Billy Beane says the talk of a new Oakland stadium is real

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, May 19th

A’s President of Baseball Operations, Billy Beane, joins Towny & Steiny to talk about the future of baseball in Oakland and his current squad.


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Well now joining us on the program he's been with the Oakland Athletics for many many years. He's got the big title now we always love having him on 95 point seven game the architect of where this franchise has been and where is going. Billy Payne joins us here on 95 point seven we get Billy how we do this afternoon. They Chris prima energy enter guess episode talking it NBA. How we get ill NBA because you know at this time of the year Billy it's like the lawyers for the probably talked layoff but you know the one thing that. I've thought about going into this conversation and I don't for years. Something that bothered you was the fact that everybody always wanted to box stadium and you would be perfectly honest going to listen I ahead at baseball operations. I'm not a head of stadium operations that's not my apartment but everybody want to ask you an hour and a situation where were start to look it really look at places. Two different locations where it can be what it mean to you and your front office when they finally say this is where we're gonna build. This is the time line. No you're right at the beginning of that prison immediately because it oh we've seen so far off and and rulers never seemed that close to the incident makes sense for us to focus on something that wasn't. Quite a reality. You have been I think he the talk now Israel and as far as what it means that it's a game changer for us for a submitted to it's it's that simple. You know when I first started this job. There you know there's a few new stated that the Baltimore to Cleveland he's certainly saw the impact of those those markets most teams. And over time what it is that's happening though was we were. Pretty much the only team that hypnotic experience to new stadium opening. And the third quarter two new ones out there you know you can sort of leveled but as time went on you know now it's just dust that's left. And and let's face it that you know as far as the legal challenges we Pattinson really putting teams together whether it's keeping it around so if we get a stadium which. Cautiously optimistic it's gonna happen. And I think the chances to keep together what we put together. Billy you know what Tony's a lot of hype and he built this interview up as. Your first interview of 2017. Is no chance you haven't done and local cities. I I New Year's Day. No I think counties right. You feel like a pretty about the reason being is that after what I guess it just in this position to forty years have been almost thirty in the front office. I've run out of ways to answer the same question so are probably in everybody's newspaper but guys. I'd like Davis and David taken over from the Henry standpoint and a great job. So littlest opponent doesn't director of the duke on yesterday's show an optical hole what's changed and what he probably should yesterday. Earlier you hear right now at that the coliseum. I am yeah in. I'm here tactile almost wanted to show up just depending on which you guys their but I mean dividend spectrum now is here and want to make sure difficult. But I will tell us if you like. Well yeah actually I got I'd hate to do this but I have a favor to ask you to run some watered down. They're helpful bill in war and I'd. Pulled the rookie California mistake of not bringing water with me in the arsenal while unit that I can't just eat Jesus then I think water's going to be down. I really well lately well you struggle. Occurred at halftime. It hillbillies Sonny gray is such a big part of this team's future going forward and a lot of different ways whether it's going to be you'll continue to be the front of your rotation or. He will be moved to get prospects in here to help you for when you open up in the new ballpark. And watching him last night. And just to see sandy Grey's movement back on his fastball. His slider slash curve ball combination. I'd always struggled in the first inning but after that really settled down. Got the last eight Red Sox out just tell me what you saw it didn't look like the old Sonny gray it was back last night you're on the mound. You know I've said this probably three different people between watching it last sighted and a couple times and then and I'm not trying to sort of invent some superlative here regarding his reforms that the best for all their pursuit of to be out via. Effective Q I don't know if you're called you face some really good hitters last I'm over Bogart's in particular were neutral three break balls and if anybody really good hitter. And he made them look really bad so. If I thought you two great Minnesota's first game at a couple but I pitches. But I think since he's come back. This is you know the guy that we had not Lester but pretty sure that you looks really good and even less that he's really one mistake with a changeup to Moreland. But again I think you all the way to to be in the dead at we have it first came up here and then again that does bode well for us because so let's face it you know about what. You know sunny is