Inside The Bigs Hour 2 7-16-17

Mychael Urban
Sunday, July 16th

In the second hour of Inside The Bigs, Mychal Urban and Guru broke the news of the Athletics trading away Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to the Nationals and analyzed the details of the trade.


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All around Colorado are welcome in our truth inside the mix thanks for joining us some Michael Irvin Daryl Johnston. Alongside together were herbs and guru inside the bigs appears every Sunday three hours of all ball all baseball that is we talk about the if you talk about the giants. We talk about the league at large now when you sit down. Before the program starts we go to we call the sport so we called the green room. We call the hippie room there's a hippie dictionary on the couch and that route on I was reading it boning up on my hippie history. Not the case but we talk about what do we leave with today we could change to go days do we go all star game. Go home run derby and we settled on the days why because. The Acer actually enter stating I was in my car yesterday group. Driving around. I heard that they had tied the game I heard the young Matt Chapman had tied the game with his second home run off Tony fourteen site and ward were accord clue Burke. And I hear Yonder Alonso at the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Am is a riveting at bat tencor act on the Mike. Had me you know I actually I do decide I don't know if you've ever done. When I'm listening to something and I'm really into on the radio sports was a poll over. There's I don't have to while I can drive judge clients youthful look and when I pull over when there's a dramatic moment because if if what I want to happen happens. I wanna be able to bowl stand up in the air to celebrate them. Sure Ambien a homer right now but that's exactly. What I did when came corps act. Unloaded this call on this. If you currently Serena being fueled the pool. Alonso sits easily difference in the three zeros one bit that the right senate. Nick went going back. A lot of evidence that they. Go nuts at the coliseum. So good your I got everytime I hear it now what that's the third time averted all three times. Crazy goosebumps I'm real close to you now have to tell them you belong to me here addiction did you say they're not alive but today I love like a little kid I just I'm I'm not sure that I can handle my excitement and the car at the same time so I hired by err on the side safety in pullover. I was doing just that. When when when Chris Davis does what look. You want more than Chris Davis up at the plate mets' situation in the bottom of the ninth it's like if you had your pick out of who was going to be in the box at that moment be Chris Davis right Ron's 02. Or might be a little bit of my dad I've got yours from whose more well known as the great regular it and do all right. The other kidney. So just just to hear the excitement in Ken's voice I mean Tim's been around the game for so long he's seen it all he's called at all. They may hear him get that jacked up over at. That tells me all you need to know about the 2017 is their way back in the standings and god bless you were for you to hear I second wildcard spot. But get this season ended today for whatever reason. Morning seventeen is is success for the Oakland. And it's getting better. It is should I say about your pastors greener investors are on the horizon. If they decided to deal sunny. Or Alonso let me give you salary. Those three guys just those three Ergen bringing something back herbs because they're all three are on it it you know at the apex. Of course it's not like quite deal with the blisters damaged goods fragile the a's got three options right now that it they decide to move one of these three guys you would think on a good day he'll go and ice cube on a good day. They can give something good and returned. Add to these young new to list that were already excited about looking at last night's game it's DR. Lowry Yonder sunny. Madsen do little those are all names we've heard him out of even add the last two right then I don't know why this name is an out there but Casilla I would think mayor Sheila. There's a spot in a contender Bolton perk they are contenders bullpen for. If he had not in the ninth and anybody who's grants amount. No no not at all but I mean what is he part of your future in the Santiago Casilla party future. Here's what's what's interesting to me. A's fans and the media that covers the a's are so in addition. To the way they do business that we don't even we. And I don't wanna say in an absolute because I'm about to do it. We tend to not even questioned the notion that they're gonna treat Yonder did their nutrients are needed to do to trade match and that's fan Lowry right it's just. Or they're gonna go and they're gonna go because we're going young and got got got. Okay why though why do they have to trade him. Is this Yonder gimmick command at king's ransom he's had one year of all star. Of all star production right. So I don't think he can break the bank next time his contract comes up. Sunny is the leader of the staff the guys on the team love it it's like they they're geniuses BAC have conditioned us. Think this is normal this is not normal this is not okay but as it is it's fine. Why not hang out and all those guys they're all good players are they not. Are they blocking bush Sonny Bloch. Who's younger belongs on his job likening it a kiss and make crazy Leah you can make your case to Yonder like and some. There's an entirely Crist trails and