DB Show w/ Towny & Steiny Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon – they are live outside the Oakland Coliseum to get you ready for Bay Area Hip Hop Fireworks Night - joined by Mike Brown & Garry St. Jean!


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Zain embryos is out Chris Townsend maps diamonds and of course after every single warriors game you can hear us. Doing warriors wrap up taking your phone calls Tripoli not 57 knighted by sanity. And we now had to San Antonio. Interim head Coach Mike Brown does who has brought to buy Stevens creek today Otis and others say it's where that deals are and also all lawyers guest. Always sound better. If you are wearing JBL headphones the officials out of the Golden State Warriors and not at five cent of the game coach before we talk axes and knows. Before we talk to gain three. I just want to make sure we get you to the arena tomorrow night OK cup and all the way from the police. And just make sure it's a clean injury. And then you'll hear an audio. You know what are but what war but that's the funniest story playoff history. I mean what what work what worries me most reality is we see it Mike Reynolds of menace when he's driving an SUV clearly. Like building some motorcycle guy. He rekindled an. Apartment that. Oh. I'm not that allowed the government should public and sports it like it is motorcycle Koppel on the op. That did not work out an Italian. Probably the best part of this story is as you're going through this. I mean this is the playoffs you just want to get and the fact that going through this whole thing that you look at your phone and there's Gregg Popovich got a. I'll look that. Bode well. Like Butler. You had a lot of Jews incidents no particular zone and you have a lot of talks. OK. I want to go out. Maybe a little questionable. Utley during the time of the year you're in the is that Oakland out of oracle. We're not a oh yeah. That happens. Though. Yeah you bet you got a legitimate gripe there I think they like they speak a pop Richard. Are you worked for Greg obviously San Antonio. We see the sideline interviews we see the post game. Interviews with him. We we don't we hear we hear he's a great coach we know he's a great coach from the result that makes him a great coach what's going on at practice. What's go on in meetings with coaches and individual meetings with players. What is it that we don't see that makes him such a great coach. You know because it's true that football is. They're extremely mindful of all the people and the process at hand in the what I mean by that they're there they just don't. You know trees didn't bug up their pants. Put a lot of thought into it. Talk to the right people PP unit by lower your input from certain people and the decision making process in the and they would best. Not just short term but. Long term what's gonna have the best left in effect. On not just an individual player but on the organization hole one of them my appointments that they have something that. It's so simple sound easy. But it's it's there's more discretion when you're trying to communicate and once you have come to a decision on something. In our. I really appreciate how humble you are and how much respect huge show for coach her coach Popovich you a lot of success yourself. And it got to do a great job but what you say might well it's interesting because. I'll be for a lot of thus you're now dealing with people lineal superstar correctly which is. Far different that probably would shoot you dealt with when you first start when you first got. Are a 100% and that's what makes them special and today's game because. We're with committees quote unquote superstar. Because of their intelligence with the Internet out there there's very well there are a lot of different things come lot of different situations. So you have to be you know one point when whenever you're trying to do your calls them as individuals to him as cruel because if you're not. The next best thing on the court and they will jump ship at all or B if you're not careful with how you see things and how you do things. In today's game. My what you're San Antonio it's a got a player couple players out there and and what guy you look at is say you know he Pia he'd be a great fit our system. I that's one thing I get it but is there another. Almost looked of confident school of thought CNN's Tony well what San Antonio where you say. You know what he's not perfect but if we get a mean here we can make him part of our system. And yes two but it's another thing it's true that there when I was. Optical. Africa and so in 2000. Poplar and took over two years before that they had already won one championship. Europe like out there we brought it again I'd have now been couldn't give an opportunity. In this Lian and Stephen Jackson. And in theory you guys. Waited in the Bay Area but he definitely is not a quote unquote. Definition of San Antonio player most people blah. What. So was with a stronger as the colts who was there with the public doesn't we have there. You know Jack who we could bring it. And not only pregnant but she could have some success we can have some success with it