Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

Damon talks Warriors, Sharks, and is joined by A’s GM, David Forst.


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I tell you when he got the playoffs to the north and the playoffs to the south you've got it in hockey you've got an in basketball. We have way too much to talk about the need invented. For a catered to right now moment topic. Like how. Breathlessly anticipating I should be the NFL schedule. Hey I love football I. Love football mild problem football today is that it's safer you know like I want blood on the tracks I am not here. For player health I'm not here for player protection I'm here for savagery. And I say that without apology. I love football. But I am totally cool Jian. With winning another 55 African minutes to find out what the schedule will be when the schedule doesn't start let's see it is April may June July August September we had six months. When something doesn't start for six months I can definitely wait one more hour to find out how the schedule will play out and you can too. Got someone here on the Penske auto sales dot com text line same Damon I wanna know the schedules like implant my Mexico trip. Flights will not fluctuate much in the next 55 minutes you can just calm down you'll be fine. That we have that in November because they announce an reciprocal some good finally yes you can tee but this whole like all my god Mike France SaaS so leaked the entire seventeen week giants' schedule this morning on WFAN. It was the greatest thing I've ever hurt. Did you ever Wheaton line for an iPhone narrow mean either you want I I because. Would everyone is waiting for a line right now will be readily available and easy to purchase tomorrow what got totally cool would not being first in the line of this. Type acknowledged it's not breaking news it's an announced schedule but this is great the NFL is when it comes to just PR and having every one. Completely wrapped around their pinkie. Aria they have turned to their release of the schedule and doing bona fide media frenzy. And anticipated event. Don't sit around teeth chattering. Frothing at the Mal for anybody's regular season schedule but football it's crazy. They really do have a big fish on the hook and that's fish is us. You really is weird to sit there. Just just know on on the hook. There's not even a warm on the air force were just like it they'll look cool would it name fat fish. We just cannot. Cannot get enough football. Of course the draft is coming up and leave it to the raiders. Leave it to the raiders. To send the worst mixed message possible when everything now supposed to be like hey we're still the Oakland Raiders until we're not it's business as usual until things get unusual which could take three years from now blah blah blah blah blah. Today it was revealed that the raiders are gonna hold their draft day event. At the welcome to Las Vegas sign on Saturday April 29. Of 2017. Not won in nineteen not wanting. Palmer. Not only is it a bomber. It just goes to show you really even though you know like everyone's target Alec and mark David smarter than everyone thought he was marked the Dane you know they got what every once that would be impossible to get. They got a green light to move to a new stadium in Vegas they're smarter than we thought the biggest story like this to prove that knack. Same old terrible decision so everything the raiders are going about. Is the message they want to land with their fan bases simply. Don't hold it against the players this is on mark. Using mark noble for taken a bullet for home team out. You're sick of sent if that's the way you think about it. And you look it. What they're just doing to these players see you're telling me. And I'm not supposed to take it out on the players and you know what I totally understand that. It's none of their fall certainly none of the players who were in college. That went all this was happening have anything to do would why the raiders are relocating but what you're going to do is take these players. It in their very first. Introduction. To raider nation and. You're gonna put them in a position to be completely unlikable on relatable by framing them in the context of Las Vegas you are taking a rookie and putting that rookie. In the worst PR position that rookies ever going to be and within the first five minutes of their career. God forbid a rookie who's been excited to be drafted tweet can't wait to see a Vegas. Ritter friends of shield Eros in that guy. Shame raider fans on Twitter it's not exactly the most level group out there and are going to overreact. All the time. We got people who were angry that Derek Carr who's established himself as a great quarterback a super leader. A a guy you would want to marry your daughter your mother or your causing your army Derek Karr. Is welcome at any table except some raiders fans table because he talked about what are real raider fan is and now all of a sudden it if people are angry to get mad at if people prepared to get mad at Derek Karr for stepping in it verbally. With all that he's proven how but the guy hasn't played a down for you and is like can't wait to see you Vegas test you have to hash tag Tebow lost. A guy's gonna get killed. Absolutely killed on social media so welcomed the football. Your team is gonna thrust you into the worst social media position you're ever going to be in. Five minutes into your career welcomed the raiders. Tony set. You're stuck. You know. Accelerator fans. Did they're done I mean it's a big I is is there ready to go their ready for Vegas it's like we're goodbye Oakland it's that it happened it says. But