and he was so big on. Aged and why not have Healey get the reps at first base because he's the future there herbs while hold onto Alonso. I mean we know why you wanna hold Donna he's a damn good ball player but this is this a fluke. In his ages not necessarily. But you know coincides with the rest of the the a's ball players because they're so young. And I give that. But then you bring up point you're right right now Yonder is done nothing for him to Don another uniform right now but if you look at that the big pitcher and you wanna say go where your full of it technically you're you're you're at the bottom of the standings. Why not give something to enhance your club for younger when you know three or four years from now what we don't tomorrow's not promised. In a new ballpark. He's not gonna be he would be past his prime so going heading cut bait now put Healy there pass or fail you give them wraps. And next year debt soon. You got Brian Healey wish you seen Ryan Healy will try to get all that I understand though why you might not your heels won at at a those three and and Larry it's the same he's blocked and Miranda Larry definitely am I'm finally enjoy what he's playing his ass off. Right now. And they need them to write learned as you're gonna get your job all right but you know it is to return to listen this yesterday I was driving home for Marshall was meant to race them Rich Little who went after guys and yours awesome. Is there any guarantee that when they get we we keep here and it's gonna happen but when they get the new ballpark. We are left to assume. Because they've kind of suggested that there haven't flat out said it is what gives me pause. Mir revenue streams. That's can create our ability to keep this young talent once they get expensive the current day's big ship you out but. The future raised Georgia now with a brand new all parts sector you're right supposedly they're gonna spend the money it takes to keep these guys. Rich point was do. Does an organization change their spots that dramatically after doing business. One way which is clearly just to run as a business and make money off of it as opposed to. Giving new stadium locker employer talent and let's talk about waiting instead of being a good business to dodges and yank there's no guarantee that they're gonna do that. Ticket they're gonna change it. I yeah all breaking news breaking news we have breaking news music. You've got to have some sort of breaking news music a's fans. I don't know I need you to break Tisdale. Udall. On Twitter. Sources Colin. Hash tag nationals acquiring Doolittle. And Madson from hash tag athletics. For three men and two. Prospects. Ken Rosenthal is not gonna throw something out there all the to all of his Twitter followers that he's not damn sure this is gonna go down so I need to know the two prospects pace that we need to though you have written do you think either of us will have ever heard those two prospects. We'll wait and they're really into agility ever heard GOP prospects aren't enough for the we're breaking news group looking to their course Moroccan girl. Exploration Ken Rosenthal. Danny's fans is reporting. The nationals are acquiring Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson from the a's four two prospects. And left in the pitcher. He's used will start oh OK the two prospects are. That did a pitcher Hayes whose clothes are grow and third baseman Sheldon news and EUS. Eat. Now the people behind the glass our support system back there Alex. You guys gotta get something done you gotta get some stats on these guys are carry. Get a some numbers we need to get the fans informed so there it is the first domino to fall Doolittle Madson traded your initial reaction you're crazy we're just talking about. It really Hillary is the nationals. To those two guys are gonna balls to the back in that bull. DC. From a case perspective I don't know I'd like to hear more about these two prospect there goes your second wildcard or not at all not at all always we're Doolittle being hurt more and more often than not this season Madson OK it's not gonna do torque matches to great. Lately. But he's had some turbulence to my point is. Still be tied to short to the ballpark to joke and athletic should not give did not get that second wildcard because of what this transaction so that's why I'm still confident and hopefully. The future is brighter with these two prospects entry about will see does that add a lot of job process. What they received in return but from a net of national perspective. I think they should be very happy to begin to studs publish. And help the got a list and ready for the back into the bullpen there's no doubt about it and if you look at it from his perspective of course. That's what we do don't IC do little you don't like to see Madson go but the whole point of us leading the show. With the days is about the excitement they're generating and we're not talking about Doolittle in Madison generating enterprise we're talking about Matt Chapman in Franklin Barreto pin and right Healy and guys of that elk that are generating the excitement that make this season for me. Entertaining and dare I say successful despite where they sit in the standings. Now you're right and it goes back to your last point to just made about retail say and is it a new. Direction in the front office they're gonna spin but also a call at the welfare check which Major League Baseball was given to teams like the days that's gone. So now the a's have did open the books in if I'm correct herbs they got to spend money. And that's why