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Anna Kagarakis

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Famous Bay Area actor offers to buy the 49ers...

Since the release of Jim Harbaugh, The 49ers to many have been considered a laughing stock, but could a comedian make them less of a joke?

An interesting buyer is out there for the 49ers. While it sounds like the York family has no intention to sell the franchise, there is a very eager buyer, Bay Area native and actor, Rob Schneider. Schneider has been vocal for a while on his displeasure with Jed York and how he and upper management have run the team.

In the New Year, the comedian has decided to put his money where his mouth is and posted a series of tweets directed at the 49ers CEO with an intriguing offer:

Rob Schneider ‏@RobSchneider Jan 2
Dear @JedYork There IS a chance for change at the top! I will put together a consortium of buyers. Please sell me @49ers. Rob Schneider

He already has a plan in place that can entice many 49er fans:

Rob Schneider ‏@RobSchneider Jan 4
If Yorks sell @49ers to our group, our first move would be to make Steve Young General Manager of football operations. @CBSSportsRadio

And now he asks for the help of the 49er Faithful:

Rob Schneider ‏@RobSchneider Jan 4
We will make a formal proposal to Yorks to buy @49ers We need the faithful San Francisco 49er fans support our plan. Tell Yorks to sell!!

Already Rob Schneider's message has been retweeted close to 500 times. What would the right number be for the Yorks to even raise an eyebrow and consider selling a storied franchise? Again, I do not see the the York's planning to sell the team, but as their search for a General Manager and Coach are underway, the right decisions are more crucial than ever as Levi's Stadium continues to get closer to a ghost town with each passing 49ers game.
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Just another day in the NFL...

Raiders lost in Kansas City last night. A big reason they lost was the punt returned for a touchdown by the Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.  He is probably the fastest player in the league. Hill was a fifth-round pick by the Chiefs, an amazing player and a rising star.  Only problem: His past.
The summer of 2015, he plead guilty to domestic abuse by strangulation in a 2014 incident in which he punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach and choked her. He was required to attend an anger-management course, a year-long batterer’s program and undergo abuse evaluation.  After such a vile act, I would hope so, and I hope he never ever hurts another human being again.
But here’s my issue, along with a lot of the nation, I had no idea about this story. Another instance where the NFL tried to hide behind their finger and hope no one made a big deal about this story. They still have not learned how to handle these domestic violence situations. Look at how everything was handled with Giants former kicker Josh Brown. An absolute disgrace. Unless there’s a video that can go viral and play over and over again, let’s just pretend like nothing ever happened.
Don’t get me wrong, I hope Tyreek Hill can redeem himself and is a changed man, but when you’re in the limelight and making millions of dollars, be ready to get scrutinized for bad behavior. And this was abhorrent behavior. Smoking weed is an act that will get you a definitive punishment, heck could end your career, but beat a pregnant woman up, let’s imagine everything is perfect.
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Honoring the King

It’s about time. The Baseball Hall of Fame honored iconic voice Bill King with the 2017 Ford C Frick Award for excellence.  Holy Toledo! Two words that live on in memory of the legend that is Bill King.  As a longtime A’s fan and as someone who worked for the A’s, this is incredibly wonderful news. Anyone who listened to Bill doing play by play for the A’s, Raiders and Warriors understands how much he deserved the award.
Bill King is the reason why I started listening to sports on the radio. He painted the perfect picture and made you feel like you were actually in the stands watching a game and cheering for you team.  I still get chills whenever I hear old clips, ESPECIALLY the Scott Hatteberg homerun to extend the A’s win streak to 20.
I had the honor to meet Bill before he died.  In 2005, my final year of college, I was an intern for the A’s Community Relations department. One of the greatest days of my career was meeting him in person. It was Root Beer Float day, an annual fundraiser put on by the A’s and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and I was assigned to the broadcasting booth. Before the game, I brought a float to Bill King and Ken Korach, a living legend behind the mic, and introduced myself and simply gushed at how huge of a fan I was of his work. I’ll remember that smile and signature handlebar mustache.
He gave a simple thank you, but you could tell how humble he was by instantly turning the conversation to me and asking how I liked working for the A’s. I was absolutely elated and on cloud nine. I think I’m in line if I say I got to meet one of my heroes that day.
It was truly devastating to hear the shock of his passing a few months later. I still have the “Holy Toledo” patch from the A’s that was made in his honor.  Think about those words, Holy Toledo. It never seemed manufactured or forced. It was real and it was special, and those words will live on as I tell my son stories of one of the greatest broadcasters of our time.
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