let's just stay a little longer because we need you just a bit let me use you just a little bit yes. This whole thing and hears is that the 2017. Oakland Raiders are gonna feel like a pity you know what. Pity screw. Even though we all know that date. The public it's the only reason why they're not moving immediately is because they haven't built yet that's it there's no like we wanna give you a couple more years we love you don't ever forget that. They're not here because they wanna be here 'cause they have to be that's it that's all they want out as fast as humanly possible to the point where they're going to. Introduce. Rookies. Who will play yeah rookie year under the brand of Las Vegas. There is no more overly word. Overused word in sports talk radio right now than the word optics. Optics is. Is buzz word to assure among radio hosts to the point where he'd. One of the thing you know is loaded again that the phrase what's your take. What's it take to take which is John in the four years we've been working together have you ever heard me say what's your take I now know because I don't wanna be the person saying the phrase that every other person who does what I do sense. Ask a question or bring up a topic. You never say what'd he never say how do you feel. Now that does happen by the way I'll tell you did the impression that at a picnic. Stop if you with the yeah. What just a bad move by the readers. How for a team that can't wait to get out of here you sure as hell can't get out your own way. Gaining your streaming apps are garbage. Thank you. Okay. What you need to do is three download the app that's best place to start because there was an update so maybe that's why it's not clicking for you read download the app on its I I think the new app is better it's improved. So hopefully just reload the app re download it and you'll be giving happy camper Yang you'll like it much better happy camper. Thank you for the constructive feedback. Not is there anything I can do to improve this app performance is it's it's garbage. Thank you. 888957957. Out. Sharks got a massive won the night very interesting game if you told me that they got shut out. I believe yet if you told me that the gonna win by five goals tonight I believe I've no idea what to expect. The NBA playoffs were obviously dominated by the warriors last night when they didn't even have Kevin Durant. We are just tipping off right now in Indianapolis Cleveland and the pacers there are under way gained three series they're Cleveland up 20. Lot of people are looking at what Russell Westbrook did last night. He was equally historic awesome and the reason why the thunder lost the game all in the same game. On fired a shot and out of the game in the fourth quarter. Guys an enigma. You really is. I don't even know what to I don't even know what I'm looking at when I see him sometimes. He's phenomenal but he's also a huge headache. I think to play with. David force general manager of the Oakland days is gonna join me in about twenty minutes from here it's been an interesting week to BA's had gotten better on the field but of course two big injury concerns. There's always a reason why can't have nice things. And by the way just got to say this you know on a on a personal note there was a a terrorist attack apparently on the Sean Lee's day. In Paris today looks like. A police officer. Was shot there. Nick closed down the entire show on please say which is a significant. Stretch of road to say the least. And I know that specifically. Because exactly. Jian. One year ago today Julian and I were walking from the lose all the way down to the Arctic triumph on the some delays at LA while one year ago today. Was the last day. I was officially elect a single guy I. I had a girlfriend her name was Gillian but she wasn't my fiancee and soul about this time. Tomorrow Estrich is you propose to her and our parent in Paris but today was the last day we were dating red and then tomorrow one year ago we went ahead and and got engaged. And then prince died. And that's why we can't have nice things. You just remember all of this her sisters did you write this down as a calendar summer just remember all that. She remembers that she's she is and I relationship yes that pretty get ahead she started out. This week we haven't well we haven't even bend married a year and she's got two anniversaries that she's all about celebrating the day we got engaged. And the dividend Mary Lee celebrates tomorrow Ayatollah she gets well tomorrow once and and it's that it. Where we were gonna celebrate one anniversary year not to. And if she can't have the day that gauge you can have the he meanwhile my what do we just get the first time we had sex anniversary like that's the day it's really important how. That's when I knew things were gonna be all right I celebrate now I'm. Cancel my as soon as Smart he proposed pretty much the day we met Smart GAAP sell very very Smart yeah within twenty for hours and think. It'll why did she is actually getting engaged on 421. All because I'd set everything up for 421 was that's Ellen Levine was it wasn't even thinking about making weed jokes. But it SA was mean and that's when the bye and excuse me. She's in Toronto she can't even hear me a you know what Juli deserves a Canadian alphabet GF pointers and she's traveling to Toronto for work this week I give Dirk. If you would please. Hey and Murray can't be me Afghan. And it died Zhang gang and a bad now about and Q. I and it's DU plant data in acts. And fantastic. Yeah ot time in Paris is amazed. It's beautiful goddess and it really is. No city I've ever been to quite lived up to the word of mouth