you didn't this threes 180 in regard to dabble saying we're not gonna let that that's over that'll blueprint to where we raisin in the give them off to contender we're gonna start paying in the proof is in the pudding and giving the new ballpark to me is putting your money where your mouth is that the star the days are gonna. We're gonna see and spent some cash and that's why I'm excited to tune in to watch him and then I get more excited while watching a product on the field. What I wanna find out from the listeners out there the a's fans among our listeners what is your immediate reaction again Ken Rosenthal is sending out on Twitter that the nationals have acquired Sean Doolittle. And Ryan Madson from the athletics is is breaking news. For train in and two prospects in two prospects. Are left handed pitcher Hayes whose Louis bardo and third baseman Sheldon. No idea whether or pronounces this correct niece and EU as the here's some numbers. Pages we lose our ago. Wanna know at their rookie ball levels with a one point 21 point three QB area and thirteen so he's he's playing rookie Bora now we're talking about like. A baby baby baby baby prospect. My guess is the a's fans that are very you know high it is transmitter hearing this. I think they're numb to it I don't think anybody's gonna get up and armed I don't think we're gonna get anybody calling saying I'm gonna case that it won't live shot. Dodgers fives and the white towels what's this lead to Rome Ian. I beg to differ tech blogs that because what we just mentioned to your best relievers you just said bye bye. Is it truly to your best yes absolutely it's to your best what are nationals we try to get them just on this out their they both missed on chair doesn't mean they're not sitting back there and the circus still kept going. That and stuff were too little Madson or two of their best relievers give me two that are better than I won't argue that it I've disabled than him is substantial amount of time. So while the guys got next man here's why don't think it's a bomber days fans because all their looking at right now is the young guys that we spent a good part of this morning discuss. I think they're still buzz and from the hive it was Chris Davis is walk off homer. But more significant. In the walk off homer that ended the game was what allowed them to reach the bottom of the ninth inning with a tie score and that's Matt Chapman. It in his first two Major League home runs office Cy Young award winner army he has. He is the symbol of why we're pumped up about the a's right now he is you're right he's the he's basically the the bell cow of this young group of guys that we're looking at sing okay if the a's if and when the a's do get a new stadium. These guys who were gonna go through their ups and downs at the Major League level par learning losing and winning bonding. By the time they get that beautiful new yard that were told is gonna come in their gimme announcement out of it. This year at some point. Those guys are gonna be ready to compete for championships and that organization is can be ready to spend the money. To keep them there and not just keep them there may be gone surround him with a more high priced talent. Remains to be seen whether they're gonna change the way they do business and I'd get Weyrich to a skeptical. And I'm skeptical now about this deal in regard to her using the a's outfield we talked about it would think that's why would you get a third baseman. I mean give me a outfield prospect. And hopefully hits but come on urgent look at the stated the a's outfield leave it single layer and Donald guy. And she's 73 it's a Sheldon needs 766. OPS and almost as. To aid those two guys away were you got a couple ABC you know zero about you know nothing about and it's you know we would mean household hospital Arabs who. When we're talking about the deals for its two Donaldson who were were told or they got a great hole for. There's some other deals to be Rich Hill the judge Fredricka we got a great call for that. UH it's really care about the hall at this point somebody on the tech side from the 4650. I'm sorry this trade irritates me. We get low A ball guys hey I've still got tickets to some games I go to CBA's win can we at least get a AAA do it. Uh huh I think now I think there's some people that feel that way out. There's also somebody who says I agree I am numb to it sucks dilution on them and Madson. But men don't care. Bigger issue is what they got back. OK again what they got back where three people bit let's be honest we know almost nothing no doubt in his irritated me. Just did that what did you say baby baby baby baby baby baby baby prospects for talk about rookie ball and single. We don't know these guys are gonna make it to the double A level much less is certainly well that's and you almost just gave these twos to gotten to thorobreds away he obviously the a's are gonna pick a much rosier picture of the man they're gonna talk about upside and now are organizations we were off via pay and net yeah we've been thinking about we actually considered drafting him at one point. John Sheldon noisy. Noisy is that how perhaps it. Noisy OK I like your majesty that the one noisy and noisy were noisy to join our program it's. Here is Sheldon noisy. His career single pay again career single day. Please everybody batting average the 766. Or PS ten home around 11113 little pods. I don't know I can't get excited about enough on the Sean Doolittle is gone now Ryan Madson. It's gone now but who's still hear all the kids are still here I'm numb to. I mean god bless you Sean Doolittle. God bless you Ryan Madson I hope you go to nationals like Dusty Baker I love Bryce Harper I wanna see the nationals on she knew umi. In the World Series. I wanna see the nationals in the World Series owners you Bryce Harper on the biggest stage on she Dusty Baker finally get his ring but Sean Doolittle and I imagine. I have no emotional attachment to them whatsoever as a lifelong Barea baseball fan that took the a's have done to me and I'm starting to grow to develop an emotional attachment to these young guys and they're still here they are going in there and do a little is the last player left from the playoff Lawrence. Is that right that that's it. AAA 57. 