Jim Kozimor thinks all the pressure is on Kevin Durant to win this year

J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT is joined by Jim Kozimor (NBCS Bay Area Anchor) to talk about the Warriors Game 3 matchup, the pressure on Kevin Durant to win this year, and Lebron's legacy if he wins again this year. 


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Jim goes the more joins us now from NBC sports Bay Area and Jeff it's supposed to feel like the calm before the storm. But it doesn't feel like that because San Antonio hasn't shown up yet what are you expect for game three. I expect him and Jim to have a great call in that game three and four that's what I expect cheeky going to be you my friend. I think you're right spurt that she'll now. I don't think they can't date with the warriors. Even at quite able to come back it horribly unfortunate that he Turk because we all want to see good here don't we but unfortunately. It looked like the warriors are going to be able wall. Mall I think. AGG. Well you know there's six point favored on the road as you know after a that unbelievable game two when what happened coming back down. 25 I mean they are cruising right now healthy with Iguodala trying to get him back to 100% to rant in the flow staff. Heading to raise it feels like a best case scenario on. Doesn't feel like. The core group from last year that won 73. Has a chip on their shoulder knowing that they want more than anyone in the history regulars each. And choked away the final they seemed to be playing with a certain edge. And and you can't appease that it never won a championship reign in Kevin Durant I think you're starting to eat it all comes together now. And it seems truly bit weaker on emissions and circle it. It might be the definition of what is warriors keep. Jim goes on Mars or guest Jim you're right about to rant I mean the national media attention he's been covered his entire career he's a legend already what distances moment dodger expect everyone nationally. To pick up on the story now on some of the pressure now goes over to Kevin Durant. Yeah it certainly does because he's going to again the net big bright spotlight last year he had a three game one lead against the 73 when seen any couldn't bring it hole. Now he's on that CNET is supposed to be the championship level team so we don't get a little bit more scrutiny and I think we seagate can drop the course of the season. He kinda become alpha dog of the team at lucky you've got green on green and that can kind of be in that curry but it can be lightning. That's what you'll ever want it ought to win the championship. Says there's not like the first one he had plenty of the first one yet to act like he may beat Hungary is that a group cheat in this one that. Lot of times we look for chippy play in physics talent he. You think that's gonna happen in San Antonio even without coli I expect them to play but I think Doug Powell and especially all George have to be much more physical and talked in hard fouls. Pushing in hawk game sharp and I mean this is seen Antonio's last stand I expect them to show a lot. Yeah I agree with Eli I. Think that the game can't be chipped the I don't want to get to that point where it it com. Pocket oddly may be a little bit more malicious I'm not claiming that there are that in their motors are. And what you officials really controlled gain something can't get out of hand you start people warriors pull away in your get deep into the second half. And that and that. Dispersed is abducted and no answers what warriors do what you could even frustrated. And I hope it doesn't get to the point where there are heartfelt or pine. Oh when they become injury it to win it become too active that way that it can really ugly up something and let's hope it is illegal. Cleveland is common around the corner I think they're better than last year I think they're common with everything they have. It's a LeBron legacy. Legacy series again like it was last year Jim I thought LeBron when he last year port come close to Jordan not even went from. If he wins I don't think you will but if he does win another championship going to the warriors he sits right there next to Jordan in my opinion. You know if he does beat the warriors this time around you're certainly in the discussion. You've got one and one day. Major exhibit of the a those five or six championships are cute. While he sits there with I think what nine in eleven years that he ended up happening. Soul I beat you you get LeBron. Who went through the 73 when pain and then take on this team that it added them back on the third conference peeping Katie. The seven victory went in that LeBron can do at the time. Evelyn got to take it capped off and say you know what you deserve to be on a court gains now Rushmore right next to Michael Jeffrey Jordan. But it could be a tall order to run to get that thing down baby. Jim goes Amar joins us NBC sports Bay Area the anchor. Jim what happens to the giants but the trade deadline while they buyers or sellers. That the great question because if we had that discussion JE ten days ago. We would have started to talk about dealing Nunez. Peeling maybe even got quite ill because you knew you and your assumption what you're going to be out of the race. You don't know about your you're big eight stood in Metzenbaum garner whether or not back in the real law. A string of wins it would a couple of series at home and head out on the road against some pretty darn good competition in the cargo cubs. In your weight around the people we just witnessed that AT&T park at the level trump to let. Boy if I had to bet right now. I almost think that there is sound crazy I almost think that they're holding pat. Not adding a look at the bat in the outfield because they clearly need something to fill outlook field poll. Would hold that navy medical Bom Gartner and come back and sent start on the stretching you end up being the peace add. Economically gauging the architecture I've blockage and pain. Matt Cain is coming around. You know I don't if they add anything if they it. And Hackett went by every stick we know that you start winning and Kyrie and get back in the rate may be at a peak I don't think it's going to be a whole lot. The stock markets almost a 21000. East bay real estate is going through the roof. Why can't the a.s be buyers. Yet the good questions like can they be Bartley Appleby in the picket at it seems like they have planned for what's going on. With their field and off the field would decide. Well off the healer of the bid the site teams to have that. Land they're gonna tell where there by going to be in the hope that financially you can get the deal done but there's so much money here you hope that it can't get. Or you would assume that would I think they could be buyer but it might now be easier for all the law be honest with the McDonnell personally pot of deletes. It would be one heck of an extension of the out operate to their mayor to say look we're gonna get cute guy. We're gonna get a higher to where it happened on we're gonna do we can't beat them people are high it still on what can happen a year or two. Jim finally been in this market along time I really respect to put a ball on what this run for the warriors means. To the Bay Area fans this entire community it feels like a special window how big is this window how special. Is this moment right now going into the NBA finals. Poor kid growing up today. You may hear stories about. The greatness of the 49ers were unable winning championships of the greatness of the readers in the in the thick of winning championships. In recent. We we've seen the giants in the same with three World Series titles and but yours. You're getting to experience that for yourself or hand now and Mena for the young boys and girls out there are more and some of you were here that. 68 you have lived through an amazing goal of championships in northern California with all the teams combine. What you're getting right now is an incredibly special window of the franchise to me and bold proclamations jointly combat Rangel made him. But he gets to the balance everything he's said. And I'll likely get at it at a time for all to enjoy some great and I think world and get together sometime in the or another celebration of animal. No doubt about it could chalked it JJ and have a great weekend. JT thank. Or have me on you do the same. You gotta Jim cosa more NBC sports Bay Area.