like Paris of Boston taxes what took place at tech that is cricket great do. Eight days not 579570. I got gene in Oakland he wants to talk about JaVale nation now not well then held this app to hash tag it. About drain in central California with a drink. Let me. Eight hours ahead of the game last night the latest data showed up I know you keep seeing is silent and gone after this year. If beauty is that they're hearing I think in underrated. We need spotlight in the world on fire. Here's the thing I like Zaza when he's not a turnover waiting to happen any actually makes a couple lay ups and Andy did that last night you know he did he is one of his better games. We've seen him play just in terms of help the team off to a quick start impact he was good last night I I I don't take back my season evaluation of him. He was good last night I thought JaVale was better. Yeah out unity is his hands army is still. You write about T I hope he does. Take the hit count. Give the team that does count as you know he may equate the pork. Call my ticket when Edison pocket when you look back career I would think you'd like to see 345 range. The warriors in act period and they can be that much better with them. I agree. And you know there'd did debate today raging again because the warriors look good in the game the Kevin Durant didn't play and is the whole. Do you need Kevin Durant. And here's the deal the answers no they don't need. Kevin Durant but here's a Kevin Durant being on the Golden State Warriors does for the warriors. Number one. Kevin Durant. That's the first thing Kevin Durant does for the warriors he's Kevin Durant. The second thing he is is he isn't Kevin Doran and another team might be in your way. Having I look here's the deal warriors are so good there are maybe four. Players on the planet they can get in their way. It's LeBron James. LeBron James nevermind there's one. May be cool why. May be quiet but the war that the San Antonio Spurs are always worth more than the sum of anyone individual part. You know made so. It isn't individually cool why even though cool why is individually disperse bass player but it's always a team effort to BT LeBron can put. The world on his back and beat you. Song last year. This is gene in Oakland senior on 957 minutes. At them and I thought they collect call. That's our thanks anyway. Her fault what comic brought out ever but I call it about to pale was gone and part. Oxide or maybe to a it. The father try to find a way to keep them because. He kept improving that partly command while fourteen million a year. And may still be too much to do expect. A surprise that it gets less than 8%. Which is going to be our auto going to be looked forward because. Worked a lot. I feel pretty confident about that they'd like Kevin Durant and Atlanta. Last week that he thought it gonna take for him let's put all our society he. If he does I'm out there what if he really does that. Hi this guy's a serious about winning multiple titles eat it it. It would be almost one of the biggest wins of the years Kevin Durant was like you know what I'll leave a little bit more on the table to keep his team around me. And I do think he's wired to do that but I got to officially seen it before I believe it four million dollars. Doesn't sound like a lot of money to Kevin Durant but it's also. A what you get paid is how much you feel you're respected in some instances I think he's matured beyond that I know that the players. Would never settle for less than the most. This guy's been bank in huge paychecks from the day he stepped in the league and if you really look at Kevin Durant was legacy needs it's not gonna be more money it's gonna be more titles more competition more. More excellence and the single. Greatest thing I have. Ever seen is this warriors team ability. To disregard ego. And personal branding. In the name of being the best basketball team on the court. It's so impressive. Do you know how hard it is to be unselfish on the basketball court when you know you're one of the best in the world out there. It's a game that is built to make sure your best players. On the ball making decisions so what happens when you have four best players that's. Definitely to too many that's what people said about the Miami Heat when they came together to super team like not too many cooks in the kitchen. What is the chefs can learn how to get along. Obama got. What a meal. And right now no one is serving eight tastier meal. In the Golden State Warriors. We didn't seal was. And then you've got Jian you know just guys that. If you really are gonna keep winning you know what the warriors need. They need young. I don't say poorly played poorly paid players but young first contract players. On their first contract contributing. And that's what Patrick McCullough did last night. If throughout this regular season you've started doubting Patrick McCall and I got in that boat for a week or two I did I I did Patrick McCaw was either. AE. Where Bayesian blend or disappear entirely player all year I couldn't think of what the first thing would have been on the Patrick McCaw highlight real. Intel last night and the very thing that I I put on the Patrick McCaw highlight reel is him. Staying in front of dame Willard who just the night before was on his way to a huge scoring output. Patrick McCaw was great defensively last night. You know stop and those who took players. I think that I think it's it's getting. Though but those Gaza mosque going you know. Some plus points and you courtesy you know there's not much that when we can do that's so it was great on defense insisted the entire game was amazing. Ian Clark who plays