DB Show w/ Towny & Steiny Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon – they are live outside the Oakland Coliseum to get you ready for Bay Area Hip Hop Fireworks Night - joined by Billy Beane & Alex Pavlovic!


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Saint Ambrose is not in its Crist announced that it Matt Stein it's but there is really good news on Damon and I know while we do the show. A lot of the fans say we you know we want an update on David how are things going he's at home he's resting recuperating. And he is getting better which is all. Good news for David Bruce and recovery. Is all about taking care yourself he's doing that at home and you'll be back before you know. You know how well still it's now. He's doing so well. That pretty soon we can start to joke about it ridicule little bit. These were not there yet not yet not yet okay we at least they'll at least he'll definitely has some time ago there it is now audience dining here. And we'll be taking your phone calls Tripoli at about 79570. Here's what we have showed today. Barely being. He beat me. Baseball operations for the Oakland Athletics will be making news radio debut anywhere. In 2017. Witness coming up here. At three pants I got Billy come on a three and Alex gravel pits from NBC Bay Area will be here at 345. Mike Brown interim head coach for the Golden State Warriors will be here at 4 o'clock Garry saint Jean at 445. Or take this baby out. All all op fellows will take this all the way up to 545. Where I will have the dugout show for you. Did you rate for days Sox great against sale. Then it's fireworks night here at the ballpark at some point we're gonna see all the food trucks. Roll it up here and I will be going over to the Greek festival he played games but I do it. Tomorrow I will be aired tonight I'll be with you tomorrow makes Eric how are very it was yes and Sunday. I will be. Back degree out basketball which I think you should be showing up on that day I'll be there one of those days my kids love it outside the day. As Akram Al retailer. Let's face it that's part of the Greek festival and things like that Greece Greek festival. Beer for the adults but the tickets can do their own you don't mean sometimes you get to one of those functions in. You see you coupled lemon waters and soda notes any. In the beer bottles and beer and then you realize. Belong to two but it's an out or asked that the Olympic sports bar those tickets. We. Got an attack at ease and Pol Pot heroes her husband who runs it. Taking care of us we always enjoy it. I have a two wins come up this year a really great dance and it fell to eleven there's a live out on every day during my ten year old there's a lot going on on at the Greek vessels will be there later tonight. Where we close it down to close at elevenths avid. At a filling already closing the party down tonight. Furlough days talk and then we'll get the party on all the lawn outside and of course they are open all day long on Saturday you know it is really weird before it to Billy bean coming up the united five point seven game. Is very your championship plaza. Where here on the turf. Food trucks will be common and it and it's just look at over oracle it's something that we were text each other earlier today which just the way the schedule works. It's just weird like we have at basketball for a while you know we've talked about all the different angles of the Golden State Warriors. And going into game three obviously the biggest variables whether collide Leonard. Is going to play and and what percentage you will be at. A 100% in this game but it just odd stand outside oracle may quit basketball awhile. No and you know that's what they ought to talk about after we have Billie beat on the so much talk about Ross vs Reston. What happens now warriors haven't played for five days. I'm gonna talk about why town I think that is the most overblown. Gratuitous. Talking point maybe of the entire post east. Really yeah I really yeah it's. Cisco is I would just say you can go to multiple sports. And eat we have seen over the years and is happy and in every sport whether we want to go to a sport like golf. You wanna go to baseball when you clinch early. And we've seen teams clinch early. And then in a series on the next series and they had a way that way they don't look themselves. You can talk about layoffs and football playoffs especially for the Super Bowl. So I think there's definitely. Certain sports you look at teams have layoffs or individuals when you talk about tennis you talk about golf. Where there's a difference between practicing. And there's a difference between when the bolts are whining your competition for real and you may not be in. Rhythm I just think there's a narrative. That people use after the fact for example the warriors. Coming into game one against the spurs had a long layoff spurs were comment right from Houston. Spurs jump them. They jumped in the first two and a half quarters so people will say the warriors let rest irked him well what they arrest in the Cleveland Cavaliers when they played the Celtics. They wanted to Boston and hammered them why is paid eight days off well the rest helped them in other words. We decide whether it helps or