Antonio Davis

Mornings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

Sirius XM NBA Radio Host joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Lavar Ball, the Cavs-Celtics series, and NBA contract negotiations in the offseason. 


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Well without any further ado let's bring him in the pride of Oakland it's the man who played on the team. With which my wife fell in love of the sport of basketball the Indiana Pacers. Antonio Davis joining us on. 9571. Of the Davis president of stake do you you have Reggie did Duncan dutchman. Little Travis best run and agreed to appoint spot. It was a great run Antonio even out here in the day we respected the game. The there are reputed. Programs on. We're doing grades just not on those days in the bay you remember it it's awful loud it's probably 71 degrees a light genital zephyr blowing in from the west. Inkster are battered town. Parties. Parties vocal or as part about the flow of policy so well you're. Now is it too much he had too much sunshine for the basketball nation because out here we are immersed in this. Air of the big four and it feels like title town but I understand there are some. Some markets out there and some fans that think this super team idea is bad for the NBA what do you think about the current state with two teams really. More powerful than the rest. Are you know at some point. You know that that to retreat came. So on them because their artwork that it wasn't like news talk and number one pick in the draft number too could exit the the draft no script was it ever entered my. Late so I don't understand. You know there's supposed to treat any. The list you have to account for the tractor is or carpet at this point. Could go to stabilize the credit union talent. They're guys that commit whatever you know whatever spot they pick the match. That historically been after the game. I I don't know that success is that if occur because the this one yeah. Words and they're going now. Like that the baker. Antonio may ask you about your feelings on this new CBA in the new structure for the super Max player and in your estimation being a veteran and respected one. How much money is really enough and when do you think winning becomes more important than market value for these guys with the UP surgery and some of the values these contracts now. Or in our group quickly your serve on the market. As far as I'm concerned it is. I don't wanna. Takeaways wrong. Our guys naked is much more music department of these guys are always there and how well would fall for what I thought was fair. I think the players association historic great. Trying to do for me to change the way. You know former current. Players on our youth and in two and something felt. You know you know the news in the health insurance plan that also. The only thing out there America like it started there was is the way part which party is coming into the system. And then. Do we really need it to. Take all of that money. And to. And it be given the players duplicates or how much is enough and doesn't. Really. Important really cute that clear that argue or just because we have to spend that money. So we have to get to later. I don't know anything or change. I do 81 and I hear people say well and is currently offers money not work that well I mean it just what the system that is. It put out by many guys who have been ordered their errors. Recruitment in the industry so a lot of you know players that'll come for the room and is just what the game does that. Then grew to more bill that was. Disappointing you know I see that I pay kind of paid to weigh in NFL amassing these contracts for based in 25 million those days when I heard what you guys got a guarantee concert broad that's the thing that is less ma'am but I. Are pleased that they would fight you know or. Understood that at some point they are the Arctic coastal one pretty. You know we held on to rather stroke. I'm most proud it is that you see those guaranteed contract yeah that we had Turk. You books some over the years in the lives of the contrary. Keep the that was she's. Now no question just loved to family man always see union Carter and watch and plays it's great to see her dad is Solon and involved in the kids' lives and appreciate that. When you look at now you welcome you look at this course everyone's talking about that hasn't. He did what realistic chance all things being equal do you give LeBron and how great of a feat if they were to pull this have said well just do for his legacy. Our man you know years. On the board toward each of their complex your way. The competence and which he's playing. These efficiency. Which he's quiet and when you talk about vacant cars were browns better. I treat risk he really does little Balkans war. Tour I think the first thing you do in that situation it is reported that there could or could collect put a lot of pressure on the beast and it's. You go are more positions so you know you are regard the principal cathartic. That he he becomes the X-Factor and all the talk. Kalimba pull it off about. It's really on the depend on him you know like last year. Bacon a player that only he can make. Or haven't game that he can only path. So. I think and that and then I think that's crucial art than it apologies to get help. It I think he really needs to cope with because good a job that it be no school bond down so. I think that that is ultimately the buyer. Ardidi who wins the alumni game between Oakland time climates. I. Well quote. The record you'll be wrong. Not a lot of pride in OK you know he's sentencing at the skyline to you know deletes guy. Yeah. Bureau are very. Is seen. You can do it you don't so the Saber and in arts. Or how. Shot us and jaws and our media. Antonio Davis joining us here on. 957 began Antonio won asking about the Lavar ball nonstop. I I would say diarrhea of the mouth but I I like to say that on the radio what what do you think about. The way he's put himself in front of his kid and how do you think his son is gonna do once he gets in the association. That is unfair part united tribute shop chain of the are they to read the other day had the kids sit and eat at page this is outlawed the use directory boosters. I don't think they've had a individuals. Far yet you know devote pop. What he wants it since they were already booked for the Ole. I saw this woman you know issues they'll be accused the outdoor boy are well. While you're here are covered Creighton are. Our. You airport. At some point in time you've got to make sure you don't ever get to support built Obama. Output obstacles that are output unrealistic expectations. Given the chance to scorched and I act in that the one thing there are. Don't like there of course to Warner's he's he's good on this he's put these little blocks and stumbling blocks. Competitors is that for the had a chance to. You know clear benefit in jail or court came in the economy went up. I think the crazy thing news is he goes to lakers becomes a problem later. This could work out as a crazy reason and crew worked out. To be it won't last Egypt's one of those things where you about our character. Humble. I don't think that there's any way that you can long success in India. 82 games will expose somebody who's not there are sold out to be a part of it Antonio Davis thanks for joining us enjoy these playoffs hopefully be a chance to talk to you. Before it's over and appreciate you joining us. It'd sovereign does Lester talked so.