well when he sees a blazers uniform. Also played well last night he used to be the young guy and his team remembered that will now that young guys Patrick McCaw Ian Clark was impressive what he sought him last night. He's been like that you know since the beginning of the year he's he's very pleas of air force play at various mark there. If you get credit for and he's not afraid to do moment he wants to be out there wants to play was complete me it doesn't goes off. Game three Saturday. Up in Portland to dame lowered not willing to say it's a must win but he knows Travis. You know you don't want to go home and dropped this. You know if you do win a game for you coming back here you know looking at an ammunition so I guess it did securing it floor. We played really well on our home floor. We noted oak. We're capable of beat him so well for where we want going to gangster so we focus on. From the taxi line paid Damon might be a little late to the party but it viewing Gionta both seen the new game of zones episode on Bleacher Report. Yeah I've forwarded that bad boy retreated down my timeline today it's outstanding and it really is. I guess they Dennis was a six part series here. Rain is is this episode is episode one and I guess they're gonna go through the story of the season and since the biggest story coming into the season was the recruitment of Kevin Durant. This whole thing. Is Kevin Durant going allow around the NBA's land of west Derosa you will. And interviewing with the wizards the spurs. The warriors. And a couple of other teams and it it's well done and it's really really funny is always a me day who was ever doing that over there. Equally loves the NBA and game of drones as much as we do an app happy. It's fantastic. And since it huge follow up question to win ever we bring on game at front I know it's coming at you feel somebody texting it to us right now are about to ask on Twitter. Yes. Post game of drones returns. The Monday. After the season debut of game for a news. In a month or two about that's the yeah yeah about just a berm month and a half I ASEAN nice I waits. I can't wait. July 16 thank you very much way to be on a balcony. David forced has had a heck of a week on the field the a's have been better if they really broke out there if I can quote tencor act. In shoes. Take two out of three. Against Texas Rangers tonight they're gonna put on their shoes Seattle's come in the town guess what they miss king Felix again. This is definitely. The deepest they've never gone into a season without facing Felix at least twice already into a year and having seen him once yet. That's a break right there unfortunately on the Indy and the injury front. It's not been a good week of breaks for DA's and we're gonna talk about all of that with Dave forced next. Crews it's a deep drive into right center Kobe is going back into the Alley he will turn and watch yet. New numbers seven best care for Chris Davis and he has taken six going lose. It was a drive to left center Mike Bender of the Alley the senator from the wall and did is god a line drive. Their home run just the right of the three idiot mark in left center field by Chad vendors in the is it taken us seven to one way. We'll all have lost that people right there's a cap per Yonder Alonso loses second home run of the here it's 91 Oakland. Overhead now as the out of town scoreboard. VA's that it three long balls today. Seattle Mariners are in town to take on Oakland days and that's what they're missing king Felix again. That's probably good news is what they're bats up a little bit in the series finale. Against the Texas Rangers coming hammered him actually to take two out of three from Texas and that should. Bring us to a well good mood. In dated for Stephen Lewis got some injury problems have crept up on what it's all those in a second but meanwhile David winning hitting that's good right. Yes and like a couple of days a couple threats that are. Cute and the first day against Texas but the other guys bounce back like you thought you gave them. I think upper hand to vote James Paxton tonight but what you that it isn't Felix is not something happens so frequently. Yeah anything that isn't the kings got a sound better really does Paxson might be. A guy who hasn't allowed a run in three starts so far this season but he is pretty darn good no doubt about it. The Mariners come to town you're not gonna be they're not going to be facing Kendall great men no one's gonna be dealing with market Ximian for awhile other than a couple of good wins here he had a couple big injuries you're dealing with. Yeah we did unfortunately and it's funny you know you and I talked plot elements are. Single player on the road doesn't item on. Of course they ought certainly in the next few days a couple extra gallon. But you know Kendall a little shall restraint we were expecting a throw a side tomorrow and hopefully I'll tell us to come back here we'll let. You're not a super market obviously you can accept it it's. Which company tried Clijsters in the spring and into the newsroom just despite that. How concerned do you get about wrist injuries for hitter I mean there's so much power and that's being generated right there it seems like even if the sixer he did the surgery were a success. To expect him to have last season's powers gonna be tough to do this year now. Yeah it's something that though we always think. We're power hitters particularly him you know much out there mightily to also work he'll be up all that come back much. You know markets what had with the surgery Gupta can put a marriage. I was one of the most aggressive thing to do so that it can come back