hurts the team after we see the result we don't know it's gonna help or hurt going into the game adult act like Q do you go. Oh well it's upon individuals and you say it's also houllier play sure that's the thing is San Antonio was antsy about Santonio is. They're going up the team that Satan. All that similar so similar to the Golden State Warriors and they had an easy game six als in exhibition game. So they weren't really get a rhythm coming into this thing and I think we've seen in the wild card error. Whether we're top hockey baseball. It might not basketball hockey and baseball you've seen the wild card teams or the lower seeds teams truly can't be a factor because of how well they they've been playing in this playoff hockey or baseball well before the season even edit just to get in the policies. Yeah it really does depend how you look look at it and it via the caps for one. You know they they're benefiting from the rest. Well now joining us on the program he's been with the Oakland Athletics for me any many years. He's got the big idol now we always love having him on 95 point seven game. The architect of where this franchise has been and where it is going Billy Payne joins us here on 95 point seven we get Billy how we do this afternoon. They could say about energy is here gets up folks talking kind of hit NBA. How we get a little NBA because you know at this time of the year billiards like the lawyers with a probably talked layoff but you know the one thing that. I've thought about going into this conversation and I know for years. Something that bothered you was the fact that everybody always wanted to box stadium and you would be perfectly honest going to listen I'm ahead of baseball operations. I'm not a head of stadium operations that's not my department but everybody want to ask you and now or in a situation where were start to look at really look at places. Two different locations where it can be what it means EU. And your front office when they finally say this is where we're gonna build this is the time line. Yeah oh you were right at the beginning of that prisoner mainly because it oh we essential for talks and and really never seemed. That close citizens in the makes sense for us to focus on something that wasn't. Quite reality. You're Libyans I think the the talk now Israel and as far as would mean that it's a game changer for its fourth submitted to it's it's that simple. You know when I first started this job. There you know there's a few new stated that the Baltimore to Cleveland Easter which by the impact of those those markets were most teams. And over time what is happening though was we were. Pretty much the only team that economic experience to new stadium opening. And if there's ordered two new ones out there you know you can sort of leveled but as time went on you know now it's just dust that's left. And and let's face it that you know as far as the challenges we pad isn't really putting teams together whether it's keeping round so if we get a stadium which. Cautiously optimistic it's gonna happen. And I think the chances to keep together what we put together. Billy you know what town he's a lot of hype and he built this interview up as. Your first interview of 2017. Is no chance you haven't done and local cities. I I New Year's Day. No I think counties right. You know what I've read about the reason being is that after what I guess it just in this position twenty years and then almost thirty in the front office. I've run out of ways to answer the same questions so I probably give everybody a favor but guy. I'd like Davis and David taken over from the Henry standpoint and a great job. Fell analyst opponent doesn't director of acute on yesterday's show on topic the whole what's changed and what you probably should yesterday. Earlier you hear right now at that the coliseum. I am just. And that's correct. I'm here tactile almost wanted to show is that they have which you guys their but I mean Vivica recommend office here in I don't want to make sure got the call. But I will allow us if you like. Well yeah actually I got I'd hate to do this but I have a favor to ask you to run some watered down here. There and help fill in war and I. Pulled the rookie California mistake of not bringing water with me in the arsenal while lay in there and I can't just eat Jesus and god the water's going to be down. I really think we'll tell you struggle. Occurred at halftime. It. You know Billie Sonny gray is such a big part of this team's future going forward and a lot of different ways whether it's gonna beat you continue to be the front of your rotation or. He will be moved to get prospects in here to help you for when you open up in the new ballpark. And watching him last night. And just to see sandy Grey's movement back on his fastball. His slider slash curve ball combination. I'd always struggled in the first inning but after that really settled down. Got the last eight Red Sox out just tell me what you saw it didn't look like the old Sonny gray it was back last night here on the mountain. You know I've said this probably with three different people between watching it last night and and a couple times stated and then about tranda some sort of invent some superlative here