you're. Just because I'll call Coulter was that Barbara was. In agreement at into the page. Jacqueline Cochran god it would buy in because few trio waiting he would feel I'll. How popular things in in the neutral with the league players correct. In the system. Aaron had just for the gold sale orders Mike Brown joins us here Christa outs and Matt Stein and 95 point seven game when you look at your game plan you had one knowing collide lettered. Was not going to be hearing game two you don't know if he's going to be there in game three and hippies if there. Probably not going to be a 100% how does the game plan changed when you look at what they're great players going to be there nine. Throughout the gun right now we're planning on him playing tomorrow night if it doesn't then then you know he does not play obviously and we go about our business but the comeback yep YouTube that play area. While we should be MVP of the league this year. And they are completely rely and so we want to make sure that would prepare for him would be on them for war. Org the 48 minutes tomorrow night and that's what we're gonna do. They might do you watch any of the Eastern Conference finals like if you watched game water ready the other playoff rounds how much do you watch indeed tape bitter do you stay away from it completely. Well I'll watch the games. I don't want to. Boat and and I would you know if we were fortunate to advance and in our senior officers involved but we you know we're we're definitely have somebody out there are scouting a bowl being. You know obviously it would make it to the finals. From what goes on assuming that we Portuguese. If guys speculative put stock could do other. War between people would make its next and then you know one dollar no. Oh god into. It much more than. Much much more Shelvin what I would be going now right now you know are full focuses on the concentration. Is on a percent there. And we're just kinda taken if they won one day at a time and throw it into our series. Mike Steve Kerr is obviously San Antonio everybody's very. Happy about that everybody wants Steve to get better as fast as possible I was thinking about. Him in your role on the one hand. He's down there with yet. You've got him as support you can rely on him he can take his input. On the other hand. You know you are year old coach and I'm sure he's a little sensitive of overstepping his bounds and how is that all working now. But yes Steve is a tremendous amount for all of you know with that being created makes Lilly's current. You know that the guys are Michelman has anybody. In you know he's Cuban news this group of players you know a lot of ownership of the process is coaching they have ownership the process. And nobody buys the same way. And slowly it's got it done by committee we just kind of talked about thing the number one stand up on the sidelines but we got a terrific staff. There's help on the content in middle players or veteran guys that. Have a great understanding of what. We're trying to do here in Steven's been very supportive and track in fact it. You can watch from the trail that the games what changes our coaches meetings he's given suggestions. Ideas and stuff like that but that in the days you know he's always there in my compellent you have truly that good. Who won the topic you can feel it. And you know so so. We've been knowing that we've been going good and my back on percent there is. It's it's just a war just because of the respect that we have well not only toward each other but just for the process it is. But what the process for the direction that this team was heading even before he got Ford stepped away. Help lies how is Andre how is not and you think they'll. I. The adult have been through but we practiced earlier today has not been too much today. So I'm not sure this is questionable right now wolf triage real. Small warning in the pregame and and a moderate he he would promote like yesterday I haven't talked to our trainers yet he looks of course right now we'll see. How it feels small warning in the going into the game but warming go for a couple. It like a couple years ago the warriors had success and then Alvin Gentry. Wanna Steve's assistance went to New Orleans. A last year Luke Walton of course went to the LA lakers. Now you're the acting head coach you may be coaching this team. All the way to the finals and and you may be on the bench when they when they bring a title home. I don't know your contract situation or anything like that but. I got to believe you you'd like to be a head coach again and and where does that feed in or or my mistake it. The Buick I would at some point. You know there's some crazy people might cut the lead by. I really enjoyed here I enjoyed. Sole ownership and management and to everybody in the front office players the culture the eve of the marketplace and that's the coaches in. I'm not even look at their four and I. I actually and I see myself for being here. Next year in the same role. In the U. You know that of people that. Work on my partner about your skull on the slick long term not but just short term so. It it it becomes what they've been great but right now. Annan