quickly rapids and straddle it just went out to work. We're optimistic that when he does you know he does break a factual himself. David forced a's general manager here on 9570. Game we cannot have a conversation without talking about Chris Davis right now he's leading the major leagues with seven home runs. He's sitting 321. I mean he's got MVP numbers that stuff. Ed this so what are what are at this fifteen game marker whatever it is so well yeah in a long way to go but man what a great start for this guy. Yeah I regret it particularly when you look at how it started last year then. You know for him to come out doing you're and other and other Rangers would like to Nazi and Eddie sent the winter yeah absolutely kills sound like that. Now we relied on critical Lott will like that you. It's a lot couple days that that sense about personal letter of each. Brian Healey picking up a little bit and we're talking about likely it is these actually everybody jumped on chris' back. How Sonny gray doing. He's doing really well see coming off a good performance an extended break your knee surgery and ain't got up to 45 that system. People doctor look at to see your rhythm asparagus or Saturday night full total 45 and eight. Is the plural of asparagus despairing I or is that the Cingular. I don't know I read somewhere that aren't essential not only probably you answer that question such. You know let me quote stripping the green and let it do they come in bushels or barrels a you're either not my department statement asking me questions that I wasn't brought here. Yeah well I'm sorry what it'll look let's ask you couple questions you're gonna totally hate and shelling occur that's a little arm I am a bit so AA this Indians down and burritos turn it up I mean I know it's tough to pick a time to start a Major League clocked especially when you're still budget conscious you don't want anyone run and in the super to blob blob blob but. No beret donor. Now that it is not about any of that stuff that's about the secure development and you know what markets were down the other day I. He got the united dot. In triple A you know I would two days ago now at about 65 ourselves. But you know it it's only fair to these guys so let them learn Lithuanian model too late they come after he was served today. Franklin there were like job. They'll learn and we think they'll play at second base shortstop since there's no doubt and great bodies going to be particularly eager to certain going to be. He tells a little bit about puck in Chapman to those are two minor leaguers always stands one news on. Yeah out so marathon has laid back he came out lots of wrist surgery. Sort of sort of about again and hopefully we'll start getting game this weekend and so we we Dutch so all of our now. And it is just pitched great and doc he's got to. And towards punch out now twelve and being only three walks or governed by the OK and you know done everything we've expected so Joseph make it up they jumped Q the higher right out drops little. He's he's fun to watch these good law. David since were on the theme of the kids you got a local kid coming into town tonight with the Mariners out in right field. Mitch can anger right now he might be in early front runner for rookie of the year much campus last. But he's run many high he's from Santa Clara was he on your radar as a college prospect. Yeah you know he was I was. Come on that got away react to that about it was fair. Couldn't couldn't make the CO my closet yeah at all. Figured out a way to get a minute he might still have come back the I don't believe you got to a great start them out effort that you carefully which. Less than two months away from the MLB draft this has got to be one your busiest times of the year here David tell us about what you're doing that. The work that you do in Maine. And early June scouting to get ready for. Get out record it's a lot of fun for me in the army I love going out the high school college players insist on. That's part of the job and American voter is getting out but also doing it for months already. Trying to pare that list down. Through the first round option Bart saw pocket out he be able to guy's Wii and again. The most fun thing about this job when your players an amateur. Watching content aren't you you're very cute to see him greatly so everybody always gets excited come on June of that drop. David always appreciate your time and I know you're really busy guy today so was thanks for joining us it always and let's look good against the Mariners man keep this good feel on an ongoing. I hope so I wanna make sure that we opera come off a that you re so Cherokee but I keep it up what might miss with a streak right. Our game with a target. Good talking to you too David Forrest a's general manager here on 957 game and like didn't man. They are. Absolutely. Off toward my store did he even if you're not satisfied with everything he's seen on the field you'd have to admit. That the feeling around the aids is just so much different this year and that is some young interest in players it's Dave Campbell it's taking more pride. In serving your customers better which DA's are officially doing this year. So. What we would like to do know is offering you a chance to be part of this good feeling starts of the season with the caveat. Is that if you were to win these tickets you'd have to come to the station and pick them up your selves tomorrow. Between the hours of nine to five and by the way if you're wondering where our station is were right across from The W. Hotel. In San Francisco read right across the street in the fold though they child building. As I like to