regarding his reform took the best for all their pursuit of possibly. Effect if you don't you're called. He faced some really good hitters left side over Bogota particular review to a three breaking balls and if anybody really good hitter. And he made them look really bad so. Live python each grid Minnesota's first game had a couple but issues. But I think since he's come back. This is you know the guys that we had not lest your preacher that you looks really good and even last that he's really one mistake with a changeup to Moreland. But again I'd I think you all the way to to be in the that we have we first came up here and then and again that does bode well for us because so let's face it you know about what. You know sunny is the leader this stuff. And if he gets called out they get it probably translates to to the other guys and a lot of confidence. Because he he's legitimately at number one type starter that's so important for young so. Would get not only once it cautiously optimistic visualize him with some ethnic group got to figure out for. Really Yonder Alonso is having. A year that's that's an anomaly for him. Just off to a phenomenal start but obvious he's a little later in his career. Is is that kind of situation and Al liar I would have to I mean obviously it's an out liars so because it's now wire. How do you assess a player like that movement forward. You know you don't go offers what you matters comes with sort. Great programs at the top ten pick and you know when he east he started off in the big leagues he's had some small injuries have kind of kept them. From really realizing what I think most of many people baseball volumes cable when he drafted them so I think. Again you know it it's. We've got a kind of surprises some people's stories of two but he always have the skill in Bozeman really good defender I will without ago sort of speak for the entire coaches have scuttle the hardest working guys in the club. And really take this is games seriously indeed what thirty years old so I think advocates were saved for this will and and the injured it's a tweak that it had its reality should be fine but. Saber that that he's healthy I think you you know he got a great spring training. And so well it maybe that's surprises some people I I think most people pay disguise though we had this ability element maybe just there. Executive vice president baseball operations bill being joins us here at five points at the game it's an audience Stein I get asked all the time it's. Since you've elevated his position and David has taken over. As general manager people go okay. What's really being doing these days I know there's that scouted knew where he liked to go out elect's seat people we got the draft coming up people want to know what's going on dilly beans world these days. Well you know my days really haven't changed much with the title Levy you know even before you have David was elevated to Ajinomoto. Rupp were always sort of maintain different working relationship. And so debt behind closed door as much as a whole lot of digital and other big boy additions and is that. I took my right hand guy for a long long time out so that is change much maybe for a publicly because as a vice sort of am I you're you're due. You get to do these interviews now ago watch via someplace little leaguer my daughter plays soccer so. The book again that internally it's it's not a huge change from past. In the end you know listen David you detect when a guy who's been. Really. One of the most highly auto executives in the game for almost you know block excitement GM. And you know he just get the opportunity for duplicate and always always been very capable and give viral and received hasn't changed a whole lot. Billy I asked this question to David yesterday and he was completely flummoxed to tell you the truth somebody give you a crack at. So that's impossible but in every. I'll tell you tell. I haven't stutter and everything. Now the you know with the NBA playoffs going on watch him and I'm thinking. You know that the three point shooters who were trying to get fouled and shooting in an unnatural motion you know to me that's the it's like the biggest on the court issued at the we got to deal with. What do you think baseball's big issue is on the field that they have to deal with sort or just maybe something that's a priority. Well I mean it depends and you've talked to mean good news of the central office I think a very good reason and the pace of the game electric and certainly he has been in the forefront right now. If you're talking about you know some you know maybe it will work granular and is subject to we've talked about it watched him Bob Melvin was. It is to replace system I think is great now also to some extent does contribute to longer games but we're still I still think we're working the kinks out. Of the replay. What the new changed this year which is really put a lot of pressure. Is that thirty seconds. Decide whether you're gonna challenger it's made it very very tough on on the manager. Sometimes it's a time I don't necessarily agree with the 32 because the purpose of replays together right. I don't necessarily think that huge but it you know that at a time when a lot about it. Now