DB Show w/ Towny & Steiny Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon – they are live outside the Oakland Coliseum to get you ready for Bay Area Hip Hop Fireworks Night!


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Tristan as a Matt Stein it's entertainment here on 95 point seven a game out here champions. Ship plaza we all the bootstraps people are Warren and inspire our night here at the ballpark and oh why go away. You can see Major League Baseball history. Not lots. But twice tonight. You could see two records go down and others say that or you stymie lets you marinated. The temerity well. Knowing you. I don't know it's really going to be like a record and how it will going to be something probably of note now the record to records. Listen it's not a record. Way and so when gist. You know breaks their own personal hitting streak you don't let me now and this will be a record record well like he contested shot I'll be the judge of that. Analytic cubs baseball. I want your opinion on narrative. I want you to really be that judgment that I will be because you know what. I go way back with baseball statistics. Way that strata matter it right at the apple. That long ball played all the games in the mid seventies. Right field will get off your phone can't watch baseball and who are these guys anyway this guy's the right fielder I air. Fauci told about last night he is honest not watch the game. Not. He's my great days fans like sell another thing they'll be the judge of oh wow at the clock app opt out now it's good that I sat hot today. Don't keep your task that we get to want insider. He Robby. If you don't want. Things that Al be publisher are up producers that I'd been hearing now for multiple games. Well this this is the game clay Thompson. This is not now I don't know it would not know it's this one now we have both sad day. The fact that this guy as a key areas opposite the defense side. Is phenomenal says so much about his character who is a player as a champion. Lack can't tell UK is in out or either or color X six and where were. We're talking a lot of people before the game in. I've heard multiple people say well well well now it's going to be this game and out he said I don't think it's going to be this game that can winds are gonna happen. Ask me Woody Hayes and is this going to be big game. Nobody knows. Klay Thompson is a very streaky shooter. They could come at any moment or might not come for other couple games I think it's gotta be coming soon get shot the ball well but it. This is another indication of why the warriors earned the level that they are that Klay Thompson is not shot well. In this series or the playoffs overall let's just take this series. What's the San Antonio spurs' backcourt doing. They're not do anything. Patty Mills. Green this green they have not hurt the warriors why is that. Well somebody's guard them at one of Klay Thompson. And so if you truly believe. As I say a lot defense is half the game. Well you know what plays that happened that bail out of the playoffs than if you think. The defense. He's kept the game. He's having a fine player. Slowly wants edit discussion where you'd dread it's only defense is not after the game but I don't think so I think it's about. 35 to 40%. But if you say fifty I'm not to say you're wrong because nobody knows. Is that it's just the thought. But my main point is. You're right he just he's got many fat idiot I go back to game one the game that was tied the game. Hung in the balance he wasn't very good right. Well he made maybe the biggest play off the dribble in the entire game we found draped mine green open underneath the green converted to do with three point play. So even if he's not shoot the lights out he's still good enough to make a play down the stretch of the game. To help you win. And he's also even when he's not shooting the ball well. It's not like if you're the other team you could say you know why clay is not shoot well let's leave him open. We have to guard I mean. I'm sure if this birds. Were asked they'd say well you know our defense has been pretty good at Klay Thompson we've actually done a nice job on it. Which may be they have. But no matter how poorly Klay Thompson shoots. I don't think he's ever gonna be guarded any differently he has to be guarded. Even when he's not shoot well because of his ability get hot so that. You know sit next our guy John Dickinson super reporter. During the game. Went we really do owe. After the half the warriors are gonna win date to game to him. I was like you know at this is where I would like to maybe see them because this game's pretty much done. Is why I like to see him get place panic all went yeah right this your opportunity to see it's going to be a blowout you got this game in hand. Steffi in the ball tracked him back in it into a rhythm because it's like any other sport remain. What he's talking about basketball you see a couple shots drop in baseball get a couple based its golf the about a couple putts drop. You just need to see it needs app where he kicked a field goal against sports. Well you you brought up this that early that the warriors use less pick and roll. That any team in the league and they use. More off ball screens and anybody and they run and open motion float type Buffett's. They don't they try not to call a