rose are those guys going to be quarterbacks and he doesn't nineteen. EST I don't want to play 2070. For urged. Alex Smith to be a perfect mentor for any young quarterback. He's proven that he can be a solid stopgap option you can even went on to games with a man be a playoff team wasn't like you said not wanted to Super Bowl with them. I'm more inclined to be. A little more prudent when it comes stick to Kirk cousins I I just. I need to CD you're gonna be really good before you gonna throw emit this lets you bring in any sign him go big money deal. It's 2018. There's a lot of pressure on cousins to come in and make you goodwill let's say you're not really. Equipped with the rest of the roster to be good until 2019 will that makes cousins almost look like a box in many ways and an approach here methyl exactly they are probably still draft a quarterback anyway a young guy. Just in case of an act eyes lingering behind it is the timeline doesn't totally add up for me low. JD once for five dates before you invite you back into his house do you need for five days a Kirk cousins for IGB maybe just one day just this month he we know. Hello and we know that he is to meet the guys just a middle of the road you look at Alex Smith. I would I would hate my wagon it's not wagon Alex mr. fork as. I think he's proven commodity in this league program over a decade he's not necessarily go. Wing you'll bunch of he's gonna ditch in the playoffs he's gonna be steady you know always gonna win you know you're not gonna have a problem. Peasants at times a sporadic he's up and down no different I think Alex is a better proven commodity in my pain. It is Kyle Shanahan believes cousins as the guy we've hired Shanahan sees it will let him get because you want to look like cities comfortable outside I'm not I get that I respect that. But the timeline with the rest of the roster it'll become more winners and lots of things. Crazy wintry games and they got if they don't win they win three games you cannot go what if this team only went through four games. You cannot go put a 130 of fifty million dollars into quarterback. Not not wise note if you don't win three games joke accord ex I guess I don't win you ate more gained you can't go in debt because that tells you what. It's you still lack in talent and a lot of other area so don't put that kind of money into the quarterback. You only win three games is a good shot you sit number one although the jets might go Owen sixteen yeah. That means sand Arnold from US seasoned player and that's the tit. Right there that's the tip depending on whether or not he wants to come out because there are reports he might wait because he doesn't wanna go to Cleveland or some of those other options. Can't say I blame them. All right. On Saturday a reports surfaced. That. Perhaps if the Marlins rebuilt. John Carlos stand could be moved one of the teams to kick the tires according to this report. San Francisco Giants that report came from Craig Mitch he joins us next Jolo Indians would javy today that if Robertson again. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game welcome back it's great to have UN urged state and possibly adding a thousand dollars to your pocket. You've got an opportunity to do that about 28 minutes as before payday cash contest. Returns. In addition we've got Green Day tickets to giveaway at 845. When they perform at the coliseum Saturday. August that. We are seven days away. It is hard to imagine seven days away from the start of Oakland raider training camp in Napa. Rookies report in seven days for the Oakland Raiders. Expectations this year as we've outlined are quite high. But their high in other places as well. Another likable people snickering at that reference. Don't doubt you'll. Conclude. Is your tally yeah and you know he got angle Vitale appreciated. But I did get to you that they're. But in Dallas where the expectations are just as high there are problems developing at one point below the surface and now they're starting to bubble over. Highly touted first round pick from last year Ezekiel Elliott finding himself in hot water again. That is the same Ezekiel Elliott that according to Adam chapter of ESPN. There's some concern growing that he is going to face a short suspension at the beginning of the season. For those domestic violence allegations he faced coming out of Ohio State. This is lingered with him for more than a year. Over the weekend according to reports. It was Saturday night at a bar in Dallas. In which Elliott got into an altercation with a bouncer. And now the media is swarming. Oh this is the time of the year where no news is the best possible news for NFL players so if you're in Dallas right now. And you've got to running back Rosie big part of your young offense. Highly touted often your explosive offense you're opens a carry due to the playoffs last year. And he's not only facing possible suspension for DV issues he's also now involved in a possible altercation at a nightclub in Dallas how concerned are you had. New to this season 01 it doesn't look that's that is the major thing and I think it now you say oh we concern absolutely. My my whole organization. Is on regular. Because you're seen a young man. And you see disguise what he brings to the Dallas Cowboys. His ability that as a chain mover and a gain changer. If Zito has slipped in itself the mirror and say what do I do for the lead in the right Ambac class issuers to say thank god for Ezekiel at Utah are running backs wasn't given drafted in the first round late for struck. Now because of what he's shown. Gotta rent and Beck can be still a focal point of teens at times with the right situation. He helped the whole climate class so mound though this Dallas Cowboys players. Veteran guys in to try to grab him this is where you wish that you had a Tony Romo because you don't all of this young quarterback in dec engaging. This where you wish you got a great debater veteran leadership coaching. Ownership they sit down with patient man and say saying you're heading on your build things you're doing is going to shorten your career. It's going to hurt not tissue but it's hurting our team we invest in new. And this is just not the first incident. You've seen what happened in New Orleans were you know young lady with her blouse and don't even know they hung out afterwards and and begin to hang out it's still doesn't look good. The one consistent thing. 