the leader this stuff. And it's. He gets going I think that it probably translates to to the other guys and a lot of confidence. Because he he's legitimately at number one type starter that's so important production so. Would get not only must they cautiously optimistic visualizing with some ethnic group got a good your form. Really Yonder Alonso is having. A year that's that's an anomaly for him. It just off to a phenomenal start but obvious he's a little later in his career. Is is that kind of situation and Al liar I would have to I mean obviously it's an out liars so because it's now wire. How do you assess a player like that movement forward. You know you don't go offers what matters comes with sort of great programs at the top ten picks and you know when he east he started off in the big leagues he's had some small injuries have kind of kept him. From really realizing what I think most of many people baseball thought it was cable when he drafted him so I think. Again you know it it's. We've got a kind of surprises some people started two but he always had the skill in Bozeman really good defender I will let it ago sort of speak for the entire coaching except as well hardest working guys in the club. And really take this is games seriously in what thirty years old soul I think advocates were saved for this will and and the Internet to tweak that he had its reality should be fine but. Favor that that he's healthy I think you you know he got a great spring training. And so well it maybe that's surprises some people I think most people say disguise though we had this ability element maybe just figured. Executive vice president baseball operations bill being joins us here at five points at the game ads touting its tiny Billy I get asked all the time it's. Since you've elevated to this position and David has taken over. As general manager people go okay. What's really being doing these days I know there's that's how you where you like to go out you like to see people we got the draft coming up people want to know what's going on a daily beads world these days. Well you might days really haven't changed much with the title of the union even before because David was elevated to Jim Mulva. Route were always sort of maintain that same working relationship. And so debt behind closed door as such as a whole lot of data going to have a big boy Asians and is that. I took my right hand guy for a long long time out so that is change much maybe sort of publicly denounces as sort of am I you're you're you. You go to movies and news now echo watch my someplace little leaguer my daughter plays soccer so. To book again that internally it's it's not a huge change from past. In you know listen David we can detect when a guy who's been. Really. One of the most highly auto executives in the game for almost you know block excitement GM. And you know egregious get the opportunity for duplicate and always always been very capable and give viral I'm missing it hasn't changed a whole lot. Billy I asked this question to David yesterday and he was completely flummoxed to tell you the truth somebody gave you a crack. Oh that's impossible they never got. I'll tell you telling. I haven't stutter and everything. Now the you know with the NBA playoffs going on watch him and I'm thinking. You know that the three point shooters who were trying to get fouled and shooting in an unnatural motion you know to me that's the it's like the biggest on the court issued at the we got to deal with. Think baseball's big issue is on the field that they have to deal with or or just maybe something that's a priority. Well I mean it depends on you talked to mean good news of the central office I think they're very good reason and in the pace of the game like the game certainly is then in the forefront right now. If you're talking about you know some of you know maybe get over granular and is subject or we talked about it want to Bob Melvin was. In this replaces them I think is great now also to some extent does contribute to longer games but we're still I'd still stick work the kinks out. Of the replay. What the new changed this year which is really put a lot of pressure. Is that thirty seconds. Decide whether you're gonna challenger it's made it very very tough on on the manager. Sometimes it's by the time I don't necessarily agree with a thirty seconds because the purpose of replay is to get it right. I don't necessarily think that huge but it in that kind of time eleven it. Now depending on how big an issue you think that is it's one of the things were sort of you know again work the kinks so I think replacement great Tuesday. But we are still working some things I think the one that the should've slaughtered for lupus a 32 Roland knows that very difficult on managers in the dugout now that the biggest things basically game probably up with some things were built certainly today. You quickly added that it better. That was pretty good that was pretty good look at Ezra Pound thoughtful pause. If that was just go through years of being executive vice president whatever Chris. That. I. You know so interesting about sports now is how everybody has their version of analytics and we not now. About the Golden State Warriors all the time Billick as they just won the award for best analytic franchise. And professional sports