lot of plays. Well if you play it like that. You run the risk of every once in awhile player not getting involved or player not yet in. The amount of shots he'd like over a game or two. So that's another that's another thing that might be happening more whereas another team would say you know what let's spoon feed clay tops. They can do that but it's it's not really who they are. The reason the warriors are such a great team is because they have so many weapons and just when you think Kleiza finished shooting slump that way. Courier Michael Pfeifer nineteen. And clay goes thirteen for eighteen. That's. That's why they're so good because most of the time they'll both play well but even when one album plays well they're still. Exceptional and hard to beat. What are your expectations. For game theory it's a very simple question triple late night by 79578. That's triple 89579570. How do you seek game three playing now these you Matt are playing me. Don't count him out. I think they're gonna steam roll let me ask you this though now for the fan items are. How do you feel like you with Matt you're still guarded. Because it's this urge their machines that'll make it Tripoli not by seven knighted by Saturday or cal looked at like mandates about a guy who sprained his ankle. Three. Really sprained his ankle three times in a very short period I don't expect an explosive. Dynamic player coming out. And the warriors smell that. Blood in the water at the sharks and they're gonna so I. I think didn't take it to a once again it's a trip like that by 790 five's where do you wind howdy UC gained three point out I'll let it play out. It's sick it's not. A yes can be right now before take couple calls yes ballot though that number out there Tripoli not by 795 cent. Well I got to assume first of all let's and we assume awhile later can be 80% or better because if he is that it doesn't match. You don't say and so got to work that's a problem IR I don't think he will be eat and that's. That which is just being there get audited doctor Schwartz he's like come out sprint lights like that yeah now I get that I get that but I'm gonna. And choose to believe that. He's going to be above 80% just because that that's the way but it shoes. Why is it because quiet letter her that your dismissing the spurs mostly yes OK because. At the warriors are two world. They were up 20 last year in the finals and everybody said this went over. They didn't win. The NBA's full teams that have come back from two games there. That's not that big deal. Now if Kuwata letters hurt that's a big deal they're not going to be able to do it. Who knows. Maybe he's. Maybe 80% on Saturday. He comes back mark and then it feels better I don't know will sit. Let's go to Steve in San Francisco here on out about points out again. The you know a good idea. I think the square that I had many good talking to the Barrick. He's not let them come out flat out let them come out and get Mac and the it got to come out the energy goblet. Letter late. And the you know you make it again out of the world you know that Robin alone that is a letter out wearing black. Meanwhile people again. I think that's fair I think even assuming letter placed now. And he's not a 100%. He's still gonna give them an emotional boobs. He's got to get the crowd. Going probably more than it would be gold if he wouldn't play. So I fully expect the spurs could be. Played their hair on fire for at least the first 63 minutes and it's that old thing about in the warriors with stand that. What are the warriors don't. Withstand that now let's say they don't withstand. That opening run and the spurs lead at the end of one quarter 356. Team. It's still not over oh it's still not over edit the spurs continue that an eagle at halftime about sixty to 41. It's still not over. You know I mean that's how good the warriors are so yeah it be great for the spurs they could come out and shell shocked the warriors the first six minutes. Keep it up like forty plus two minutes. And that's what's hard duplicates the warriors line. Let me ask you this. Great Bob and it said my team didn't believe denied. Paddy get that police back. It's I think that belief is cool why Leonard and I think that's completely accurate. What's wrong with saying. If coli letter plays the spurs have a shot if he doesn't play they have no shot. Isn't it true yes Toyota thought its true and as a teammate. Of a superstar. And you've got a player that you leaned on all year. And now he's not there it just check the you know what we're here championship plaza we get ready for the a's game. I think I think it happened the days when they traded says this just it was an emotional. Boy read or vacuum created. And I think the team got less confident. And that there was also tangible things like the protection he offered in the lineup. Can I give me a better version sure. Yeah that's Red Sox fans are locking by. Big lobby not been in the size big popping up in their lineup has changed their offense. That guy who was dug guy in their offense. You look at their home runs are down their extra base answered out the runs are down not have a big poppy so that's not at. It's right in a better. Then he ON SI obviously Jonas was thoroughbreds that lap the big poppy obviously his career mean the Red Sox are definitely a different lineup