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My goal for the program is to lose 20 lbs, so that I can achieve my goal for 2013, which is to live the majority of the year under 175 lbs.
I also have a goal to eat in a more healthy manner.
I want to lose weight to reduce the load on my surgically repaired knee. I also want to set a positive tone for my children.
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JumpstartMD #1

I have settled into a nice groove as far as what I'm eating and when I'm eating it. I'm starting my day with a couple hard boiled eggs and augmenting it with a little fruit as I start my show. By the time I get off the air at 10, I'm ready for a protein bar.
I've been enjoying a healthy green salad for lunch, usually paired with my coveted glass of milk. By the afternoon I'm into some more fruit (apple or orange usually) before settling in for a healthy dinner.
The best part of the program for me is that fact that the pounds come off slowly but surely. It makes me feel as though the weight loss will be permanent.
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