Damon Martin

Rick Tittle
Saturday, July 15th

Writer for UFC.com and a veteran MMA reporter since 2003 joins Rick Tittle to talk about the Mayweather/McGregor World Tour.


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In a MM may act spurred it is Damon. Marten who's been writing a UFC. Dot com for about fifteen years. And the first thing I want to ask you Damon is I know a lot of boxers you know I heard that Pacquiao on Bernard Hopkins they're just so upset they say this is a clown show. What about from the MMA aside other a lot of people upset to heard they'll like it. Ottawa it's been upended. People who are upset about it don't understand why are no slight on a national. It brought Oakland boxing more equitable target or whether by. It all Elliott show at the spectacle. Though different that what's going on in. You don't sports incompetent war in general for the past two years this is the first time. It's just wore the spotlight because these two guys that magnetic personality. That pitching like the entire world was watching. Do you think that they planned it I noticed my time sound naive. Do you think they planned it for the dead period after the all star game so that all eyes would be on them further out for one of their little promotions. You know I. I think that's probably at that and I mean date. The world war. Well and they actually do it by the end of June early part of July obviously you know you'll both parties. On the good side. And mine. Where they're at the most you know the back. Aren't what they're do they're questions beyond the week. Was appropriate time to do a deal celebrate orders or aren't as satellite broke out. The final exit you won't look all cute cute well. Isn't happening you know when that final exit the entire world will be a lot because not out. You know I and I think about you know may well of course and it may whether it's his world McGregor is going into it. And all the muscle memory he has been training for free years about when to strike Wendy Qichen grapple and everything else. He can't do it to me it's like telling us starting pitcher you can pitch but. No more wind apps I mean like how hard is that going to be for him to just box. I don't think it will be difficult. And should. It could well orchard at. It is real skills that won the Arctic. The poll mixed martial arts and boxing debate which. Even as big a deal like that debate and more like a parent or brought them. It. But up. Wait a big advocate in the case. The tradition like that. And org and amateur you know doing things like that there are people who quote actually won the mixed martial art. Are but you know and skill that it is a debate that they can do. You know outlook so long of course. Are well on the record straight. To Utah. Situation literally about two months to one particular industry agreement auction all. What do you think the percentages 'cause I I really don't think it's is 0% but of what you said just accidentally whoops I kicking and ahead I'm really sorry am I supposed to do that. Aren't edited it relatively well here. Yeah there. Actually all of in the Contra that it potter book 88. I'll let the world boxing world people lose money and alt a trust that their vote because they. You're arguing on the flight are Carter's not gonna hand that it would Mayweather took to the ticket rather hectic repeat the better fighter. Our trusty car. The content. Yet you want to go there where people would knock him 120 billion dollars district of an outlet at. Ira total way Damon Marten writer for USC dot com this is you know your thing I MMA. As a curious. I wanna get your take comic without talking to a boxing guy host of boxing show and he said in a way any kind of you realistic combat sport. It's good for everyone but as I mentioned there are people who don't like it for you personally. You think this is great to create interest relating to creating interest for the wrong reason. You know I think it's great to create interest. At one pictures to why people. I want to go and have it she. Wanna you know ultimately in the martial arts so you kinda unique perspective on that she's at all. She couldn't care she is like you achieved in. Two at all hotter than a boxer you know one and so forth probably different market cheaper. They actually want the world toward you saw peachy right. In fall two kind of on. People that she's now all wanna hear it like it should happen. I wanna hear. About getting people involved want to export your. We're gonna pick by congress lightly the origin of the group that. Martial arts degree if you're gonna boxing accurately. He. Ought to pick apart the mixed martial artist so ever got injured at the people complaining are complaining that wrong. Bowl yet. That's what more are in general that always what it there in the you know Mike Tyson yeah that's what it's like. The boxing. Expert decade and you know mob. At a crawl the match that rodeo. To go. Out to. Yeah I understand it but it