without. And what's the difference it's week awhile uttered not playing. In and Aaron Rodgers being hurt and they're back to place who. I mean you think that you think. Yeah the Packers wanna believe they have just as good a chance but they know they don't and they know. That if they got it all win a game that the plan almost perfectly. People need to realize that thing about basketball is. Five guys on the. You know it's not like the defense case you know defense. A defense can weak games in the app now right I opted to get defense he had special teams defense goal to give the Google's he could still win a game. And it would you take your guy out and basketball. There's only five guys walked the sister made. Thank you take a guy out of line at the baseball at it's got to rotation and still. Leader at all. What a basketball I mean like you to take Michael Jordan on the bulls need to make magic bird up and meet as it exists age is it's excellent I've got. On the floor and not trying to think if there's ever been the case in basketball. Teams. In essence that's lawyer. Yeah wanna won a title with their best player out artistic game. For the finals. I mean maybe I'm missing somebody hopefully they can tax while they disembodied. But. Houston didn't waited when Elijah one was hurt that he was an economy wasn't hurt. I can't think of any team that won a title. Down their best what game was it that magic stepped and it kind of move lighted as a senator Kareem is now. I'll that was that was the nineteen. EE ENBA finals game six. In Philadelphia. Would. Korea had a migraine. It is Magic Johnson sat in his seat. On the team plane going to Philly. And he played center that night nine leaky at 42 points. 53. Months witnesses so that was gang on the check that out I'm right on the money. It would in 1980. Gas out seventy god knows what Michigan State won the title. The 7980 was magic's rookie year call on Haiti and here on knighted by that game. Notes on. They. It it shot. Yeah. A lot of analogue it. Yeah like I did say that question closer. To set what I think we're upcoming game. At UT at the lot out there will be actually that are. I don't at. Game or act which couldn't see it that while it locked out to what they need to be eatery it. While eight yeah I ain't. Cleveland's get a beat clay let's not that L they're not greatest defense team but the one thing that we do know about Cleveland. Is that Cleveland can score. And make and score a lot they got the ability it threes. They got LeBron entire week go to the movement dish out mean they put up an office juggernaut through. Tony I gotta admit sometimes. I do suffer from a little bit of insecurity. And. I just checked the box score from the 1986. Johnson had 42 points fifteen rebounds and seven XX. And that was almost forty years ago your boy just remember that kinda stuff. Remember watching the game. And it didn't sell it. Did something. Why don't answer. Matt on the back a lot. Why are you know about it on the back there behind me it July July players who want out right now the way when it. What they respect you you. Real quick. The bad mouth Red Sox fans accept what a couple of big boys walk across. Then it's like we got let's stay the great thing is very loyal fans meanwhile they walk around the basket notes. Stay at Nightline in line every one of them up off item on the line a mop. Udell old school like that means streets downtown San Jose Ruiz at sling it back in the day I just saw the one guy whether. I guess it was a Red Sox an ass on those that would is that they're now using socks yes for Sox but I guess that was sale. Because they have be a minor league team in Salem Virginia. Yes was for sale Salem Salem by the way to get those though which thousands Salem iMac that's Massachusetts. Policies and Virginia. That world outside I messages dead dog it's an incredible. I remember I can't ever have the look 2011 years old but it. Spooky ass place 3COM which is is that the in the middle state they're flawed I guess that aus eleven years old Salem witch house and it was that the story edit your eleven years old gone in there hang in these ladies air Micah. Yeah it's gonna Aron and Sandra fell Arendt united five cent of the game. Yeah. Yeah. Hey I've got one thing to say what comes to you and how they eat the way out. I would wonder why they need to look at the at a out and hired them on the eve and that is give them back. That her children were three seed first round byes. Something similar. Where. They would. Now we have three game series in the first. You're at eight each. I direct. You get five. Edit each conference. Yeah moved you wanna play your rounds when he had a thirteenth. While. You know back in Pennsylvania. They played high school basketball term radical. Ready not re read it it's true reading where basketball is beautiful yes. High schools they had an open tournaments ago five and 22. If you wanted to play in the post season you could that you match up with the number one seat but. That. And that's the that's just duke player regular season and the warriors would have played that bets the Brooklyn nets in the first round because and that's 115. Gave me an answer getting that trophy after they lose the first round how we get to the MBA and everybody gets a trophy. Everybody gets dropped a great night at green gal. Participation