depending on how big an issue you think that is it's one of things were sort of you know again work the kinks so I think replacement rates again. But we are still work and some things out I think the one that the issue that's moderately pro lupus a 32 Roland knows that very difficult on managers Metallica now but the biggest things they negate probably now with something's bill certainly. You quickly added that it better. That was pretty good that was pretty good luck doing that Israel launched an awful applause. Yeah that was just go through years of being executive vice president whatever Chris. That. Thanks. You know so interesting about sports now is how everybody has their version of analytics and we talk now. About the Golden State Warriors all the time Billick as they just won the award for best analytic franchise. In professional sports and we think about. You know what you guys did a long time it was so big they wrote a book about it mate movie about it. What do you think about from where you guys word trying to be the first. At doing this type of stuff now seeing it to where everybody in sports as they are new version of analytics. Elicited. Having gold back a long time I mean it's your caucus is you are here I've been and oh. Like our charcoal. When we first started that the criticism we've got for doing at so look obviously we ignored advice that we myself David Paul I guess where that. A word here at the time and they are still here appalled now Cleveland Browns do in addition net shenanigans over the NFL. But. And I think this Sunday. It's certainly a tremendous amount of tried I guess. From our staff appointed we at least felt like we are investigating something that I have links to a so. I will say this the units such as sports involved it is now. And if you live theater and sports on business unit you don't have the dedicated analytic department your your way behind everybody and Leno every baseball team out there right now is. Is heavily ball that Newton and so Julia I mean. To say we're the first title for the first problems certainly proud effectively we you know. Maybe were part of something that became bigger and we were. Yeah I was like now you guys are buds a stat geeks and all of a sudden every thanks to edit it. Yeah again it was brought it was a matter of you know try to figure out a way to do something different as we did everything the same way everybody else that are payrolls probably gonna dictate where we turn it so. We are really looked really great platform and in part frankly of integrated environment two to do it and you know what. Nobody expected much so you know we've felt like take it. You know we don't do this we're word trouble and then as it turned out I was pretty elect it's really Smart guys around me and what America. So. The way we go forward how does it change now that everybody's deal. Yellow that a good question I think what would you have now is. You have this particular this Major League Baseball stat cassis is really essentially just raw data that's being basically being. In a setup all the clubs and we you know what he'd do would it mean computer create their own proprietary metrics and analytics and the other keep them keep close arms around it so that you know hopefully only they have good in the you have some departments that think that I have about 25 guys work and just purely an analytic. So. Didn't more and more competitive and and you know you're since some really really bright people who work and this industry right now apartment it's amazing. When you look at the front offices and sort of educational background even in some cases the work background of the people who are working you know side by side. Front offices and it's a pencil and intimidated but. You know what it's big business it's gotten smarter. And it's gonna continue to get smarter and it does make it more more child. Food trucks are role edit view that take advantage in these new drugs. I have not but I will and I've heard their fantastic. We're big in. Indian food better this grid and in who trickled currency and so I shell partake just not sure when Chris some usually you know you see we don't really. They're down there in the dungeon. Get up here they got Mexican food they got sushi they got a bridge tipped one that's awesome you've got to take advantage. It was ludicrous it is you know it's first and literally patrol want the games start. It's just all of the other work about number of trying to go to red trying to avoid ever riveted to get my blood pressure up so what. But I know we've got great reviews and but then not just for of people leading web percent from you know kids and stuff it's it's great so so. You don't have felt that the culprit in. Hopefully Accenture tournament. If I'm at a casino and I get to bet on the Heisman Trophy at the odds are out therefore USC quarterback Sam Arnold. You like eight. Well the you know that here you know were immediately oh. If somebody Ottawa having weekly government fortuitous start but that's coming out this coming out of a good Dresser just mean you're right Chris pieces. What we do on the gunners. Is that I didn't see the top twenty by postal offense is rated by one of the web site that they didn't have USC