is living in the moment and join. Being part of the organization. I'll try it out on right here by captain let's add art oh not bad are out of moderates are. In the Bay Area triggering the who's not a regular. Mostly you know what you're telling commuters say how much you love California I was like. In the words from back east from somewhere like in Columbus, Ohio but he had to rarely talk about. Ego that's right there is right. Forget about. What you're SP yes without his portico of the problem military pretzel and a who ran out of that grew up over in urban most of by. So that. But Mike. I don't you got a lot of experience. In in this game has Gregg Popovich ever treated you like he's treated some media members. Tucker quote. You're a sure you have. They have come out of the room I've come out of room shut the doors at. Each. A the notebook you know. It occurred. Bit by bit. I attribute all of conduct that would talk we'll go out of new book about this but that's the way of having fun with the media. Let's air it in and that it would be but with just several audience pretty bad one. Well I know Ole for the pregame show to be number one of the game. Having you stay away from the Texas State troopers that. Number law. A I'll give it to them under a mile mark but with everybody else. Goldblatt ray drove California place drier cooler here with yet but you will. A great job is always really appreciate the transparency and everything you bring in and the laughter and Ebert elated good luck tomorrow night we'll talk to actually. Rotor Gartner group. I brown and I meet. He seems like the cat because we now meet lots of completely watched the lakers. Do you feel great as a head coach she'd be a great guy to have on every single week gets a major seeing when you look at. You know we have Billy beyond as bad as he's been great for all these years but Bob Meyers on the radios Incredibles I was Steve Kerr answer I mean they just have. I had to so many good people in this organization. And it today's world. In now it means allies or tablet these young athletes athletes are grown at different than ever before you know have a guy come at it is going it's my layers I lay. Like you guy you want covered. Doesn't always work. These days you know it's interesting because I think Mike Brown back in Cleveland. Wasn't a big fan of his. I. I thought it was a little too serious he took himself a little too seriously. I didn't feel like he was particularly creative. But. And I did think he was a little bit uptight. And now up wondering well is he more relaxed because. He's been in the league and other 1012 years or is he more relaxed because. He's now in this kind of environment where you don't have to be on the defensive. Is he is he a little more lighthearted because he's built a team that has all this success. I don't know the answer to that but I just know that you're right Bob Myers Steve Kerr Mike Brown. Even even Jarron Collins. With these we hear these guys talk. It's obvious thirties right there they're not. They're not on pins and needles they're not defensive. They're not paranoid they don't think you're trying to. Get a minute got you moment they just talked deal like you would talk to another adult it's really refreshing. And I end a lot of people say well are winning and they're like. Well we'll see yeah. I mean you know we talked to stoker your run when he was. EXT at its track record now see the same guy used to it he uses it guy you hear exactly same guy. That's what I mean you mean now these guys have track records mean Bob Meyers been an agent in the league for awhile. He was hired by Joseph lake about this because he had a great reputation as an agent at an upfront guy to stand up person. So you're right I mean the warriors are higher in malcontents or or or I meet guys that's for sure. And I know and I saw a Twitter today you'd eight years now inciting pod casting news and others are. That thought you'd be foolish to say they are well. They'll be foolish house collide Leonard. I don't know. They're gonna need him to be very close eighty or blow. But not that. He'll be 82. BA eighty. Eight. It could be eighty. I mean does that really matter whether I stay right but the B 8064. If it doesn't matter what exactly were all guests and we're all guests and misty I'm more hopeful he's not a commensurate. A sister beat ascent there where have a lot of game to game and you know what Tony that's a good point he needs to be. Obviously more healthy than not. And the reason I say that is because. With four games they they don't just have to win Saturday that's just one part of what they wanna do. So if he's noticeably hobbled let's say or let's say he plays tomorrow and the spurs win. But it's clear that awhile Leonard is not at a 100% city's sixty. Well that's a problem too because you're not going to be able to beat the warriors with him at 60%. Might get a game and maybe they'll get tomorrow's game. But movement forward in that series. How do you win three more of a wise not a 100%. The act is that is I mean. It's the question if he's not going to be under percent believe in game mystery. And if you put him out there any tweaks it