trophy you're down nets were you know the capital probably of participation trophies. I believe northern California slash Bay Area. Leads the league in participation trophies don't think I I I am at a place like Billy is probably last. Or it really happy sports or Bentley or Detroit I got to believe Detroit the Detroit doesn't give away many. Protest of two solid young Fella. Pretty cool well once dad's not weeks. The police may have covered by Robin Detroit it turns out the trophies. As soon as the my kid's sick or not quite here and expects every game. They aren't great show at that point one that documentary on. All teams you know that they're pulling a surprise how many times that when it was Regina didn't have a major injury. Oh yeah that each year and then. You don't really rethink. If we switch it. I think part current filer being. The true law's impact ballplayer on that team and yet but I react very that was we. You know or partial and you'll recoup and the spurs were all. I think that this bird would be better and so you know it's not surprising that we're here at I think that there's probably no way out sweet thank. Yeah. I mean why didn't come back and that's a very real possibility. But. The callers right on the money. If you if you've got injuries you're never gonna win at all and I feel want to. Team and now you can look this up. The Green Bay Packers at last time they won the Super Bowl. I believe had like eleven guys. Starters. Who were on injured reserve it was a breeze the number and they still won the super double the debt as part of the it factor of winning the title is health. No doubt. You gotta have your guys got to have the horses to win the race. So the other thing is is a lot of times you'll see. A team. Lose a player for most of the season. Or players they'll have an injury riddled season and go to get fired at the end that's these. As the team was 22 and 65. They did and it players so. How can you really hold stuff like that against the coach unless you know. Even even without the star players that he's not a good note the most of the time. You're not a good coach if you don't have the star players. I you've seen guys have been run through certain organizations for how many years. Out any. Excuse me at that Packers at sports team by. Whether Saturday there at Rogers exactly but I think eleven of whom were starters and some ridiculous numbers so it's very very rare. Yeah me a look at some bad organizations. Run through coaches or managers year after year after year. And you can keep blaming those guys at some point is you got to start looking at the top of the organization. Iran like the warriors. All these is a club house getaway any air. Well the question is they probably wouldn't wanna hear old. Ownership would still be here right Kursk and was your evening we beat dual port noted I know. I mean I can't sign a row Bobby Rouse still. President know what other this may be controversial but. Probably not. Put a foot maybe. Because. It fairness Currie was drafted before late duke got here. And late go to a meeting curry is the is is the what is the full not the fulcrum it's the quintessential he's the he's the main man he's the men. Currie the man so. While I doubt it. And would never bet on it and it's a hypothetical who knows but. There's no doubt that would chill Laker has put together. I think over the last five years would never do in time. Actually I met at crystal Hanna Bobby route to go to the Hamptons and recruit Kevin Garnett are probably bet against that. I I got to believe that they would they'd had this year if you. Here though if we can see not line but two records tonight here at the coliseum. More fireworks that just fireworks ignited by a seven game. Town is studying here on out of five point seven a game. And yes I will have the dugout Joseph Torre coming up here. At 545. And do not forget. I'll be leaving here to go to the Greek festival oral B. Pulled it down tonight. Get her done today Q do you favor. One little favor depends just. Tell fro Xena said. Rose scene I wonder if she'll remember being one of the few rally kind of woman doesn't remember random guys like look she's a star and froze CNET is the lead zinc air one of the great area bands of all time Mediterranean soul. I like that I heard some. Last year I got their CD's. I don't overseas I've got multiple CDs. I would like I say albums that I remember I remember here are you ready for this. Of course. Chris Sale appeared am yeah he strikes out to people here and there Chris Sale and a hall of Famer Pedro Martinez share the record. Her most games with ten or more consecutive strike ends. You're. You are. Yeah it might hit the. That is not a record isn't it isn't consecutive strikeouts and it game OK who what. Gains of Tenet or strike yes very wet lies the record for eleven or more. While about now. No one's done it. Of course they have somebody hold the record quote unquote record. For number of games with ten strikeouts in a yeah it Pedro Martinez. If he strikes out at a mortar and idol be the major sell a record and what's the record for striking out. Eleven consecutive gains Orton I think this is and it is inside. This. He struck that visit like the basketball points. Nobody there's not somebody like he struck out strike outs or more is going to be less and no one has struck