America which. Won't be dependable wanna they weren't there are so I think that they're gonna make of them look bad because up pretty excited about pitchers called football. He's a. People don't know Billy's a huge Ellis football. I got to Puerto doubt doubt. I Billy real quick before let's go lie you know at that even have to be sparkling water I'll take it straight out of the tap. Even at room temperature I drink drink at this point that you my man. It is a clip and I have been you don't have enough water OK that's. Had you ice cold you know bowlers here with that you requested top bomb went right into the culture. You. At the coliseum tap water of the finest that hey all out run out all right. Eight billing we always appreciate that I'd take you so much good luck the rest of the season we'll talk to is an app ala the draft. But I guys think run out of the water government that. The great Billy Beane right here on knighted five point seven game we get it into something that. I deal with. All the time went on to it Hayes. And warriors something that people are. Starting. To start to think about that they have a fully gotten into talk about it right here and five point seven again. Well you got your request Matt thank goodness Billy Beane have brought us down now for waters. The NC the picture on our night vice at a game Twitter. If you get an S okay do I do you not really being into green Al water. That's gonna go up buyers not doing that yes Bob Meyers would do that. Don Nelson would not do no no chance. I don't know Steve Kerr would I don't know if you wanna do this. I don't know when we do it. You have eight Don Nelson tree story. Would you be willing to answer all the Don Nelson Tripp's story here on 957 again. There's not a lot of there's no doubt punchline to that story that's the problem. But it tells you what you need to now. Well you do let Mike tell another story. That was something we so. Let's last year the year before we didn't have the borders we have an award right and shall we diet would pay. Matt's diamonds warriors story Robert I'm on the beat. I've always enjoyed the shrimp story because it involves Chris Mullin and Don Nelson two guys. A lot of people as warrior fans various bubble well well well. I'll let you marinate on that one wanted to LD Don Nelson Tripp's story. As Billy just came out your Billy really behind record folks a he's a great guy he really is a genuine great guy and I've known him ever since I got into this business and I think the one game. That I've topped. Out about this yet you see it with an I think it's great that we bring the warriors it it is. Because. People still want to believe. That the head to vote. The manager. Makes all the decisions. Like this is the guy that he's charged he's called the shots and everybody falls in line. Well I think when you compare like like his optic calls during baseball polite I'll start this guy why it is what it's like what you realize. It's think. There's a lot of people talking about the wind up every single day they're talking about what guys the bull or win and who's going to be available who's gonna comment who's gonna work. Who should be who should be coming in need sewage waste stuff so not out it's not one guy Tommy LaSorda Earl Weaver. Bobby Cox those days are over. Our great example of that as they aren't the team. That won me analytics award last year for the best analytic team franchise in American professional sports. You've got so many people for the warriors. You know we know we don't know for the Yankees for a long time. When you the warriors. So many people. Who are talking about. Game plans. Taking the numbers putting players in the best case it's best case scenario giving at this Steve career. Now Mike Brown it's just not a coats and like Don Nelson this is what I'm gonna do. There's a lot of people were part of the process. What they'd put together the game plan for how this thing's gonna play out on the court he's got the Golan I'm sure but there's a lot of information nets used to make decisions. It's just not one guy. I got to believe a lot of that is because of the corporate news station if that's a word of professional sports. We are going from. Mom and pop type owners to. Big. Owners that owned companies and things like that and because the value of these franchises now in the billions. I mean these are these are money making companies and they they operate with boards. And they operate with. You know advisors and all that kind of thing so they're put that kind of mentality I think into it right now pitcher right. I don't even know how many people warriors have their front office because. Little ago we got lake we got Myers we got west we got actual link. We could percolate through. We got Larry Harris. Steve personal decisions Mike Brown's probably you know decision that's eight. People that we know of county they have at least eight other people who we haven't heard of at least probably more like two dozen. Who do a lot of the nuts and bolts work. Scouting crunching numbers. All that kind of thing so yeah I don't think there's any doubt about it in fact county this is funny because. I used to keep. Media guides warriors media guides. And I covered the team started coverage team