200 day between mom says son met the music good happens after midnight. Have you ever seen this guy getting in trouble from 8 o'clock in the morning until like 5 o'clock in the afternoon. When you start drink guys believe sometimes we're strong pin there. You start drinking you consume too much are you believe that your you've Superman. Without the cape. Your you get around certain people you start behaving in ways that you shouldn't it sometimes you feel they let you beyond reproach and it's gone to nothing's gonna happen. And that is a grave mistake. This young man need to be set down and given up flood and right now I'm his organization. I look to put out for Morse in the run him back to back up to say. You're wanting to do we're gonna use his running back position by committee because young Zeke. You're showing us they you're not dependable your actions and a danger going you were going to our team. That we have so much invested in new as a player. All right pro football talk furthers his story now police have confirmed that an altercation did occur. But they do not mention Ezekiel Elliott further no arrests took place. However quote. The victim there was a victim in this situation the victim was transported to the hospital for non life threatening injuries according to a police report. There were no arrests were made for the offense. Nor were there any one listed on the report as a suspect in the investigation is ongoing. And we will update you as information becomes available in certain level in dallas' Cheney can't get set to open dibs over yet another. Headline involving easy Sheila Lee its name. For all the wrong reasons on a scale of one to ten I'd say my concern is a solid seven because he's already facing a potential suspension from what happened before even came in the league in. What's being characterized as multiple. Incidents of domestic violence reportedly the victims that it happened a multitude of times over the course. Of a week in August before their first preceding game he was spotted at a marijuana dispensary. Which the owner apparently was not pleased that he said quote one may not be wrong it's just not good in this is from your owner. A year ago and that optic the incident Lowe talked about where he exposed a woman's breasts and at trade in New Orleans. It's not only bad optics bad judgments lol you're spot on as far as somebody needing to pull on the side. And that has to be Jerry Jones the owner called in the office and say look you need to show us that. You're gonna be off the sauce and you're gonna. Hunkered down and really focus on football and. To your point there are great situation haven't Alfred Morse a guy who's had a 16100 yard season as a running back and you can. If he gets suspended every game maybe 22 great time to say look it up the starter anymore we can do this without you we have the best offensive line in football. North goes out and get your buck 27. On the Sunday night opener against the giants maybe that helps Ezequiel will it to change his tune. Jason Cole Bleacher Report NFL reporter join us in the last hour he had this to say regarding the level of concern over Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas. People and now. We won't say it publicly. The privately they've been very worried about what is. What is basically. Life expectancy of oil. And that's because he's the guy who like to have a good time. Multiple ways and that is not as surrogate who's the most control over his life. That could get out of control. But his sudden stardom. All receive the police I think we can have their belief that it will see that with him. That he can do whatever he walked. And you can NeuStar. He's gonna make it happen. And that's a dangerous well and so I think the cowboys. Our shipment on okay hopefully we have fighters shifted but it might be short. If you want a sell high candidate this is it not just Zito how it the cowboys in general. Over under win Dolan Vegas nine and a half I am real close to getting very excited about that under. This is the team that's not gonna play a paddy cake schedule like they did last season they've got a first place schedule. You opened with the giants who beat you twice last year and it's on the road against Denver and Arizona. Followed by home games against the rams and the Packers you get off to a slow start. How are you gonna respond to that adversity Tony Romo is not there to guide the locker room anymore it's stacked press got. It's got doesn't know adversity all he had was success in the first year. Opposing defensive coordinators about a year to figure him out the defense lost five starters the schedules tougher you've already got drama with you star running back. I think you're gonna walk into the season with a little too much swagger you're getting a pop in the mouth and this is gonna be a situation where a slow start. Has a snowball effect and effects this team all the way through the season to where not only do they missed the nine and a half wins. But oh by the way we fifteen Sunday December 17. Oakland against the raiders that previously was highlighted as a real sticky spot Brooklyn low I think that got real. What does it got easier but I think that is a much more favorable opportunity for the silver and black men it was previously. And no question you've got to look at Dallas Cowboys is still got one and best offensive lines in football. We haven't yet I'm young and upcoming quarterback it's showed that he can handle the game the game didn't necessarily get too big for him. Eagles had a deacon Donna can can make plays with his lakes. You have a pretty expects attack Iran and back to peaking keep you know stay out of trouble. This team though you said I'm a week you. I think it is going to be tough to win nine games because you're playing the skins because you're playing the giants and it's a team that could step back defensively Joseph I do not like this team if they are for Dallas Cowboys to win games office at the plate in play being. This is. I go to closing all or sentences in the specific way it data and good luck I come out. This you know with a well this year you get a bill to get that done that app at at at that I've had enough of I'm here I'm. Yet but I am missing under on nine and a half and the city cowboys missed the playoffs I'm missy Jason Garrett or charities referred to here just tired. That's how I see this playing out in restless he's anyone disagree with any of those Ausmus is the playoffs under nine and a half wins Garrett gets fired. Good and I figure. Is spot on across the board if they do go under nine and a half after coming so close last year I think it's time that the decay or gets pulled from the ground. From the ground in Indiana Missouri that does not one but. I think I agree on some I will believe that this team steel. I'll be slip back door to the playoffs is in at sea itself overall. There's there's no great dom nineteen. You've got to look at the team that's going went to the Super Bowl. They lost their coordinator. Some different things with the Atlanta I think this team is gonna digress so I don't see it dominant team in the NFC. The target is dead baby big day big problems in Dallas big contracts being considered by the San Francisco Giants. Big moves potentially not happening in Washington that could have big ramifications. In San Francisco we're gonna get that acts Jolo and it was not a five point seven game.