Antonio Daniels

Mornings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

13-year NBA Veteran joined Dibs, Lo, and Kerry to discuss the NBA Playoffs as well as the All-NBA team selections. 


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Thirteen year NBA veteran serious serious XM NBA host Antonio Daniels follow him on Twitter. At eight Daniels 33. Good morning Antonio housing Dolan. I'm off the ballot that you got mad at me. Appreciated so warriors up two games to none on your former team the San Antonio Spurs what's the mood around San Antonio concerning. Kauai Leonard's ankle and their ability to maybe make a series of this. Honestly that the move down and it O'Neal is. A lot of trigger point going onto the market on. You know people understand collide Saturday intuitive you know. Oh fortunate at that and he did not make it hurt their chances against eighteen that did. Haven't hit. Ethical lawyer but I. Currently the majority. On here in the market order and it lack of production due to play mainly in deep into your own state. Antonio we got to educate the warriors fans out here how important you aren't tied into their success given the fact that. Steve Kerr spent a lot of valuable time with the spurs when you're a big part of this trade. That got Steve to the spurs so let's give you some props or prop should do out here that. Or is it to be appreciative more appreciative of AD. 33 but let me ask you this have you seen since your time playing for pop and obviously part of the 99 title in four years with him. Have you seen a fundamental change in pop as the evolves. Really more than what people see just the curmudgeon in the in the media conference but his coaching stuff for your time plain and now obviously government has part of the media. You know that they expect about optimal there'd be courier. Important it would Gregg Popovich big bet in the ecological hot. The public airway and it would Gregg Popovich got that one implement it torture important winning culture and then Antonio. In 1990. I cannot now. Remember in 1999. We're one block away from being at Scott and a lot of people. And the colonial. And you've been great vigil partly because. And it's funny how 11. Win one. You know in chemistry in the firm. BP. Can be ordered able Gregg Popovich and applicable look at. What about Brett probably remote it's one inability to change but not. When he came into India. Hopes. That. I'd hate the world today the game that can't eat everything okay and he came right at all. From beat Tim Duncan admitted. Game two Tony Parker my public to. Jindal got out with steel academic part that except that then it apart and why they understood. I always. Wanted to play. He need to do to get mole and bad habit out of the department that do. You know how long you've been saying all these different read Bob. It hurt a lot of credit for a lot. Period and it. They. This is suck about this next game. If core I is not as quiet plays and they happen moves he can you see a problem it's just sit him down. The remaining in the series. Com. And the bad part were being. It. Knowing pop. Art. Go. Eat a lot and are not not Ebert can now. That's not differ. A lot of ago he cared about the play he cares more about the player in the Atlantic care more in the future. Nickel state. Then when it can't make it. I'd that we thirteenth and camp out and we did not one championship. Demagogue. Like that even. And Russia. Did he came to play out he. Ought to. You know albeit quietly. Because you've gotten. Them that it could do without you pick out and go out in the port eight I think that it can't. He's not concerned about the practice all the people. Don't give it. And not get. Used to it again next. Antonio Daniels joining us here on 957. Games thirteen years in the league former spur works with serious accent as an NBA holes to the all NBA teams. Are out the first team. Listed LeBron James coli Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden and Russell Westbrook but the voting Antonio seems to be a little bit. Irregular I I saw your Twitter timeline someone voted coli Leonard. On the third team with somebody put LeBron James on the second team. What are we need to do to shore this up Antonio something that's become so important players in their contracts. The the media and him. And sometimes these vote to become part. Army and it did on art came. Upon gained in Iraq the Westbrook will probably in the second game okay. A not let me take you. Here you would. Go. To the cart in block. To protect it ain't come up and it. You can begin to pick uninsured because on human. Egg and it. The owner NG him consult. And it. Should be locked. Eighty blows me away the fact that these things are are tied together. James Harden receives 100 votes for the first team Russell Westbrook received. 99 does this give us any indication on how the MVP award might go when it's announced in the middle of summer sometime. How. Do you. I'll guarantee you that rebel web report in the day. And Antonio Daniels guaranteeing. I'm. Nothing compared to compared to meet now any different you know working quick grip on. That year blocking covering the Westbrook every entity that they're not being completely out the way it went and BDC. AD you'll Russell finished his career in OKC. I I better every idea I've brought a UCLA SI saw him as a fourteen year old that has seen the beginning so you gotta first row seat now maybe the and then here in the middle will we see Russell finished no case. The question and third and no Russell Westbrook would like to. Step in the right direction. Meaning. You don't. Typically. Predictable. In the years. You know why. You don't want the court not to go to the game and then. That's not something you and that you can. Eat it every. And Gordon. Chang and Pete and tiger and gay. Tighter at. 8 o'clock at forgot the group now. Shorter. Everybody electric. Turnout. Like to get it right now. And it is. Not told. If you wanna be. Quickly. It was hard to join us. Don't cook it ought to come mechanic or pork. Or don't you bought it. You. Need competing. At colonial golf. We. Bought it from calling. Actually get court did make critical. To. Meet our. And it. Can't be higher at eight. Went on as we have seen in the past this is something that was happening in the eighties with lakers and Celtics didn't seem to be that much of an outcry. Back then that we were. Going over the notes earlier and in 87 when those teams met for the NBA title there were eight hall of famers on the floor. And if it's happens against warriors this year. I don't think we'll have eight hall of famers on the foray we over blowing this whole idea of super teams being bad for the NBA. The Internet changed the cut rate cut. Power cut off. Chemistry arc. Like. Everybody and it. A court in. The sure about. That. Why would he came to me I don't like it. Or not. Beckett and every bit the YouTube. And payment and make it. You know which had been. That. Who don't there's a group Antonio because we're adding it up and we figured if you it was staffed clay dream on and JD on the lawyers signed. And then you went with LeBron James and tie every year Irving and the cap side who would be that missing seventh all Famer. Oh. Kevin Love you put him the ball. Not if you look at this if you look at. Right now what he's on everybody working at rent them a lot corporate career night you have a championship added. I don't. What happened to me on how. You know it article and it never advocate that typically have a cat exhibit that will do whatever. But now if you look at it in the twentieth can't. And you can't be at it too bad if that indeed when it comes to you can definitely be an all. Interesting notion wit we had somebody and put in the same case up for Andre Iguodala had no idea that you put Kevin Love and has just interesting out. Meg did you communicate. Well you know it's pretty. Gone. We look at the look at the eight intangible but the bad. So much that they you know. Coke or not. That ain't got out. Of it. You know I don't know what you're. Fantastic stuff Antonio Daniels follow him on Twitter at aid Daniels 33 appreciate you joining us and enjoy this year reasonable tardy yen during the NBA finals. Restoring entire belt that you.