and I think 199495. It you open up the book and it would give you the employees of the warriors organization. Talked about maybe fifty. You'll put up a media guy right now. With the warriors employees it's got to be able got a 200 plus I got to believe. I'm sure to find that out easily but I mean I think that's been the norm for most. Organizations in the last twenty years such that's gotta be what's going on his thirst the money's getting bigger so. There's more we need to get it right. Well and as villages at you know like look at the Dodgers. Where you got free man any got far on I eighty coming here from Oakland and screaming coming from Tampa. They've got. Police say Tony five maybe Hitler when he five. People just working on analytics now obviously the Dodgers our team flush with cash and they have a lot of mine not everybody can do that. But yeah that is the thing it's like. Relying just on one person. It is is just not Smart not one to me like. Even look at the old school 'cause like you look like Popovich unions say while Popovich. Off its ass be listening to other people to work making suggestions. You know Buford Odyssey is a very good GM the best yams and he's been a part of their run for a long time but if you're not taking a hell. And if you're not looking at your outlook it is not because. You start to see just very simplistic stuff I remember when it would be weaker and used to on the sidelines you'd get this information at the warriors sent out. And it's this simple at certain guys are real simple certain guys. Shoot better. For a certain part of the full are absolutely examples of why would you want to get that guide the ball at the art. Where you actually knocks it down more often than not. And that's one of those things down anywhere we always knew what players like to shoot where yeah I mean everybody knew it. Certain guys like Tim Duncan like to get into that may post area where he could face up. And hip bank shots the mix are remembered old sixties the love shoot from the quarters and he was deadly from the corners so. That information has always been known that. Probably not close to his precisely. As it's known now you know one thing I forgot I wanted to ask Billy Beane. About all of the progress that is. Being in baseball then don't football. You know that's not. Right now. So I'm wondering does that mean that the Podesta Lee Curtis Kelly Laura the shenanigans right right but but I wonder if wonder what that in essence means is if you're analytics money numbers guy you can go into any sport for example could Billy Beane. The GM of the you know Cleveland Bryant's. I don't know he might say I couldn't tell a good linebacker from a good. Running back I don't. Well or or is it about. The business writing for all business to where. That really means leave a year ago the CEO. A company likes them now. That he. Now that's that's called beat the best that at stake in his talents. In Allah and it will be at general manager and now working in the well obviously I'll leave that that would this I brains from the standpoint I don't. I really hot like we talked of people out in the day analytics policy based on politics. Spot anybody about our hockey I don't care I thought his. A lot there's still so much about I mean this guy to me. They still to come mine for gods at times to disguise wrote pot what is this for. In album a lot of it still comes down to get closer to the draft they go back to that debate to watch the guy why. Aunts you know measurements tightly wings and all that kind of stuff. It's different that would start looking out like what's the guy's batting average went put it applies what is X. What is you know. Feel that it pitching. Are right. We're not Alex battled it cabinet here and I ask you lock your tell about the high in this guy no question about it. Man at giants had a little hot streak out rumors are out there about guys vote actually means ship. And not just at one in the update you real thought I'd buy point seven. It's not here on my points a game and effort team member of those do we have. Alex rattled from BCB. There and he gets they'll see this is at Bay Area back out real stuff on the Sampras is out this afternoon. Courier. We're doing well I am now at this point for the giants it happens every single year. Is what you get down early. You start it at 500 game like recently the Toronto Blue Jays they got down anyone like five or six around they're feeling good about themselves. And then they fall back. Giants now on a hot streak how important is on this road trip which is not going to be an easy road trip. Is you've got momentum. And now cannot slide back. You know I think it beat the defining really think that it but he. That they'd been close to a NATO mullah road trip to the result but I figured he would start to sell or think about though it. The arguments and I mean you look at what state is over the last week that would greatly but look at the pinning their nine game out there pretty far behind redeem. In the business and an oral book pretty far in the 500 the you know it would be an 8081 went in that effort but I think it is really a trip where the that the new group that. That they're worthy of being together because what beat management