Dallas Braden

Rick Tittle
Saturday, July 15th

Analyst for NBCSports California and former Oakland A joins Rick Tittle to talk about the A's ahead of the trade deadline and the blister epidemic.


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Great to welcome a Dallas Braden back to these airwaves of course a former Major League pitcher or member of the a perfect game on. Mother's Day and now course and analyst for NBC sports. California and Dallas outrage also view last night you had the best seat I think I've ever seen a broadcaster have in the history. Of baseball right behind the screen did you miss you ask for that spot. I tell you act in huge gallery at the right well which that he odds don't recruit here. Had agreed idea. Executed as you salt flawlessly. Well you know I'd had opportunity previously. To doing team in Chicago Wrigley Field. Behind a plea actually in the stands. With the so law. You know why aren't aware of your it is becoming so it here at all. In camp with the ban repeal would ban some of the boat at eight all it was a great time. And yet he is. Try to boring site shall melt the game just one step closer to the folks at all. And about the approach you know talking about what I see visually from that angle like year you know and I think it should added. Dimension to the broadcasted. These guys here at Indy he continued to move the needle in regard. And then I think about you know you grow up in Stockton go to the coliseum as a kid to even dream about you know put on a big league uniform much less pitching. Perfect game and then to get paid to sit there at the dream lives on. I think I think a big guy at all out QWERTY wanna bet. That. That a guy out no doubt about it I mean and it becomes real. Just walking out on the field understanding I was given the opportunity to play at a point in time and your average here that they you'll cheer experiences. With Brinkley some of the same equipment ever so a ball player and actually they're cheap like you to enjoy the way they eat cake in the ball game. And awaited the district their team. To the pin based signature it. Corey a line be be cured Oakland. All right take good stuff as we know unfortunately ever since the Haas family. The days are Abbas stop they're not a home you comfort fears if he gig ged you're gone and now it's Sonny's turn. And I I don't wanna see him go he's still got two warriors a team control. I never think the a's get that kind of prospects that a player like that would. Would deserve but whether it smolder Heidi. You know Donaldson GL at some point I just I want it to stop I feel like I'm wake up eleven nervous feeling I feel like I'm gonna throw up what are your thoughts about sunny may beginning moved here. What do we all end. And I think there's a lot of beer and play it out into 00 equation. Or organization is concerned the Al right we understand. Money all that it. The shell when that it meet street it teach you an inside look at how the court to go. Out the organization. When you have guys that can get that circuits are certain very early. On what your future career could look like or a Tony great. Site insurance but sometimes we keep these guys. The at some point art can Q Lleyton so year. You know whether it be affordable or whatever the case. They've moved on. The thing that I think about is where we're headed in the future of the organization which got a new ballpark on the right and I. I'd be IQ people excited and and how applaud her overall. Greek people too excited about. The clutter on the you'll continue to grow continue to. You'd better bet you know your arsenal right time it took especially around the tree that why you feel like that your. Could be obsolete tomorrow. Dusty you really think that if we get a new stadium here I say we is a lifelong a's fan. That a leopard is gonna change its spots and you know I just give an example what if what do Barreto turns into a three and 330 hitter and Tony five and a hundred. Are they gonna give him a 150 million dollar contract I just I can't see those guys changing and start to act like that kind of ownership. What you can't see it because maybe the revenue generated so realistically in a position. But given the sources I can't you know that you don't. He got wait are you are excited about the future you take a look at the wide point right to our ticket out. It's going to be too littered with light spots to look forward to start that are this shark in the galaxy you're in the Bay Area and you might parade. Can be on net interest EU on the planet. And it excited. So brilliant stadium it up with eighteen he lucked out I'll. Call it. They came and they haven't wept and separate culture. Also why would Europe Australia championships he. In a matter like yours are accurate. So understanding. The new ballpark you do not stand base for the players and cell. Trying to cut the call you right agent you know we're paid or at least attempt to get this year. And that is going to change you're going to keep Chapman at third base deeper into the bill Corky axle and the issue that heat and wind all over the open field. You're going to the only thing you gonna be drop on the European Tuesday kit ready. Rick Philip Dow spread and I certainly hope you're right and it's that they're gonna we're gonna put it to the task of those guys are going to be a go on another. Is there has you know if here on the giants see you can buy a house they're gonna lock you up for a long time. It's they're almost a gallows humor with DA is among the vets I mean if your kid you're just happy to be in the bigs I get it but. The vets that do you guys all kind of