Episode 31: Predictable NBA Finals Is A Good Thing

Thursday, May 18th

Zakariah goes in-depth about the predictable NBA Finals.


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Welcome on and Bay Area this is exactly right you're pros the rebate to the Z cast. We have so beaten sign I'm working on an intro so that we don't coming in here dry you heard the fantastic intro from mr. fab. We will have one from Sinai from my personal. Podcast as welcome and appears don't wanna get into for this episode. The lack of predictability. For the NBA and everybody's saying that the warriors in the cavs. Were known to be the opponents in the finals long ago. Org you believe from the beginning of the season and whether or not that's good or bad name yet ask you this and I'm 33. I don't know anybody listening to this I don't know what how old war but I double a lot of predictability. In terms of the finals and the Celtics and the lakers did it. When I was very young and they did it when I was a little bit older you saw Coby and the Big Three in Boston. Snob that the NBA. You want. In the finals do you want the spurs in the celtics'. I would say probably not you would want the cavs and the warriors. And it's great to the NBA not bad great. If they play in the finals how many of the top ten best players in the NBA are you missy. Kevin Love. Every Irving LeBron James stepped Currie right mongering Klay Thompson. And Kevin Durant. That's seven. How is is bad for the MBA. And what your mad because you knew it was gonna happen before the season started no that is not an issue for the NBA this is great for the NBA the NBA has been built. On having dynasties the lakers the rockets for the couple years that MJ was not. Playing basketball the bulls. The Celtics. Everybody. That has been great in the NBA it's always good for the ambiance of people talking about this being bad you're kidding yourself. Would you rather see the rockets the finals. Would you rather see the spurs in the finals driver's seat the Celtics in the finals of drugs in the wizards in the finals no. You would rather see the cavs in the wars and especially for the first time an NBA history. Seeing two teams play in the finals three year's general. Now I can't believe that didn't happen back when the Celtics and lakers were playing. You would have thought that. This happened before but it is not and it's a good thing not a bad thing. So everybody enjoy where you're gonna watch it's gonna be a great finals and who knows because. The best player on the planet in my opinion will be not playing for the warriors. But they will have 2345. And six. After that. In my opinion I'll take odds are mongering stepped curry Klay Thompson. And Kevin Durant over anybody else on the cast outside of LeBron James but LeBron James shall last year and down. He lay up from Andre Iguodala. That. He's the baddest man on the planet when it comes and who. But in terms of this being bad at the MBA. Your kidding yourself there is not a finals match up the U wanna see more. And calves and warriors. Please lineup and tell me who wants to see the spurs and the Celtics. Open. Console so good for the MBA and look nobody wanted Kauai letter to get hurt everybody wanted to see Cole why. Play in this series and sees what the spores could do and what we're looking at probably twelve no and 1210. Going into the finals in somebody's got to lose sell land there Zack rye ads exports on Twitter is the AK sports.