again. Is that space as much as everybody try to flip out about not site first. Did not date at least collect money if any type a point where he's trying to make otter doing it out of Expos blue and the ankle goes. Is pry out the rest series anyway so it's it's it's. That is at the top spot at the look of the medical staff to be able look at Popovich and his staff to say. K this is what we recommend this is what we think this is where we the key is you know you go to the medicine cap it. As you want to be able to have them go out there and trying to be as much debris wrap up but. When it it's gonna be really tough draw. You can I you can easily see him go on out there and an opiate like I can't tell. And then outside he's out and and oh boy for that. Yeah I always think about it a situation like this how the discussions go because ultimately. Whose decision is it. You tell me county whose decision is. Going to be who drinks a cat so. You have to you have to weigh in coat because Kuwata Leonard was asked earlier today. How much influence does he have on Popovich. How much you know clout does he have in terms of if he wants the plate heady play. And he basically said I have. I've clout I mean if I tell me about ready to play. Then were almost there at at the trading staff looks at it says well you know it's your you clearly not a 100%. But. It has gotten better in the last three or four days of quiet letter goes on going. It's not really the medical staff unless the medical staff sees so that when they say absolutely now. They're probably gonna say well it's not a hundred but it. It's up to you and I guarantee he's gonna say yes if he's anywhere over. Sixty. At people's views Tim Duncan and the pass as an example but that was a neat. Some may Indian angler fared. Yeah I would agree with that. I'm going to need extra heat out targets surgery to argue that affect you all drought next year right angles bull Il. They will but I'm always skeptical of the old saying. Yeah yeah. Hurt any worse oh that's how it's just I mean how can dash UK can that be accurate how can you make that they not Britney on its that is completely. Ridiculous. Yes you can make it worse. The issue and absolutely. You know out from that Penske auto sales that on tax line. People are asking for a sync update. That we issues it if you did here two days ago. Matt Stein Mets pulled back speaker which he normally does it do with his personal line is usually very guarded and as once thought about it. He's got a major issue and oh by the way it's not my dishwasher. And I show up yesterday. Yeah with labor and parts can be like 3:50 OK I am pretty happy about that that's bad. 350 to fix it or for what the fix it now for all people are aware that it's the the rotator cuff. It's like erodes bidder this bitter it's now. On I'll say exactly what is the way to crickets. It's the motor pumps him. Leo well I mean that's the first thing you know use those. Yes the problem Tony is. They they cut the marble marble they cut the countertop. To fit a a bigger seeing. Let's say you know it's funny. My wife you know they said well you the minute you did tell them to put the big sink to measure for the big thing got India kitchen nice it will. You know hole is a little bit inaccurate. Because the the language barrier was so great. That. I didn't tell him anything he understood. That he didn't tell me one word that I guy. And so now we have an issue of I definitely indicated to the company that. I told them to put the wrong sync however they have Clinton's. That show the sing it should have been put it and my wife has since wrote them an email. Basically saying hey look you know yeah there's a mistake was made here and but we spent this much money we bought all the stuff for you bought the cabinets because we wanted to get it done right. What we yes you know yes my my husband told workers to put it in the put in the the big bowl and they got back to us what they said. We agree with you your husband did tell us. That that was the one use. That was their response. Like a snort you know an enemy now. So where you know I say we dole. It's it like we shouldn't pay for. I just recognize congressman oh yeah. We'll talk to a that's what what point fingers touch we're trying to figure itself. On art that ultimately you know you don't I'll say you know it does work. Be happy to share the name of the place if it really get. I. Thought I. I've got to a Twitter I don't all right while that's your personal yet it's your purse or even in the air gap now. Atlas to. You know the Golden State Warriors. Are different from a lot of teams now. We'll talk about it right here at night but some game. David still out we'll hopefully be back soon. Chris downs and Matt assignments will be here on 95 point seven a game. And is heard from Vontae. Fireworks night tonight here at the ball art. How they always driving in a ended. I never really saw what fireworks look like before they are in the sky. And it's an elaborate setup it is very expensive it looks very dangerous. Very dangerous. I think a key need to be. I think you need to be an electrician. At the very least to know what you're doing there. I don't know