took the entertainment and I give him. Yeah I mean we've tried boxing with kangaroos so we we tried everything on there's no doubt and that last promotion and that like your friends said. They sold I think thousands and thousands of more people who weren't interested before who who now are. How much do you think is I've seen some estimates in your estimation how much you think these guys are gonna pocket in the end. Well in the record on paper you two to four point six million pick on its many well what did you eat. It was like it was. He 202. MetLife I personally think with the interest in the light on. Are cute but. Oh well you will like it. Obviously doesn't have that change alternates have been. Our. All want more intimate world war with each other actually. Really promote the lightweight and it. I think we're looking like maybe. I'd. Like to point. To. Another quarter of 200 million dollars. Probably they agreed on. Them. That's amazing now for for these promoters and you know these these people. Tom is this the kind of thing where they have it it happens and they start planning their rematch or is that like a chess match where there are three points ahead are they already right now before the fight. Looking at the logistics of what the rematch will be. Well I think it all depends now slightly I mean a ticket. Shock oral beef well anyway it is our market calendar. They're going to rematch it's going to be there which cut the thing with the attention that and getting. It. Goes out there to pick apart car looks like you are out. Or just dominate Cuba while ground but it HBO it will try to treat back into retirement. McConnell. You have you know Trotter actually will be that much. He will draw an audience of people watched the wanna see how he does egos which martial arts so I think that the and I'll likely don't want a shot. Big quote that it isn't a majority decision. That the banks that took. You know people think yeah legit chance to win there a bigger chance they would do. Rick Philip Damon Marten Ryder UFC dot com cup more questions for them and Hernandez five. Seven game on the one thing that because you know we just think came other Mayweather and never gets hit by a boxer saw how is gonna get hit by this guy but of course he's forty. And McGregor 29 cell as you watched that training. Does Mayweather. In any way shape or form looked older to U. Opel looked like the way people. Where. Differences is that you know triggers off any cheap yet while our region that was done that doesn't mean that you. Help from the other artistry and things like that. Quality would you let your career that you're done and obviously the U retire at. Get people the you'd think a lot of money on and I truly believe in it that. Much challenged. To his legacy that is light truck NG or org the American can go out there sure there are a few. The mindset I feel that what do not train it'll be a tricky politically. I think that I'll bet that right yet. Who's that guy in the big concern that it is willing to count because you think about the world. Bought by ending coming back maybe because you're just gonna just do our crop in the same way that way it ought to restrict Ottawa and April would yours or. Take a majority that Asia. Should that there. I think that what you worry about the plight under me so much that it bail out on our future tournaments by. Finally. And Connor has says said that he's gonna knock out Floyd and in four rounds as part of the bluster right now but with your expert dying. What would be your prediction on how this is gonna go down. People that there. Are. Due out. And that is Q you don't wait to prove me wrong. Aren't hired him to pick martial art side but there's something about the acute patient that's why I that he Trotter Laird hit a shot. Early in the short part of the strategy was Mayweather isn't likely to vote like it's gonna happen. Probably not probably if you want to beware there ought to slow out at her decision which is what he's done. Our a couple of you are probably five news outlet that. Or huge fight which was that kind of a chance knock out a way I recently knocked one out. A lot Arkady. I think that's more likely there's something about Robert when he becomes slightly approached apply equally actually truly believed in himself. I think today by the way it that it would put them crazy and of course the short guy or do something harder and I've thought. And the guy. They will do that and figuring what to do it Trotter got. I almost forgot about Ricky Hatton the pride of Manchester City football club what's he doing these days. He got tired and I didn't enjoy life and we have got docked there. You know he couldn't like do it popular and which are o'clock. It can't hurt well the Mayweather fight because. Long. Haul. Portfolio it. Realism. Aren't we still there there and okay has gone back and say thanks I was wrapping it up anyway but Damon Maarten the veteran MMA reporter for UFC dot com. Basically says.