call it used to be known as a chef he's building now but now it's the full decks out building. Color number five. I got a family four pack with VIP parking in the fourteenth row by the way these are great great tickets. Caller number 51 person caller number five got to come pick the tickets up in person tomorrow doubt though so you gotta be able to do that got to be able to come. To our station. And pick up these tickets we can't get him over to will call for yet you're gonna have to pick him up in downtown San Francisco tomorrow but I've got a family four pack great tickets fourteenth row wins VIP parking. For tomorrow night. Caller number 58889579570. Good luck to you will let you know who the winner is next and talk a little bit about giants and Rockies get underway. We're always happy to do ticket giveaways. My great grandmother Gianna. Loved game shows did say in any game show because she just like to watch people wind up that's nice. I feel the same way I love when people when an evening I'm thrilled for anyone who wins anything congratulations. To Jean in Oakland the regular caller. Who was caller number five and didn't swing on by Domata pick up that Stanley for packed. He got great tickets of the game tomorrow night Jeanne congratulations and thank you very much for listening. Sharks'. Big game the night cannot wait to get home cannot wait to get on my couch and into this just take this one and because. If we can accuse the warriors is sometimes being a little predictable the sharks their partly predictable they really are hardly predictable so. By the way I forgot to tell you that all of our conversations. With David Forster brought to us by the premiere Kia of new work online at premier Kia of Newark dot com. Thanks so much for bringing us all up to date with David force. So Gianna. When nine was. A young we had no. None none none none none not ready to young wee lad. It's not gotten out of young we let a situation that when I was say when I was in college. A different time you know we're talking about mid ninety's. I was in college from like nine. And I was in a fraternity it was the fraternity that wasn't a big frat brat I know that all threats try to say that but most threats get very. Like oh we're a fraternity excuse us while we want that kind of eternity we didn't take ourselves seriously were there there to party and we're there to meet girls and we also had some really good fundraisers in the house and we were really good at charity we were really good at throwing a party with a great band you know we we were we were there to have fun and do the bare minimum of it up. Not academic requirements or trying to stand out we didn't wanna be the cool kids we didn't wanna be the yuppies we didn't wanna be the jocks we were very inclusive. Varying clues in a minute tell you didn't see a lot of fraternal diversity. At Indiana and early to mid ninety's but we were absolutely diverse we had different colors creeds religions backgrounds. In our fraternity. And the reason why I think we had so much mass appeals to her just a fun cool group a guy's not yet we had a fun time we really get wouldn't take ourselves too seriously. We're trying to be the house campus. Hottest girls currently has just worked there to have fun and your enjoyment really had a good time. One of the things we did. And when we were doing it. No one would no one even thought of this being in inappropriate thing did to lower in insulting thing to do but looking attitude to prison of 2017 and our entire fraternity women shut down for this. We have a party Everest every year call tacos and tequila. OK I. Tacos and tequila and you know if you have a sombrero you warts get a punch you war. If you had a good like bin deal must stashing your costume box what. He had. You know storms Evey are you dumb. And we would serve like a thousand crunchy tacos from Taco Bell. We would buy the cheapest bottle to kill a whole bunch kids' college can afford we would have you know cases of it. Yeah big fun party would play a tunnel Los Lobos and we would play. You know just all kinds of those. That hunt. So if you did that now. You would be crucified. Do remember on. You know it did you did you be accused of cultural misappropriation. And how dare you while you're having a party with a Mexican theme allow while person of all people to Wear the poncho that they got as a souvenir in Mexico where did these types of things but never. So why would a lefty out of the room if you said you were offended by that back in the day. But the modern more culturally sensitive to members. Will even tell you in retrospect. Maybe wasn't the best party we could've thrown right we we we we could have done a little bit better was offensive I understand it is now and I guarantee you that the house doesn't have that party anymore. Oh probably not I can guarantee you. You're not allowed to have fun like that anymore on a college campus he's never met a bigger group of easier to (%expletive) off new income poop in your life. And not just. Kids but especially white college girls. And I can prove it to you again. This is absolutely ridiculous and by the way if you're waiting for NFL schedule so were we gonna come up at 5 o'clock. We are gonna talk to Steve Kerr though 5 o'clock while we're having that conversation lodge at odds with coach current her album will be printing meet. Niner and raiders schedules and we will go over them as soon. As we're done talking with Steve Kerr. A fraternity at American university and I saw the sun broke Bible dot com was forced to cancel fund raiser for military veterans because. Heads of the school believed. That the name of the