Episode 29: It's Time For The Word!

Friday, May 12th

Zakariah discusses all the wacky stories in the world of sports.


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Welcome on and it is the date that is the cast I'm your host. Zacharias happy freaky fireball frisky fun all that good stuff. Friday and you know what Friday is it means it's time for the word the wacky world. Of sports we gotta get a bid to this bad boy like your music in the background when I jumper on the wacky world of sports we don't have yet we're working on it were a work in progress for his get this thing. Off the ground let's start but the first story actually right here in the Bay Area dram on green. Calling Kelly a clinic a dirty player which I totally agree with he ripped the arm. Socket out of Kevin Love he set a bunch of dirty screens that made him deserve getting pushed to the ground. In that wizards game and I just think he plays dirty and general. But I don't have the necessary the messenger should be dream on green who's been caught on camera. Qichen people in I wouldn't call dream on dirty certainly those plays were reckless and he should have been a little bit more careful with. Where he was placing his foot Kelly Olympics teammate Isaiah Thomas who has been pretty dominant throughout the playoffs over the wizards are. Showing some signs of being able to shut him down he found out that dream on called a Nat on the Dre day podcast. And Isiah Thomas said quote I don't know how we can call anybody dirty it's a joke. He said that to a group of reporters look. I don't think dram on his dirty while some don't think he should be the person calling other people dirty he doesn't play dirty in general the style of play which is. How Kelly only nick plays which I agree would dream on on that unfortunately with this instance is from last year which got suspended. Andy kick to the you know what. It just shouldn't be coming from him but to remind doesn't give a damn he's gonna speak his mind. And again there's a big difference between having some instances. Where you did something that looks dirty and your whole entire style of play being dirty big difference there. Either way probably not the right messenger on that. To the next one. So everything in the Big Apple always is time's about fifty they are brutal out there the press. And Matt Harvey got suspended. For basically a stark by the Mets for not showing up to. The Marlins Mets game and his reason originally was that he was golf paying or whatever but now details. Are coming out. Page six publish the theory explaining Arby's behavior apparently you know the absolutely drop dead gorgeous stunning Adriana Lima. From Victoria's Secret well apparently. She was dating patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and then they broke up and then mad or be an error began to date. Well apparently mad RB thought it was a lot more serious than she did because she got back. We Julian Edelman and they were photographed together by TMC. Matt hardy sought not only went out had a horrible start against the Braves. Getting roughed up for six runs in five innings he proceeded to go get hammered. In the Meatpacking District hot spot ONEOK the same club in Lima and settlement were photographed. Partied until 4 AM and then that's why he wasn't able to make the game look. If Adriana Lima left me. I probably would react the same way as she is drop dead gorgeous but it's just another story and his love triangles between athletes and models and actresses and musicians. It's this one big incestuous. Sort of situation we're all these rich do you wanna there's only so many rich people in the world sell the circles small. And inevitably crossing sports are crossing superstar platforms are gonna have this sort of situation. But Matt RB get together man your Matt Harvey in New York I know Adriana Lima is unbelievably. Attractive but I'm sure you're gonna be able to bounce back and be just fine. On to the next one. Did you guys see this area it's 11 thing on TNT with Kevin Garnett was like a Celtics were union right there was big baby Kendrick Perkins. Rajon Rondo Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And they all work you know all happen it up and talking and they brought out a wheelchair. For Paul Pierce which was funny because Paul peers remember the whole thing in the playoffs word went to locker room in a wheelchair and then came back and was just fine miraculously. So that was pretty funny. But this whole Ray Allen thing came up and Rajon Rondo really hates Ray Allen you remember. He posted a picture in the Gramm saying that his veterans wouldn't of called the young guys out the way that Dwyane Wade. And Jimmy Butler called out players on the bulls this year and he posted a picture. Of Garnett and pierce but not of Ray Allen. And and he did not speak the entire time that Ray Allen came up 'cause apparently they're mad. Ray Allen didn't talk to them first before he signed with the heat who was their bitter rival and if you just talk to a birth and it would've all been by and in Rondo is. Ignoring everybody it is also childish. If he calls me first then we can settle it and then Ray Allen post a picture of him elbowing him and heat Jersey elbowing Rondo and a Celtics Jersey. The whole thing is just absolutely childish and I guess ray Allen's agent came out and said the ray Allen's FaceBook was hacked and that's why the picture got posted first the ball people stop saying acts. Nobody believes act anymore act packed everybody says act when they do something wrong just admitted and also the people that delete their tweets after they posted. Everybody has a snapshot of it it'll live on forever. So there's no point to deleted and is no point to say the got to act because nobody's gonna believe it. Anyways the hoping his child as they won a championship together Ray Allen moved on maybe you didn't like it he went to the heat it happens. So move on and stop acting like you heard in middle school in its locker room gossip passing notes it's what it sounds like to me. Onto the next one. Casper Smart you remember him back up to answer to Jennifer Lopez they ended up dating. For a long time actually in the they broke up in 2016. Why am I talking about Casper Smart you ask that's not tied to sports. Jennifer Lopez is not tied to sports league you know is a broad A-Rod now dating Jennifer Lopez they asked Casper Smart. About that and he said that Iran is a legend and there's no jealousy or animosity over the ex baseball player dating. His ex girlfriend it led me to this interview if you haven't seen it go look it up it's Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter there at a charity event. And they get interviewed together and it's the most awkward thing you've ever in your entire life this reporter is just badgering them with questions. He's asking about. A-Rod first became a Yankee and they were trying to figure out who was gonna play short I was gonna play third. Blobby blob blog go look it up A-Rod. And Jeter interview at a charity function or some like debts on the should pop up it's amazing stuff it's totally uncomfortable Derek Jeter wants to kill the guy. You can see that he wants the Killen. For a resides it's good stuff to go check it that'll do it for the word the wacky world of sports follow me on Twitter ads exports. ZAK sports enjoy your weekend everybody's been abated as the Kazakh arrive at 95 point seven again.