that I can get a firework showed done. You know things as a one man I put it gathered map where buyers are now. So al-Qaeda like you're dead and a fourth of July back in the bag as they're Roy would say it's detonations. In the election. No doubt about it raw mobile as the legend is trying streets of Seoul. As we are out here right now. At championship plaza. He's going with a spicy pork bull. It looks like the Korean short ribs look good at all that these food truck owners and guys are absolutely amazing. So if you have a chance come out he has a year championship laws at the trucks are out. Ceglia the man opposite case that Mexico. We have authentic American food I mean it really says there's Indian food. And it interested in the French dip can't route first exit which and a tank roast beef and I can't. I don't see that truck and others drops and as the other side there's different tracks every day. Over. That I ever gonna there's wants assumes she's Korean the crowd at. The same sushi truck that comes out every hole and stiff drop off Kumble. You're telling me. Eighty Warner home games. Soon she comes in here thirtieth those games and there's thirty different trucks or maybe one cubs five. Every single time I've been out here there's different routes. A patient care a whole ball. So each shot let's say I want to seem got guys before I've seen by let's say there's one that's there's fifteen trucks on each side it's thirty trucks total. Okay what team what well but I taxes take fifteen to about well again I'd okay twelve game what's twelve times eighty. 8800. Not sixty it's not 560. There are no 960. Different food trucks in the Bay Area. These day. Point line. My point is that there are no different every time out there as they're at opposite piece of overlap that point other will be the rotation is not the same age I'd like to see you wrote whose work like who. Determined that rotation as it Melvin. Is that Bob Melvin who are created that rotation. And then how does he know what what these food trucks is just done and he's got to bring it into other food truck and I don't think that's that's pretty go to the fruit truck. Yeah you say give. Right hander you well I want to throw this at GO. As times this year we heard the oh my god and I can't wait doctors neatly on about this coming up here Eric that night we all all hop well. You got that right. Yeah I don't I can't wait to see that. The pick and roll between. Whoever heard that so many times idolize it staff and Iran outlets either. You realize that Golden State Warriors. Used that pick and roll. It I it's fewer rules that any of the team in the India. And that's. What a segment of the failed to criticize the turf war that he doesn't put the ball and stuff Curry's hands enough. So that staff can do his thing but it isn't. Screens away from the ball is going to Matt. Yes and that. Would be widely in all what led up there drop shots or. That's why you see we always have of these shooters open because of. What they do away from the ball they do better than any of its. They do move without the ball extremely well. And it's easier to move without the ball when the defense is spread out because there's more space. And the warriors can spread out a defense because they have players who could shoot from 25. Thirty feet out to have to go guard about there well. If you guard him out there and trying to overplay it a little bit. You go back door and get a lay up out of it or you set a screen this screeners always open. Their offense if there offense were being run by a solid team with a star to they would still be really really good but the fact that this team. With four. Superstars. And I don't use that word lightly but the fact that this team with four superstars who runs that offense like that. That really makes the Golden State Warriors tough to be. Because they just have so many weapons. And they're willing to utilize all those weapons they don't have to worry about. All right our number one guy we'd like to get him twenty shots are number two guy we'd like to get him sixteen or number three you know 1415. A hole. They don't do it like that. One night clay Thompson makes seats 42 shots the next two Rick Perry they only take twelve that one night take nineteenth it's just they they. They played basketball. They react to what you're doing and then they attack where they think you're vulnerable. Boy today. And we saw in game two. It was obvious. Like in great white shark bait they. They smell blood in the water and they do. And that's you know that that that's what. Game 31 we're sit there watch and make six is going to be interesting news is that same blood going to be in the water has. You can't say San Antonio on the fans here are going to be fired up all that's not matter if you come out and sounds of early. Now it may know the coli is not a 100%. And the Golden State Warriors feel that. Because not only does that hurt them so much ostensibly better times which eat. Yeah no doubt about it. It's going to be a fun game because. Coming into this play off. This playoffs. The warriors had not had much success in game threes. There's a reason you don't have success in game three