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Gianna Franco is the Afternoon Update and What's Trending Anchor on 95.7 The Game and can be heard daily, on The Damon Bruce Show. She is also the Host of 95.7's "The Sports Dish" and Co-host of the Franco & Kags Podcast

Family Guy Spoofs Steph/ Riley Curry Press Conference

We all remember the adorableness that was Riley Curry when she sat on her fathers lap during post-game press conferences during the Golden State Warriors NBA Championship run back in 2015.

On Sunday night, Seth MacFarlane recognized those press conferences in his latest episode of Family Guy. In the episode, titled "Passenger Fatty-Seven" see's Peter and the guys take a vacation to San Francisco, where Peter runs into the Warriors back-to-back MVP Award winner on the street. Upon seeing Curry, Peter rushes over to him and asks to sit on his lap during his next press conference, which Steph (who provides his own voice for the segment) happily obliges.

What follows is your classic Family Guy cutaway gag that you can view below. Enjoy!

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The Sports Dish: Slide into these Bites!

Are you ready for Wild Card Weekend? Need a quick and easy meal to serve to a large crowd? Sure you can serve Wings, Nachos and Chips, all great choices...or, you could serve something that is so easy to make, but looks like you spent hours on it! Three easy steps for this crowd pleaser!

Meatball Sliders!
Fill a crock pot with meatballs & marinara sauce
Let simmer for 6 Hours (may vary based on frozen or fresh)
Have cheese, onions, small rolls out and ready to fill when meatballs are ready.

Pair with french fries (baked or fried)
Done - your enjoying the game and the meal!

What is your favorite Football Party Food/Dish!

-Gianna Franco
​Go Raiders!
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What's Your Favorite Po' boy?

Po' boy
The Po' boy, a staple, a tradition you must indulge in whenever you are in Louisiana. What is a Po' boy? It's a delicious sandwich filled with meat or fish and served on a french bread style roll! The fillings are typically roast beef, fried seafood, shrimp, crawfish, oysters and crab. 

Since, the Warriors are in New Orleans this week taking on the Pelicans (Tuesday, December 13th) we decided to ask the voice of the Warriors, TIm Roye what he prefers, he picked the Oyster as his favorite Po' boy filling. 

So we wanted to know your favoirte? Post your favorite in the comments below!

My Favorite - Shrimp!
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Sports Dish! What Makes a Great Burger?

We started talking about the best hamburger in the Bay Area on the Damon Bruce show today, got me thinking what makes a great burger?

1.  Make sure the meat is seasoned really well and keep it simple, salt and pepper. The condiements should not hide an under seasoned burger, if the best part of your burger is everything but the meat, then you got it wrong!

2.  In my opinion, a burger should be cooked medium to medium well. If it's done evenly it will offer plenty of flavor and juice!

3. Get a proper bun, don't just grab the cheap $.99 pack (unless you are feeding a ton of people, then ya, I get it) If in the budget, get a soft bun, with sesame seeds on top and make sure that it isn't too big or small.  Lightly toasted with a little mayo is even better!

4. Get creative, it's your burger be a purist (hamburger, bun, tomato, lettuce, mayo & mustard) or, add the condiments and extra yummy stuff that you like!! Grilled mushrooms, bacon, cheese...etc!! 

What do you put on your burger?


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Sports "Dish!" Savory or Sweet? Nachos Score Big on Game Day

If there is one "game day" dish most of us can agree on it's nachos. Right? For many fans, Nachos are a must eat when you're at the game or at home! So why not take your Nacho game up a notch, this weekend! Here are some fun, creative ways to get creative with your Nacho dish! 

Look it’s one thing to get creative with your savory style nachos, but lets not get too CRAZY, good nachos begin with two things chips and cheese! You need a good chip - a sturdy, crispy, salty, tortilla chip is necessary and always layer your plate with lots of chips!  Now lets talk CHEESE! You can go two ways, shredded cheese or nacho style cheese.  If you are serving a ton of people go nacho style, throw it in a crock pot to keep it warm and let folks pile it on their chips. If it’s a smaller gathering, you can take a layer of chips on a baking sheet, then sprinkle with a hefty pile of shredded cheese (a mixture of Monterey Jack & Cheddar).  You might even try spicing up your nacho cheese with a little extra hot sauce (Tapatio) or Buffalo wing sauce for a different flavor. Chunks of tomatoes, and peppers always fun too!


Nachos are great because they are good with or without meat, so sky’s the limit! Steak, carne asada, grilled chicken, ground beef or turkey, make sure to spice up your meat or marinate the meat for lots of flavor.  We’ve also tried nachos with bar-b-que chicken, pulled pork, shrimp & crab! 


The toppings are endless after you get the basics on your chips: 

Hot peppers/Jalapenos, spicy carrots, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, beans, olives.


You might even try these toppings!

Bacon, green onions, corn, grilled mushrooms, cilantro, chunky tomatoes, crumbled cotija cheese.  Eggs are also great on tortilla chips (chilaquiles?) so how about topping it off with an over medium style egg and letting the yolk ooze out. 

Sweet Nachos? Why not!!


Grab some crunchy cookies and top them off with your favorite desert toppings! If you plan on making the cookies from scratch, find a “crunchy” style recipe so they’ll hold up better when scooping all the fixings. If you are going store bought, go for Vanilla Wafers, not to sweet and just the right amount of crunch. 


Super simple, spread a layer of cookies on on your plate and then top with some of you favorite things: 

Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry syrup, fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries or apple bits), nuts (almond slivers, peanuts, walnuts), marshmallows and sprinkles work great too! You can warm this up for about 20 seconds in the microwave or eat as is. Don’t forget to finish it off with whipped cream or ice cream and cherries. 


Tips: Set it up like a nacho bar so your friends and family can have fun and get creative with their nachos. Build the nachos in layers that way each chip or cookie will be a flavorful bite! 


If you have some ideas or, if you are a master Nacho maker, send me your picture & recipe, I would love to share!

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