957 you know what your reaction nascent how do you feel about this trade incentives and has finally started do little imagined drawn in the same. Deals so who's next is can be Yonder Alonso. You also get a better return this makes me nervous now. This is poker. That's that you got to you've got to host its non closing line I guess I mean match into the nationals and the guys edited. I just would figure would you give maybe it's out there at triple a outfield profits something better than what we got baby baby baby we got one of Polly walks. All the blogs and OK so tell me this let's say. In an hour from now we're still on the air and we hear the Yonder Alonso is gone and there's. Another. A similar package are retarded now know of him we got a problem that for ball really yeah that's our news usually expect him to get somebody in impressive that you heard of its major rarely are on. The all star I know what he's only done it for one years there is a really productive. As the power middle of the order type guy this is there's a half and half deal first baseman. I would call the caution yeah and you know there are talking mayor and let's make it in a while without you know I was in sales gimme that phone. Aren't the trigger on the phone turbulent. And I 792578. Days and it's already started how do you feel about this. Joining us on the Penske auto sales dock objects on 957. 95 amoled Becker that mostly a's fans always feel bad price to pay your personalized. Northerners in your condition do I am by and say OK they traded some guys that are good player for them and they got people that I've never heard of I've seen this movie a million times before it doesn't upset me. And and in that sense is that not genius on the part VA's. Then what we're gore base that they can do this to their fan base without their fan base kitten really list I'm war why the world that they're just finished. They were pits would Donaldson OK look through let's be honest what we're doing right now we are in in negative medium right. Now that the majority of the calls and text weekend would you see the positive or negative negative right. Those negative or bright bright that the war that's what I'm saying I'm saying don't let the baca most of the feedback we're getting on the Penske auto sales dot com excellent is negative. I don't think that is necessarily. Representative love the a's fans mindset as a hall while you think when we have shoot me come on here. He would give his stamp of approval that was got a job. I would think. Disappointed in what days got in return. Would be as answer. Woolsey because she Babbitt can join us at 1130. From the 415. If he would again trade Yonder Jad. Crush what should they get in return maybe at least one decent starter with years left. Mrs. Susan from mrs. drew little upset him while IQQ is this true if there's if she's texting our show right now arrive after her hubby just got traded than she's got a priorities out of whack. Actually should debate sports fan base management wants to lose says the five time. That's not true they don't want to lose him would this be the first trade under Campbell's watch. The though they realize I know bill accused the overcast which you get Chela got nothing to do with instruments he's got zero to do these candidates gets the first significant trade made since travel was installed. As you know the the higher corporate structure on the face of the franchise so to speak but it. Is anybody out there actually taken David forces really be GM minister mullah a lot of people do and I loved Dave before she's you know the guy obviously very good guy. I enjoyed my time covering the team when I got to deal with him he's very Smart guy. Cool guy could bask popular too by the way portrait about what would include go to someone who would Bob Mars were going to come on it's it as long as Bryant savient has employed by the giants and as long as Billy beans and took unemployed rather them play by the DA's I had a hard time thinking. Then the final say arrests we have David forced. And where Bobby haven't they disarm amount by that I love I did I. That's illegal and so Billy Beane is. I mean he's taking phone calls left and right David forced. Take you poke holes left to right this is just the beginning right I mean this is basically. It's official trade season is on its scare me though herbs you gotta play the wing and just real quick. When you look at this trade it's disappointing. It's disappointing and what you guys in worked. I'm positive blue route is negative that's not me talking that's the Penske auto sales dot com does that I'm positive this figure negative. You're usually mr. positive when it comes VA'S_MR. second wildcard is without grabs at this hurts that let's go out to the phone lines to see what Tony in Walnut Creek thinks about the trade again the trade is. The nationals acquired Sean Doolittle. And Ryan