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Saturday, July 15th

Host on NBC Sports Bay Area and California, Jim Kozimor, joined Urban and Guru to talk about Giants baseball. 


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Now back to Michael Burton and 195 point seven. I. Welcome back I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson together words anger taking all the way up till 3 o'clock where about half way. Through the show were you feeling about itself for a aren't going to be in pretty good time flies monopoly seriously are looking forward get back to Major League Baseball all star game because that's when you turn into a 180 year old man whose stodgy and get off my lawn and and I get back to be and some of the nerve who makes fun of view of the tax wise they guru go play bingo your soul wow. I think it was not necessary now it just beaten in his latest criminal persons to have Austria's you know it isn't. Anytime I have a question that I am vexed by utterly vexed. I called again it's waiting to talk to our audience right now he is the one the only Jim cozy more from NBC sports. Bay Area and California. You can follow on Twitter at pose KOZ ten BCS. She is the best friend of the program to impose more welcome. Herbs and oh my favorite weekender although it will there's not a time like you guys aren't I turn on night at seven game. Google could be on in the middle of the day Tuesday herbs could be in the Wednesday night you guys never stop work. Yeah well that's that's kind of the role that were in more utility guys right now where Swiss Army knives. And we're trying to work our way into you know it. I'm not gonna lobby myself right here by. Versatility is employer ability let's put it that way the echoes that caught me Jamal Jamal Crawford at times he's on the team offense guru is coach they don't man we're here in their my dear reunion. And at third and king might the giants please tell me. Please tell me there's nothing to this report. If the giants and Pablo Sandoval might come back together. Archived assailed. To coin a phrase that brand savient brought to my attention. You know what I got a site and I understand that there are Shiites and out their guys. Who are yearning for the great year and they want to get that deal looks great it. And there is no question that outlook. On the ball or that by your stretch was an incredible piece to the greatness of the difference is coach. But understand widget that supporting your that they are having this year and the bad second. Last year that maybe that is what if they're Poland and a good deal that they used to have I cannot see any wage a war. They've brought in Indian reopen that the war after the ugly split the ad and says you know what pan that your best years were here. You're the minimum speed you can find some of that. He optimal for you get. I don't think it's worked at it for the organization. Like you'll understand what and what the. Oh speaking. Herbs and myself we just had a passionate conversation about Madison bum garner. To deny I feel like he should be shut down this has been a bad season you have everything to lose it to me that indie game. Are you at all surprised at the front office is allowed Madison to go ahead and come back a little earlier than we all talk. I don't in it. Part of it is history. It's that you're the guy ultimately competitive and he knows he made a match. Mistake in getting injured the weight he'd be it but he's such an incredible competitor and we see it up there on the glittery. Get into yelling match with. He'll lead. Or not being afraid they're down here. Or or trying to set a personal record with distance on a snot rockets. Let the good point too because that's what it got an entire second what you can do. Record an all time career record. That's another competitive aspect of the and I think it cured shell the guys that you are up or out of the race what did you go next year. Let the guy work is competitiveness because in a few years. They are going to. The deal with him at the bargaining table and it hit at all in any way shape or the legal team made the mistake. I think they want a potential competitive nature get out there also I think between hate losing they want to compete again and help them compete. Those and I also think part of it is as you said look Bob knows he made that mistake. And the quickest way to get people to stop thinking about the mistakes you made is going out there and thrown seven shutout innings right because when you're done with a seven shutout. That's all we're talking about the the bike thing is is completely. It's it's done away as soon as you get back on the mound and here's why and and I don't know. This what this is the crux of my argument for why I'm OK with met them come back it's not just because you wanted to show. I'm gonna well I know what what do knucklehead move that was some to make it up to you by working extra hard to get back but also. If you shut him down right now if you don't let him come back then you go all the way into next spring training without knowing exactly what you have in Madison bomb garner you've got to find out if his wing is okay lead at the very least if I'm running the show. Knowing what I know about arms and and look you know Mike my career maxed out as an average pitcher at the college level. But I do know a little bit about arms and in the maintenance of arms. I bring him back I let him hits per month and a half. And if everything's all systems go. I shut him down in late August early September take a long look at the youngsters into all right we know what we got mad but I mean your good. But I'm gonna shut it down now stay healthy the rest of the year don't risking injury for that last month and a