know hey at some point I'm getting a moved here. It sort of they expect it but it's something you understand. What you beatable or organization that you're out it's something. An. Opportunity to strap on the fourth. And it played well as a collective unit. And it it. Because that's what they saw the effort made your way out western you know that they got they aren't that they could. Or should treat you in the so well for Patrick. You got your two week. Impact your cheaper the game should be so that your. Outlook in light vehicle. Or on. Can grow in the board OB but especially here beer. Tonight we got a kid from a brown led Paul Blackburn who has been better than anybody could have expected his first two starts and you know even though is a first round pick I talked to a few people said you know that he. He wasn't like a top ten pick because feeble little like the velocity by about who cares if you're getting guys out when you look at him. I because you know we've seen the Jason windsors and the Gramm god freeze come up and do this for two games and then we never hear from again why should we expect this got to stick around. The culprit ability to understand why you're getting. That they were taking reaching. Where it from the yacht or engine to you made my injuries and I keep up with so what was stated while the guys. The light. And that. Our cities beat. All about their did and what we think that we about property it it's tinker at the movement yet as it. Is missing. A bit better. You two out there could let it will make you catcher and you'll. And move on I didn't get to pitch but the biggest news. Q where the operative word understand. T know why he's getting yeah I'll keep getting you the reader. To understand what aren't you. Two met at the huge L or a guy. You can step on the mound in just stop reported. You have to take a cerebral approach them. And you guys call them Bernie says the burning leaned gonna come back. A whole lot don't not that would probably on the show that it is but. Know what we at their leader of an open door property keeps doing respect. Up more questions for dolls bread or a total of united 57 game to see the and everyone says it's coming next year the 22. Pitch clock in a you know I I hate any clocks in baseball and the good lord intended did but we've seen the other clocks umpires basically ignore them. As a pitcher I can only imagine how nerve racking that would be to have this stupid clock ticking down. And rushing you as a former big league pitcher your thoughts on the 22 pitch clock. Well. Go look at the numbers I believe I'm working quicker to set it he reached pitch. So. Somebody who understands the value. Would work issue when will it be younger so ready to make great play. I'm not worried about it yet yet they are going to bring on. Into our sport it that it does well because it can't sort of real. Into a game you start to. An element of strategy and it's time how are going to be why it. You know worked in the Indy you know actually beat out. I mean we're gonna of people hurt more often they've ever been because we got little. Out so when you talk about tying the game slowed things down in. And to try to beat you up it very eerie I mean we can do is eliminate or curtail. The mountain meeting between a accurate and typically that away from Al. Pitching coach. But in between. About it like out there are two sometimes three times. Dot where. That's where story to waste time here as an actor. Call your game plan catcher called it game plan that keep you on the main page that big league level after our conversation with the pitching coach out there. All the best to. One more question for you and I know I original said that he never had blisters like he has now. Because the in of the supposedly the bald at the laces or lower to make the trajectory better fur. Or Paul runs and I thought that was a curious thing to say because I would think get the laces were higher you'd give blisters you understand what he's talking about. I totally understand what they got to think about though is that the teams are higher. And that is creating the blister or not those who you all. Care. Now at this season or lower which we have. Figured out. Look at the de rigueur. At leopard I believe. Has done a great job of dot beauty. But it numbers in regards to decide the baseball a lot of the scene but it would seem smaller. Wouldn't that mean I would have to try to shut that much harder to try to creep their spin north been one thing to look at. Are real numbers guy. At the spin rate and look at the guy who generate the highest amount of spin on a breaking ball or are trapped ball and didn't compare. You yourself did get a little bit diagram going to see it will relax tight spin rate guide that app with and so whether or height or not. I think all they can expect people with your order to be getting what she viewed by Rasheed increased obviously you've been absent. Backlash there. An outlet that on the other side it seemed to blow that beat duck try all order. Maybe it's creating even more but anchored Dick you might trigger flash deeper into this all to try to create something because polices all. That's very subtle that's why ask they are real pitcher and that Delis and not if but when they do the dolls breaking story on Netflix I've got the title. Called stay off my mound. Up. I like due by period are light. All right Dallas Braden of course watch on NBC sports California farm on Twitter adults spread into and I thank you so much I know you got to work man so while we really appreciate it we'll talkies and Broderick. Are I had the pride of the stock tome mr. doll.