Madson for three people we've never heard of Tony and Waller creek your thoughts. Sega secretary Michael Tom my my mindset on this is you know what check. I'm I hit it worked for many. Tool in the money our ticket they're trying to get any stadium and the ones they get their act you're gonna keep their young players that we are open or. So that's true. Every single that the pattern that we can get them back for I think we should do it stopgap while we're actually going to be competitive. Mabus cosmic train I don't know anything about these at all the urge you to hear where expert at it. Say whether or not we got good value return I'm not expecting them that. Basically I think the parade as trade rate. The other teams are what we give up by. Immigration again we are gonna get huge all back. And could drill holes or other teams. But. You know I think we need to build for the future a couple of years we get Disney's statement. I'm off for a lot do little but I think we need to focus on that time line when it happened in can be competitive. All right Tony thanks for the phone call good takes they're let's go to Michael in Palo Alto on the trade Ryan Madson Sean do little on their way out of Oakland. The nation's capital looked up Michael. I'm I've been on his blog topic I do. Out they're smaller crowd ever. What we got in returner resigned Lou I imagine that you could expect. It was done out of our little OK but we get it might work and I can't. It couldn't imagine what I back I can't predict they don't. I mean that area that are are equal all. And did you guys that got by echo that sentiment no we want. To have chocolate including a nineteen. If god and they're denied every but he got it could definitely built in I got that goal every below and the what we're gonna getting people are. They've got our all star has worked and I didn't. Completely trivial Archie. That is what triggered. That my. As we can't let up all. That we. That we should be getting the ball. Right certain. All right good for the call how much I appreciate how died this silvers who gave strong strong strong Matt bomb is back at AT&T parking looks pretty good but the giants clearly do not have their mode Joseph how'd they get back. I've got an idea who the key style Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson to get the word or guru on inside to big time five point 72 game. Strap yourself in a's fans it's already started. Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Washington Nationals. Have stolen million use that word not stolen but if you're an industry and you probably thinking that Sean Doolittle is doll and don't Ryan Madson you don't. Food they get in return while they get Blake. Am I pronouncing this down train him. Trident. 2000. And one for the Mets this year sparkling numbers for young mr. train and five point 73 area allowing a 320. Batting average against could have no sugar were batting averages mean anything anymore sorry about that gaudy number. Is not you know a little concerned about the five point 73. ERA look out that matter. Thank you pops. I don't think the a's were going into. Any sort of deal and involving. Sean do little or Ryan Madson pinkie myriad of king's ransom in return they wanted to get. Obviously they wanted to get younger because that's what they're doing at the Major League level to prospects left him a pitcher. They Zeus was art show and Mets third baseman Sheldon noisy just love that name noisy while it's billed any USE but. It's actually announced noisy I like that and lecturing him. Train in whatever means got a five points of entry area who cares how you should whose name you've got a very good tennis than I do not completely leveled them but. What do Sheehan on the tax time it's it's a mixed bag some people. Are just the every day I'm bitter at the a's and I'll always be better DA's because it seemed like it don't try to win. We're gonna always skip those texts try to abduct going to argue is the protection those calls. But then we've also got a lot of people that are more realistic in their family they say you know this is just what the a's do. I'm numb to it as long as I don't hear one of these young studs involved in one of these packages leaving Oakland and I'm fine with a and that's kind of where I grunt number this year. I don't have an emotional attachment to Sean do little Ryan Madson I'm developing one for guys like Matt Chapman Franklin bravado you know. That's the new way of the days are geniuses for conditioning meantime though feels this way genius. It is it's a certain level of genius because they're getting away within. Why Florida does get away with it that's the right are you got me there. The great Pete Franklin. Instilled in me big name viewed via the guru. Fan is short for fanatic. And I think they've been on their worst scene right now. Is not really about this trade. I think based stand is bracing itself for the other trades that they feel they will be disappointed in. And I think the days would do their due diligence. It will be happy. If we do happen to see Sunday. Lowry or Alonso moved. Those three guys right now if this were NASDAQ. The stock is going up on a halt three and I'm just put my faith in the powers to be over there and Oakland routed in Oakland nerves. The Eagles a little better than this charade because right now I feel like we got nobody's. Ever gonna continue to be nobody's for the rested their career. All you want is hope. And I don't see the hope with these guys. Guru oh my goodness money Mike in the five time gurus the Oakland is a Sports Radio talented bright