half but I need to know what's in or are you healthy. Yes you are OK great now militia leader. I agree with you you know he's too important too much you can order. You do it he had beaten back they'll baseball. But I think for a ride here. That. I just wanna be the guy on L at the three Israeli continued to pick out this and organizations. Can aides say the other day. You know although we think there except things. He doesn't think that there are on player to win mode that they used to be and the culture the giants built there was a deep internal hire in the and I think Archie got out at the higher for victory immediate streak not play because I think the guy. Crappy record wondered can take next year's. Draft pick number one oh overall the lake. I big team it is very comfortable with where they pick no matter where they are because. Smart people like are making selections than like beat it wanna compete at that but second app netbook is due. The calming irrational boy issue here is that of gym coach Moore he's a hosted NBC sports Bay Area and California sports. Also does some Olympics on NBC you can follow on Twitter at Kos and BCS serves. Are they can and cannot give you guys want out there and you'd say that treatment not to give you about one. Of the day and I know exactly. It is a comment let's say BP continues to wail until the last week of July and I mean they are miserable. And they see that they've got very little and they're gonna have to move Nunez and maybe they can move quite. What happened at the Atlanta race let nine players in baseball America's top 100 prospect. What do they elaborates call you and say you know what. Will give you any final Bart cop and guy you pick up. And we want their vote. I Georgia native. What do you do giant. Say I hang up I'm scared and frightened I'll do it and pressure so yeah. Dobbs homeowners in my ear I can't handle it goes off billion knock it man because it is going to take out dot process like dad. And a break up like that to get this team right back in one of those guys we know we won't be mad bomb that we do is that a caller suggests that. Or Posey and I'm serious if viewers. Well not you have to live C Combs are you after you knock it is a set. Coach you are winning it that's I'd pick the message that that is sending. To the giants fans you're basically saying we're we're trying to get better work. We're trying to get better where is broken as you could possibly imagine. And so we're just connector if you if you were supposed to you've decided you're gonna tear it all down in the giants and their fans will not accept a tear down that's why they're actually. They're trying to float the notion coast. They're gonna compete in 28 team that if they got an assurance from Johnny quit though he's not can opt out they won't deal him. Because they like him to come back and help anchor between eighteen rotation Matt Moore is better than what he showed he's going to be better and Tony team all these kids that showed a little bit of spark. They're going to be healthy and can contributing to the cost. And when he eighteen. That's the that's the one thing that kind of lurking here right now is that the giants are here are trying to sell the notion. They've just had some bad breaks this year and if everything kind of returns to the norm next year they'll be just fine. You know what it's interesting because I think that there are franchise. Board. The dual complete. B they get can't bomb based on the market there and they've done their all except they're old bar except. It is going to allow them to do all paired. You have to ask yourself is that the Quayle we're seeing now as he is now thirty and get over the thirty you know beyond thirty range years of age. Are we starting to see more on what the current Johnny quite aways his courage adequate. Or to Egypt. Stub his toe for the first cap the fees and any blisters art issue. For now but he got them the blisters he built. One of the great starters in the game and and really well if you say bomb garter number one last year you could say it'll. Quite a wise up what one might or should lot. You have to determine what he is that we don't brawl on the same ball but may get blisters are causing the issue for import into and get the little open. From Guccione quail I think if you look at the giant. The be objective. You can make an argument that all three outfield position he'd be re built. In order to get right I think ten is trying to becoming and did. Unfortunately Spain can't stay LP left field has never been answered but I started to get hot. Unfortunately the baseball god Paula you better shot at them could organ injury adjusting to beat the way one feel that your third third base is a question. The guy at first they. Problem comes back. Talk about a wing that theory wow echoes like we did talk with you forever my friend and we appreciate your time. We have run out of time though again you need to followed him cause more on Twitter that goes KOZ NBC as they can free time brother will be talking again very very soon. My pleasure one quick thing anyway didn't interest in sports visit the last TV repair articulate or eat yet ducked out a built on the net. LG track bit a bit at odds or an up accept what is and I appreciated eating that tactic or at least. Yet sports ATF dot com or you can look up pro sports sponsors index. And it's not grab which kind of built an index that helps you determine just how strong partnership with orchard. Sports business that kind of passion of mine it'll be able to build an indirect did you meet anyone like sports and likes. It and it and I have combined to view it took until the game on alt. And sounds good thanks for your time again manager there is do we can. Thank thank here.