is because most of the time or you know most of the time Europe to zero and then go back to their place. And end up losing the game go all the warriors game threes. Or most are all over the last three years have been on the road. So they're not actually. Going to be more difficult but. To me it's obvious that the warriors committed this year's playoffs. Have just put a little bit more of an emphasis on game threes and so what we saw. Against Portland. Was them withstand in the game three emotion. The blazers and that we saw again last season series total. The problem is or the thing I would sees the sports are better than two opponents at the warriors have played all ready they're better. It's old Kendall in the warriors. Do the same thing to disperse that they've done in the first two rounds which is go win. On a game three and basically take the will from a team it's tough to take the world from the San Antonio Spurs. So the Golden State Warriors set by far the most off ball screens per game. At fourteen point four the next closest. Per game per game that's the that's that says fourteen point four that seems just take a lot early apple would be next. I would I got you have to see explorers. It's that Dallas Mavericks. It goes mavericks wizards pacers or it's it's not like a murderer's row right right try to draw conclusions from that is Richardson. Now fourteen. Off ball screens that seems. I think. I got to look at that. Sometimes the sits. Multiple screens on a possession ABC go back to watch the game you know why I don't MW to two or three times I want to do I gotta watch that don't want the tape you watch the tape on government that I watched tape I've got megawatts got leaked Abbas a few times. Now watch the all 22 that is yet. Oh basketball Dallas the alternate. Our show what's the all eleven that I could I. There was a guy get ready to check in the game at the scorers table and now I thought I would senate have time to watch every game over and over and over again real I really really. Garry saint Jean I got to ask you about that how he feels about that you bet you'll really. Ouster out of the wizards can't you know. But the lawyers how they do it pretty credible this lately on all all up fellows on night by seven Yang. Oh. I kept it should be good look at it like today. I got. This we want joins us here Chris sounds and Matt's night it's on I five point seven today. I don't even need to ask you how your dealer because. Every day's a good date for year. Well what they the eight year attention at age school system while. Going all out like dispute the call it what it all needing. Mean they entered actor's emotions. Right up there on the it like it is. And opening a cake in Britain. I honestly saintly the more beverages I am the better barbecue write that column. That troop like action. All the relatives say the big question saying he's do you have a smoker. No app world that I can I add restricted data. Charcoal wall and I got to get you have to tell us what tell. You keep it. Yeah you gotta investment trader smokers say he'll change your life it's it's the best Father's Day gift I ever bought myself. Yes. There are ripped. I do everything I'll do anything from ribs brisket checked and you name it I absolutely love it solved. Gas on that traders votes wooden pallets. He'll love it to enable this kkk. Or huge smoke roll. Initiation salmon. How I describe. Him or my guys. They. Those saintly I have this format. Checking my analytics. The Lori years. They used that pick and roll they rely less than any team in basketball. Where they duly basketball. Is this greens that they set. Off the ball. When I say that he is that something you see what this team. All in some kind of situation and make. It rolled late game situations. To try to get that mismatch for step. What why arts. That you play. And basketball that you only hear. It right it's ordered in the post and cut the plate three and made it much let's not know. Won't. He won't call to cut it all people change won't won't won't. I didn't read it. Quite like opinion. In a style that. Volatile and pretty typical player because they're over these apps. The basketball IQ and they are shooting to go. Yeah I agree one I didn't care so according to this totality. And insane what. Diana basis at least at fourteen. Off the ball screens a game I have it seems like oh I have an important point bar that's extremely low because it feels like he'll say. More than one off the ball screens. This action. I get it double check yet sunny. That double check. I'll let let let's start but this. Or at least an Olympic group gross written nobody getting bet well that the agent this site for what's good screen not the ball. You're you're preaching to the choir you know they have us that now where they were they chart contested shots. I'll say you know what I. I'll decide would contest the shot. Days but let's not forget guys you I don't need somebody to measure that as answer as Ebola as people over the years have tried a boo boo analytics. And it trying to say it's about the eye test the Golden State Warriors just want the number one. Cattle analytic franchise in all of professional