is critical point where there are. Figure out what you do with the Johnny Quaid what you do you get that made it there. Well we just heard that the nationals may have interest in mark Lance and I mean is this. Is this do you think the way it's gonna be. From this point on his were gonna start hearing names like Lance and Quaid though wouldn't be you know let me belt maybe who knows. L we get that time right now. Yeah having new York and no matter what you get but at the nature that that the right now I think there are a lot of people are in every sport. The prologue that but the wallet and maybe some ministers of the probably at Atlanta and it is interesting in a way because it does it make them that they're thinking about. Team that went after him in the off the and the national through the proper outlet but. Also appear that the giants did any idea the make change determine your outlook in middle or rebuilt you're looking at. Trying to reload and trying to get ready and be ready to update you potentially would you have a a healthy squad and maybe get a little bit younger you are back but I think they'll look in. It eating a quote current and made final at the beer for four years but that is one that would be very very complicated it's actually get that. Now it's been a long time since we've seen this San Francisco Giants the sellers and it's still early for them. And ethnic and continued his hot streak of backing it things can change that what you really look back on it. In our since Bryant's AB Kmart board in 1997. And it got rid of Matt Williams in that trade. With the tribe and making it last time they've actually really been sellers not buyers. Dell and I can't remember I'm sure they've really been in the situation that they look at the other years odd years. Where it at all thirty goes down Ellen it's third point is anecdotal it back. The team from the year before and development is a little bit of anger over back in the girl locked in though I think. This is an odd situation because it is a team that has accomplished a lot all all the guys in the lineup that rotates to meet the a lot. For the delighted at the two were hearing but it'll pollute the AG group and the group but I think. You know no matter what they're getting at that point I don't vote in the you don't make you are talking about it Steve it's gotten pretty old in this he needs to use that we need them. The changes here but it happened earlier they ought to buy pride I think the article it. You're being in and what you're hearing you know really quite know when the right time does that make movies and don't really know what direction ago but I think you ought to be good weather. But because people aren't Crawford though on joke at a guy you can still be part of a championship team Wie yet to figure out who could be part of that from the actor breeder. Alex at Christian or are royal obviously slumping right now we still very early. It is career obviously is. Is it so early that you just kind of throw this out and he's got a small sample size or is this kind of how you tell. About the pedigree of a player how he's gonna respond to this first slump it is it is career because. Obviously he's gonna stay up here won't be his last. Yes I think you reminds both over ever given 21 years old and that the huge jumper but but he looked in the carrier AAA and worked its way up here and look economic development that he showed right away from. The first week that you'd hear that you get about all the pit the pit on the that are happening I think with the over the lot we are viewed it. Mr. Levitt that they time I mean that they've got out there and all but everything down and away everything. You start breaking ball I think you'd be. A much harder approach from pitchers not gonna happen though it's a bit and it just hit the market in the art that are. I think well and I think really. If that's what you have to leave it appeared in panic to figure on that and let it happen that the only way you want to make guys like that it. Actually date but I don't think there's any value. And let it get playing time I don't think there's any valued at about minors it's not repeat it to like that. And I get to say watching him. Yeah now the adjustment period you'd you'd just from the Medigap geared to the medic unit here at the end but. I think we SA we really funny you gotta like what does it brings he's going to be up. Yes I I think you go to pocket and like he was very aware of the audit of the ways in which is it something. Is trying to pick but to me what you look at you look at. That guy mentality of and one that you know look at it is he taking happening at the plate. Is he taking out into the field and Christian the I mean it's been good at third is the artist or equipment that debate the other night yet what a bit better in the year that the week though I think. You look at batted in allowed to not worry about at all because the matter what is happening at the plated. Weather's Kono report is striking out returned to power I worry about it when out there with the club so I think that they'll be a lot of at the player and it'll kind of mentality the they get that so you that it's somebody who will come that you'd you'd have to be paid at