and we think about. It O which you guys did a long time it was so big they wrote a book about it made a movie about it. What do you think about from where you guys were trying to be the first. At doing this type of stepped now seeing it to where everybody in sports as they are new version of analytics. Elicited. Having go back a long time I mean if you report Christine you were here I've been and fought like charcoal. When we first started the criticism we got her doing it so ugly and obviously we ignored advice that we myself David Paul I guess where that. So we're here at the time and there are still under Paul helped Cleveland Browns do in addition net shenanigans over there in the NFL. But but now I think this Sunday news certainly a tremendous amount of tried I guess. From our state appointed we at least felt like we are investigating something and have likes to it though. I will say this the units such as sports voltage is now. And if you implicit here on sports here on business unit you know I vote with dedicated analytic department your your way behind everybody and and every baseball team out there right now. It's heavily ball that Newton and so Julia I mean. To say we're the first tunnel for the first or problems certainly proud effectively we you know. Maybe you were part of something that became bigger and we were. Yeah I was like I now you guys are buds stat geeks and now all of a sudden every extent that it. Yeah again it was thrust it was a matter of you know try to figure out a way to do something differently than we did everything the same way everybody else that are payrolls probably gonna dictate where we can show. We are really like we had a great platform and in part frankly of integrated environment two to do it and you know what. Nobody expected much so you know we've felt like they. You know we don't do this we're word trouble and then that is turned out I was pretty elect it's really Smart guys around me and what America. So. The way we go forward how does it change now that everybody's deal. Yellow that a good question I think what which you have now is. You have this particular this Major League Baseball stat cassis is really essentially just raw data that's been basically being. In a setup all the clubs and you know what he'd do it means some computer tree internal proprietary metrics and analytics and the other keep him keep a close on surrounded so that you know hopefully only they have it in the you have some departments that think the I have about 25 guys work. Just purely an analytics. So yet didn't more more competitive and and you know you're seeing some really really bright people who work and this industry right now I mean it's amazing. When you look at the front offices and sort of educational background even some cases to work background of the people who are working side by side. Front offices and it's at times a little bit intimidated but. It was too big business it's got smarter. And it's gonna continue to get smarter than it does make it more more child. Food trucks or roll a bad idea that take advantage of these food trucks. I have not but I will and I've heard they're fantastic. The big. Indian food better discredited in food truck so current and so low ice shelf partake dispatcher went Chris some usually you know you see we don't really. They're down there in the dungeon. Get up here they got Mexican food that gets in machine they got a French dip one that's awesome you've got to take advantage. Ludicrous it is you know its first literally a -- want the games start though it's just all of the other work about a number of trying to go to red trying to avoid everything to do. My blood pressure up so. But I know we've got great reviews about it and but then not just for of people leading web percent from you know kids and stuff it's it's great so so. Don't have felt that the culprit in India now spoke with venture enjoyment. If I'm at a casino and I get to bat on the Heisman Trophy at the odds are out there for USC quarterback Sam Arnold. You like they. Well you you know that a certain you know world immediately well. If somebody Ottawa coming week via fortuitous start but that's coming out this coming out of we're gonna do it Dresser just review right Krispy. And what we do on the gunners. Is that I didn't see the cup point but postal offices raided by one of the web site that they didn't have USC in America with. Won't be dependable wanna they weren't there are so I think that they're gonna make of them look bad because they're up pretty excited about the teacher's college football. He's a. People don't know Billy's a huge Ellis football man. I got to Puerto without doubt. Billy real quick before let's go lie you know that even have to be sparkling water I take it straight out of the tap. Even at room temperature right drifter at this point that you my man. I clip and I have been you're out dump water okay. It's cold you know bowlers here which as you requested to up on point right of the calls. Q yeah. At the coliseum tap water of the finest it hey all opera right equipment or. And I at Dillard we always appreciate that I'd take you so much good luck the rest of the season we'll talk to is an app well at the draft. I guys they brought up the watered government that. All the great Billy Beane I here on 95 point seven a game.