Craig Mish

Mornings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 17th

Sirius XM MLB Host joined Joe, Lo, and JD to share his expectations for the MLB trade deadline and whether Giancarlo Stanton could land with the Giants. 


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Craig Misch a national radio host at serious X and you can follow him on Twitter. At Craig missed joining Jolo in JD. On 95 point seven game. Greg you had the story over the weekend about the potential future of John Carlos Stanton. And teams who may be interest in his services should the Marlins be willing to sell. If you don't mind let's take let's go through the report again what exactly is it that you're hearing. Well first and foremost I wanna say the real reason why in the interest in the giants and look at what the local Motley taco. I must ask. That's it that John and that's there. They tell count Greg has pretty much yet on if there's any other material you'd like to run otherwise it's held an interview right there. In Menlo Park. Look here years years that the situation. It's very complicated. Because the Marlins are going to jail right now. And there's really don't definitive answer to whether they're actually should greet him or trade him even at the bit lottery in the winter. But there's no question that whoever the order of the Marlins did it take a look. At the payroll next year and understand that a team that we in the game that they are winning the market area and not pay out. I'll 150 million payroll which is what happens next year. So and so actually the story comes up and I was able that routines contacted. The Marlins recordings stand. And one of them was more exploratory. It was oracle the other was a little bit more in terms of interest that was of course the giant. So you don't know exactly what the giants were thinking they certainly that you guys know have a ton of money to pay out over the next couple years. So we seem to be in order for the giant to make that work paid app about it being order for speech at the port. Eight terms lesbian as a player that point the idea that those people are kind of speculating that why would giants take on player. That is scheduled to make almost 300 billion dollars over ten years. And the answer simply because what we stand can still forty to get over it every year LP. The giants certainly your indeed some middle backlight player in the line up in the next year two or three. And I think you look at yourself whip right percent make what 3540 million Trout 34000025. Next year. Sixty year after that he contract may actually be global. It'd be years with all of the right sellers are going on the beast also. How will that John or to acquiring and I would say it's probably a long wait wait for that. Fine if I was a giants fan I certainly would be interstate and I would be hopeful that there is a chance that we pick at all. Craig if the Marlins were looking to do this city and the giants as well it would Miami be in a position where they'd have to eat any portion of the contract and and what would it. San Francisco be looking you know possibly to give up Thursday as they try and balance those two things. Well that I would think that if the Marlins are trying it kill they're gonna look to load entire contract that's that's my first the obsolete term like Miami would be or return it would be prospects we also know the giants' system. Is a wrap of a lot of high end like prospect and really good at pitching prospect. Tyler Edie who they haven't mightily yet at year I'll get the giant would wanna send him back to our. So if you go to any of the web sites like it'll be pipeline repeat all perspectives to appease all America you can take a look at giant prospect it would be. Somewhere in the middle year net all the would want back in return player and or he'd be ready. That would be pitchers that could throw median 23 years at the direction that moral ago. I do you think in order for the journey to do that it would have to be Arctic would app shelves now. Find a way out of gypsum market contract I think that the first thing it would need to do you look at. And they were able to part with back on track Matt Moore will not buy out the giant that got a million dollar by. So you liberty those two guys from your salary yours at about twenty Utley had been actually swap. On her head of the free agent after next year also. So I didn't think it is financially feasible with a giant take it on eight and port with some of the guys that are on the team. I don't expect leaders to be moved an alien and opt out also by edict I didn't look at these so mark Jamaica because somehow find a way out from bat. I'd knowing that they won't bring back Mort just in terms of street salaries or apply. When you look at the other team in the bay. The Oakland Athletics that is in inning about a guy like signing Craig you see that. And he's already in the market trade away Shonn do little to the national. Would suitors are out there for gray in what happened about you trade value is this man that young man gonna have in the market. At all those seeking Tonto got back and a pond. In in terms of that deal so I don't think there's any doubt especially would become a country that while escorting you are a little later by. It does appear at this point they're either just going all on the retail which really at the right way to do it people who make it upset at being eight fans. You look at what the cops did it took three years of moderate losses or Alter the after a street appears on losses there at the World Series. So I would get that ray would get back up that at least similar to what can tonic dot act. I would think that the team right now upbeat despite the technical Bisping would be to yank pitchers while Michael and made out. And they're gonna need to feel that rotation somehow some way. I would eliminate any of the teams that are actually contention like the doctors at the back into their rotation the doctors tend to not lose it deadline but beat duke makes all of that all of their rotation. They have three or four guys what was Saudi Arabia's the fourth or fifth. And I think he could eliminate errors and also I think it'll do very well. In this rebuilt acting like the prospect pick up actually launch in the war their bad guys that you are also there. Yet the general manager of the nationals like resolution today is that the anyway after that that they can even galactic do little. But in order to make a deal worked for both sides. The eighty's what a more player's packet returns for Matt and a little too late but do little deal they got back what they wanted I like what he's doing but I think at the end there. Especially. Of local people gonna have to be patient is gonna be to retrieve your outlook for the competitors get. National radio host at serious acts and follow him on Twitter at Craig admission it's Craig mission with the Joseph lo and JD on 95 point seven the game. What do you think the future holds when it's all said and done passed the July trade deadline for Johnny quite well. You know I that would have been what the biggest surprises me is years in the ports of course though so I am in the yet. Equated these bikini bounces back at it could be your next year. May be part of what the adult with Julio from a negative point of view is just positive from the op at the point of view. The giant to tweak it and pitching overall but what it'll pop to technically accurate means insurers there or workshop horse sale or equal or. There had been basically you know eight difficulties along the course giant ball well or very early quick review last year. There's something is going on as we know in baseball with all bat launch at the Betty and Quayle would definitely been a victim looked back. I would expect the numbers next year to be more torque in the war in New York ate well. Well the fact there's total programs they love the fact there's a ton of strikeouts Ike to hit that we look at the year and think that the that we were the triple pint about a number. They got a little bit more and and just smoke Yonder Alonso all but these guys that are aware are indicating forty over the next you will pick a little does that act from and and I think the pitching will kill itself in I'd opt not an acquittal by any means I think we'll be OK could just what those bad that it really got right of the time in. You open a year next year yet on our current popular weight it was the number two. Beyond that yet there's a lot of interest to adapt and figure it out of five but I think we'll be. Follow him on Twitter at. Craig Misch easy national radio host on serious X and Craig initially Jolo in JD. On 95 point seven the game awesome stuff Greg thank you for your time this morning hopefully we can do it again soon. Aren't.