the numbers here. Or not can be off the charts but again in 21 years old in the thickly. At a question needs it is a big part of this franchise's future give us an update on Madison Bom Gartner. Yet you know it can be vote that part of it was one of those where there's. I don't know that there's going to be a lot of there's not going to be many changes in terms of what they're looking at. That at the typewritten girl looking a kind of started like app they're maybe. The last week the July it if there lockyer are probably more like we earlier target but it kind of where they've been. And they announce everything in and did he at all that that I think it is going to be slow progress Durbin we are talking about a guy who. It's doing what they're treated potential there and India still kinda. You know what that registry you would have been completely gone away that it can be vote here in the it can be one of the papers where we're still on May your look at it on your or we can. Even think about being back out there and again likely likely serve up talking about here with. With the record it and where they're at it here at that he targeted the appointment make determination that. Do we want a rushes too we wanted you know wait until September may be at the victory yet back out there but no that'll open sitting on that. Injured shoulder that here that you are going well. Alex a watches have been BA playoffs and obscene and Gregg Popovich a guy with multiple titles. And it just hear him talk and an outside of Israel about Zaza Pachulia you can tell these. He's less intense he's like more philosophical. He he always gets mad it's more of an active any big. He's a different kind of person behind the scenes. They'll vote she's got that kind of had agreed to from the time you started covered him until now. Have you seen any change in poaching in terms of something like that. You know not not during a game by I think if you look at the Tokyo Rio anytime there's all that that we go to giant player you looked out our I think. He would still gonna be on a bad report that the umpire and use that they'll cut. It's state saw all rent been in those moments that I have noticed the little bit of mellowing I get it before and after game but it does seem like cute. He calmed down and maybe part of do it that he in my I think what year. When you're fighting every single night in and biting personal out and biding our way to get that ninety Q ninety freeware and it's a little bit different than a minute games are you looked up there it's like what are my book deal I mean it. Every move you made in April pretty much it worked out the way I think that might be part of it but. You know that the fires though there and let them pick and a lot of people worried about the health issue is that in and think like that that you don't want to be out there that want the win. Beat during a nine inning the point that out he would that competitive. Advantage that players but I do think off the field is. It or in an overtime you growing up to relax a little bit because at that you'll Liggett group. Let's end on this Buster Posey is put up numbers pretty look at batting average you get OP asked home runs per at bat. He's he's put up numbers that we haven't seen from him since he was an MVP candidate. Our since he won the MVP back in 2012. The big question is. Canty keep it up. If you're valid that they don't look at that is the weather and dumping the giants haven't dealt with oak bar and when he talked about. They're court started and all the little injuries they've had here and it got really lucky terms that. The weather that way and it out of way to balance the budget hot weather cities or even hot weather game play. We go to Denver occasionally there ought lucked into it the it is it is really hot so I think that's credible that that's what the answer when you go through. A road trip that if you wanna vote potentially and it certainly there but come up with a lamp that bird. Many of Washington in Miami that followed the that your answer. It's skinny capsule targeting them and be completely train. It was 7878. Pounds and and come back the next they'd be ready ago but right now I think he looked good he looked energetic certainly guy who. He got a lot of time off in the spring because if you look in the that we beat these quick look like every game there. That the concussion was awful would have been allowed to go up is it a little bit but I think he looked frustrated now. I think we're gonna the over the summer when you do right now it's probably not a debatable. It's forget who could be out there catching him and it's going to be tough on. Let's get a big get road trip had two great spots to watch baseball enjoyable talked zone. Record breaker. Alex Alex is a great job cover the giants and you know elected the the biggest shocker like you could say the biggest shocker of this season so far. And hours so warriors over the warriors are doubt we'll see if this is still happening at Colorado Rockies are in first place to six and sixteen. They're thirteen instincts on the row. Thirteen and six back. Is pretty amazed I think if they keep that up there in good shape guy that is you know I am and not match on my point seven again.