sports. How you know it yet despite its its you know it's just decades saints aren't. All options that. Leak naked. Teaching and coaching that coaches were. Chart the elections since yields and contestants and all of a the or any other issue. But even coached in the next. That it was chaotic change in the if he'd give. Aid to. Oh yeah. Analysis on the flight but its sales gained naturally can't watchable all the finished. Equals out. I actually Egyptian. Seattle is illegal. The ball. They just take it took it and well. Some of that I don't know is applicable but a lot of people like. Say one of the nice things about this week is being now we've got a lot of people from San Antonio on that we just had Mike Brown on an obviously he worked for Gregg Popovich. The guy kind of fascinates me a little bit normal I like him but there's some parts about my don't like you worked with him. I ain't you you worked with him before he got before he was Gregg Popovich. He was just don't let me. This same guy what. Did you like him back then were you afraid and was he was the work of what's the deal with these gash. Well I get it became. Important out. Like you're all right Quaker gotten you know family tree that was it that much yeah all England might Larry. That so a connection there. He changed that much at the ball or. Each student can't keep keep keep. In the people she won't all want to teach it all want but yet it's. Apple. He just looks east agents use. These main concern about you guys it's war ink and I keep people. Which in part. He agent has heard and read. Own. That written your goals. It's good to meet you need. Or maybe. You Oscar. Require that try to stop. I think them. Just but Greg would need some theatrics. It it came to stop. Like them for that would that would Leonard. All HK. Eight each and I don't think it to eight. All. I I can't IQQ you interpret what you. Debit you know. The one thing. You know I will say about him obviously is. He is. An unbelievable coach I mean results he's gotten have been. Was it twenty straight years now they've gone to the post remains that the crazy like. Now he nearly all. Bar. Enter Iraq lacks. Yeah. You know Jerry. Wanted. Why. Did you action network and yeah it's eaten yet a lot of popular votes eaten in don't wanna incident is huge relationships in this bowl game at all. It's it could end here and say okay. Watching it all. You'd. The UK. Eight and he. Eight as well. If a lot better its still pretty banged up and a game we expected. Mercury ain't. You think. I think I get lazy he's going to be nowhere near. Aren't aren't that good art. In. This record it. All. It's all back here I think it didn't. And you know it's. Eat and eat that that's been. It is key. Alt to eat it and understand what's don't know what that I had not hurt or it won't. She. It. Checked out what's happening if he would Portland he. Won't. Chitchat he looks. All wasn't a great athlete that one real well but that he score. And so are consistent form player on the floor the other night was sentenced. And that you can't you can't expect I don't know. I'll keep one will know every game in this series and. You know beyond Nat Greene who wouldn't know green and consistent he's tried. There are out. The mills died. Had he or she may. Actually gain a mortgage can figure out who years. And and next door courses and number eight. All he needed more consistency he's gonna be off to such an issue. And consistent and ups is going to be an issue. But they want to think about while Leonard where. A track record works for players is if he doesn't play Saturday. That means he is hurt. And it's tough as any player in the league office work. Then nobody's gonna say well you think he really know he couldn't play if you like at the benefit of the doubt a player like him yet. Pat I'm a computer gluten. This is mentioning that sense of how our kids eat he would. What. You'd think apparently it's all. And since our war or in the G-8 nations such stand there and only want people became one. So on the happenings you can achieve this state is that it actually. Or in Cuba really I saw in all city won't ship under that tries. He's he's it and it's lost its leading to keep you know. We need. One in the play out you can help me here you'd like 47. Sit on the street little kinder that particulate. I'm art the ball which is odd that you're here. All those numbers in the and then cage walk between rebel and he kept it. Really got. Shoulder. Each. Still a kitchen. Wall. Or a beautiful watching it it. You know I'm glad you brought that up say because what will we get off the air to exploit a Prius. Now why it's more difficult to shoot a basketball. When. Humongous. To duplicate it these big ant man as I was an anomaly. As a great. You can become one and most importantly enjoy the average enjoyed it right where all jealous. G. An age old. It did what I like whether to a three day break it bought. A lot. All right it. It'll it'll. By the air. Somewhere. Some way had to pay KR I'd say it's not that way. They care. He just said it's the box. You tell me rap not set out legal fine. Now your job not sales 5 o'clock fireball right you're damn right on 957 game.