out this. Many consecutive guys this many games in a row this game's been played for over a 101 years. Nobody has done a team Pedro if he strikes out and tonight he'll the only guy on Ryan Randy Johnson. It's an old old bags Walter Johnson. So little done this I don't like no putts that that you're really get eight does it. Her big return like that kind of status because after I realized. Exactly what it was like. Realize that might be role now and now you're gonna really hate one. Another Major League record Beckett go down tonight Chris Sale. Rainy Johnson if you remember struck out. Was traded from the Seattle Mariners to the Houston Astros. The Astros were loaded with a killer bees. 1998. Beta be taken out by Kevin brown and the Padres in the playoffs. It was an upset for the Padres beat the Braves employ the Yankees to the World Series and got destroyed and swept. Well Randy Johnson. Was unbeatable when he Whitney Houston. Randy Johnson in his first eight starts with a new team. Holds the record. With Chris Sale. 85 strikeouts and the first eight starts with an. Klein look at all these people out here championship closet they're all glassy eyed in Colombia. To put that their rock David at the parking lot tailgating I don't know what that balance and it went crazy fans as. Remember Randy Johnson Houston extra armor that big tree is a huge strain observant broad Seattle remember one so. Yankees used a rent a player. Members or so of Chris sales strikes out. If he strikes out eight or tonight he will now hold the record he's got. Because yeah it got more as the days that are yet another hit home runs in check out I mean. What you're seeing tonight is he's crazy. Ladies preceded it lag. Under the when he cut up the jerseys in Chicago and it's now an app that is what this guy but. When you talk about somebody would come out of Florida international. Now be looked at evidence boarded air national they sentenced any funky delivery wouldn't last. And all this guys it is is to work orders and east as. Absolutely Lou. Florida Gulf Coast and as close. Small Puerto schools he came out of there and they torture and what you're gonna see tonight is a premier. Power pitcher. Best pitcher of all time Houston Astro. What did. Now not goal I'd go elegantly and JR. JRR Nolan go like scale. Ever or Boller mics and a member of the couple years Ali great Astros. Now my scholars to assist you you stepped on and greatest Astro that if you out double to Jimmy win. At bat well these wells are the Jews Biggio as one of the most overrated players. We haven't we about Julio Cruz. I love the way he plays are how. I. An average there Dave Smith the clothes they had back in the day great year. W Reagan years drank himself the deaths are sedate them now. So right now I mean this is this is one of those and is. My friend bill rove announced he likes to say we do the raiders pregame you know. This big boy pants game last night he abdicated his from the Mexican League news. Clearly out of his league in the days to adopt one and that's what you needed to win a guy's making his first career start. Can't. Am fit thank you thank you Rama a little are gonna say Romanowski. Offenses it's a great day Beilein out gag. So you got one that eating out we got last night and he did it right. Tonight is one of those where you know it's it's the challenges the right handed line at that we're gonna see it right. Aziz there. Larry's. Is it all right handed line up tonight that. Chris Sale is going to see but it just in now with now they're great. Every tries to do that that he is just that had a special guy I mean you know when you come man and you ethnic Qaeda repertoire that he has. Answer me and I sat out last night like with Sonny gray and every site worried about sunny stuff. August it was about a mentality. A lot about this is when you go out on the mound in your your true weighs in Europe bad ass. Everybody the ballpark knows you're on the mound its win day everybody in the clubhouse knows it everybody comes in the game the fans people work at the games. I wanna see style sunny at the mentality that got them out for the Boston Red Sox. The dollar amount for the Boston Red Sox is news. Little bit older obviously he's got to grow in that right. So saudis to start his career. Yeah it. For a little bit before you're confident right. Players come in Italy and urges. That meant from the start well my guy Mike Trout of course you keep it at its rights are although you don't Bryce Harper. Didn't burst on the scene and he was good who Bryce are highly doubt about price higher percent high school. But what upset look at his first couple years there working his beat your feet on year pretty good to. Why do you why do this because the numbers pale when he drove up against Mike trial the ice that may be degrees while the greatest players of all time. You're making my point. Okay here you go first year in the big leagues 22 long lines secular on what it's. It in seventy and that's that's four years later he's got 42 thought or you him at the end of four years finally it was a rookie of the year let's stick. That's if the bush hater you what did you staked in the face of these people here to see flights. I got actually got the dugout show accurate phrase baseball right here on 95 point seven again just to boost people's thing men.