event. Could be appropriating culture culture culture culture. Sigma alpha new. CME's. Organize a fund raiser for armor down in organization that helps. Reintegrate military veterans back in a society. And provide assistance for vets would mental health problems have very good cause it's a fantastic cause certainly worthy of York charitable efforts and attending that sort of thing great great great great cause. And so. Looking to appeal. To college age kids were talking seventeen. Through 2122. Years old ray. They decided to go with the little theme they wanted some sort of an athletic team and since all of the sport you know there was another fraternity party doing eight. Basketball tournament another fraternity was already doing the bowling tournament another fraternity was already doing for their charity softball tournament and other teams doing a bike ride another team doing to golf outing. They were running out of a unique sporting event. So they decided to have big badminton tournament. Those always were and all month I believe we have the radio edit version I ask I certainly hope we do. They got us this decathlon. Gotta be totally honest and yeah I like around. Just doesn't do a lot warming I understand what kids might like to doubt it. And if you ask me what is the single best thing you can name your badminton tournament in 2017. To appealed eighteen to 22 year olds. I would come up with the I think too if you gave me an awful lot of time to think about it what do we call it badminton inclusion. This is bad and booty by meego us. So of course the assistant director of fraternity and sorority life. Colleen good worker who does sound like a white no fun motion girl all day long. Colleen Dirk or email the fraternity and said that the event's name could be perceived as cultural. Appropriation. And the college demanded they can't select. Because somebody sitting in their collegiate safe space might be offended by what is nothing more than a play on words. Are you telling me that white kids aren't allowed to like me ghosts who wears a cultural misappropriation. Our tacos and tequila party say the blurred lines of cultural misappropriation. Admitted to it before I brought this story to view this called word play. Had it in boot machine being turned into debt ridden and booty all I can tell you. Miss Jerker. Is it that offends you you can make it out alive in the real world. Going to be able to leave your house in modern society if that is a cultural and mind your trying to avoid stepping in. So she thought the best thing to do would be canceling charity event. For veterans. So other. Quit to be triggered college kids wouldn't be offended. I don't know if we have another mother of all bombs but if they dropped it on American University student section I'd be fine with that like. Are you kidding me. It act at at around and Amy kind of like antsy right now it's actually the opposite of that. I'm different I am because I'm way behind it's kind of like he. Not. A term of groups basically it's it's it's good to the middle class belonging characteristic of the middle class is the blue swap. Got it. Depth and by the way with anyone accusing Madonna cultural misappropriation. When she had the line music mix of people come together. Mix the usual Ozzie and rattles remember that the music video. Which had porn stars and it. Think there's so many sites home any other things we can get upset about instilling angels a slap monitoring as well maybe they can change it but I mean it's really eat. If you're gonna get upset about this you have identified yourself as someone who does not belong with the enormous rate you are. He most. Sitting in your room desperate to appeal to diversity the you're gonna try to be the most correct white person in the world and cancel something over in word play this is like comedians don't play college campuses anymore however they committed can you imagine. Well lord. It. Can't people get offended incredibly easily these days. You do not have the right to win and offended life who the hell are you to think you do. I mean I mean I don't know. Citadel to cancel they're bad yet gentle plea Kadima to have an opportunity to re name it now and go with that to raise money for a really really great cause we match. To bad we were trying to plan a philanthropy event and incorporated sport. They perform much better on campus this is the kid who was the president fraternity unfortunately. Pretty much every sport we could think about was taken. Overall we do not see how he single word which loosely translates duke high class or middle class upper high class should be used disqualify our event. We also do not understand how there is a culture associated with the boot Jeep or how even if there is the event is completely unrelated to the name. So we offending. Specifically. Bad written policy. Again I don't think anyone was offended except for. Fraternity and sorority life assistant director Colleen darker who is deterred in all parties punch holes. I let it is like comic dressed up fancy and go play Batman yeah that's. I would interpret it. Right you should Wear a white powdered wig. And go do it but that is the world we live in and those are our future leaders. She's gonna be someone's mother someday. God that it's gonna suck too. Steve Kerr he's the best we love talking on my know a lot of people are waiting waiting waiting for an NFL schedule. Yet the season still doesn't start for another six months so when we're done would Steve we will pop into the schedule. And we will have guaranteed records presented to you. But by the end of the 5 o'clock gallery it's all coming up here on 95 cent in the day.