David Forst with an update on Yonder Alonso & the A’s

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, May 18th

A’s general manager, David Forst, joins Roxy & Steinmetz and gives an update on Yonder Alonso’s knee and more with Roxy & Steinmentz.


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What's opera weekly chat with Hayes general manager David Forrest who is out on the road scouting getting ready for the Major League draft that's coming up next month while a netstat it's rack Siebert genetic five point seven big game and and David I know it hasn't been a great week a tough road trip for the team I think and ended the biggest question I have ever concern right now is the status of Yonder Alonso what are you hearing after he left the ball game early last night. Yeah I'll and the concern in the and your to a record temperature what should go to Rhode. This year don't buy it now more weight Italian writer comes in to. Should Google that or. Diplomatic game. You know I'm ready to kind of left me stuck on going there late they're the yeah all right last night but I think. Cut the latency and how come into bad rupture any minute now Turkey in the Mitchell featuring out and yeah hopefully not useful to do that today the ultimately done little now. David he's a player that obviously is mentioned. If there comes a time when you guys need to trade or sell off. It is there any interest in signing him to a long term contract or at least to keep them pass this year. Yeah I mean you know what that you're going to come. Out there. On it. And keep them. You know for that your effort last year shall. An awful lot. What our first street and see how he changed all that and so. I think. It. Would like to have doctor right now. Obviously a long term deal or any contract extension talk and it's something else to come you know in the Robert. He's thirty years old but obviously he's doing things already that he's never done. Over the course of his career how do you gauge were assessed. What he's gonna do from now to the future considering what he's done from the out of the past has been. Not to this point not as good as what he's been doing this year. That's not all that and now looking down. And a guy in the league you're under there and thank you. Much I mean I think they yarder the only news he was capable and powered saw. He's side in his swing just never was able quite to where. That's still tricky that you know whether it's a permanent change luckily I thought she touched hopefully perhaps in the time for the median income continue. Producing. But that Turkey like about thirty you'll guys. Path changes that dramatically. You have to sort of put the pieces together and figure out what you looking back on forward. Eight David tonight you open up a home stand the Red Sox are in for a four game series. And Sonny gray takes the mound since he's come off the disabled list it is three starts. What do you seen from sunny in the progression of just rejoin the rotation. In the impact and he can have on this group. I I think you've got a little better start I think you know that there have been times where. And sort of around. If you got pitchers pay all that. They're career that started to get a whole lot of help from our marquis that's which has been fortunate to open and right now but I think he's done. Or obstacle on I think it's what I earned just the hell out it about him. Being productive and then putting up quality starts I think it's like to be and Kyra that they learn here at that point. Well with chum and I coming back drug cotton went down plus Chris Bassett is on his rehab right now so is Daniel may Indian. For you how are those pitchers progressing in John expert a guy we could see at some point in your future guest. Delaware where we're gonna see a lot of steps that are very. Coached in college route. That it's spots and then your journal sentinel and do the whole issue and they at least. Threw the ball well and that when needed to let down. Handled it's well he he who denied again. Shall we it's tonight pitchers and what you or. Chris a couple weeks left in his progression you're only. Thirteen how our thoughts are right now so he'd go Italy. But I expect axle pitched tonight. For national and Sacramento and then you know law so we are well you're back on active rosters and. David obviously the NBA playoffs are going on right now and as I watched those games. One of the things that I think is the biggest issue with basketball is that in the three point shooter who's looking to get falcons so he leans in etc. The charge block would be another one. What do you what what in your mind is the biggest issue that baseball faces right now on the field. The the interest and respect. You know I think there are a lot of things out there and it was real time. They'll replay it comes to allow him Colbert turned the other night that that on the ship it's our hope ultimately I think they got into it. He would he checked swing all the time that. It's still kind of a subject you're saying and and after the umpires scratch and there's there are. For some contradiction so I think there're couple things you know nothing do with things so. For a long time that you know we get to continue to kind of refine and get the call rights. A's GM David force with us here and I five point seven a game to David Bruce show Matt's dad it's Roxy Bernstein sitting in. Ford Damian and the market has cut since he has come back to the team he's had an impact. The last home game yet a couple of hits in the win against the angels had a big home run the other night in Seattle what are you seeing from his bat the lift that he's provided the team since he's come back from Nashville. Or he has talked about really out of market it's it's really about. Swing at strikes just had a child they get anything mechanical. Element probably go to the concert entry into cup all international. At all hours let. For him I think it. Fingers moved into out regularly in the C adding that basically the entire year. I don't find the number of the ballots and then chased pitches well he's he'd get that out in the grass. And yes well not really and got back at the ballpark number of times and obviously like you're the holder to cute little breathing in your parents Seattle Wednesday. And David we're still early enough were in the middle of main and we're still. Two plus months away from the trade deadline but windier conversations. With other teams start to pick up. Eight in dean some momentum. I think their route constantly throwing. I mean a lot of people are obviously preoccupied with us now in the future in front Alter its these next couple weeks here. I know are very trapped have people at but everybody starting in the sense. We're and he's too. You know maybe that efficiencies and think like that so that conversation. I've been on going and you know I wouldn't be surprised to decent people to do things early in the year consider yourself and it could result. And you know and discrepancies in the division so. That there's yet. Straight on the jump out and you're never ready and they cheered but I and I wouldn't be surprised so after. David you're down in Atlanta watch and some College Baseball scouting obviously can give us a feel for. Do you take no story in the game in writing up scouting reports on individual players yourself for you get that from other. People in your department or you're just going out there and watch in the game scene who jumps out that you kind of use in the eye test to deep do you have any. Templates to use when you go see a college player. Eleanor I have about it typically it's easiest guy and you know we've obviously got huge amateurs now stereo guys each spot there. Creek and cross checker order Capote. You know the time the year trying to out down at number extra Chicago she's set I can. And you're out of valuations certainly take though. You know apparently to to what everybody out of the court spring but it should talk about sports. That time of the year in and frankly you my job to get to go out the temperatures. Being part of that decision making becomes due to a call on the roster. Basketball people. Tell me when they're looking in at a players scouting. That they always like to see him in person because you get a different perspective. Rather than on TV you're watching tape is that the same for baseball. Honor pursuant yeah I mean we obviously have to deal all these guys at that point even. You're not high school kid deputy oil but there's not some little substitute for senior person to censor. Now how around when the bodies like competitive guys. They really it does make it different to see a person so I. Certainly were in particular that trying to make the effort to make sure that level you. Literally do pick I've seen them live. David thanks for the time I know you're busy this time of the year you're preparing for the draft which is. Just over a month away but. Appreciate you stopping by. No problem you're talking here in the market Barbara.