future. Cheap so where's that kind of for business and I liked it to I don't know I guess so. Now let's be careful we've gotten for five yes the last couple days now under toilet paper yeah they're unwillingness to part with a dollar Vicky in the 408 says bigger and -- and the a's game now. For my rooted in Oakland. Vicky before we take you very much OP have a good time at the ball game how are you feeling right now a's fans I'm guessing that you're feeling one of two ways. Your wrist. Because you know this means signing. And you undergone you're not pissed because Ryan Inchon are gone. Your disk as you know now and you know now that you may have been deluding yourself to the thought that. Hey they're six and halfback in the second wildcard guru tells me they've got a chance maybe they won't deal these guys and a Ryan's gone Sean gone understood to be gone Sonny's gonna be gone now I'm pissed that's one segment and a strict. The other Cigna I think we're in here from his. You know whatever to miss them I didn't know was gonna happen we all saw this coming. Ten miles away I'm fine with a I'm enjoying these young kids young kids are still here cool under. We'll see. I'm open says he doesn't get movement are you like goes Tuesday he is that a veteran would it be and he's around. To be the horse of the staff and it looks like he's got food forget Stella. I thinks and he's got his groove be just whispers are that the organization is now look it's this is what organizations do they update whispers when you here it is they leave it to float this out and this is how they justify making the trade they floated out that the organization isn't convinced. If you can stay healthy all OK and so failures that says you know he has been hurt quite a bit okay yeah it would just let's try to get a package for signing. But if somebody on the excellent said now I've come caustic and some people are Chiming in now. In the wake of again it bears repeating we were gonna go gentlemen segment Brit com breaking news is breaking news Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson. Are being sent to the nationals for three people he never heard. If you've heard of either of these three guys then god bless a year bigger baseball fan. And I am but sorry I just can't get fired up about the only big leaguer the package having a five point 73 ERA. Look at that there I don't like that but it but somebody on the touch slightly at several people on the Tex I just saying you know I'm numb to this. I don't really care. And then again some people are angry about it it's. It's just what these two army nobody's shocked by this scenario on auto and say. That the text that I could you know the borders moving so fast so many people weighing in. On this but somebody made a good point in support that I made it to start the show off. Yes you've got a bunch of young exciting guys that we all love to watch and yesterday's game was an awesome game to watch. Or listened to Chris Davis at the walk off but it was made possible by Matt Chapman the brightest young prospect they've had for my money in a good long time. Point protester made the point I'm making is fine you got great young players but. Don't you need some veteran voice in the clubhouse is glad it like trading Stephen vote. Even though he's clearly seen better days that I liked the idea of having Steven Vogt back clubhouse for the young guys showing okay. How how to what is his clubhouse dues when I'm on the road I got actually give somebody money before I walked out after the last in the series. Did you know that happened puritan oh right some rookies don't know that either someone's got to teach him that. You have to play club clubhouse to use it to Major League level. You show up there you got a bunch kids washing your clothes. Drying your jock cleaning the dirt at your cleats that they'd freak. Got a Ford at the end of the series. One how much do I tip. Let me ask Stephen vote let me ask Sonny gray let me ask Yonder Alonso you can ask if sunny in -- are out. Sure there's other guys secure it to that question Chris Davis can entered Bob Melvin can answer. You get what I'm saying right where's the veteran wisdom gonna come from for these young guys. While the hope that what it looks like right now days that these guys learn on the job. If they got instill in themselves the best that's what will happen. But let's hold back right now let's let's court acting like this assess produced let's quit acting like this was Donaldson because that's what I think is happening and that other caller made a great point about Doolittle on the DL so. Let's hold on. About what was actually moved so we witness so we're overreacting. Because you just sit at their condition. They think disguise fallen now. And yeah I was in the king's ransom will come on urged these two guys contributed but they were not it's not Dennis Eric asleep in the back into the bull period. To do little stayed on the DO. Yet he was oft injured and that's why they couldn't get a huge package that lucky you just got to. Pretty good back the end relievers if you're the national Obama nationals fan right now I'm jacked. That's a hell of a deal right. You know look at an I've done that called Dublin out of Modesto has to be they'll own it but he's got to be Florida. Stan and Oakland want to weigh in on the tree stand hang tight we're gonna get to you the first I got it. Got a clue to listeners in because tomorrow. From nine to noon you gotta make sure you check it out because candidly from the mornings we Jolo dips. You be checking in live from the Joseph