Garry St. Jean previews Warriors-Spurs Game 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

Warriors analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Garry St. Jean, joins Towny & Steiny to preview Game 3 coming up tomorrow in San Antonio!


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This we want joins us here Crist sounds and Matt Stein it's on I five point seven today. I don't even need to ask you how your dealer because every day's a good date for year. Well what would they the eight year attention at age old system while. Going all out like dispute the call and make it. Needing. And in game 800 there's emotions. Right up there on the good quality candidates. And. Got a kick in Britain. I honestly saintly the more beverages I am the better barbecue where I'd come. True like action. The relatives say the big questions thing is do you have a smoker. No app world that I cannot I had restricted data. Charcoal wool and I got to get yeah. Talent what talent. It. Yeah you gotta investment trader smokers lately you'll change your life it's it's the best Father's Day gift I ever bought myself. Yeah. Yes. They're rip. I do everything I'll do anything from ribs brisket chick and yet you name it I absolutely love it solved. Gas saw that traders votes would balance. He'll love it to enable them kkk. Or a huge smoke roll. Initiation salmon. All I describe him or my guys. They. Those saintly I have this format. Checking my analytics. Little glory years. They used that pick and roll they rely less than any team in basketball. Where they duly basketball. Is this greens that they set. Off the ball. When I say that he is that something you see what this team. All because some kind of situation and they will be rolled leaking situation. To try to get your best actress stepped. But by and large don't complain. And basketball's. All right here. Is right it's cluttered at the post and cut equate three and at lunch let's not noble. He won't let it all cut in the all people change won't won't won't they need. I did not. Oh. But. In a style that volatile and audio cable will play in there are over these acts. The basketball IQ and they're shooting to go. Yeah I agree one didn't get it so according to this totality. And insane what. Diana basis at least at fourteen. Off the ball screens a game I haven't seems like oh I have an important point bar that's extremely low because it feels like they'll say. More than one off the ball screens. This action. Get it double check yet say. I got double check. Now let's let's let's start but it. Or at least an Olympic group groups that nobody getting back well that agents are psyched for what's good screen not the ball. You're you're preaching to the choir you know they have us that now where they where they chart contested shots. I'll say you know what I'll decide what do contested shot days but let's not forget guys you I don't need somebody to measure that. As as as people as people over the years tried to boo boo analytics. And it drank say it's about the eye test the Golden State Warriors just want the number one. Cattle analytic franchise in all of professional sports. Are you know it yet despite its you know it's just decades whose states are. All huge gap. All week naked in the kitchen and coaches. And coaches were. Chart the elections since yields and contestants in all of the is at or any other issue. Coach in the mix. You play the ancient. Egypt. People keep it didn't know yet. Now on the flight like its sales gain naturally can't watchable all the finished eight. So Egyptian. He analog is now. The ball. They just take it took it and rubble. Some of that I don't know is applicable but a lot of people like. Say one of the nice things about this week is being now we've got a lot of people from San Antonio on that we just had Mike Brown on an obviously he worked for Gregg Popovich. The guy kind of fascinates me a little bit and I like him but there's some parts about my don't like you worked with him. I hate you you worked with him before he got before he was Gregg Popovich. He was you don't let me. This same guy what. Did you like him back there where you for and was he was the work of what's the deal with this cash. Well I became. A warrant out and then. Likened to a bright guy you know every tree that was it that much all England might Larry. So a connection there. He changed that much at the ball or. Each student can't keep day Kiki. You need to keep Walt all wall saint cheat a little more pot yet. At Yankee. Group. He looks east hate to use. These same concerned about your guy to small ink and I in the kitchen heart. He made industry and ultimately. Own. Pat written your goal to give it to me you need it. Army and you enter. Corner and stopped. I need to just but right where you need some theatrics. It. Came the stuff. Like them for what that would latter. HK all ate each and I don't think it. All. I I can't IQQ you interpret what you. Debit you know. The one thing. You know I will say about him obviously is he is. An unbelievable coach I mean results he has gotten have been. Was it twenty straight years now they've gone to the post maybe something crazy like. Now he needs me at all. So far more accurate lax on that yeah. Yeah Jerry. Wanted. Outline that you gave Jackson. Was in all of its ease and yet a lot of popular votes even more don't wanna incident is relationships it is it is only seeing the ball. It's it could then they're prepared and say okay. Watching it all. And you. Wouldn't. She kicking it really. 080. If a lot better its still pretty banged up. Map game we expect for victory. Game. I think. I think I get the blaze is going to be nowhere near percent. I'd argue that your card. In. This record it. Oh. It all back there I think it didn't. And you know it's. All he can be. Able to understand what's don't know what that I had an up or what if game. Evil she. Check out what's happened if he would Portland he. Along in. She actually looks. Or wasn't a great athlete that run real well but that he score. And he's been sort darting consistent form player on the floor the other night was sentenced. And I can't you can't expect I don't know. I'll keep wondering you know every game in this series and you know beyond that green and now green and consistently tried. Out there are out. And no god but. Had he won't she won't he won't actually gain a mortgage can figure out who years. And and next door courses outnumbered needs. All he need more consistency he's going to be off. We thought he would issue. And sit. Ups is going to be an issue. But they want to think about while Leonard where. A track record works for players is if he doesn't play Saturday. That means he is hurt. And tough as any player in the league talkies her. Then nobody's gonna say well you think he really know he couldn't play if you play at the benefit of the doubt a player like him yet. Pat I'm a computer gluten. This is news and in that sense of how I can't really he would. What are acceptable. You'd think apparently it's all. Agents are warped or should they missions and stand there and only want people became wanna. Something happens to achieve it just eight is that it actually. Or in Cuba they got shot and all we want to sender that hey. He didn't get into it and it's so it's easy to keep it all. We need. Like in the play out you guys help me here you would like 47. Feet from the street coal minder that particulate. I'm art because people would I'm here. All those numbers in the and then changed walked the rebels would. He stepped in and really get out of there shall earn it each. Still OK so she won't. Or beautiful watching. It. You know I'm glad you brought that up state because what will we get off the air and explain to Prius. I know why it's more difficult to shoot a basketball. When you have. Humongous. To duplicate it these big ant man as I was an anomaly. I was break. It can become one. Most importantly enjoy the mavericks enjoyed it right where all jealous. I. Won't. It get what I liked what I have to regain breaks it bought a what are. All ate it. Morning or. It'll all. Obama. By the color and it's. Someone had to pay okay all right Zain let's not do next day care.