Morgan celebrity golf invitational. Presented by summit bank foundation proceeds from the event well established the David. Benefiting the student at bishop bowed out high school. In east Oakland stand you're gonna get to have. Your say as are any other a's fans that want to win again it's breaking news Sean Doolittle Ryan Madson sent to the national for three guys. You probably never heard of and may never hear of again Michael Irvin he's due Rupp. 95 point seven. Now back inside the big X 195 point seven bikini. Michael herb can. The big sigh Michael Irvin alongside. Darryl Johnson together we urge him to root inside the big east appears on 95 cent in the game every Sunday at the time slot TBD pretty much every other week we're in a different time slot but the bottom line is. We get our three hours to talk case talked giant to talk the league at large and right now look we gave we're gonna lead our show. We lose draw would you step in the wake of what happened last night have you not talk about the age I mean I got goosebumps. Listening to the call and then all of a sudden. The dominos started falling mid program. News breaks did the a's have tried finally started to trade everybody off we all suspected this was coming. Some of us hoped it would move some of us just said you're crazy of course it's gonna happen it's what they do well it's what they're doing again Ryan Madson. And Sean Doolittle. They don't. They're now going to be headed to the nation's capital for Dusty Baker Washington Nationals and in return. Get three people that not many people have really heard of now there's some people plenty of people I guess that have heard of Blake tried and you've drafted by the a's in 2011 and you actually got a shot at being good. Closer for the nationals this year they've had big time bullpen problems this year they're five point 34 ERA. In the bullpen somebody on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. Said that trying to aim is the big fishing this year guys are being way too negative about it okay here's your big fish. Trying him. You close draw for weeks before he lost it many times he lost his job a hundred a hundred Ty pay you again clobbered just for him to be well he's got a five point 73 area innings allowing a 321 team batting average and he's the starter he's the guy with the game on the this is high stakes eighties below what it and they've got to prospects who got left him a pitcher Jesus was art though and third baseman Sheldon loved this last name noisy noisy is it going to be noisy. If you put a noisy stats. He's a third baseman we just southern third baseman of the future last night. He's the third base in the present and the third baseman of the future young man by the name of Matt chatter hit two bombs. Off court clue over the Tony fourteen Cy Young awards where do not want to so there's two reactions that we're getting your blue route some of overpass because there are always gimme those because. Please don't try to win they say the management. It's just. Are all concerned about money and that's all it is it's just as soon as players kick good they're going to be gone and there's another part of his population. I would say this is embodied. By a Vicky in the for a waiter who says okay my friends said the not shocked been around too long. To let this get me down thank you Vicki for a wage she's a glass. Half full it's cause you stand in Oakland thanks stand here on 957 the game and said the victims of champ. Played particularly well. Partner. Luckily I got to go to war ended. I would open it may be it could win it it would sure. Victor in order to ensure they are all. To see. All you know it cost. Trier. We're treating players that are valid. And under team control while. Purple orange and client sky line behind and got it got. I think did not know pitched up work. Not that collection Nachman. Yeah I'm with the army and I wasn't expecting them to get any great call for Sean Doolittle. Or Ryan Madson I thought they would I'm surprised they package them together and got so little in return I would have expected to get this kind of hall back. It's a known name hall Ryan Madson alone. I am afraid I don't like Ryan Madson I really like Ryan Madson. It was fun to watch. It was fun to watch. And I'm ordering you know I picked out an obligation to people who pretty worried culture which each one up with what prolonged it. Watching good owners machine there owners machine what we got now which is abysmal owners. I don't know public relation to catch. While staring your very certain extent that you for the full comment we got some people. That stand in Oakland was taken in our interests. He was used on her attempt formulating a central Maria I'm gonna I believe it's a bit of overreaction. Why though. Because when you look at this trade is entirely it's not like you gave. Away all star out of the bullpen and either one of those guys were not an all star the return looks bleak. And everybody's going back Allen should leave everybody scholars aren't at their histories coming up now all the old says it is in Donaldson those scars of stark open and that's why these people are calling in tech scene. Upset when you really look at it. The future of this team did not the growth denied it stunted by this trade. No I agree with that a 100% again if you missed it the trade is is. I don't know if it's been made official yet I haven't seen anything in my inbox for me a few notes official in this and at a press release but. Ken Rosenthal is not often wrong the Washington Nationals. Are said to have acquired reliever Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson from the a's. Okay it's confirmed it was just made official thank you very much Lucas appreciate that Lucas and Alec Stewart a fine job on the other side. Of the glass Blake tried and is the major leaguer in this deal. He was given a shot a closing for the nationals and lost the job like. Four hours later. You blew seven saves for hours and that's a lot I can be done yet. The other two kids are in their kids their baby baby baby big member magic baby baby baby sky hook via. These are baby baby baby prospect. Left hander Jesus was art on third baseman Sheldon no easy let's go head back out to the phone lines again if you want to chime in. He can hit is one of two ways actually one of four ways but the two most convenient ways for you probably. Are calling us at triple 89579257. Meat or on the Penske auto sales dot com. Next time that's 95795. We have yet to dupe killers and Kooks were gonna have some fun with that segment we have yet to talk about the possibility. Of the panda coming back to San Francisco but hey. The dominos are starting to fall this is big news is is breaking news Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle. At the nationals for three people we don't really know anything about Gary is in San Ramon Guerrier and it's a debate took up. Acreage shows though cup. Couple appoints Tom number one you know look into the future of workouts put your hands in the seats in our. Police and stadium. Tom you know it's a lot of via movement everybody out on expression equality letters needs to stop. I'm bill he has not exactly. Been exemplary and in getting her playoffs and didn't just twenty years at this moment that he's also part owner. Com you like stitcher big gambler that addicted to the charity just like the action. And that opened that it could start before we get this new stating your initial McGrath is the cheapest. You know Gary thank you for the phone call number one and I'm so glad that you mentioned exactly what you just mentioned because as you were doing this and that doesn't mean I wasn't paying a 100% attention to you. I wasn't. But I love you listen when I was I was reading a text am saying something very similar. Urgent dungeon. That's our new name minus. Gemma c'mon who would like Debra. This is SOS mark my words the a's will announce a site for the stadium this year. But then say we still need to do the environmental impact. Blah blah blah. If there ever is the new stadium it will be years before there's a shovel in the ground. And hopefully it will be new owners doing it this ownership. Has no desire to win. Vets a segment of the a's fans that I think is the majority right now. You know it is an idea that I understand it but they don't be an announcement in capital I trust that that's your thing there's going to be an announcement but all your time out did. Shovel and a dinner. When I was covering the days there was a there was like a chapter of the media guide. The media guide had to new Fremont Cisco stadium while that wasn't just an announcement in African met yeah. I would last this week with the artistry and rendering and everything that yeah. Time and I'm supposed to take Dave cap off and we're gonna build up at Laney college and just go if we gonna get in New York a few years I'm sorry anymore I'm sorry I need more. Our argue either act and that pays him not earned that trust our located gavel and an additional just like what Palestinians how can you keep trot now hash tag rooted in Oakland and look I'm playing devil's advocate to agree how I like what the agent doing I. I enjoy watching these we talked about it for two hour exactly the kids are are fired up and they get me fired up I get goose bumps listened tencor called davis' walk off yesterday the walk up was made possible by. Young stud right matchup. But the bottom line is. We are again come and go back to the C word and we are conditioned to. To feel like the days are pulling one over on us I didn't. I think that's why we're seeing the reaction engine located ABC optics Twitter they just reported that the days god. To a Washington's top team in prospect. So it looks and sounds better going we'll look where there rat baby baby baby ebitda in light of your rookie ball in one emblems of Ottawa sixty by the time they pan am. Name as the London. You never know maybe they're both can and I'll turn they're both can and at the Nashville by the end of the year plan further than tripling sounds. In listening to Barry Zito is BP's interest how like a direct to channel and now. I do our tickets are good men must go out to Eric. Chino Eric sit tight because we are going to I'm gonna take a block it calls. All at once because I wanna get I'm I'm trying to get. Fair representation. Of the multitude of reactions that a's fans are having to the steel that just went down now it's not the sexiest names that are up for sale. For the a's the sexy names that are up for sale or Sonny gray and Yonder Alonso those are the two guys that we think are on their way out. We had a pretty good idea to allow it to. You know sexy to me at all or at all at all in December and I season he's played so well run out by not sexy to me at all. Anyway there if Sonny goes if you undergoes do you think you got some of these people pissed. You need some people real history and signing on to even though they're expecting it. They're going to be history happens I don't think they're all Baptist right now Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson together urgent guru inside a big night by port cemetery.